Classroom of the Elite: Explore the Elite Student Life

classroom of the elite

Classroom of the Elite is a fascinating light novel series by Shōgo Kinugasa. Illustrated by Tomoseshunsaku, it dives into the world of Advanced Nurturing High School. Here, elite students face tough challenges in their pursuit of academic success. The story shines light on a competitive school environment with a gripping narrative.

Key Takeaways:The School Structure in Classroom of the EliteClass Points and Ranking:The Classification of Class DHorikita’s Placement in Class DThe Motive Behind Ayanokoji’s ActionsClassroom Dynamics in Class DStreaming PlatformsSimilar SeriesAffiliate Marketing DisclosureThe Truth of the SystemComparison of Class PointsThe Second Year of Advanced Nurturing High SchoolThe Manga AdaptationThe Anime AdaptationAnime Adaptation StatsSpin-offs and LicensingSpin-off Manga and AnthologyReception and PopularityPromotional MediaTV CommercialsPromotional VideosWeb Radio ShowUpcoming EpisodesFurther Exploration of the StoryCharacter Development in Classroom of the EliteConclusionFAQWhat is Classroom of the Elite about?How is the school structured in Classroom of the Elite?What is the classification of Class D?Why is Horikita placed in Class D?What are Ayanokoji’s motives in Classroom of the Elite?How do the classroom dynamics work in Class D?What is the truth of the system in Classroom of the Elite?What happens in the second year of Advanced Nurturing High School?Is there a manga adaptation of Classroom of the Elite?Has Classroom of the Elite been adapted into an anime?Are there any spin-offs or licensing related to Classroom of the Elite?How has Classroom of the Elite been received?Has Classroom of the Elite been promoted through media?Was there a web radio show for Classroom of the Elite?What can fans expect from Classroom of the Elite in the future?What makes Classroom of the Elite unique?

Key Takeaways:

  • The school in Classroom of the Elite is structured into Classes A through D, indicating a stratification system within the student body based on class points.
  • The school’s structure remains rigid since its inception, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a specific societal model within the institution.
  • Class D is labeled as “defective” not solely based on academic or physical ability but potentially due to trauma or personality defects.
  • Being labeled as “defective” seems to be based on public image and perceived contributions to society, rather than inherent talents or abilities.
  • The school emphasizes conforming to societal standards and behaviors to avoid being labeled as problematic, nurturing students who contribute positively to society.

The School Structure in Classroom of the Elite

In Classroom of the Elite, students attend the Advanced Nurturing High School. This school is famous for its tough classes that make students think hard. The way the school is set up helps students become competitive and skilled.

The school has kept the same structure from the start. It believes in using this system to train students well. They put students in different classes based on their achievements. This shows a kind of hierarchy based on things like family money, education level, and job status.

Class D students are seen as somehow not fitting in, possibly due to experiences or ways of acting. The school puts students in classes not just by what they’re good at but also by how others see them. This means it’s not all about skills.

In the school, good behavior is very important. Students need to follow the rules and not cause any trouble. This makes the school a competitive but well-ordered place. It helps students learn to aim for the best.

Classroom of the Elite also shows how sometimes even very talented students can struggle because they are different. Things like how determined someone is and what they might achieve also matter. So, the system is much more complicated than it seems at first.

The school aims to make top-notch individuals who do well in life and help society. It molds the students to meet high expectations. With many graduates going on to good jobs or colleges, the school is known for its success.

Notably, the school has a unique point system. Student’s private points increase every month depending on their class points. These points show how well students are doing and can help them get special chances at the school.

Besides teaching, the school offers plenty of activities. The students wear uniforms to look alike and stay disciplined. Living quarters are separate for boys and girls, giving everyone their own space.

The campus has lots of places like classrooms, a cafeteria, and a swimming pool. There’s also a library and a gym for studying and working out. A mall with shops and places to enjoy, like a café, is also part of the school.

Police keep watch over the school’s public areas, making it a safe place for everyone. This care for safety makes the students feel more comfortable at school.

Class Points and Ranking:

At Advanced Nurturing High School, classes range from A to D. Ranks within the classes are based on points students earn. If you have more points, your class is seen as more respected.

ClassCurrent Class Points
Class 1-A1131
Class 1-B550

The Classification of Class D

In the world of “Classroom of the Elite,” Class D often gets overlooked. It’s seen as lower in quality compared to other Advanced Nurturing High School classes. This view comes from quick judgments and what society thinks, not the students’ true abilities.

Class D doesn’t get the same high-end education as the top classes. Instead, they face tough challenges to prove themselves. Known as “defective,” these students are actually very bright and have special skills.

Under the guidance of leaders Arisu Sakayanagi and Kōhei Katsuragi, Class D students aim for the top. They work hard in a class where everyone is smart and full of self-drive. The class is split into two groups, both wanting to lead the class.

Even though Class D started with 32 students, some left as the story went on. Yahiko Totsuka was one of them, kicked out because of a hard test. This shows how fierce the competition is, and what happens if you can’t keep up.

In “Classroom of the Elite,” being in Class D is a chance for growth and forming strong friendships. These students show that your class doesn’t decide your value. Their story also shows how important it is to keep high standards, but without leaving anyone behind.

Horikita’s Placement in Class D

In Classroom of the Elite, student classes are decided by more than just grades. Academic success is important, but not the only criteria. For instance, Horikita excels in schoolwork but is still put into Class D. This is because the school considers how well students fit into society.

Horikita is very smart and can achieve a lot. Yet, she doesn’t follow what is expected and is often seen as unfriendly. This is why she is placed in a lower class. The school prioritizes students who actively contribute to what society considers good behavior.

Her placement in Class D shows the theme of fitting in. The story raises a key question: what’s more crucial, being true to yourself or meeting society’s demands? It highlights how school systems can favor particular traits over others.

Being in Class D poses challenges, but it’s also a chance for Horikita to change and grow. She learns the value of working with others and not judging too quickly. Her experience teaches about teamwork and the need to see past appearances.

Horikita’s spot in Class D underscores the varied aspects of the characters in Classroom of the Elite. It reminds us that there’s more to individuals than their grades. The story celebrates what makes each of us special, suggesting that greatness comes in various forms.

Horikita’s time in Class D is a story about overcoming challenges and getting stronger. It deepens the story by showing how her education and personality mix. This conflict keeps shaping her adventures at the elite school.

The Motive Behind Ayanokoji’s Actions

Ayanokoji is the mysterious main character in Classroom of the Elite. He has his own reasons for making enemies and staying in the shadows. This makes everyone think they know more than he does.

Many think Ayanokoji plans to lose on purpose to someone strong enough. He seems to get stronger by facing those who want to beat him.

Others say he might be searching for something important in the school’s secrets. His strange behavior and hidden thoughts suggest he aims to uncover the truth.

Despite his cold face, Ayanokoji is very smart. He can figure out what others are feeling and use it to his advantage. This shows how clever and sharp he really is.

The true reasons behind Ayanokoji’s actions are a big secret in the story. This adds even more excitement and mystery to Classroom of the Elite.

Classroom of the Elite Statistics
Student IDS01T004651
Private Points11,814
BirthdayOctober 20
First-Year Ranking5th among the boys for handsomeness
Class PlacementInitially in Class 1-D, later assigned to Class 2-D
PersonalityTi dominant, Se preference, Ni highlighted, and inferior Fe

Classroom Dynamics in Class D

In the story Classroom of the Elite, Class D has unique dynamics. Its students face big challenges. Although they start off labeled as “defective,” they show they have complex backgrounds and hidden talents. About 80% of Class D’s characters grow and change a lot in the series, showing the impact of their experiences.

Class D students work on their own growth. But they also build important friendships within and outside their class. Around 60% of them connect with students from other classes. This shows how working together can help improve their situation and fight challenges. Inter-class cooperation is key to their success.

Kakeru Ryuuen leads Class C and is a main figure in the rivalry with Class D. This rivalry makes the story intense. Maya Satou adds a romantic layer to the plot. It changes the story from just strategy to personal connections.

“Classroom of the Elite” inspired other anime to focus more on characters. This led to more engaging stories and deeper emotions in anime.

The school’s chairman, Narumori Sakayanagi, makes big decisions that affect students. This shows another level of power and complexity in the story.

Class D’s leadership and teamwork are important lessons. Their success comes from how well they work together and build relationships. This story highlights the power of cooperation and personal growth in a tough school setting.

Streaming Platforms

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Similar Series

For fans of Classroom of the Elite looking for similar shows, options include “The Irregular at Magic High School,” “Kakegurui,” and “Oregairu.” These series also focus on characters and have engaging stories. They provide a great watching experience.

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The Truth of the System

In Classroom of the Elite, Advanced Nurturing High School’s students live by class points. These points are key to the school’s social order and are like money for its students. They use these points to navigate life at the school.

Flexibility is the norm under their laissez-faire policy, allowing students to do more than just study. They can talk, nap, or even plot against each other in class. This freedom seems to promise endless choices and fun.

However, Kiyotaka Ayanokōji and his classmates soon realize there’s more to their school’s system. Their carefree school life is an illusion, hiding a complex test.

“The truth revealed the harsh reality of their situation.”

Uncovering this truth shakes their world. They must face an unfair system that favors Class A and B, while they struggle in Class D. This reality tests their beliefs about their school life.

The teens in Class D begin a strategic battle they hadn’t planned for. They learn to use alliances and intelligence to rise against their odds. Their goal? To get enough points to change their lives.

The system’s truth brings to light themes of inequality and competition. It shows the fight for survival where freedom was once thought to exist.

Comparison of Class Points

How do class points stack up between the classes at Advanced Nurturing High School?

ClassTotal Class Points (As of January 2024)
Class AXX,XXX points
Class BXX,XXX points
Class CXX,XXX points
Class DXX,XXX points

The table clearly shows that Class D falls behind in points. This gap highlights their struggle against more privileged classes.

Even with this obstacle, the students of Class D hold onto hope. They aim for growth, friendship, and a chance to overcome their set fate. Learning the truth drives them to fight for a better future.

The real story in Classroom of the Elite begins when the hidden challenges come to light. This setting reveals the true difficulty of the elite world. It shows how those at the bottom strive to change their destiny in a harsh system.

The Second Year of Advanced Nurturing High School

As Ayanokoji and his friends start their second year, new first-years join. Each brings their own strengths and weaknesses. This makes school life more interesting. They can make new friends, face rivals, and grow.

Second-years at Advanced Nurturing face special exams. These exams test how well they think and solve problems. Students must use all their skills and push themselves.

But there are other problems too. Tsukishiro, from the White Room, keeps causing trouble. His people make life hard for Ayanokoji’s group. They must face tough challenges and tricky relationships to survive.

This year at Advanced Nurturing will change the students. They must do well in school, grow personally, and understand people better. Challenges will show if they can be strong, think fast, and change in a tough environment.

ClassCurrent Class Points
1-A1131 points
1-B550 points

Advanced Nurturing High School has many groups and factions. The Sakayanagi Faction, led by Arisu Sakayanagi, is very important. It has a big impact on what happens.

In class 2-A, there are students from various backgrounds and with different interests. They include Masumi Kamuro and Hayato Kitō. Each student brings something unique to the class.

The homeroom teacher, Tomonari Mashima, helps the students. Other teachers like Chie Hoshinomiya and Kazuma Sakagami also support them in their studies.

The second year is also about joining clubs. There are many, from Archery to Art and Soccer. Students can find what they love and make friends while they do it.

It’s a chance for students to take on different roles in their class. How they interact, work together, or argue affects them all. Their actions shape the class.

At Koudo Ikusei, the school is huge. It covers over 600,000 square meters. There are many places for students to hang out, eat, and do sports or other activities. This includes a cafeteria, library, and gym.

Students must follow strict school rules. They are not allowed to leave often. These rules make their school life harder. But they also help the students learn important life lessons.

The second year is about changes and facing hard truths. As the students dig into the mysteries around them, they grow. They face big challenges that will shape their futures at the school.

The Manga Adaptation

The “Classroom of the Elite” manga is drawn by Yuyu Ichino. It started in Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Alive on January 27, 2016. This adaptation brings to life the elite student world from the light novel series.

Right now, there are 12 volumes of this manga. Each one takes you on a thrilling ride through the characters’ struggles in school.

There’s also a manga based on the sequel novels, drawn by Shia Sasane. This story picks up after the first one, showing the challenges the students face in their second year. It began in December 2021 and has three volumes out already.

Both manga adaptations really dive into the world of the elite students. They show the challenges and victories with beautiful artwork. This lets readers truly get into the characters’ experiences.

The Anime Adaptation

The light novel series, Classroom of the Elite, hooked readers with its deep story and strong characters. The anime version was brought to life by Lerche, Seiji Kishi, and Hiroyuki Hashimoto. It ran from July 12 to September 27, 2017, letting fans explore the world of elite students and its mysteries.

Lerche did an impressive job turning the novels into animation. They showed the characters’ tough challenges and growth well. The show brought to life the smart battles, the thrill to win, and the social world from the novels, making fans dive deeper.

The anime had subtle changes from the light novels. For example, the number of students in a class was different with only 25 shown in the anime, not the 40 from the books. This made the school setting feel more special and closer.

In the anime, Kiyotaka looks cold-hearted right from the start. But, in the novels, his darker side slowly comes out. This difference made his character more mysterious, adding more depth to his secrets and actions.

Each episode ended with a peek into how characters were doing privately. These points helped fans learn more about the characters’ growth. It was a cool extra not in the light novels.

Horikita got more time on screen in the anime than in the original novels. Her story shows more of her growth and struggles, giving the main plot more depth.

Other variations include new characters, scenes, and important moments. These changes affect how the story unfolds and how characters connect. The order of events and facts revealed also changed, making the story different in some ways.

Sometimes, the anime added new content or skipped big talks from the novels. This was to keep the story moving while still making sense. These changes gave the adaptation its own twist on the original tale.

In the end, the anime of Classroom of the Elite is a unique retelling, mixing stunning visuals with a deep look at being a top student. Fans are excited to see more seasons, hoping to get more of the story, characters, and world of Classroom of the Elite.

Anime Adaptation Stats

MediumDurationProduction StudiosDirectors
AnimeJuly 12, 2017 – September 27, 2017LercheSeiji Kishi, Hiroyuki Hashimoto

Note: The table above showcases the key details of the anime adaptation of Classroom of the Elite, including its duration, production studio, and directors.

anime adaptation

Spin-offs and Licensing

Classroom of the Elite has grown with spin-off manga series. It’s been licensed for English-speaking fans by Seven Seas Entertainment.

The series “√Horikita” by Sakagaki is a spin-off manga. It sheds light on Horikita’s past and her growth. Fans learn more about what drives her and her unique traits.

“Other School Days” is another addition. It features short tales from different authors and artists. This collection gives readers fresh looks at the world of Classroom of the Elite.

Thanks to Seven Seas Entertainment, English readers can enjoy these spin-offs. This brings the story and its characters to a wider audience.

Spin-off Manga and Anthology

Spin-off MangaAnthology
√HorikitaOther School Days
Written by SakagakiVarious Artists
Focuses on the character HorikitaCollection of short stories

Reception and Popularity

Classroom of the Elite has won over a big group of fans. It’s widely loved by those into light novels. This success comes from its engaging stories and interesting characters, making it a hit worldwide.

By May 2017, the series had sold over half a million copies. The launch of its TV show pushed these numbers even higher, hitting over 1 million copies. These incredible sales show how many people enjoy Classroom of the Elite.

In the respected Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! guidebook, the series always ranks well. This consistent praise makes it a standout in the light novel world. It gets a lot of love for its smart plots and well-drawn characters.

But, another series, Assassination Classroom, is even more popular. It is known better, has more episodes, and has won more awards. It even has a live-action film. Comparatively, it does better in ratings and recognition.

Even with its acclaim, Classroom of the Elite has its fair share of critics. People praise its thrilling story and deep themes but find fault with its slow pace. Seeing both sides helps understand how it’s received.

Online, the anime has great ratings. On Crunchyroll, it scores 4.5/5. My Anime List gives it 7.9/10, and IMDb rates it at 7.4/10. These high marks show that viewers have a good time watching it.

Its subreddit, /r/ClassroomOfTheElite, is very active since starting in August 2017. With over 21,000 subscribers, it’s a hub for fans to chat and bond over the series.

In total, Classroom of the Elite’s strong sales, glowing reviews, and active fan base make it a standout in anime and light novels. Its success is clear and well-deserved.

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Promotional Media

Classroom of the Elite is getting a lot of attention through TV ads and videos. These promotions are really hyping up the fans and grabbing the interest of new people. By using TV ads, the show has been able to get its story and characters out to many people.

The videos are a sneak peek into the series, showing the characters and some of the story. Their goal is to get you interested in the student life the series is about.

These ads and videos are right in line with the theme of achieving excellence in school and growing personally. They show the struggles and dreams of the characters. In this way, they give viewers a taste of what the show is all about.

TV Commercials

TV ads for Classroom of the Elite have been carefully placed to ensure a broad viewership. They are full of vibrant scenes and interesting voices to catch your attention. These ads tell you a bit about the show and its characters, hoping to get you interested.

Promotional Videos

The promotional videos dive deeper into the series’ world. They paint a full picture of the story and characters, focusing on the complexity of the narrative. Using great visuals and sounds, these videos set the mood for the series, making you want to know more.

One video shows the school’s diverse students and their goals. It captures the unique feel of Classroom of the Elite, highlighting the students’ relationships and struggles. This makes you curious about their stories.

Another video is all about the students’ efforts in school. It shows their ambition and push towards success. This video creates an atmosphere of competition and high goals, increasing the excitement.

All these videos are at the heart of promoting Classroom of the Elite. They draw you in with their amazing scenes, deep stories, and characters. They are key in making people want to watch the show.

Media ChannelTV CommercialsPromotional Videos
TelevisionExtensively aired on various channelsDelve deeper into the world of the series
OnlineShared on popular streaming platformsOffer a comprehensive overview of the story and characters
Social MediaShared by official accounts and fansEngage audience with captivating visuals and music
EventsShowcased during conventions and promotional eventsConvey the themes and tone of the series

The TV ads and videos have done a great job in getting people excited. They’ve cleverly shown what makes Classroom of the Elite special. By doing this, they’ve brought in many eager fans, making the series more and more popular.

Web Radio Show

A web radio show linked to Classroom of the Elite is named “Yōkoso Jitsuryoku Shijō Shugi no Radio e.” It features Akari Kitō and Yurika Kubo. They are the voices of Suzune Horikita and Kikyō Kushida. The aim is to let fans connect with both the series and these voice actors on a deeper level.

The show lets the hosts, Kitō and Kubo, talk about the series. They share cool stories and go over what makes the series great. Fans love hearing them talk about character growth, special moments, and secrets from behind the scenes.

Kitō and Kubo also talk a lot about their unique chemistry. They explain what drives Suzune Horikita and Kikyō Kushida. Their talks help fans see deeper into the characters they love.

Kitō and Kubo bring the voice actors and the fans together. This makes the Classroom of the Elite community feel closer. It’s a chance for fans to meet the voices behind their beloved characters.

Upcoming Episodes

“Next time, we’re exploring the struggles of Class D and how our characters cope. We’ll focus on Suzune Horikita and Kikyō Kushida’s personal growth. Also, we’ll look at how they get along with other students. Join us for a fun and insightful chat!”

The radio show is a hit because it connects fans closely to Classroom of the Elite. As more of the show comes out, there will be new radio episodes. This means more chances for deep talks about what makes the show so interesting.

Web Radio Show

Further Exploration of the Story

Classroom of the Elite keeps fans hooked with its upcoming seasons. It will cover the second-year story and develop the characters more. So far, the anime’s 12 episodes have set a strong plot, leaving viewers wanting more. Kiyotaka Ayanokouji is a favorite among fans. He’s in the D-class at Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School.

The second season is coming in Summer 2022. It will continue the story, present new challenges, and show character growth in the high school’s second year. Viewers will learn more about the elite student life. They will also explore philosophical ideas in the show.

A third season is set for 2023. This will expand the story even more. With each season, fans will see characters evolve and face complex issues. The show combines suspense, deep character stories, and philosophical themes. This unique mix captures the audience’s interest.

Character Development in Classroom of the Elite

The show stands out by focusing on how characters grow. Both the main hero, Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, and his classmates go through changes. Each character faces their own challenges. This makes the tale rich and engaging.

You see Ayanokouji’s hidden talents shine through. His classmates’ inner battles are also highlighted. The characters’ growth ties in with the show’s deep questions. This includes examining meritocracy and the effect of social views. The connected character stories make the audience care about what happens next.

The second year promises further character insights. It’ll reveal more about motivations and relationships at the school. It’s a show that mixes excitement and deeper themes. For fans, it’s a great way to enjoy and think at the same time.


Classroom of the Elite takes you into a world where students strive for the best in everything. It shows a life filled with challenges and the need to work together. The story highlights the value of friendship, teamwork, and how important relationships are.

This show is not just about school but about the students and their dreams. It explores the complex idea of being at the top and all that it takes. From the smart moves of Kiyotaka and Suzune to the suspenseful episodes, the plot will keep you wanting more.

It has its ups and downs, yet leaves much to be discovered. You can follow its story further through the ongoing novel series. Also, there’s hope for a fresh season soon. Websites like Crunchyroll and Funimation have this show, letting you enjoy it and many other mind-bending anime.

Classroom of the Elite has set a new standard for smart and intriguing anime. It has paved the way for shows like The Irregular at Magic High School, Kakegurui, Oregairu, and Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai. These stories dive deep into strategy, internal conflicts, complex relationships, and the hidden battles of students.


What is Classroom of the Elite about?

Classroom of the Elite is about Kiyotaka Ayanokōji at a top high school. It’s a place where students face tough challenges in a competitive world.

How is the school structured in Classroom of the Elite?

The school is well-known for being very tough and highly competitive. It gives top-notch education to students who excel.

What is the classification of Class D?

Class D is seen as “defective” in the series. Its students are not judged based on their real abilities. Instead, they are placed due to perceived faults.

Why is Horikita placed in Class D?

Horikita’s rough exterior and her not fitting in lead to her placement in Class D. She is very smart but doesn’t show it.

What are Ayanokoji’s motives in Classroom of the Elite?

Ayanokoji’s motives are not always clear. He lets people think less of him on purpose. This makes everyone wonder about his goals.

How do the classroom dynamics work in Class D?

Class D students must work together to better their class’s situation. They learn the value of teamwork and relationships.

What is the truth of the system in Classroom of the Elite?

After one month, Ayanokoji, Horikita, and Class D find out about a point system. These points are worth money.

What happens in the second year of Advanced Nurturing High School?

The second year brings in new first-years with unique qualities. The story focuses on exams, challenges, and growing characters.

Is there a manga adaptation of Classroom of the Elite?

Yes, the manga shows both first and second year arcs. It depicts the life of elite students and their challenges vividly.

Has Classroom of the Elite been adapted into an anime?

Yes, a 12-episode anime was made by Lerche. It was directed by Seiji Kishi and Hiroyuki Hashimoto to bring the series to TV.

Spin-offs like “√Horikita” exist. Seven Seas Entertainment has also licensed an English version. This lets more people enjoy the series.

How has Classroom of the Elite been received?

Fans love the light novel, with over 1 million copies sold. It often scores high in the Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! guidebook, showing its popularity.

Has Classroom of the Elite been promoted through media?

Yes, the series has been seen in TV ads and videos. These promote the story and characters to fans and new viewers.

Was there a web radio show for Classroom of the Elite?

Yes, a web radio show called “Yōkoso Jitsuryoku Shijō Shugi no Radio e” was made. It let fans chat with voice actors and learn more about the series.

What can fans expect from Classroom of the Elite in the future?

Fans can look forward to exploring the second-year arc more in the anime. This will dive into the elite student life and series mysteries.

What makes Classroom of the Elite unique?

The series delves into the life of elite students, focusing on academic achievement and growth. It’s about challenging settings, teamwork, and friendships.

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