CoD Mobile Gift Card: Get In-Game Currency & Bonuses Instantly

cod mobile gift card

A CoD Mobile gift card improves your game fun. You get in-game cash and perks fast. This boosts your game and lets you try new things. You can buy the best gift card for what you need. Then, start enjoying the extras now.

Key Takeaways:

  • Upgrade to the Premium Pass to unlock 8,000 COD Points worth of rewards.
  • Premium Pass Plus grants 25 Tier skips, equivalent to 12,000 COD Points worth of rewards.
  • Seasons in Battle Pass last for eight weeks, with each rewards stream restarting at Tier 1 at the end of a season.
  • There are five rarities of rewards in Call of Duty: Mobile: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
  • Players can purchase a variety of crates from the Store using COD Points.
  • COD Points serve as the in-game currency allowing players to purchase items like Battle Passes, Operator Skins, and Weapon Blueprints among others.
  • Call of Duty Gift Cards can be acquired from various retailers, offering the flexibility to choose the amount and currency, and pay using preferred payment methods.
  • Retailers often provide discounts on Call of Duty Gift Cards, ranging from 10% to 20% off, increasing the value of purchased COD Points.
  • Using Call of Duty Gift Cards can help gamers avoid extra fees associated with other payment methods, such as foreign transaction or currency conversion fees.
  • The ability to control spending by setting limits on purchasing Call of Duty Gift Cards can aid in managing budgets effectively.

How to Earn Credits in CoD Mobile

Getting credits is key in Call of Duty: Mobile. They help you move forward and get cool in-game stuff. You can get these credits in several ways. This lets you improve your game and get what you want. Here’s how to do it:

1. Playing Multiplayer and Battle Royale Matches

In multiplayer and battle royale, show off your skills. Win matches to earn credits. The more you win, the more credits you get.

2. Completing Tasks and Challenges

CoD Mobile has many tasks and challenges for players. Completing these gives you experience, skill improvement, and credits. Always check for new tasks to earn more credits.

3. Battle Pass Tiers

The Battle Pass has 100 tiers with cool rewards, like credits. Complete daily and weekly tasks to move up the tiers. This way, you earn more credits and unlock special items.

4. Upgrading to Premium Pass and Premium Pass Plus

Want more rewards? Upgrade to the Premium Pass or Premium Pass Plus. The Premium Pass gives you 8,000 COD Points and access to Elite Tasks. The Plus version includes 25 Tier skips, boosting your rewards by 12,000 COD Points. Both these options help you get more credits and other valuable items.

5. Purchasing Tiers and Opening Crates

Need more credits fast? Buy tiers with COD Points to speed up your Battle Pass progress. Crates are another way to get credits. Watch for crates with credit rewards to earn more.

Follow these tips to earn lots of credits in CoD Mobile. Use them to buy stuff and improve your game. Start earning credits now to boost your fun in Call of Duty: Mobile!

Playbite: Turning Gaming Skills into Real Rewards

Playbite is a cool app. It lets gamers get real prizes for their skills. It has over 500,000 winners and 13.7k ratings. This shows it’s really popular.

Players can earn gift cards by playing mobile games. This is a unique part of Playbite. It’s not just about playing games but also winning rewards for playing.

Playbite has lots of users who are getting rewards. It’s made a place where gamers can win things. These wins can help in many mobile games.

By playing games on Playbite, you collect points. You can swap these for great rewards. You could get more game credits or unlock new stuff. Playbite really makes playing games more fun.

The app mixes fun with real rewards. It’s welcomed by over 500k gamers worldwide. Players love the idea of getting real goodies for their games.

Table: Playbite Statistics

Registered UsersWinnersRatings
Over 13.7k500k+13.7k+

Enhance Your Multiplayer Experience with CoD Points

CoD Points are special in-game money for a better time in Call of Duty Mobile. Use them for fresh stuff and gear in Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone. New things like items and accessories come out each season for more fun.

Want to look cool with special skins, weapons, or just fun stuff? CoD Points help you do that. They make your game unique, showing you off to other players.

Doing game tasks or joining events gives you a bit of CoD Points. But, the easiest way to get them is by buying with your own money.

Buying CoD Points can sometimes be tricky. The places you can buy can be limited by where you live. Yet, some markets offer better deals on them. This lets you get more for your money and even share with friends.

Benefits of CoD Points:
Elevate your multiplayer experience
Unlock premium cosmetic items
Customize your gameplay
Stand out from other players

Getting CoD Points the right way is key. U7BUY is a shop you can trust for a fair deal. They give your CoD Points fast and support many ways to pay.

U7BUY is always ready to help if you have any buying issues. They care about making you happy with their service.

Adding CoD Points is straightforward with U7BUY. Just visit their site, pick what you need, add your game ID, choose how to pay, and go to checkout. It’s simple and fast.

CoD Points can make your game better. They open up a world of cool stuff and fun for you. Start your better gaming journey with CoD Points now.

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Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

Warzone Mobile puts big battles on the small screen. It’s a new way to enjoy Call of Duty, starting March 21. You can play and win it all on mobile, PC, or console.

Imagine having the same cool stuff on all your gaming devices. Well, with Warzone Mobile, you can. You get to keep your skins, guns, and fun looks everywhere.

But, some stuff like Zombies gear doesn’t move between game versions. So, check what you might lose before switching.

The Battle Pass is here to reward players as they play. There are different types, starting at $10. Each gives special items and bonuses to enjoy.

The season’s most exciting items are coming in Season 2. They’re unique rewards for intense game lovers. Play hard to win them.

Got XP tokens? You can use them in any Warzone game. This helps you level up quick to enjoy more game features.

Remember, you can’t use CoD Points in all Warzone games. Spend them wisely on the right platform to get the most out of your game money.

Choose Your CoD Mobile Gift Card

A gift card can make your CoD Mobile gaming better. There are many options to pick from. Each card has its own cool perks and stuff. This makes your gaming time more personal and fun. Here are some choices:

Gift Card PackCoD PointsAdditional Bonuses
Protector Pack8,000Operator skins, weapon blueprints
Nova 612,000Operator skins, weapon blueprints
Tech Luxe10,000Operator skins, weapon blueprints
Urban Veteran15,000Operator skins, weapon blueprints
Manticore10,000Operator skins, weapon blueprints
Demon Deer8,000Operator skins, weapon blueprints
Valkyrie Pack12,000Operator skins, weapon blueprints
Desert Rogue10,000Operator skins, weapon blueprints
Griffin8,000Operator skins, weapon blueprints
Moto Freak12,000Operator skins, weapon blueprints
Warrior Pack10,000Operator skins, weapon blueprints
Pumpkin Patch15,000Operator skins, weapon blueprints
Cosmic Traveler8,000Operator skins, weapon blueprints
Gunslinger Ghost12,000Operator skins, weapon blueprints
Graffiti Tactical10,000Operator skins, weapon blueprints

Each card pack has CoD Points for you. You can unlock special content and get cool bonuses. You get to change your look and style in the game. This makes you different and makes the game more fun.

It’s important to pick a card that matches what you like and need. Check the CoD Points, extra stuff, and what you love. You can pick from many skins and designs. There’s a gift card for everyone’s gaming dreams.

Get a CoD Mobile gift card today. Start enjoying great rewards that make your game more exciting!

Best CoD Mobile Gift Card

Privacy Policy Update

We at Activision care about your privacy. We’ve updated our Privacy Policy recently. This was done to make sure we follow all the rules.

If you keep using Activision’s websites or services, you agree to our new rules. Remember to look over the changes. They tell you how we use and keep your info safe.

Our Privacy Policy talks about how we collect different kinds of data. This includes gender info, payment details, and more from people in the US.

  • Gender information collected from users in the US
  • Payment information collected from users in the US
  • Demographic information, including age and country, collected from users in the US
  • Information provided when registering with a Property collected from users in the US
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  • Personal information used for advertising and marketing purposes
  • Personal information collected for sweepstakes, contests, and promotions
  • Mobile advertising IDs and other mobile device information collected for marketing purposes
  • Personal information used to ensure security in gaming and fair play
  • Various personal information automatically collected for security and fair gaming

This list is just a quick look at our Privacy Policy. For all the details, check out the full version on our website.

If you have any questions about your privacy, please reach out. We aim to keep your info safe while providing fun gaming experiences. Your privacy matters to us.

Last Updated: 01/21/2022


Call of Duty Gift Cards are great for improving your game in popular video games. They let you get COD Points, which you use in the game to buy all kinds of cool stuff. This makes your game more fun and helps you play better.

With COD Points, you can get Battle Passes, cool Skins for your character, Blueprints for your weapons, and more. This allows you to make your game unique and not just like everyone else’s. And there’s more to these gift cards than just that.

Getting a gift card helps players spend smarter and get more out of their games. It lets you avoid spending extra money, manage how much you spend, and even buy nice gifts for friends. Plus, you can use your COD Points in any Call of Duty game. You might also find them on sale sometimes, like with a 10% or 20% discount at certain stores.

For an easy way to buy and use Call of Duty Gift Cards, check out ARPay. It offers good prices, different ways to pay, fast delivery of codes, and help whenever you need it. Following these steps will make your gaming better with Call of Duty Gift Cards.


What can I do with a CoD Mobile gift card?

A CoD Mobile gift card helps you get in-game currency and bonuses fast. This lets you enjoy premium content and improve your game.

How can I earn credits in CoD Mobile?

You earn credits by playing ranked matches and completing missions daily. You get to use these credits in the game or buy a gift card.

What is Playbite and how does it work?

Playbite is a mobile app where you play games to win rewards. You can earn official gift cards for in-game purchases in CoD Mobile.

How can CoD Points enhance my multiplayer experience?

CoD Points let you buy new game items and accessories. They also help you unlock Tiers and get cool stuff through the Battle Pass.

What options do I have when choosing a CoD Mobile gift card?

Several gift card packs are available, like Protector Pack and Urban Veteran. Each pack has CoD Points and cool bonuses inside.

Where can I find the updated Privacy Policy?

The latest Privacy Policy is on the Activision website.

How can I get a CoD Mobile gift card?

You can buy CoD Mobile gift cards from retailers online or the Call of Duty site. You pick the gift card type and amount you want, then redeem it.

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