Costco Gift Cards – Save on Gifts for Every Occasion

costco gift card

Looking for the perfect gift? Costco gift cards are your best choice. They offer many options for any occasion. When you give one, you help save money, making it a great present.


A Costco gift card is great for any celebration. It lets your loved ones pick exactly what they want. With Costco’s big savings, their gift card goes even further.

Managing your gift cards at Costco is simple too. You can check your balance or activate a card easily. Using our online platform is straightforward. Just follow the easy steps, and you’re all set!

Key Takeaways:

  • Costco gift cards offer a wide range of options for every occasion.
  • Recipients can save money on their purchases and choose what they want.
  • Managing gift cards is easy with Costco’s online platform.

Choose from a Variety of Options

At Costco, we bring you lots of gift card choices for every need and moment. Whether you seek deals on known shops and food places or aim for simple grocery drop-offs, we’ve got your back.

Discounted Gift Cards

Want to be a smart shopper? You can grab gift cards at lower prices. Southwest Airlines cards get a 10% off, which means you can enjoy $500 travel for $449.99. Cinemark and Spafinder cards come with a 20% cut, saving you big on movies and spa treats.

Convenient Gift Card Purchase

Getting a gift card is simple with us. You can buy online or visit our store, depending on what suits you best. It only takes a few clicks to find the right card for your friends and family.

Bulk Savings

Shop at Costco for bulk savings. Get two $100 Instacart cards for just $79.99 each, saving $40 on groceries. Cinemark cards go for $50 yet cost $39.99, making movie nights cheaper. Grab $75 Subway cards for $59.99 and save 20% more.

Costco’s deals on gift cards are great for showing love or treating yourself. It’s an easy, wallet-friendly way to spread happiness.

Gift CardDiscounted Price
Southwest Airlines$449.99 for $500
Cinemark$39.99 for $50
Spafinder$79.99 for 2 x $50
Instacart$79.99 for 2 x $100
Subway$59.99 for $75

Convenient Delivery and Redemption

At Costco, convenience is key for gift card delivery and use. Whether it’s digital or physical, we aim for a simple process.

Fast and Easy Delivery

With digital orders, expect your card via email in 2 hours. It might take up to 24 hours in rare cases. But, we aim to send it fast, great for quick gifts or personal use.

For physical cards, pick your shipping address during checkout. We’ll use USPS First Class Mail. It takes 7-10 days for your card to arrive.

Simple Redemption Process

To use your Costco gift card, show it at checkout. Its value will go towards your buy. You can use it for most things at Costco, from food to tech.

Remember, you can’t use it for Instacart Same-day Delivery at Costco. The card also doesn’t work on Costco Next. But, for almost anything else at U.S. Costco stores or online, it’s good to go.

Need help? Call us at 1-800-955-2292 any time. Our team is ready to assist.

Care about easy gifting and buying? Costco offers simple ways to enjoy your gift card. For you or someone special, we promise convenience and satisfaction.

Membership Benefits and Terms

Anyone can buy a Costco gift card. But, members get extra discounts and special deals. At Costco, we aim to make our members’ shopping better. With a gift card, you can enjoy special offers.

Member Benefits

As a member, you get lots of perks with your gift card. You find many great items at good prices. Plus, with your gift card, you save even more. You also get special discounts and offers just for members.

“Being a Costco member and using their gift cards has saved me a significant amount of money. I love the additional discounts and the ability to stretch my gift card value even further!” – Jennifer, Costco Member

Non-Member Usage

Non-members can pay with gift cards too. But, they might need extra checks at the cashier. This extra step is for our members’ security. It helps guard against fraud.

Understanding Costco Gift Card Terms

Knowing Costco’s gift card rules makes shopping fun. Remember a few important things:

  • Use the card for shopping at Costco stores and online. But, some things might not be available for it.
  • You can’t turn the card into cash unless the law says you can.
  • If your purchase is more than what’s on the card, you can pay the rest another way.
  • If you lose your card, we can replace it if you have the receipt.

For all the details, check the back of your card or our website. It’s smart to know all the rules.

Image: Using Costco gift cards provides additional benefits and perks to our valued members.

Personal Experiences with Costco Gift Cards

People’s experiences with Costco gift cards differ a lot. Some find them easy to use, with no problems. Others might struggle a bit. Always remember, it varies from person to person.

The process for using a gift card at Costco is different for members and non-members. Members just buy or reload the Costco Shop Card in any amount. For non-members, they can’t buy it online themselves. They need a member to help, because online purchases require a member’s payment.

Non-members have to pay with cash or debit card when using the card. Costco doesn’t take credit cards from non-members. But, the card’s balance doesn’t limit what you can buy at Costco.

“I’ve had great experiences using my Costco gift cards. It’s allowed me to benefit from Costco’s deals without a membership. That’s a big win for me!” – Sarah

Costco has a big range of gift cards, from dining to sports. But, the choice in local stores might not be as wide. For more options, it’s better to check out Costco’s online selection.

Buying gift cards from Costco often means getting them for less than their face value. For instance, a pack of $25 Papa John’s cards costs $79.99 instead of $100. A pack of $15 Subway cards, usually $60, equals one free card.

Remembering to Use Your Gift Cards

Even though gift cards are handy, it’s important to keep an eye on them. They can be worth a lot, but many remain unused. Some cards have expiration dates or fees if not used. And, if a store closes, their gift cards become useless.

“I got a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card after my wedding. Sadly, I lost a chance to use some of it when stores shut down. Always be sure to use your gift cards in time.” – Mark

For this reason, it’s smart to use gift cards quickly or keep note of any important dates. This way, your Costco gift card’s value won’t go to waste.

So, experiences with Costco’s gift cards can change. But knowing the rules can help you get the most from them. This means enjoying the savings and ease they bring.

Exclusive Offers for Costco Members

As a Costco member, you get great deals on many things. And you can enjoy special offers on gift cards too. These deals make your card purchases more valuable. Plus, they save you money on future buys.

You can buy gift cards for top shops, restaurants, or trips at a discount. This way, you save money or make your own treats more affordable.

Watch for these special offers in stores and online. They might cover discounts, extra card values, or rewards for buying cards.

Using Costco’s member-only deals is a smart way to save more. Whether you’re buying for later or for a special event, they help you save cash.

Stay Informed and Save

To never miss a beat on deals, keep up with the latest from Costco. Visit their site often or get their newsletter. This way, you’ll hear about new discounts and promos as they come.

Jump on a good deal as soon as you see it. These opportunities to save are usually short-lived. You wouldn’t want to regret missing out.

Exclusive member offers are just one way Costco shows they care. They offer big savings and quality items. It’s all designed for you to get the best value.

Sample Costco Gift Card Offers

RetailerDiscountAdditional Details
Restaurant A20% offValid for dine-in and takeout
Retailer B$25 bonus valueMinimum purchase required
Travel Company10% offApplies to hotel bookings

Note: The table above shows some of Costco’s gift card deals. The actual offers might change. For the latest, visit the Costco site or ask your store.

Ensuring a Positive Customer Experience

At Costco, we strive to offer the best service. We make sure customers are happy when using our gift cards. Our team is ready to answer your questions or fix any problems with your Costco gift card.

If you’re unsure about your card balance or need help with a new one, our friendly team is here for you. We care about your gift card experience and want to ensure it’s trouble-free and fun.

We’re dedicated to solving any gift card issues you might have. Our goal is to answer your questions and solve your worries fast. Your satisfaction means a lot to us.

Customer service is our top priority at Costco. We aim to earn your trust and create lasting bonds. We value your tips on how to improve your gift card use.

Costco Gift Card

For those just starting or coming back, we’ve got your back. Our team is here to ensure using our gift cards is a great experience. You will feel the value and convenience of your Costco gift card.

Got questions or worries about your gift card? Feel free to contact us. We promise to give you outstanding service with your Costco gift card.

Key Highlights:Statistics:
Customer service commitmentCostco takes pride in providing excellent customer service to all customers.
Knowledgeable representativesOur customer service team is well-equipped to handle any gift card-related inquiries.
Prompt assistanceWe strive to provide timely and efficient support for all your gift card needs.
Strong customer relationshipsWe aim to build trust and loyalty through exceptional customer service experiences.
Support for new and returning customersOur customer service team is available to assist both new and returning customers.

Your Costco gift card experience matters a lot to us. Please reach out if you need help. Let Costco’s renowned service assist you further.

The Value of a Costco Gift Card

A Costco gift card is worth more than the money it holds. It lets you buy top-notch products at good prices. This is great for saving on all sorts of items, like food, gadgets, or trips.

Costco has a huge variety of items, from fruits to new electronics. They always focus on quality. So, you know you’re getting great stuff for your cash.

One big plus of a Costco gift card is extra savings. They often sell gift cards for less than the value loaded on them. For instance, you might get a deal like $100 worth of Papa John’s cards for $79.99. This saves you $20. Similar deals are available for Subway and Dave & Buster’s gift cards. These offers are perfect for those watching their budget.

Store/RestaurantRegular PriceCostco PriceSavings
Papa John’s (4 x $25 Gift Cards)$100$79.99$20
Subway (5 x $15 Gift Cards)$75$601 gift card for free
Dave & Buster’s ($100 Gift Cards)$100$79.99$20

Plus, Costco has more savings for its members. It regularly offers extra special deals. This means even more chances to save and get value for your money.

Remember, giving a Costco card is about giving choice. The receiver can pick what they like. They get to enjoy shopping at Costco. This ensures they get something they love.

Reports say billions in gift cards go unused. But not a Costco card. Its quality and deals mean it’s sure to be used wisely.

Some gift cards may come with extra fees or have expiration dates. Yet, with Costco gift cards, these concerns don’t apply. Your gift card’s value is worry-free, ready to be fully enjoyed.

Recently, some Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards lost value due to store closures. But that’s not the case with a Costco card. Its value remains and can be used in many places or online.

A Costco gift card is a smart choice. It offers great savings and variety. With their focus on quality and budget-friendly prices, Costco really stands out. So, for a gift that’s full of choices and value, a Costco card is a top pick.

Tips for Gifting a Costco Gift Card

When you’re gifting a Costco gift card, you have lots of fun ways to make it special. Let’s look at some cool ideas to make your gift stand out:

1. Personalize with a heartfelt message

Write a special message with the gift card. Say how much you care, or wish them well. This adds a lot of heart to your gift.

2. Target their Costco obsessions

Think about what they love at Costco. If they enjoy cooking, add a cookbook or gourmet ingredients. This shows you know what they like.

3. Get creative with DIY decoration

Make the gift card look special with DIY decorations. You can use ribbons or stickers. Let your creative side shine!

Give your Costco gift card a personal touch. A little creativity can make your gift truly special. Surprise your loved ones with something they’ll really enjoy. Have fun making it unique!

Note: The image above is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent any specific gifting idea mentioned in this section.

Using Costco Gift Cards Online

Shopping with your Costco gift card online is simple and easy. You can buy what you need from home. This includes essential items or something special for yourself.

Just go to the Costco website to start. Add your items to your cart. Then, at checkout, choose to pay with your gift card. Enter the card’s number and PIN. Your gift card’s value will pay for your order.

But, some Costco items can’t be bought with a gift card. Gifts powered by Instacart aren’t included. Check the terms or ask Costco if you’re not sure.

costco gift card online

“Using my Costco gift card online was a breeze. I found everything I needed and was able to apply the value of the gift card to my order without any issues.”

If your items cost more than the gift card, you can pay the extra with a card. If they cost less, your card will keep the leftover money for later.

Transferring a Digital Shop Card to a Physical Shop Card

Want a physical Costco shop card instead? It’s easy. Just go to a local Costco warehouse. Talk to someone at the membership counter. They’ll help turn your digital card into a physical one.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Keep your Costco gift card safe. If it’s lost or stolen, it can’t be replaced. Costco doesn’t replace these cards. So, look after your card well, and keep it in a safe place.

“I accidentally misplaced my Costco gift card, and unfortunately, it couldn’t be replaced. I learned the importance of keeping it safe and not carrying it around unnecessarily.”

Costco is a great place to shop, whether online or in-store. They offer many items at good prices. You can buy groceries, home goods, electronics, and more. It’s perfect for shopping needs big or small.

Method of PurchaseDelivery Time
Digital Shop CardWithin 2 hours, but may take up to 24 hours
Physical Shop Card (via USPS First Class Mail)7-10 business days

If you’re thinking about using a Costco gift card often, here’s a tip. Have a member buy several smaller gift cards at once. This can make the checkout process smoother. It helps keep track of your gift cards better.

So, use your Costco gift card for shopping online. It’s a convenient and flexible way to enjoy being a Costco member.


Costco gift cards are a great choice for any event. They offer a wide range of options. Plus, they are easy to give and use, thanks to Costco’s membership perks.

Whether it’s a birthday or holiday, a Costco gift card is always appreciated. They include deals on Southwest Airlines, Landry’s, Domino’s, and Topgolf gift cards. Costco covers many interests.

Also, Costco keeps adding new gift cards and deals. Some cards, like Spafinder and Domino’s, never expire. This gives people the freedom to use them whenever they want.

Save money and let your loved ones choose with Costco gift cards. Being a Costco member brings convenience and good value. So, get a gift card now and make someone’s day.


How can I check the balance on my Costco gift card?

A: You can check your Costco gift card balance online. Just visit the Costco website or call their customer service. They will tell you the current balance.

How do I activate my Costco gift card?

A: Most Costco gift cards are ready to use when you buy them. If yours isn’t, contact Costco’s customer service. They can help you get it activated.

Can I get a discount on Costco gift cards?

A: Usually, Costco doesn’t discount their gift cards. But, sometimes they offer special deals. Keep an eye out for these to save money on gift cards.

Can I purchase a Costco gift card online?

A: Yes, buying a Costco gift card online is easy. Visit the Costco website, choose your gift card, and check out.

How will I receive my Costco gift card?

A: For a digital gift card, it will come to your email within 2 hours. But, it could take up to 24 hours in some cases. Physical gift cards can be sent to any shipping address you pick.

How do I redeem my Costco gift card?

A: Using your Costco gift card is simple. Just show it at the checkout when you’re buying items. The card’s value will be taken off your total.

Are there any membership benefits associated with using a Costco gift card?

A: Costco members get extra discounts and perks with their gift cards. If you’re not a member, you can still use gift cards. But, you might need to show extra ID at the checkout.

What are the terms and conditions of using a Costco gift card?

A: You can see the gift card’s terms on the card or on the Costco website. It’s smart to check these details before using the card.

What has been the personal experience of customers with Costco gift cards?

A: Some people have used Costco gift cards with no problems. But, a few did face issues at the store. Remember, everyone’s experience might be different.

Does Costco offer exclusive deals or discounts on their gift cards?

A: Yes, Costco gives exclusive deals on gift cards to its members. These offers help you save more. Look for them on the Costco website or when you visit the store.

How can I get assistance with my Costco gift card?

A: Need help with your gift card? Costco’s customer service is ready to help. They can answer questions about your balance or help with other issues.

What is the value of a Costco gift card?

A: A Costco gift card is more than money. It lets you buy top-quality products at great prices. This means you can do more with the money you have.

What are some tips for gifting a Costco gift card?

A: Think about what the person likes and needs when giving a gift card. You can make it special by adding a note or a small item that fits their hobbies.

Can I use my Costco gift card for online purchases?

A: Yes, your Costco gift card works for buying things online. At checkout, enter your gift card info to pay. Some items may not be buyable with a gift card.

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