Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card – Buy & Send Online

Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card

At Dick’s Sporting Goods, Inc., we have many brand name sports items for you. Our Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card lets sports fans pick what they want. They can get sports gear, clothes, and more at DicksSportingGoods.com.

Our gift cards come in many amounts, from $10 to $250 USD. This makes it easy for buyers and receivers. And the best part? They never expire. But, remember, they’re only good in the U.S.

How do you want to send the card? You can pick between a real card or an eCard. With an eCard, they get a code by email. Make sure to get the email address right to deliver it smoothly. The card waits to be sent until after you finish buying it.

For eCards, it takes up to 24 hours to be ready to use after they get it. But, it might not work if there are email issues like spam blockers. So, check the email details carefully.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods offers a wide selection of sporting goods equipment, apparel, and footwear.
  • Our gift cards can be used in-store or online at DicksSportingGoods.com.
  • Denominations range from $10 to $250 USD with no expiry date.
  • Options for sending gift cards include physical and electronic delivery.
  • Recipients of eGift cards receive a code via email for redemption.

Shop for Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Cards Online

We make it easy to get Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Cards online. You can buy them on our site, DicksSportingGoods.com. They come in amounts from $10 to $250 USD.

Our site is simple to use. You can pick a design for any event like birthdays or weddings. You can also write a personal message to make it special.

Buying online is safe and quick. Just choose the card amount and design, then pay. The card will be active right away. It can go straight to an email, perfect for surprising someone.

Our gift cards never expire, giving people time to choose what they want. They work online or in the store at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Field & Stream, and Golf Galaxy. We want them to have what they love.

But, if they don’t love it, they can trade the card for something else. This lets them get what they want most. We aim to keep our customers happy.

eGift cards may take up to 24 hours to activate. This time is for security. It’s to protect both the buyer and the person getting the gift.

Sometimes, a gift card might not reach its destination. This could be because of email settings or a wrong address. Make sure the recipient’s email is right, and check for any restrictions.

We love making gift-giving smooth. Our cards fit all kinds of happy moments, from baby showers to holidays. A Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card always brings joy!

Gift Card DetailsRestrictions
DenominationsRanging from $10 to $250 USD
Expiration DateNo expiration date
UsageLimited to the United States
Redeemable AtDICK’S Sporting Goods, Field & Stream, and Golf Galaxy retail locations or online at specified websites

Start shopping online and enjoy giving with Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Cards. It’s a great way to surprise those you care about.

Flexible Redemption Options

At Dick’s Sporting Goods, we know how important it is to give choices. We offer different ways to use our gift cards. This way, everyone can shop the way they like, either in-store or online, with ease.

In-Store Redemption

Love looking at sports gear in-person? Redeem our gift cards at any store. We have many stores across the country. This makes it simple to find one close to you. Then, enjoy trying on clothes and picking the perfect items with your gift card.

Online Redemption

Prefer shopping from home? You can also use our gift cards on DicksSportingGoods.com. Our site is easy to use. Add items to your cart, and at checkout, enter your gift card details. It’s really that easy.

Buying online with our gift cards is simple. Just choose your items, add them to your cart, and check out. Then, enter your gift card info and you’re done. Our site is safe, making shopping from anywhere stress-free.

Checking Gift Card Balance

Keeping track of your gift card balance is easy with us. You can do it online or by phone. Just go to our site for a quick check. Or, call our customer service for help anytime.

Our gift cards offer lots of freedom. Shop in-store or online, however you like. Dick’s Sporting Goods makes it easy to enjoy shopping your way, anytime.

Wide Range of Sporting Goods

At Dick’s Sporting Goods, we’re happy to provide a huge selection of sporting goods. It’s for athletes and sports fans of all types. You can be a pro or just love to play sports for fun. We’ve got what you need to get better and stay active.

The Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card opens up a world of sports equipment and more. It’s good for basketball, soccer, golf, or tennis. You’ll find top gear from known brands to help you do your best in any sport.

Our gift card lets people pick from lots of items. They can check out all our sports clothes, shoes, and gear. We’ve got stuff for outdoor fun, cycling, swimming, or winter sports like skiing or snowboarding.

Not just sports items, we also have fitness equipment to keep you healthy. Think about dumbbells, treadmills, yoga mats, or resistance bands. We cover everything to help you move more and stay strong.

The Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card is all about choice. It lets someone choose exactly what they want. They can shop in the store or use it online on our website.

At Dick’s Sporting Goods, we are all about making sure you’re set for sports. We want you to have the best stuff that makes your game better. Our goal is to give you quality goods that last and feel great.

Convenient Online Shopping Experience

The Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card makes online shopping easy. It lets you pick your favorite sports items from home.

The Dick’s website is easy to use. It helps you find what you need easily. You can get sports stuff for all kinds of sports and outdoor activities.

The Gift Card gives you lots of choices. You can pick from great gear, comfy clothes, and accessories.

Out of the 61 reviews availableA vast majority are from verified purchasers
Several reviews praised the swift delivery of the digital gift cards within 5 minutesThe gift cards offer ease of use and quick delivery
54 gift cards were purchased and used successfullyThe gift cards provide convenience and flexibility in redeeming their value
7 reviews mentioned difficulties or issues with gift card activation and balanceCustomer service is available to assist with troubleshooting and resolving issues

You can get the Dick’s Gift Card as an e-gift card too. It’s sent right to your email. This way, you can shop online quickly and easily.

It’s perfect for any sports and outdoor hobbies. Whether it’s basketball, soccer, golf, tennis, or more, you can find what you need.

Multiple Designs and Customization Options

The Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card has many designs and ways to customize it. When you buy it online, you can pick from lots of cool designs. There are bright sports themes or simple designs to choose from.

You can also add a special message. This makes the gift card more heartfelt. It’s perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any time you want to show you care.

Did you know you can pick a design that fits their favorite sports team? Or something that shows what they love doing? This makes the gift card even more special.

“I love how I can choose from various designs and add a personal message to the Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card. It’s a great way to make the gift feel more personalized and special for the recipient.” – Sarah, satisfied customer

Create a Personalized Gift

You can make a special gift with the Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card. There are designs for all sports and hobbies. Plus, you can write a message that shows you care.

Buying online means you can see all the designs and choose the best one. The website is easy to use. This makes creating a personalized gift fun and simple.

You can really tailor the gift card to what they love. For example, you can choose a design based on their favorite team. Or you could pick colors they like. This shows you thought about their likes.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card

Choosing a design and message turns the gift card into something special. It shows you know what they enjoy. Plus, it’s simple and fun to do online.

If you’re looking for a great gift for a sports fan, think about the Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card. With so many designs and ways to customize, you can make a gift that really stands out.

Easy Balance Inquiry

It’s easy to check your Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card balance. We’ve simplified the process for your ease.

You can easily check your gift card balance in two ways:

  1. 1. Online Balance Inquiry: Go to our website and enter your gift card number and PIN. Your balance will show with just a click.
  2. 2. Toll-Free Phone Number: Call our customer service at the toll-free number. Follow the instructions to check your balance. Our team is ready to help 24/7.

We offer two simple ways to check your gift card balance. You can choose what’s best for you: online or by phone. We want to make it easy for you.

Follow easy steps to stay updated on your Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card balance. This ensures you’re always prepared for your sports gear shopping.

Secure and Reliable Payment System

Buying a Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card online is safe with us. We keep your personal and financial info secure. Our system uses top-level encryption and security features for every purchase.

Dick’s Sporting Goods takes your privacy and security seriously. We use the best methods to make sure your online gift card buying is secure. Your safety is our priority.

“With our secure and reliable payment system, you can have peace of mind while purchasing the Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card online. We value the trust you place in us, and we are committed to protecting your information.”

You can use major credit cards and other safe methods to pay online. We work with trusted payment service providers for a smooth experience. This ensures security for our customers.

Your payment details are safe with us. We encrypt all data from your device to our site. This keeps your info private and stops others from using it without permission.

At Dick’s Sporting Goods, your safety and trust are top priorities. Feel sure when buying a gift card online with us. Your purchase is looked after every step of the way.

Enjoy a secure and easy experience buying your Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card online. Let us handle the security so you can just relax and shop.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card

Additional Value and Reload Options

The Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card is special. You can add more money even after buying it. If you’ve used all the money, you can still add more. This means you can keep enjoying shopping for sports items with your gift card.

If you have a Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card, you can add more money to it. This way, you can use it over and over again. It’s perfect for buying new sports gear or trendy sports clothes. This makes the gift card very useful and keeps the fun going.

Benefits of Additional Value and Reload Options

  • Extended usability of the gift card
  • Allows recipients to choose when to add more funds based on their needs
  • Flexibility to use the gift card across multiple shopping trips
  • Continued access to a wide range of sporting goods
  • Convenient and hassle-free reloading process

Note: The option to add additional value to the gift card is subject to the terms and conditions set by Dick’s Sporting Goods. Please refer to their official website or contact customer support for more information.

If someone loves sports, the Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card is perfect. You can keep adding money to it. This way, they’ll always be ready to get new gear or clothes. It’s a great gift for anyone who enjoys being active.

RetailerGift Card Denominations
Amazon$25 – $500
Apple$10 – $500
Dick’s Sporting Goods$25 – $500
Starbucks$10 each, pack of 4 totaling $40
McDonald’s$10 each, pack of 4 totaling $40
Kohl’s$25 – $500
Ulta Beauty$15 – $500
Lowe’s$25 – $500, separate $100 card
Nike$25 – $500
Xbox$50 each
Applebee’s$25 – $500
VisaVarious denominations
Google PlayVarious denominations
AMCVarious denominations
Barnes & NobleVarious denominations
Bath and Body WorksVarious denominations
BloomingdalesVarious denominations
Burger KingVarious denominations
Cheesecake FactoryVarious denominations
Chili’sVarious denominations
DominosVarious denominations
eBayVarious denominations
Google PlayVarious denominations
Grub HubVarious denominations
IHOPVarious denominations
Kohl’sVarious denominations
MarshallsVarious denominations
MicrosoftVarious denominations
NikeVarious denominations
NintendoVarious denominations


The Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card is ideal for sports fans looking for a versatile gift. It offers a vast selection of sports items in-stores and online. Recipients can pick from sports gear, wear, shoes, and accessories for basketball, soccer, golf, tennis, and outdoor fun.

Redeeming the Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card is simple. Recipients can shop online at the official website. They can also enjoy shopping at Dick’s stores. Checking the balance and adding value to the card is easy and adds to the convenience.

For birthdays, holidays, or special times, the Dick’s Gift Card is a great pick. It lets the recipient choose what they need for their sports or fitness hobbies. Dick’s is known for great service and top-quality goods. So, using this gift card is sure to be a positive experience.


Can I buy a Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card online?

Yes, you can buy Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Cards on DicksSportingGoods.com.

Can I customize the design of the gift card?

Yes, online, you can pick from lots of cool designs for the card.

How can I check the balance on my gift card?

To check the balance, call the number or go to their site.

Where can I redeem the Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card?

Use it in any Dick’s store or online at DicksSportingGoods.com.

What can I purchase with the gift card?

You can buy sports gear, clothes, and more from many sports types.

Can I use the gift card for online purchases?

Yes, shop online at DicksSportingGoods.com with the card.

Can I add additional value to the gift card?

You sure can add more money to the card anytime.

Is the online payment system secure?

Buying the card online is safe and their system is reliable.

What sports goods can I find at Dick’s Sporting Goods?

You’ll find sports stuff for games like basketball, soccer, and tennis at the store.

Can I send the gift card as an e-gift card?

Yes, you can email the gift card. It’s easy and fast.

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