Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Cards – Perfect for Any Occasion

dunkin donuts gift card

Want to say “thank you” or “happy birthday”? Dunkin’ donuts gift cards are a great choice. You can get them from Dunkin’ donuts restaurants, the Dunkin’ donuts App, or online. They’re also at some big stores. You can pick from lots of cool designs or make your own card with a special photo or message. Plus, you can add the card to the Dunkin’ App to check your balance anytime. You can even buy e-gift cards to send by email or text. It’s so easy and nice!

Key Takeaways:

  • Dunkin’ gift cards are versatile and can be used for any occasion.
  • They can be purchased at participating Dunkin’ restaurants, through the Dunkin’ App, or online.
  • Dunkin’ gift cards are also available at select major retailers nationwide.
  • Guests can choose from a variety of pre-designed cards or create their own personalized card.
  • Gift cards can be added to the Dunkin’ App, making it easy to check the balance and make purchases.
  • E-gift cards are available for convenient online gifting.

Where to Buy Dunkin’ Gift Cards

Want to get a Dunkin’ gift card? You’ve got many easy ways to buy one. You can go to a Dunkin’ shop in person, use the Dunkin’ App, or buy online. No matter what, you’re covered.

Purchase at a Participating Dunkin’ Restaurant

Getting a Dunkin’ gift card is simple at a Dunkin’ spot. Just stop by and pick out a card. Ask the nice staff for help if you need it.

Buy Through the Dunkin’ App

Prefer shopping by phone? Use the Dunkin’ App. First, download it and make an account. Then, find the “Gift Cards” part to choose and buy a gift card. It’s fast and handy.

Online at the Dunkin’ Website

Like shopping from home? You can also get Dunkin’ gift cards on the Dunkin’ website. Look in the “Gift Cards” section for many choices. Pick the amount you want, put it in your cart, and buy it. They’ll send it to you.

Major Retailers

You can also find Dunkin’ gift cards at big stores all over. This includes places like CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, and BJ’s Club. If you’re out shopping, look for Dunkin’ cards.

There are so many ways to buy Dunkin’ gift cards. You can go to a Dunkin’ store, shop online, or visit a big store. Choose what’s best for you or for someone special. Everyone loves Dunkin’s delicious treats!

Benefits of Buying Dunkin’ Gift Cards
Conveniently available at Dunkin’ restaurants
Quick and easy purchase through the Dunkin’ App
Secure online ordering on the Dunkin’ website
Widely available at major retailers across the country
Perfect for treating yourself or someone special
Can be personalized with a photo or video
Exchangeable for a Visa prepaid card or different GiftYa
Easy access to purchase history through the GiftYa website or app
Delivery on chosen Delivery Date
Options to resend a GiftYa in case of non-delivery

Design Options for Dunkin’ Gift Cards

Looking for a unique touch? Dunkin’ has many design options for their gift cards. They are great for any occasion or just to treat yourself.

Dunkin’ also has ready-made gift cards in different designs. You can pick one that’s perfect for birthdays, holidays, and more. These cards have bright colors and fun patterns, adding joy to the gift.

Want to make the gift card special? You can create your own at Dunkin’. Add a special photo or a message that means a lot to the receiver. This makes it a unique and heartfelt gift.

Any design you pick, Dunkin’ gift cards are a sweet and thoughtful gift. Take a look at the choices and find the best one to make someone happy.

How to Add a Gift Card to the Dunkin’ App

Adding a Dunkin’ gift card to the Dunkin’ App is easy and quick. Just follow a few steps. You can easily check your balance and pay for your order.

  1. Step 1: Sign into your DD Perks® account on the Dunkin’ App.
  2. Step 2: Click on the menu button located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Step 3: From the menu, select “Manage Payments.”
  4. Step 4: Choose the “Add Card” option.
  5. Step 5: Enter your card’s 16-digit number and the 4-digit PIN.
  6. Step 6: Tap “Add Card” to finish.

After you add your gift card, checking your balance is simple. You can even add more cards from your phone. The Dunkin’ App makes it easy to use your Dunkin’ gift cards when buying your favorite treats.

Adding a Gift Card to the Dunkin’ App

Step 1Sign into your DD Perks® account on the Dunkin’ App.
Step 2Click on the menu button located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
Step 3From the menu, select “Manage Payments.”
Step 4Choose the “Add Card” option.
Step 5Enter the 16-digit card number and the 4-digit PIN of your Dunkin’ gift card.
Step 6Tap “Add Card” to complete the process.

Checking the Balance of a Dunkin’ Gift Card

Checking the balance on your Dunkin’ gift card is quick and easy. You can do it online, through the Dunkin’ app, in the store, or by phone. Dunkin’ offers many ways to make it simple for you.

If you have a physical gift card, there are a few ways to check your balance. Just look at the bottom of your receipt after you buy something. Or, ask a Dunkin’ crew member in the store for help.

To check the balance digitally, Dunkin’ has online and app options. Go to the Dunkin’ website or use the app and enter your gift card number and PIN. If you’ve already signed up on the website or app, you can see your balance there anytime.

Choosing how to check your balance is up to you. Just choose the way that’s best for keeping track of your Dunkin’ gift card balance. This helps you always enjoy your favorite coffee and snacks without a worry.

dunkin donuts gift card balance

If you need more help, Dunkin’ customer support can assist you at 1-800-447-0013. They are always happy to answer your questions about your gift card balance.

Sending Dunkin’ E-Gift Cards

Looking for an easy and thoughtful gift? Choose Dunkin’ e-gift cards. It takes just a few clicks to buy them online. They’re great for quick surprises or treating someone to Dunkin’.

After picking a card value, decide how to send it. You can choose email or text. This means you can easily send a Dunkin’ card to anyone, no matter where they are.

Recipients can use their e-gift card in stores or on the Dunkin’ website. They can enjoy their favorite coffee or breakfast sandwich. The choice is completely up to them.

Dunkin’ e-gift cards offer convenience, tasty treats, and plenty of options. They’re a perfect way to make someone happy. Don’t wait; send a Dunkin’ e-gift card today and spread happiness!

Purchase Options for Dunkin’ Gift Cards

Looking for a Dunkin’ gift card? You have lots of ways to get one. You can go to a Dunkin’ store, buy online on the Dunkin’ website, or check out big retailers. Electronic delivery through Dunkin’ Giftly is also an option for quick gifting.

Dunkin’ has more than 8,500 stores in the United States. You can easily find one to buy a gift card. Go to a Dunkin’ restaurant, pick the amount, and the friendly team will help you buy it.

Prefer shopping online? You can buy Dunkin’ gift cards on their website. Just pick a design and amount from $5 to $500. Then, choose where the card is shipped, your place or the recipient’s.

If you like shopping at stores, you can find Dunkin’ gift cards at places like CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, and BJ’s. This means you can get a gift card while you do your other shopping.

Dunkin’ makes buying gift cards easy, both in store and online. With so many options, you can find the perfect gift card anywhere.

The Dunkin’ Gift Card Purchase Options

Purchase OptionDescription
In-Person at a Dunkin’ LocationVisit any Dunkin’ restaurant and purchase a gift card directly from the store
Online at Dunkin’ WebsiteBrowse the Dunkin’ website and make an online gift card purchase with various design options
Major RetailersPick up a Dunkin’ gift card at select major retailers across the country
Dunkin’ GiftlyPurchase an electronic gift card for immediate delivery through Dunkin’ Giftly

Buying a Dunkin’ gift card is easy for anyone, including yourself. Dunkin’ works to make the process simple and enjoyable. Use the many ways to buy a card and make someone happy with it.

Customization Options for Dunkin’ Gift Cards

Make your Dunkin’ gift card special by adding a custom design, photo, or message. At Dunkin’ Donuts, we think gifts should reflect the recipient’s uniqueness. That’s why we offer ways to customize our gift cards.

For occasions like Father’s Day, birthdays, or graduations, our personalized cards are a hit. Adding a personal touch helps show your love. This means you can make a gift that really stands out.

Creating your Dunkin’ gift card is easy on our website or mobile app. Pick from ready-made designs for any event. Or, get creative and make your card completely from scratch.

Our customization tools are straightforward. You can upload a favorite photo, include a special message, and pick fonts and colors. This lets you make a gift sure to make them smile.

Register Your Dunkin’ Gift Card for Added Convenience and Security

To make your gifting even better, register your Dunkin’ gift card. Doing this online or through the app comes with great perks.

Registering your gift card allows you to:

  • Keep your balance safe if the card is lost or stolen
  • Check how much is on your card anytime, anywhere
  • Have your card automatically reload for easy use
  • See your purchase history to keep track
  • Get special deals and offers just for you

Registering takes only a few steps. Just visit our site or grab our app and set up an account. After that, you can register your card for more convenience and security.

We believe in making every gift unique. With our custom options and card registration, you can really make a gift your own. Spread happiness with a personalized Dunkin’ gift card packed with good times and sweet treats.

Benefits of Dunkin’ Gift Cards

Dunkin’ gift cards are a great choice for coffee lovers. They offer flexibility and convenience. This makes them perfect for you or as a gift to someone special.

  1. Flexibility: They can be used for any occasion. Recipients get to pick their favorite coffee, donut, or snack. They are great for birthdays, holidays, or to say thanks.
  2. Reloadable: You can reload funds onto Dunkin’ gift cards. This means you can always enjoy your favorites. Just visit a Dunkin’ or go online to reload.
  3. Convenient Balance Checking: It’s easy to check your card’s balance. You can do it online or ask a Dunkin’ crew member in-store. This helps you plan your next visit.
  4. Multiple Redemption Options: Use them in-store by scanning your phone or handing the card to the cashier. You can also use the Dunkin’ app. Your card’s balance will be applied to your orders.

Dunkin’ gift cards are versatile for everyone. They are great for in-store or on-the-go visits. With a Dunkin’ gift card, you can easily enjoy your coffee time.

Get a Dunkin’ gift card today. Treat yourself or someone special to Dunkin’ Donuts’ delicious flavors. Don’t wait to enjoy!

dunkin donuts gift card benefits

FlexibilityDunkin’ gift cards can be used for any occasion and allow recipients to choose their desired coffee, donut, or snack.
ReloadableCustomers have the option to reload funds onto their Dunkin’ gift cards, ensuring continued enjoyment of their favorite treats.
Convenient Balance CheckingChecking the balance of a Dunkin’ gift card is easy, with options to check online through the Dunkin’ website or in-store with assistance from a Dunkin’ crew member.
Multiple Redemption OptionsDunkin’ gift cards can be redeemed in-store by scanning them on a phone or presenting them to the cashier. They can also be seamlessly used through the Dunkin’ app.


Looking for the perfect gift for coffee and donut lovers? Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards are ideal. They offer simple purchasing, personalized options, and easy e-gift sending. Whether for a birthday, anniversary, or simply to say thank you, it’s a gift that brings happiness.

Buying Dunkin’ gift cards is easy. You can get them at Dunkin’ restaurants, the Dunkin’ App, or online. They’re also available at many big stores. For example, you can find them at CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, and BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Dunkin’ gift cards are not just easy to buy. They also save you money and offer flexibility. You can get things like “Bonus Bucks”, holiday deals, and savings on multiple card purchases. Plus, you might even get cash back with certain credit cards.

You can pick a ready-made Dunkin’ gift card or make your own. Dunkin’ makes giving the gift of treats simple. So, why not make someone happy with a Dunkin’ gift card today?


Where can I purchase Dunkin’ gift cards?

You can buy Dunkin’ gift cards at most Dunkin’ shops, the Dunkin’ App, or on the web. They’re also sold at some big stores across the U.S.

What design options are available for Dunkin’ gift cards?

Pick from lots of cool Dunkin’ designs or make your own. You can add a photo or a special message.

How do I add a gift card to the Dunkin’ App?

First, sign in to your DD Perks®. Then, hit the menu and pick “manage payments.” After that, you can add your Dunkin’ card. You can also see your balance and add new cards in the app.

How can I check the balance of my Dunkin’ gift card?

Ask a Dunkin’ team member, check the receipt, or go online. On the Dunkin’ website or app, put in your card number and PIN to see what’s left on your card.

How can I send Dunkin’ e-gift cards?

Buy Dunkin’ e-gift cards on the Dunkin’ website or app. They can be emailed or texted. These cards work both in-store and online.

Where else can I purchase Dunkin’ gift cards?

Find Dunkin’ gift cards at places like CVS, Walgreens, Target, and more.

Can I customize my Dunkin’ gift card?

Yes, you can make your Dunkin’ gift card special with a design, photo, or message. To keep it safe, you can also register your card on the Dunkin’ site or app.

What are the benefits of Dunkin’ gift cards?

Dunkin’ gift cards are easy and handy. You can add more money to them. It’s simple to check your balance. And, you can pay with them using the Dunkin’ app.

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