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Welcome to a thrilling world where the action never stops – Call of Duty: Mobile. Here, you’ll find intense battles and all the best parts of the beloved franchise wrapped up in one. Now, it’s your chance to step up your game with the Call of Duty: Mobile Creator Club!

This club is all about giving a high-five to creators in the vast world of Call of Duty: Mobile. Are you someone who loves streaming, making videos, or influencing on social media? We’re here to help you shine and connect with an excited crowd.

We’ve built a 3-tier system (Elite, Master, and Legendary) that’s full of perks. It’s got rewards to help you grow your channel, connect with fans, and create better and better content. Move up the tiers to get cool stuff like special currency, early looks at new seasons, learning in workshops, and a chance to talk with the game’s developers.

The Creator Club is now in beta and it’s just for people in the United States and Mexico for now. By the end of 2022, we aim to welcome content creators from all over the world. So, if you’re all about Call of Duty and creating content, this is your big moment to shine!

Key Takeaways:

  • The Creator Club is a program for content creators within the Call of Duty: Mobile community.
  • The program offers a 3-tier system with perks such as in-game currency and access to developers.
  • Creators must meet certain criteria and adhere to Call of Duty: Mobile’s Trust and Safety Guidelines.
  • Expansion plans include regions beyond the United States and Mexico, with specific mentions of ANZ and India creators.
  • Creators do not need to exclusively play Call of Duty: Mobile to be part of the Creator Club.

Join us in the Call of Duty: Mobile Creator Club and let’s boost your creativity. Engage with a crowd that shares your passion and together, turn every gaming moment into a memorable one!

Join the Call of Duty: Mobile Creator Club

Do you make cool Call of Duty content? You’re in luck! The Call of Duty: Mobile Creator Club is a great place for creators like you. It’s open to everyone. You can share your love for Call of Duty through live streams, videos, and social media even if you don’t just play Call of Duty: Mobile. The club focuses on Call of Duty: Mobile content and stuff that fits the game’s style. It’s across all sorts of online spaces.

To join, you must follow the rules of Call of Duty: Mobile and be 18 years or older. There’s a cool benefit system waiting for you, from Elite to Legendary. Your benefits in the club increase as you do. This is figured out by how many people see your content, how much you share about Call of Duty: Mobile, how you connect with others, and how creative your content is.

The Creator Club loves Call of Duty content and positive material. This applies everywhere, from your streams to your videos and even social media. They really appreciate what you bring to the Call of Duty world.

What sets the Creator Club Apart?

Think of the Creator Club as a special hangout for Call of Duty: Mobile fans. It’s all about building a community of people who inspire each other. You get to improve your skills, find friends who are into the same things, and help each other out.

Being part of the Creator Club comes with some awesome perks. You get goodies for the game, chances to learn and grow, early peeks at new stuff, and the chance to talk directly with the developers of Call of Duty: Mobile.

How to join and the application process

The club isn’t taking new members right now. But don’t worry, keep an eye on their social media for updates when they start taking applications again. Since many people want to join and there’s only so much room, there’s a fair process for choosing who gets in.

In-game items/currency
Season sneak peeks
Interactions with developers

Note: “-” signifies that the perk is not available at that level.

Even though you can’t apply right now, get your best Call of Duty stuff ready. When they open the doors again, you’ll be set to show your skills and creativity. This is your chance to join an awesome community dedicated to Call of Duty: Mobile.

Stay tuned for the next section as we explore the incredible benefits of joining the Creator Club!

Disclaimer: The application process for the Creator Club is not open at this time. The program is currently in beta and available only in the United States and Mexico, with plans to expand globally by the end of 2022. Stay connected with the program’s social media for updates.

Benefits of Joining the Creator Club

If you love Call of Duty, joining the Creator Club opens up an exciting world. You’ll get special benefits and chances found nowhere else. The club is made to boost your gaming adventures in Call of Duty.

One big plus is meeting others just as crazy about Call of Duty as you are. You can chat with other creators, share your wins, and join in on cool projects together. Plus, you’ll find lots of help to get better at the game or create amazing content.

Being part of the Creator Club means you get rare in-game stuff. These items and currency are just for creators. Imagine using unique skins, weapons, and more to show off your style.

The Creator Club is also a place to learn and grow your skills. You can join workshops led by pros and chat with Call of Duty: Mobile developers. They’ll share the inside scoop on new seasons and surprises coming up.

Plus, being in the Creator Club shows you’re serious about your content. It’s a chance to prove you’re a top voice in the Call of Duty world. Letting people know you’re in this cool club adds to your credibility.

Don’t miss the chance to grow your connections and access amazing benefits with the Creator Club. It’s a great way to bond with the Call of Duty: Mobile team, fellow creators, and an active community. Join now for an unforgettable experience.

Leveling Up in the Creator Club

The Call of Duty: Mobile Creator Club is a place where content creators can really shine. It works on a system with three levels: Elite, Master, and Legendary. The level you’re at depends on how big your channel is and the quality of your content.

Creators can enjoy cool perks as they move up the levels. These include special in-game money, early looks at new seasons, and even workshops. They can also get in touch with the people behind Call of Duty: Mobile.

The club motivates creators to make their content better and connect more with their fans. They can focus on becoming better at the game or showing off its amazing graphics. The goal is to help creators make the best content they can for their viewers.

By being in the Creator Club, creators can boost their connections in the gaming world. It’s a way to meet and work with other creators. This makes the experience richer and more fun.

Unlocking New Perks and Opportunities

As creators climb the club’s levels, they unlock more cool stuff. This includes chances to join workshops and learn from pros in the field.

They also get to see previews of new game content before anyone else. This lets them share sneak peeks with their viewers, which can be very exciting.

At the higher levels, creators might even get to talk to the people making the game. This way, they can share feedback, ideas, and maybe even influence the game’s future.

Continuously Growing and Improving

The Creator Club is all about getting better over time. It looks at many things to see how well a creator is doing. This includes how many fans they have, how often they post, and how they interact with their viewers.

By doing so, the club ensures that creators who make the game more fun are supported. They want to see content that both entertains and fits well with the game.

The program is designed to keep creators motivated to improve. Whether it’s becoming a game expert or sharing stunning visuals, the club wants creators to keep getting better. This way, they can offer their fans something amazing.

Submission Process and Considerations

The Call of Duty: Mobile Creator Club is your chance to show off your gaming skills and connect with the Call of Duty crowd. It’s perfect for those who love the game and want to up their content game.

This club is in its beta phase and currently, it’s available for creators in the US and Mexico. By the end of 2022, it plans to be open to the world. If you’re outside this area, keep an eye out for more news. You need to be 18 or older and meet some criteria to join.

  • Audience Size and Reach: Your fanbase size matters a lot for this club. A big, active audience shows you can make a real difference as a content creator.
  • Frequency of Call of Duty: Mobile Content: Creating content often about Call of Duty: Mobile is a plus. It shows you know the game well and love the franchise.
  • Community Interaction and Support: The Creator Club likes creators who talk with their audience and support them. It’s about making the community positive and welcoming. Whether you’re chatting in comments, hosting streams, or joining discussions, it all counts.
  • Content Creativity: Making unique and cool content is key. The Creator Club loves fresh ideas and innovation in your Call of Duty: Mobile videos. It makes the experience fun for your viewers.

The submission window for the Creator Club might be shut now, but it will open again soon. Keep an eye on their socials for updates. Even though they plan to welcome many creators, space is tight while it’s in beta. So, keep improving your skills. Soon, you could be sharing your awesome Call of Duty moments with fellow creators!


Are you a creator who loves Call of Duty? Join the Call of Duty: Mobile Creator Club. It’s an amazing chance to boost your gaming skills. You’ll be part of a team, get special benefits, and have a say in the game’s development.

This program is getting bigger, reaching creators worldwide. It’s all about enjoying a top shooter game with stunning graphics and fun play. Content creators are a key part of this, making unique content.

Join the Call of Duty: Mobile Creator Club today. It doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or new. You’ll find a welcoming community that boosts your gaming passion. This is your time to shine in the world of Call of Duty: Mobile. Make your impact now!


Can joining the Call of Duty: Mobile Creator Club enhance my gameplay?

Yes, it does elevate gameplay skills for creators. It helps them make top-notch content.

What benefits do I get from joining the Creator Club?

You’ll get into a helpful community. There are in-game items, currency, resources, and special perks.

How can I level up in the Creator Club?

The Creator Club has 3 tiers. As you progress, you get more perks. It’s based on your channel’s growth.

Is the Creator Club accepting submissions at the moment?

Unfortunately, they are not taking submissions now. Stay tuned on social media for updates.

What factors are considered during the submission process?

They look at many things. This includes your audience, how often you post, and your creativity.

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