Esports World Cup 2024: The Ultimate Global Showdown

esports world cup

The Esports World Cup is a must-watch event in competitive gaming. Announced on October 23rd, 2023, by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, it’s a global esports event worth watching.

In the summer of 2024, the first Esports World Cup will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Top esports players from around the globe will compete. They’ll be playing games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Dota 2, Counter-Strike 2, and more.

The Esports World Cup Club Program is a major part of the event. Thirty teams are in it, but only some are invited directly. The rest get in by an open application. Being in this program means you can compete and earn big money.

The Club Championship is an exciting part of the Cup. The top 16 teams can win part of a huge $16,000,000 prize pool. How well they play will decide how much money they get.

The Esports World Cup offers big prizes in lots of games, from $250,000 to $5,000,000. It’s a great chance for players and teams to show their talent and win big.

It’s key to know that getting support from the Club Program doesn’t mean you automatically play in every tournament. Teams still have to earn their spots. This makes the games fair and exciting for everyone.

A total of 60 esports teams are part of the Cup. Some qualify directly for the tournaments, and some are in the Club Support Program. You’ll see famous names like Cloud9, FaZe Clan, and Team Liquid competing.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Esports World Cup is an annual tournament series that will debut in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in the summer of 2024.
  • The Club Program features 30 partnered teams, with 22 receiving direct invitations and 8 selected through an open application process.
  • Participating organizations can benefit from a six-figure annual payout and financial rewards based on driving viewership and fan engagement.
  • The Club Championship offers a $16,000,000 USD prize pool to the top 16 performing organizations.
  • Multiple games in the Esports World Cup will have prize pools ranging from $250,000 USD to $5,000,000 USD.

Formation of the Esports World Cup

The Esports World Cup was announced on October 23rd, 2023. It was revealed during the New Global Sport Conference in Riyadh by the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman. This event will happen every year in Riyadh, bringing the best esports athletes together.

It replaces the Gamers8 series that began in 2022 in Riyadh. This new championship, the Esports World Cup, is set to attract the best in the field. It aims to show how big and exciting esports is all over the world.

The first Esports World Cup will be from June 28 to August 25, 2024. It offers a total prize pool of $60,000,000 which is a huge investment. The goal is to grow esports and honor the hard work of the players.

Riyadh wants to become a top spot for big esports tournaments. It will offer top-notch experiences for players and fans alike.

Many important people are helping make the Esports World Cup happen. Ralf Reichert is the CEO. He used to work for the ESL FACEIT Group. He’s excited to make this event great.

The Esports World Cup is a major step in the competitive gaming world. It celebrates top esports athletes and the excitement of esports around the globe.

This Cup is ready to draw people from all over the world. It’s set to be a major event in the esports world for a long time.

Key Information
Announcement DateOctober 23, 2023
Competition Start DateSummer 2024 (June 28 – August 25)
Host CityRiyadh, Saudi Arabia
FormationRebranding of Gamers8 series
CEORalf Reichert
Prize Pool$60,000,000

Esports World Cup Club Program

The Esports World Cup has a special Club Program to help esports teams. It gives them important benefits and money-making chances. This is for clubs that are part of the Esports World Cup.

Applications for the EWC Club Program open on February 1, 2024, and close on February 15, 2024. Up to 28 clubs will be picked for the program: 22 by invitation and 6 through open applications.

Being in the Club Program lets teams earn a large yearly amount. This is based on how well they play and how many fans they get. The money helps them keep going and supports their play at Esports World Cup events.

Clubs in the program can also get a bonus in 2024 if they join in new games for a special tournament.

To get into the Club Program, teams are looked at carefully. They are observed for their history, how they plan to compete, and how they connect with fans. A special group will check all the applications and choose who gets in.

The EWC Club Program wants to make esports more global. It will bring the best players from different games to compete. And it will offer the largest prize in the 2024 summer event.

Being part of the Club Program means you’re in an important global event. With players from different games, teams can get seen by more people. This helps them get more fans and viewers during the Esports World Cup.

Joining the Club Program means clubs can also use the Foundation’s help and connect with others in esports. This can help them grow and work together in the esports world.

The Esports World Cup Foundation knows teams need steady funding. So, they reward member clubs yearly if they bring in a big audience. This is to thank them for helping Esports World Cup be popular.

Participating Esports Organizations in the EWC Club Program

1100 Thieves
4Team Liquid

The Esports World Cup Club Program has 30 top esports teams. This includes big names like 100 Thieves, Cloud9, Fnatic, and Team Liquid.

Through the program, these teams can play in the Esports World Cup. They get good money and have a chance to show off their skills worldwide.

Joining the Esports World Cup Club Program is great. It includes money help, more chances for people to see you, and being part of a huge event for esports.

Club Championship

The Esports World Cup has thrilling Game Championships and a fierce Club Championship. Organizations get to show their gaming skills, striving for a part of the big $16,000,000 USD prize pool.

Clubs gain points by doing well in competitions. The best 16 clubs win cash prizes from the pool.

All organizations in the Esports World Cup can join, whether they were part of the Club Program or not. This means more clubs can participate, aiming for victory and a big cash reward.

The Club Championship makes the Esports World Cup even more exciting. It brings out the top esports talent, allowing clubs to display their strategies and excellence worldwide.

Prize Pool Breakdown

The Club Championship’s $16,000,000 USD prize money is for the top 16 organizations.

1st Place$5,000,000
2nd Place$3,000,000
3rd Place$2,000,000
4th Place$1,000,000
5th-16th PlaceVaries between $500,000 and $250,000

The high-value prizes make achieving top ranks very important. They raise the level of competition among participating clubs.

Comprehensive Evaluation Criteria

Organizations will be judged using different criteria. These include their esports history, strategy, and goals. Also, how they interact with fans and create content matters.

The Esports World Cup evaluates these to praise the organizations’ skill and dedication. This includes recognizing their fan engagement and efforts to grow the esports community.

The Club Championship is a key part of the Esports World Cup. It’s where clubs can shine, earn significant prizes, and compete for respected titles. This component brings more excitement and competition, appealing to fans of esports around the globe.

Game & Tournament Line-up

The Esports World Cup brings you a wide range of thrilling tournaments. You’ll see top players from across the globe battling it out. It’s a spectacular event for all who love gaming.

Many games are featured, including:

  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • StarCraft II
  • Counter-Strike 2
  • Dota 2
  • Honor of Kings
  • Free Fire
  • PUBG
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Overwatch 2
  • Fortnite
  • Rocket League
  • Street Fighter Six
  • Tekken 8
  • League of Legends
  • Teamfight Tactics
  • Apex Legends

Each tournament has its own prize pool and number of participants. For instance, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mid Season Cup 2024 had $3,000,000 USD and 23 teams. The Dota 2 Riyadh Masters 2024 was bigger, offering $5,000,000 USD with 20 teams.

Other games like Overwatch 2, EA SPORTS FC, League of Legends, and Teamfight Tactics had $1,000,000 USD tournaments. This meant more chances for gamers to win big and show off their talents.

Tournament Line-up

GamePrize PoolParticipants
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mid Season Cup 2024$3,000,000 USD23 teams
Dota 2 Riyadh Masters 2024$5,000,000 USD20 teams
Honor of Kings Mid-Season Invitational 2024$3,000,000 USD12 teams
PUBG Mobile World Cup 2024$3,000,000 USD28 teams
Esports World Cup 2024 (Overwatch 2)$1,000,000 USD
Esports World Cup 2024 (EA SPORTS FC)$1,000,000 USD
Esports World Cup 2024 (League of Legends)$1,000,000 USD
Esports World Cup 2024 (Teamfight Tactics)$1,000,000 USD

For gamers, these tournaments are the ultimate stage. They get to compete, show their skills, and maybe even win a big part of the prize pool.

Implications on the path World Championship

The Esports World Cup is a big deal on the way to each game’s World Championships. They let players show off on a big stage and give many benefits. These can help a place get into the World Championships.

One big thing is the bonuses in the Esports World Cup. Some events offer extra points or rewards for teams, which help their performance and rank. These bonuses can really help a region try to get into the World Championships.

The Esports World Cup has a huge prize pool of over $60 million. This gives teams a great reason to do their best. $20 million is set aside for the top 16 teams, encouraging all teams to perform well.

This event, held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, also helps the area grow in the industry. It sets a high standard for the game worldwide, encouraging others to do more. This is expected to make esports better around the world.

The Esports World Cup is changing the game in the esports world. It’s creating big chances for players that can really change their lives. It shows that anyone with skill can make it to the top, no matter where they’re from.

Games like League of Legends (LoL) and Teamfight Tactics (TFT) are very popular in the event. Including these games makes the event more exciting for fans. It brings their favorite teams together in a unique way.

The event cares about making things better for players in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) too. The much-anticipated Arabic version of League of Legends, along with new servers, is coming in 2024. This shows a commitment to make esports more open and lively.

World Championship Qualification Implications

Tournament BonusesEvents in the Esports World Cup offer bonus points and rewards that contribute to a region’s qualification into the World Championships.
Prize Pool AllocationA significant portion of the Esports World Cup’s prize pool is allocated to the top 16 organizations, influencing their chances of qualifying for the World Championships.
Industry Growth and InnovationThe success of the Esports World Cup in Riyadh is expected to inspire other countries and organizations to enhance their esports offerings, leading to an overall improvement in the global esports ecosystem.
Democratization of CompetitionThe Esports World Cup provides equal opportunities for talented individuals from all backgrounds to compete on a global stage, promoting inclusivity and diversity in esports.
Localization and AccessibilityThe introduction of Arabic localization and local servers in the MENA region further enhances the player experience and encourages participation in the Esports World Cup.

Joining the Esports World Cup lets teams aim for global success. It’s not just about winning but also improving financially. Teams and players can grow their funds and gain more spotlight by playing in big events.

These events are key for the future of esports. They meet the community’s wish for more worldwide matches. The Esports World Cup and others make the gaming calendar more thrilling and boost the competition’s quality.

The Esports World Cup is now a leading global event in gaming. Its impact will keep shaping the esports world, helping it grow further. It’s all about making esports better, bringing in new opportunities, and reaching higher goals.

Esports Organizations part of the Club Program

The Club Program of the Esports World Cup includes 30 top esports teams worldwide. They were chosen with both personal invites and an open call. Due to the many great applications, we increased from 28 to 30 spots. Now, more esports clubs get a chance to join this amazing program.

These 30 teams come from five big regions in esports. These include Europe, Asia, and others. Well-known teams like Cloud9 and Team Liquid are in the mix. Their skills and experience add a lot of fun and competition to the Cup.

Joining the Club Program offers big benefits. Teams get to play in the Esports World Cup with other top teams. They also get a lot of money based on how well they do and how many people watch. This helps the clubs support their players and teams well.

The selection process looked at many things, from the team’s history to their fans. Clubs needed a winning record in their sport. This made sure only the best and most exciting teams made it in. It makes the Esports World Cup even more thrilling.

Esports Organizations Participating in the Club Program

Cloud9North America
FaZe ClanNorth America
G2 EsportsEurope
Team LiquidNorth America
TSMNorth America
And many more…Various

The Esports World Cup is honored to have these 30 top esports teams in the Club Program. Their passion for the game helps esports grow around the world. As the Esports World Cup plays out, we anticipate some great matches. These teams will do their best for a shot at winning the grand prize.

Esports Organizations part of the Esports World Cup

The Esports World Cup is a major event where top esports teams from all over the globe come together. They compete in tournaments, showing off their skills and teamwork.

Teams from Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and the Middle East are part of this event. They make the Esports World Cup a truly worldwide competition.

Big esports names like OG, Tundra Esports, NRG, Fnatic, Team Vitality, and are here. They’ve shown they are the best through tough challenges and invitations.

These teams compete in all kinds of games. They play first-person shooters, strategy games, and many others. The wide range of games shows their versatility and expertise.

The prize pool for the Esports World Cup is over $60 million. This is a chance for the teams to win big by beating their worldwide rivals.

But winning the biggest prize isn’t the only reward. Teams also get support through the Esports World Cup Club Program. This helps them improve their setup and become even better.

There are also rewards for teams that draw in fans. The more fans they bring, the more they can earn. This shows how important fans are to the esports community.

Being part of the Esports World Cup or the Club Program is a big deal. Teams are chosen carefully based on their experience, strategy, and how well they engage fans. Only the very best teams make it to the competition.

Esports OrganizationRegion
Tundra EsportsEurope
NRGNorth America
Team VitalityEurope

Club World Champion Standings

The Esports World Cup manages a list called the Club World Champion Standings. It keeps track of how well different organizations are doing in the competition. The scores are from the Club Championship and other events. This gives a full view of their success.

Fans can check the Club World Champion Standings to see their favorite teams’ progress. It makes the Esports World Cup even more exciting. Teams work hard to move up the rankings and show they are the best.

Being in the Club Championship is a big deal. The top 16 teams win part of a $16 million prize pool. This makes the competition fierce and the games thrilling to watch. It’s a big chance for teams to prove their skill and be named Club World Champion.

These Standings push teams to always do their best. Every game counts towards their place on the list. It encourages teams to get better and better, aiming for success in every match.

“The Club World Champion Standings show who’s on top in the Esports World Cup. It’s not just about winning games but being consistently good. It makes the game more fun for everyone to watch.” – [Executive from a participating esports organization]

Club Standings Example

1Team A2500
2Team B2000
3Team C1800
4Team D1700
5Team E1500

This table gives an example of the current Club Standings. It shows the top teams and their scores. The rankings change as the Esports World Cup goes on. Fans can follow to see their team’s progress.

As of May 6th, 2024, the Championship has 30 teams from all over. Teams are based in major cities worldwide. This shows how much esports has grown globally.

Teams like Cloud9, FaZe Clan, and more are part of this year’s Cup. They bring a lot of excitement and competition. It’s all about having the best players and showing amazing gameplay.

Club World Champion Standings

The Club World Champion Standings are key to the Cup. They tell us who’s doing the best. As the tournament goes on, these scores tell a story. They show the hard work and talent of the leading teams.


The Esports World Cup 2024 will fill your summer with excitement. It runs from July 3rd to August 25th, lasting about 8 weeks. This global gaming event will bring exciting esports matches to fans and players around the world.

Every week of the tournament focuses on different video games for competition. You’ll see top esports games like League of Legends, Dota 2, and more. With titles spanning MOBA, battle royale, FPS, fighting, and strategy games, there’s something for all fans.

Detailed schedules for each tournament event will be set. This helps both players and viewers plan ahead. It’s their chance to shine and aim for the title of world champion in their favorite games.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the Esports World Cup 2024 this summer!

Week 1League of Legends, Dota 2
Week 2Counter-Strike 2, Overwatch 2
Week 3Rainbow Six Siege, Street Fighter 6
Week 4Fortnite, Rocket League
Week 5Tekken 8, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Week 6Honor of Kings, PUBG Mobile
Week 7Free Fire, Apex Legends


We’ve used official announcements, press releases, and news outlets to get accurate info. This data tells us about the Esports World Cup. We urge you to look into these for more info:

  1. On October 23, 2023, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the first Esports World Cup. [Source: Official Announcement]

  2. The Esports World Cup is a new name for the Gamers8 series that started in Riyadh in 2022. [Source: Official Announcement]

  3. Ralf Reichert became the CEO of the Esports World Cup Foundation on October 23, 2023. [Source: Official Announcement]

  4. In 2024, the Esports World Cup will offer a $60,000,000 prize pool, the biggest in esports. [Source: Official Announcement]

  5. 28 clubs join the Esports World Cup Club Program in its first year. 22 were asked directly, and 6 applied. They get a yearly six-figure payout and tournament funding. [Source: Official Announcement]

  6. The Club Support Program chose 30 esports groups from around the globe. They were picked for their skills, future plans, and how they reach fans. [Source: Official Announcement]

  7. The top 16 teams of the Club Championship will share $20 million. It’s based on their performance. [Source: Official Announcement]

  8. For the 20 Game Championships, over $33 million is up for grabs. [Source: Official Announcement]

  9. Prizes from qualifying events will top $7 million. The MVP of each event walks away with $50,000. [Source: Official Announcement]

All these points offer a full look at the Esports World Cup. They cover the competitions, who’s involved, and prize information. Take a look to learn more about this top global esports event.


The Esports World Cup 2024 will gather gamers from across the globe. They will compete across 19 titles like Apex Legends and Fortnite. This epic event is sure to catch the eyes of fans everywhere.

Featuring the highest prize pool in its history, over $60 million is up for grabs. This is a 30% jump from last year, showing the event’s growing importance. It’s becoming a central focus for competitive gaming.

Players from top teams will strive for victory over eight weeks. They aim to win in their own game category and also in the Club Championship. This double win can make you both a game and club champion.

This year, the Esports World Cup is making its debut in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The whole esports field is buzzing with excitement for this top-tier tournament. It’s paving the way for more future events that will keep pushing the boundaries of gaming.


When was the Esports World Cup announced?

The Esports World Cup was announced on October 23rd, 2023. This happened during the New Global Sport Conference in Riyadh.

When will the first edition of the Esports World Cup take place?

The first edition of the Esports World Cup happens in July and August 2024.

The Esports World Cup will have games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and League of Legends. It includes many others like StarCraft II and Fortnite. Games such as Dota 2 and Rainbow Six Siege will also be there.

What is the Esports World Cup Club Program?

It is a program for esports organizations. 30 teams are part of it, with 22 teams getting direct invites. The other 8 are chosen from an open application. These teams get support for their entrance into select games.

What is the Club Championship?

The Club Championship gives points based on a team’s performance. The top 16 teams get part of a ,000,000 prize.

Which esports organizations are part of the Esports World Cup Club Program?

The program includes top teams. Such as Cloud9, FaZe Clan, and G2 Esports. Teams like Team Liquid, and TSM are also part.

Which esports organizations are part of the Esports World Cup?

Teams like OG, Fnatic, and Team Vitality will be there. Notable orgs include Tundra Esports, NRG, and

How are the esports organizations’ performances tracked in the Esports World Cup?

The Clubs’ performances are tracked through the Club World Champion Standings. It looks at their points earned in various competitions.

When will the Esports World Cup take place?

The event takes place during July and August in 2024.

What is the reference for this information?

This info comes from official announcements and press releases. It was also covered by trustworthy news sources. For more details, please check our refs.

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