Experience the Fun: Our My Summer Car Gameplay Tips

My Summer Car gameplay

Take a thrilling trip through rural Finland in 1995 with My Summer Car. If you’re new or already playing, our detailed tips will boost your game play. You’ll grab the game’s mechanics and fix car problems, learning all the keys to succeed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Find excitement in the Finnish countryside and dive into My Summer Car’s lifelike world.
  • Test your skills with challenges in the game that punishes errors severely.
  • Master building and customizing the Satsuma AMP, a car you can tweak extensively.
  • Stick to real rules, like not smoking at the gas station or driving when your car’s windshield is broken.
  • Enjoy cool gaming features, like adding your music to the radio or chatting with drunk virtual characters.

The Start

Before you dive into My Summer Car, it’s key to learn the game basics. This will help you be successful in the Finnish countryside’s virtual world. Knowing how the game works makes starting off easier.

First up, get to know the game’s controls. Learn to drive and how to use items. Trying things out will help you feeling more at home in the game.

Now, it’s time for your first trip. In the game, you can explore by car or boat. Enjoy the scenic views and find secret spots in this Finnish paradise.

Going Places

Planning is crucial for your first journey. List what you need and buy them at Teimo’s shop. For example, you might want to pick up some sugar, yeast, and juice. Grab some fuel too. It all depends on how you want to play.

Ready with your buys? Start your adventure. My Summer Car can be tough. You might run low on supplies or face challenges at night. Stay alert. Changes in the game, like how cars and gas work, can also shake up your plans.

Driving safely is a must in My Summer Car. Practice steering and stay careful. This game’s realism demands it. Learn how your vehicle works and drive smart to avoid trouble.

Recent updates have made the game harder for some. Getting a ride has become more of a challenge. This has split opinions. While some find it too trying, others like the added complexity.

Adjusting to game updates can be tough, especially for long-term players. But, newcomers can still have fun with the right attitude and plan.

Looking for a change or an extra bit of fun? Many gamers use mods to improve their play. Mods offer new tools and tweaks. Remember, using mods is up to you and what you enjoy.

The start of your My Summer Car journey is thrilling yet critical. Mastering game basics, getting ready for your first trip, and dealing with surprises pave the way for a great experience. So, start your engine, and get ready for an unforgettable ride through the Finnish countryside!

The Car

Knowing the car in My Summer Car is key to enjoying the game. You need to understand how the car works. This includes knowing about its parts and the fluids it needs.

You get three vehicles when you start: the Jonnez ES, the Kekmet tractor, and a boat. The Jonnez ES can go up to 80 km/h with the right changes, making it exciting to drive. The Kekmet tractor, although slow, has a windshield and lots of space for items, especially with a trailer. The boat is the fastest way to get to the dock at Peräjärvi. But watch out for items falling in the lake.

Before your first trip, there are things to do. Charge the old battery in the garage, and pack what you need for Peräjärvi, like diesel and food. Also, order any car parts you might need for fixing and maintaining your car.

Follow the directions carefully when it’s time to go. Turn left at the first two junctions, pass by Fleetari’s, and get to the old farmhouse. This guide will help you navigate correctly and move forward in the game.

Visiting Fleetari’s shop is a must to get the right car parts. You can buy an alternator, head gasket, pistons, and a starter there. Record the parts you need, the amounts, and prices. This way, you can plan your shopping well.

Managing Car Fluids

In My Summer Car, looking after your car’s fluids is vital. You have to take care of motor oil, coolant, brake fluid, and fuel by checking and filling them up as needed.

It’s important to always check and top up your car’s fluids. If you don’t, it can cause issues or damage to your car.

Don’t forget to monitor your fuel and refuel when necessary. Running out of gas can leave you stuck and delay your progress.

By mastering your car’s workings, preparing it right, and keeping up with its fluids, you’re ready for the challenges ahead in My Summer Car.


You’ve put your car together and now it’s time to tune it up. Tuning helps you tweak your car’s performance. This makes your car truly your own in My Summer Car.

To make your car drive better, you can adjust steering rods. This improves how your car steers and stays on track. Try different settings to suit how you drive.

The rocker shaft changes how your engine runs. By tweaking it, you can make your engine more powerful. But remember, more power might mean using more gas.

Working on the camshaft gear can boost how much power your engine produces. The right settings here will make your car run better. Adjust it carefully to get the best from your car.

The alternator keeps your battery charged. You can make small changes to how fast it charges. This keeps your battery in good shape without overworking your engine.

Adjusting the distributor can make your engine run smoother. It can use less gas and perform better. Find the setting that works best for your car.

The carburetor controls how much fuel and air get into your engine. Getting it just right can make your car both powerful and fuel efficient. It’s a balance you need to find.

The wiring in your car is very important for everything to work right. Bad wiring can cause many problems. Check that all the wires are good and well connected.

Playing with these tuning parts can really boost your car’s performance in My Summer Car. Make sure you keep track of the changes you make. Enjoy making your car run at its best!

Tuning PartEffect
Steering RodsImproves handling and stability
Rocker ShaftOptimizes engine power delivery
Camshaft GearEnhances torque and horsepower output
AlternatorRegulates battery charging rate
DistributorControls ignition timing
CarburetorImproves throttle response and fuel efficiency
WiringEnhances electrical system reliability


Your virtual car in My Summer Car might face issues, just like a real car. Troubleshooting is key for a smooth game. We’ll cover main car problems and how to fix them. This will help you enjoy the game more.

Car Not Starting

Many players face the car not starting issue at first. This occurs as they learn the game’s mechanics and how to build their car. Start by checking the battery, fuel, and spark plugs. Make sure everything is rightly placed and working.

Strange Car Sounds

After starting, if your car makes strange sounds, it could mean trouble. Look into the exhaust, engine, and fluids for the sound’s source. Replace or fix any broken pieces to stop the weird noises.

Dashboard Lights and Engine Problems

Dashboard lights, like a red light shape, tell about in-game problems. It’s important not to overlook them. Use the game’s manual or online forums to understand what each light means. Then, fix the issue. For engine problems like not staying on, troubleshoot step by step to find the cause.

Car Veering and Wheels Spinning

The car veering or wheels spinning without moving are common issues. These need proper handling. Troubleshoot by checking alignment, tire pressure, and suspension. This will solve the car’s movement problems.

Sluggish Driving

If your car is slow, struggles to speed up, or stalls, it needs fixing. Check the fuel system, carburetor, ignition, and transmission for problems. Do adjustments or repairs to make your car drive better.

Use these tips to fix common car issues in My Summer Car. This helps keep your vehicle running well in the game.

The Uncle

Interacting with the uncle is key in My Summer Car. He’s important for the story and game progress. We’ll talk about his story and the tasks he gives you.

After the first journey, the uncle leads you on the next part of your adventure. His missions are varied and hard, which makes the game fun. Whether you’re delivering goods or taking on specific tasks, each new job makes the story richer. It also moves you closer to being a My Summer Car expert.

The uncle’s truck is very useful during gameplay. It opens new doors and lets you see the game in a new light. This truck makes getting around easy. It helps you finish tasks faster.

Using the uncle’s truck well can really boost your game experience. Meet his challenges, stick to the story, and use what you’ve got to make the game better. Enjoy My Summer Car by making the most of his help.


My Summer Car is a unique and challenging game in the beautiful Finnish countryside. It’s fun and immersive. However, it does have some downsides that might affect your fun.

Some players struggle with the game’s controls. They find them too hard and end up searching for small details. Also, it can be very dark in some places, which makes it tough to see without a flashlight.

Players have noticed some things that don’t quite match real life. For example, you have to crouch to pick up dropped items. They’ve also found it odd that you have to force yourself into cars before you can sit.

There’s no touch feedback, and the controls are not always the same, which can be confusing. Players don’t always know if they should click with the left or right mouse button.

The tasks in the game can be too hard for some, leading to frustration. The updates have made the game even tougher, which not everyone likes.

However, our detailed tips can guide you through the game’s challenges. Learning how to build and look after your car, and understanding how the game works, can improve your experience. With these strategies, you can get the best out of My Summer Car.


What is My Summer Car?

My Summer Car takes you to rural Finland. It’s a game with a one-of-a-kind play style.

What are some tips to improve My Summer Car gameplay?

To get better at My Summer Car, learn how the game works. Also, get to know the controls and fix car problems well.

How can I enhance the performance of my car in My Summer Car?

To make your car better, tweak parts like the steering rods and the camshaft gear. You can also upgrade the alternator, distributor, carburetor, and wiring.

What should I do if my car in My Summer Car is not starting?

If your car won’t start, first check the battery, spark plugs, and fuel. Also, make sure the ignition system is working right.

How can I interact with the uncle in My Summer Car?

To talk to the uncle, it’s all about doing the tasks he gives you. Completing missions like the second journey and using his truck help you bond.

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