Fantasia (2023) – New Movie from Disney Animation Studios


Fantasia: Third Movement is the next big movie from Disney Animation Studios. Set for 2023, it’s part of the Fantasia series which mixes classical music with wonderful animation. This makes the film a truly magical and unique experience for viewers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fantasia: Third Movement is the eagerly awaited third installment in the Fantasia franchise from Disney Animation Studios.
  • The film combines classical music with captivating animation to create a magical viewing experience.
  • Walt Disney Animation Studios has a rich history of producing iconic animated films.
  • Fantasia 2000, the predecessor to Fantasia: Third Movement, utilized modern animation techniques and was presented in the IMAX format.
  • Despite not achieving huge financial success, the Fantasia franchise remains a beloved classic that redefined public perception of animation.

About Fantasia: Third Movement

Fantasia: Third Movement continues the legacy of Fantasia (1940) and Fantasia 2000 (1999). It’s the 62nd animated feature from Disney. This film blends stunning animation with classical music’s beauty in a unique way.

The movie mixes computer-generated animation with hand-drawn art. It brings amazing scenes to life, paired with famous classical music pieces. Lin-Manuel Miranda leads us through this wonderful world. He’s well-known for his music and theatre work.

The London Symphony Orchestra plays the movie’s music, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle. Each part shows the magic of animation meeting classical music. It’s a beautiful celebration of these two art forms together.

Segments and Musical Selections

Fantasia: Third Movement showcases music from top composers. You’ll hear pieces by Sergei Rachmaninoff, Léo Delibes, Mozart, Bach, Tchaikovsky, and others.

Although some segments were not included, they would have featured music by greats like Mozart and Beethoven. Even without these tracks, the movie’s music tells an amazing story.

ComposersFeatured Works
Sergei RachmaninoffPrelude in C Sharp Minor
Léo DelibesSelections from “Coppélia”
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartEine Kleine Nachtmusik
Johann Sebastian BachBrandenburg Concerto No. 3
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky1812 Overture
Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovFlight of the Bumblebee
Dmitri ShostakovichWaltz No. 2
Paul DukasThe Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Edvard GriegIn the Hall of the Mountain King
Gustav HolstMars, the Bringer of War

The Program of Fantasia: Third Movement

Get ready for an amazing trip into the world of classical music with Fantasia: Third Movement. It’s the 62nd animated feature from Walt Disney Animation Studios. You’ll see a beautiful mix of classical music and stunning animations.

Explore a selection of segments in Fantasia: Third Movement. It’s all set to classical music from famous composers like Sergei Rachmaninoff and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. There’s a wide range of music that will truly enchant you.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato

The movie starts with a live-action scene at the Roman Colosseum. The orchestra there begins our magical journey. Fantasia: Third Movement tells its story through different pieces of classical music.

You’ll hear great works like Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in C Sharp Minor and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. The visuals bring these classics alive. From the animation, these pieces tell amazing stories.

Every part of Fantasia: Third Movement is like a painting come to life. The movie mixes classic animation with modern technology. This blend shows off the best of animation.

A Symphony of Visual and Auditory Delights

Producer HyperFlowey says Fantasia: Third Movement takes what made the first two films great and adds more depth. There are new stories mixed with old favorites. It’s a great balance of new and familiar.

The London Symphony Orchestra, with Sir Simon Rattle, plays the music for Fantasia: Third Movement. This makes the movie’s music stand out. It’s a new approach for the Fantasia series.

The blend of a great orchestra, stunning images, and touching stories makes a special experience. Fantasia: Third Movement wants to take you on a trip where music and animation mix perfectly. It aims to make you dream and feel deeply.

Get ready for the launch of Fantasia: Third Movement. It offers a unique mix of music and animations. This film will take you on a journey of beauty and inspiration.

Production of Fantasia: Third Movement

Fantasia: Third Movement was a teamwork at Walt Disney Animation Studios. This piece is their 62nd feature, highly awaited worldwide.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the main host, adds excitement with his presence.

The London Symphony Orchestra performed the music under Sir Simon Rattle’s direction. Their skill made the production grand.

The film combines computer and traditional animation. This blend enriches the movie visually.

Many music segments were considered but not all made the final cut. Works like Symphony No. 40 and Suite Bergmasque were planned but unused. Their initial consideration shows the team’s deep creativity.

Classical music by greats like Rachmaninoff and Mozart features in Fantasia. The film merges their work with stunning animation.

The script fuses music to set moods with songs that narrate. This mix tells stories with deep emotion.

Animations vary from live-action to color-rich abstracts. This mix dazzles watchers and highlights creativity.

The picture captures the team’s effort to bring Fantasia to life. Everyone worked together to make a magical world.

Budget for FantasiaBox Office Revenue US & CanadaRunning TimeTheatrical Roadshow Release Cities (U.S.)Year of First ReleaseRank Adjusted for Inflation
$2.28 million$76.4–$83.3 million126 minutes13194023rd highest-grossing film of all time in the U.S.

The budget of $2.28 million led to Fantasia’s beauty and awe.

Upon its release, it made $76.4–$83.3 million in the US and Canada. This shows how loved it was.

Its running time of 126 minutes lets viewers dive into Fantasia’s charming world.

It premiered in 13 US cities, giving a select few a grand big-screen experience.

Since 1940, Fantasia has been a cinematic treasure. In the US, it’s the 23rd top film when adjusting for inflation.

Production on Fantasia: Third Movement shows Walt Disney Animation’s heart and soul. They’ve crafted a movie to mesmerize, carrying on Fantasia’s legacy.

Reception of Fantasia: Third Movement

There is no news on how Fantasia: Third Movement is being received because it hasn’t come out yet. The Fantasia series is a big name and loved by many. So, it’s likely this new film will get people really excited.

Fantasia: Third Movement is Disney’s 62nd animated movie. It follows the success of the other Fantasia films. This time, they’ve mixed computer animation with traditional styles. It makes the movie look amazing and draws you in.

Lots of big names are working on this film. Lin-Manuel Miranda is leading it. The London Symphony Orchestra, under Sir Simon Rattle, plays the music. They make the film truly stand out with their performances of classic pieces.

The movie joins live-action with animation. This blend showcases a mix of classical music. Together, they create a world that feels magical. It’s a unique experience that will draw audiences in.

“Fantasia: Third Movement pushes the boundaries of animation and captivates with its seamless integration of classical music and breathtaking visuals. With a mix of new segments and reimagined classics, the film promises to be a true feast for the senses.”

The film’s soundtrack includes pieces by greats like Rachmaninoff, Mozart, and Bach. This variety in music adds depth to the film. It enriches the listening experience for the audience.

While filled with some well-known segments, a few pieces were left out. Mozart, Debussy, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky’s works were considered. But, they didn’t make the final cut. This careful process helps the movie keep its clear theme and vision.

Fantasia: Third Movement has a lot of people talking. Both fans and critics are eager to see it. This movie combines animation, classical music, and the legacy of Fantasia in a special way. It’s expected to be a standout in the world of animation.

Keep an eye out for Fantasia: Third Movement. It’s sure to dazzle with its breathtaking visuals and brilliant music.

Fantasia: Third Movement Reception

The Legacy of Fantasia

Fantasia changed both animation and music forever. It was a huge hit when it came out in 1940. The film mixed cool animation with great classical music. People loved it then and still love it now.

Fantasia 2000 came out in 1999. It kept up the mix of classical music and amazing animation. This new film proved Fantasia’s magic was here to stay. It wowed everyone with its beautiful visuals and stories.

“Fantasia: Third Movement carries on the tradition of its predecessors, infusing the timeless magic of classical music into an enchanting animated masterpiece.” – Audience review

The newest film in the Fantasia series is called Fantasia: Third Movement. It’s keeping the spirit alive with its mix of art and famous music. It draws us into a world of wonder and delight.

Album: The Legacy Collection: Fantasia

The Legacy Collection: Fantasia album is a big part of Fantasia’s impact. It came out on January 3, 2015. This album has all the music from the Fantasia film. Now fans can listen to the music anytime.

The album has songs by big names like Bach, Tchaikovsky, and Beethoven. It includes famous pieces like Toccata and Fugue in D Minor and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. The music is a key part of what makes Fantasia so special.

The album has four discs. They are performed by different orchestras and choirs. Together, they bring the magic of Fantasia to your ears. With almost 4 hours of music, it’s a special treasure for any fan.

Documentary: The Making of Fantasia

The documentary “The Making of Fantasia” is a must-watch for fans. It’s all about how the film was made. This 47-minute film tells the story of Fantasia’s journey from idea to screen.

In the documentary, you hear from the people who made Fantasia. They talk about what it was like to bring the film to life. You’ll also hear from some of the famous voices behind the film.

“While the documentary provides a comprehensive overview of Fantasia’s creation, some viewers wished for more detailed insights into specific aspects of the film.” – Viewer review

The documentary shows behind-the-scenes clips and stories. It gives fans a chance to really understand Fantasia’s creative process. Through this film, we get to appreciate all the hard work that made Fantasia great.

IMDb RatingUser Review RatingDuration of Documentary
7.2/107/1047 minutes

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Walt Disney Animation Studios is a big name in animated films. It’s the feature film part of The Walt Disney Company, making movies that people love for many years.

It started in 1937 and has made 62 films since then. Each movie shows how dedicated they are to great art and stories. From “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” to “Frozen,” their films have touched the hearts of many.

What makes this studio special is their mix of new technology and the classic art of drawing. Their movies are carefully made, taking us to worlds of magic. We meet colorful characters and hear stories we never forget.

They always look for new ways to make films better. “Fantasia” was the first 3D movie. The studio keeps exploring to improve animation.

Working together is key at Walt Disney Animation Studios. They team up with top musicians and actors to make their movies shine. This shows in how amazing their films turn out.

Their movies win a lot of awards, like the Oscars. People everywhere love their stories and the joy they bring. They have inspired millions around the globe.

Today, they’re still making movies that everyone enjoys. Their work has truly shaped the world of animated films. They are indeed leaders in this field, known for their creativity and vision.

Filmography of Walt Disney Animation Studios

Walt Disney Animation Studios started making films a long time ago. They have made 62 films so far. These movies range from classic to modern. They are loved by people all over the world for their great stories and amazing animation.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of their very first films. It came out in 1937. This film was the first full-length animated feature. It’s a cornerstone of Disney’s animation success.

Their latest movie is Wish, released in 2023. It brings magic and heartwarming stories to viewers of every age. With its captivating characters and stunning animation, Wish shows the studio’s ongoing commitment to quality films.

Fans of Disney can look forward to more movies. Moana 2 will hit theaters in 2024. It will follow the exciting adventures of Moana. Then, Zootopia 2 comes in 2025, taking us back to the fun world of Zootopia.

And don’t forget to mark your calendars for 2026. That’s when the next Disney Animation Studios film is coming out. It’s sure to bring more magic and wonder to audiences.

Over the years, Disney Animation Studios has become famous for its stories. Their films range from the beautiful Fantasia to modern hits like The Lion King and Frozen. Each movie is special to fans all around the globe.

Disney Animation Studios is a top-notch animation studio. They keep making movies that break new ground. With every release, they show they are leaders in animation. Their work continues to captivate people across all ages and cultures.

Careers at Walt Disney Animation Studios

If you love animation and movies, Walt Disney Animation Studios is the place to be. We believe that stories and animations can captivate people globally. They bring magic into the world.

Joining us means becoming part of a team. A team with a rich history in storytelling. There’s room for everyone, whether you like technology, art, or telling stories. At our studio, you can help make films that stick in people’s minds forever.

How? As an animator, you’ll make characters jump off the screen. As a filmmaker, you’ll craft stories that intrigue and inspire. Our studio is filled with creativity and support. Here, innovation is key, and everyone’s ideas matter.

Disney Animation is always at the forefront of the animation world. We love using new tech and art to make films that amaze people. Our work ranges from classic, hand-drawn animations to the newest computer effects. And we all work together, aiming to create films that touch hearts.

Join us in creating the next Disney masterpiece!

“Working at Walt Disney Animation Studios allows individuals to be a part of creating unforgettable films that continue to inspire and entertain audiences.”

Life at Disney Animation Studios

Working at Disney Animation Studios is like a dream come true. The place is alive with creativity and teamwork. If you’re an animator or filmmaker here, you help make magical stories real.

The vibe at Disney Animation Studios is all about being creative. Everyone, from the top animators to the directors, adds their own special touch. This mix leads to tales that last forever. It’s where dreams take shape in the most surprising ways.

The Power of Collaboration

Working together is key at Disney Animation Studios. A team of varied talents creates amazing films. It doesn’t matter if you draw, write, or do special effects. Here, you’re with the best in the business.

Imagine sitting next to someone whose art amazes you every day. That’s Disney Animation Studios. Here, different artists spark new ideas off one another. This energy pumps out new, incredible stuff all the time.

Cultivating Creativity

This studio is packed with opportunities to be creative. Every idea, sketch, or story here is backed by a big push for something new. The goal is to make the most unforgettable animations, from start to finish.

If you choose to work here, you’re given room to grow and learn. You can try unique ways to animate and tell stories. With help from the studio, your wildest ideas can become amazing animations.

A Tradition of Excellence

Disney Animation Studios is famous for its films that we all love. They’ve been doing this for a long time, from the first films to the latest hits like Frozen. Their work defines quality in animation.

This studio is known for its great storytelling and careful work. Being here means you’re part of a tradition to make excellent animations. It’s a place that values the magic of animation making for the audience.

Being part of Disney Animation Studios means you get to share in its creativity and teamwork. You get to add to stories that are loved around the world. It’s a chance to let your creativity loose in the best way possible. Join us and be a part of the Disney Animation Studios family.


Fantasia: Third Movement is the awaited film from Disney Animation Studios. It adds to the beloved Fantasia series. By blending classic music with stunning animation, it aims to enchant everyone. This film celebrates the endless charm of music and storytelling in animated movies.

In its 75 years, Fantasia has wowed viewers with its music and animation mix. It set new standards and fueled creativity in movies. With memorable parts like the Ave Maria and Mussorgsky segments, Fantasia remains a standout in cinema history.

Fantasia: Third Movement promises breathtaking animation and moving music. Disney gathered a team of top artists, animators, and musicians. Together, they aspire to craft a film that’s truly magical.

Be prepared to dive into the wonder of Fantasia: Third Movement. Disney is ready to show us the magic of animation and the beauty of classical music once more.


What is Fantasia: Third Movement?

Fantasia: Third Movement is an upcoming animated film. It’s produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It’s the third movie in the Fantasia series.

It’s known for combining beautiful classical music with amazing animation.

When is Fantasia: Third Movement set to be released?

It will hit the theaters in 2023.

How is Fantasia: Third Movement different from the previous Fantasia films?

It follows the original Fantasia and Fantasia 2000. Like these films, it pairs classical tunes with stunning visuals.

Who is the host of Fantasia: Third Movement?

The host is Lin-Manuel Miranda. He’s famous for making music and plays.

It includes works by famous composers. Such as Sergei Rachmaninoff, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

What animation style is used in Fantasia: Third Movement?

The film has a mix of animation styles. These include computer-generated, hand-drawn, and traditional types.

Were any segments cut or unused during the production of Fantasia: Third Movement?

Yes, some pieces were left out. These included music by Mozart, Debussy, and Beethoven. They were removed for the film’s flow and originality.

Has Fantasia: Third Movement been released yet?

No, the movie has not been released. We don’t know its reception yet.

What is the legacy of the Fantasia franchise?

The Fantasia movies changed animation and music forever. The first film, which came out in 1940, was a breakthrough. It did special things with animation and music together.

How many films has Walt Disney Animation Studios produced?

They’ve made 62 movies, starting with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937.

Are there any upcoming films from Walt Disney Animation Studios?

Yes, Moana 2 is coming in 2024. Zootopia 2 will follow in 2025.

What career opportunities are available at Walt Disney Animation Studios?

There are many chances to work on great stories through animation and filmmaking. Walt Disney Animation Studios offers rich creative opportunities.

What is the culture like at Disney Animation Studios?

Life at Walt Disney Animation Studios is all about creativity and new ideas. It encourages working together and striving for the best.

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