Grid 2 Gameplay Review: Thrilling Racing Insights

Grid 2 gameplay

Welcome to our review of Grid 2. It’s a thrilling racing game that puts you in the world of competitive racing. With its intense gameplay and realistic graphics, Grid 2 is a must-play for those who love racing. It has a variety of track environments that ensure you’re always excited. Developed by Codemasters, a game company with over 30 years of experience, this title really showcases their love for games. Whether you love racing or just like to play games, Grid 2 offers an amazing experience for everyone.

Key Takeaways:

  • Grid 2 offers about 35 hours of gameplay in single-player mode, with many difficulty levels. This provides a lot of content to enjoy.
  • The multiplayer modes in Grid 2 give you 12 hours of fun. You can race against others, making it even more exciting.
  • It has a player rating of 7.0 out of 10, showing that fans and reviewers like it.
  • There are about 400 different AI drivers in the game. This makes the gameplay realistic and rich.
  • The game’s penalty system makes sure players don’t cut corners unfairly. It keeps the races fair for everyone.
  • There are many customization options. You can unlock different paint schemes to make your cars unique.
  • Game modes vary, from Free Race, Career, to Multiplayer. They give you options to play exactly how you want.
  • While some players might find the Career races a bit short, most find the experience absolutely captivating.
  • Grid 2 is published by Codemasters and is available on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.
  • It offers various racing disciplines, from touring cars to drifters. This ensures there’s something for everyone.
  • It doesn’t have open-wheel racing cars like the original Grid. But, there’s still a wide selection of vehicles to pick from.
  • The IndyCar pack is part of the pre-order bonus or post-release DLC. This gives extra content to the most devoted fans.

Lovely Track Environments and Delicious Vehicle Handling

Grid 2 shines with its stunning track settings. Every race feels like a journey through perfectly crafted scenes. You’ll race from Paris’s busy streets to California’s beautiful coasts, enjoying the mix each track offers.

These tracks not only look good but are designed for an exciting race. You’ll face sharp turns, steep slopes, and tricky obstacles. Such features push your racing skills to the limit, making wins more rewarding.

Grid 2’s fun isn’t just about the tracks. The vehicles in the game handle with a perfect balance of smoothness and response. This lets players enjoy drifting or speeding up straight paths, enhancing the racing thrill.

That’s why the combined beauty of the tracks and great car handling in Grid 2 is special. It turns each race into a visually engaging and thrilling experience. The game keeps you hooked, always ready for the next exciting turn.

Intriguing Event Variety and Intense Competition

GRID 2 isn’t just about going from point A to B. It’s packed with a range of exciting events. You’ll find traditional races, time trials, drift challenges, and intense rival matches. This mix keeps every player entertained and engaged.

Each event throws different challenges your way. You must change your strategies to win. From quick straight races to the tense checkpoint challenges, your skills are continuously tested.

What makes GRID 2 stand out is its fierce competition. The AI opponents are not easy. They act aggressively, trying to beat you in every way possible. This makes races intense and filled with action.

Whether you’re battling the AI in single player or real people online, get ready for heart-pounding competition. It will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Event Types in GRID 2

GRID 2 features many race types. Here’s a peek at what’s in store:

  • Straight Races: Intense battles that test your speed and precision.
  • Time Attack: Challenge yourself to set the best lap times against the clock.
  • Elimination: Drivers in last place are eliminated every lap, until the final winner is left.
  • Drifts: Showcase your drifting expertise to earn points.
  • Overtake: Show your skills in passing opponents in crowded races.
  • Faceoff (Rival Battle): Face your personal rivals in one-on-one combat.
  • Checkpoint: Race against the clock and extend time by passing checkpoints.
  • Endurance: Prove your long-distance racing abilities in tests of stamina.
  • Touge: Navigate the challenging mountainous roads with precision.

GRID 2 guarantees every race is dynamic and thrilling. With its diverse events, you’ll be captivated for hours.

So, prepare to jump into GRID 2’s world. You’ll experience a world full of diverse events and intense competition, waiting for you at every corner.

Immersive Experience with Realistic Graphics

Grid 2 stands out because of its amazing graphics. Once you start, it draws you in with its attention to detail. The game’s environments look so real, from sun on your windshield to raindrops.

Each race feels real thanks to the game’s design. You’ll feel the excitement of racing, whether you’re in Barcelona or Chicago. It makes you feel like you’re really driving, thanks to these detailed backgrounds.

Care went into everything in Grid 2, not just the surroundings. The cars are a work of art, with every model having its own unique look. The handling is just right, balancing realism with fun, making driving feel natural.

Grid 2 is all about total immersion, thanks to its graphics. It’s a game for anyone who loves racing or just beautiful games. The game doesn’t just look good, it feels good too, giving everyone a thrilling experience.

Car Customization and Tuning Options

In Grid 2, you can shape your racing venture to match your style. You have a chance to make your car unique, even though the choices aren’t vast compared to some games. This makes your vehicle catch eyes at the race.

One cool thing you can do is adjust your car’s look. You get to pick from many ready paint designs. This lets you craft a special appearance for your wheels. There are up to 60 styles and four layers for each one, giving you plenty of room to be creative.

Grid 2 also lets you tinker with your car’s settings. You can enhance parts like handling and engine with game money you earn. These upgrades help you fine-tune your car for better racing. It’s a way to get ahead of opponents on the track.

“Grid 2 offers some car changes, even if there are limits. The chance to tweak looks and performance enriches the game, letting players build their dream racing cars.” – GameMaster magazine

The customization and tuning in Grid 2 aren’t endless, but they do deepen the game. Being able to tweak your car and boost its abilities makes you feel more connected to your ride.

Car Customization in Grid 2Car Tuning in Grid 2
Modify liveries with 50-60 patternsUpgrade mechanical components using online currency
Choose from four different paint layers for each patternOptimize handling, engine, and drivetrain

Even though you can’t change much in the career mode, the variety in customization and tuning still adds fun. You may only adjust the paint, tires, and decals, but it elevates your playthrough.

Grid 2 lets you decide if you want a flashy car or a quick one. While it’s not the most detailed game in this area, it keeps the racing engaging and lifelike.

Single-Player Campaign and Narrative Flaws

Grid 2’s single-player campaign follows the World Series Racing (WSR) league’s growth. It aims to give players a sense of growth and achievement. However, many have criticized its plot for being strange and focusing too much on social media and sponsors.

The game’s progress is about gaining fans rather than money. This is a new take for racing games. But, it means players have less say in how they develop as drivers. Some want more control over their career and choices that really matter.

The campaign changes between various race types. This mix keeps things from feeling dull but might confuse players. It can be hard to get used to driving different cars, affecting the campaign’s flow. This makes players struggle to bond with their vehicles.

Even with these issues, Grid 2 offers fun gameplay. The game has a wide range of challenges and interesting AI conversations. It also stars famous actors. Yet, improving the story and giving players more influence in the campaign could increase player satisfaction.

Grid 2 Release Dates

North AmericaMay 28, 2013
AustraliaMay 30, 2013
EuropeMay 31, 2013


Grid 2 is a game that excites players with its immersive racing stories and beautiful graphics. It’s not just the look; the way the cars drive feels smooth and real. This adds to the fun and makes you feel the rush.

The game’s single-player story isn’t perfect, and you can’t tweak everything about your car. But, its stunning looks and fun play make it hard to put down, especially if you love racing games.

Playing on famous tracks or through city streets in places like Chicago or Dubai keeps the game fresh. The rewind feature lets you try again, and the smart computer drivers keep up the challenge. They pick up on your skills, adding to the fun.

Grid 2 is loved for its many races and cars, even if it’s not ultra-realistic. It still delivers great times for those into racing. It’s a game you won’t want to miss if you’re a fan of racing games.


What is Grid 2?

Grid 2 is a fun racing game packed with excitement. It immerses players in high-speed races.

What can I expect from Grid 2 gameplay?

This game is all about intense races and stunning looks. You’ll race in various environments, adding to the thrill.

How are the tracks in Grid 2?

Tracks in Grid 2 are both beautiful and challenging. They change in elevation and width, making each race unique.

How is the handling of the vehicles in Grid 2?

Vehicle handling in Grid 2 is precise and smooth. This lets you race with total control, enhancing the experience.

What types of events are available in Grid 2?

There’s a lot to do in Grid 2. You can participate in races, time trials, and even drift challenges, keeping things exciting.

How competitive is Grid 2 gameplay?

Grid 2’s competition is fierce. AI drivers challenge you in each race. Be ready to show your best skills to win.

Are the graphics in Grid 2 realistic?

Yes, Grid 2’s graphics are top-notch. They feature amazing lighting and details, making races feel lifelike.

Can I customize my cars in Grid 2?

You sure can. Grid 2 lets players change their car looks. This includes custom liveries and several paint schemes. You can also tune your cars for better performance.

What is the single-player campaign like in Grid 2?

Grid 2’s single-player has you work through the World Series Racing (WSR) league. It’s been noted for its odd story and focus on the use of social media and sponsors.

Is Grid 2 a top-notch racing game overall?

Grid 2 is visually stunning with thrilling races. Its single-player has some issues and limited customization, but it’s still a good choice for racing fans.

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