Hitman: Blood Money Now Available on Mobile Devices

hitman blood money mobile

Hitman: Blood Money is now ready for mobile devices. This lets players enjoy the classic stealth-action game anywhere. You play as Agent 47 on dangerous missions. All to stop a secret plot. You use different tools to stay hidden while reaching your goals. The game has been updated with features from newer Hitman games. It also works well with touchscreens and gamepads.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hitman: Blood Money is now available for mobile devices, bringing the stealth-action classic to a portable platform.
  • Players can take on the role of Agent 47 and engage in thrilling missions to unravel a shadowy conspiracy.
  • The mobile version incorporates gameplay improvements inspired by later Hitman games, enhancing the overall experience.
  • The game features a customizable touchscreen interface and full gamepad support for optimal control options.
  • Experience the thrill of being a professional assassin on your Android or iOS device with Hitman: Blood Money Mobile.

Gameplay Features and Improvements

In Hitman: Blood Money Mobile, players dive into the world of assassination. They become stealth and combat experts. The game encourages different approaches to objectives. This makes the experience exciting and fresh each time you play.

Players can choose how they eliminate targets. They can perform silent kills or set up accidents. The game gives you many upgradeable weapons to do this. A modern twist includes Instinct Mode. It shows the best path for sneaky kills and quick getaways. There’s also a new minimap for better navigation.

“Hitman: Blood Money Mobile gives you the freedom to complete missions in your own way.” – A Game Reviewer

Playing as Agent 47 means adapting to each mission’s unique challenges. The game is filled with intricate level design. This allows smart players to find secret opportunities. They can also use the environment to get rid of their targets, whether silently or through fights.

Instinct Mode takes tactical planning to a deeper level. It gives you insights for perfect kills. You can see enemy movements, find hidden paths, and opportunities to disguise. This mode helps you increase your success rate. Alerts keep you on your toes, making you think and adjust quickly.

The new minimap enhances your awareness. It’s crucial for planning routes and avoiding dangers. Combined with disguise strategies and unique missions, the gameplay is both engaging and challenging.

Thanks to Hitman: Blood Money Mobile’s innovative features, you can truly live as Assassin 47. The game makes sure every move you make matters in a world full of mysteries and risks.

Key FeaturesDetails
Masters of DisguiseBecome anyone to infiltrate and execute your targets.
Multiple ApproachesChoose from various strategies and routes to accomplish your objectives.
Upgradeable WeaponsEnhance your arsenal for more efficient kills and creative tactics.
Instinct ModeGain valuable insights and plan your kills with precision.
New MinimapEnsure situational awareness and maximize your chances of success.
Alert SystemStay cautious and avoid arousing suspicion.

Device Compatibility and System Requirements

Want to play Hitman: Blood Money Mobile on your favorite device? The game works on many smartphones and tablets. It doesn’t matter if you use Android or iOS, you can join Agent 47’s thrilling adventures.

Android Compatibility

To play smoothly on Android, aim for Android 11 or newer on your device. Also, you’ll need about 3.9GB of space. This ensures the game works well on your device.

Many devices can run Hitman: Blood Money Mobile. This includes models from Google, Lenovo, Motorola, OnePlus, OPPO, Samsung, Sony, uleFone, Xiaomi, and more. So, a broad range of Android users can become Agent 47.

iOS Compatibility

iOS users can get in on the fun, too. Ensure your iOS device runs iOS 16 or a later version. Doing this, you can enjoy the game wherever you are fully.

Devices like the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone SE 2nd generation, and newer work. Also, certain iPad models are supported. No matter your Apple device, Hitman: Blood Money Mobile is ready for you.

This image shows how Hitman: Blood Money Mobile looks on a smartphone. It features great graphics and easy controls. So, it’s perfect for anyone who loves mobile gaming.

Language Support

Hitman: Blood Money Mobile offers many languages for a rich gaming experience. You can play in:

  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Español
  • Français
  • Italiano
  • 日本語
  • Polski
  • Pусский

Set it to your language and enjoy the game even more. This makes the game fit you perfectly. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first language or one you’re studying.

The game shows everything in your chosen language. This includes conversations, tips, and the menu. You won’t miss any part of the story or get stuck because you can’t understand something.

Play in your language and get ready for an exciting adventure in Hitman: Blood Money Mobile!

Hitman: Blood Money Mobile is a beloved game since its start. Like with all creative works, copyright and trademarks are key. They protect what the creators have built.

Hitman: Blood Money © 2000-2023 IO Interactive A/S. IO Interactive, IOI, and HITMAN are registered trademarks of IO Interactive A/S. They stand for the quality and new ideas behind the Hitman games. The special ways you play, the deep story, and the unique characters have all made the game very popular.

The game was made for mobile and launched on Android and iOS by Feral Interactive. Android is a trademark of Google LLC and iOS is a trademark of Apple Inc. These let players dive into the game on their phones. Feral Interactive is expert at making games from other devices work well on mobile. This lets players enjoy Hitman easily on their phones.

“We are incredibly proud of the Hitman franchise and the impact it has had on the gaming industry. Our partners at Feral Interactive have done an exceptional job in delivering the high-quality mobile version of Hitman: Blood Money, allowing players to enjoy the game on the go.” – IO Interactive

Remember, all other trademarks and copyrights in the game belong to their owners. They are crucial for the gaming world, adding to its variety and excitement.


TrademarkOwned By
Hitman: Blood MoneyIO Interactive A/S
IO InteractiveIO Interactive A/S
IOIIO Interactive A/S
HITMANIO Interactive A/S
AndroidGoogle LLC
iOSApple Inc.
Feral logoFeral Interactive Ltd.

All rights reserved. Any unauthorized copying, sharing, or use of these trademarks and copyrights is against the law.

hitman copyright

Reviews and User Feedback

Hitman: Blood Money Mobile has impressed many gamers on their phones. They love how it stays true to the original. It’s smooth and fun to play.

“Hitman: Blood Money Mobile is a perfect port,” says one player. They find the gameplay easy with touch controls. This makes moving through missions a breeze.”

Players really enjoy taking on the Agent 47 role in the game. They like the variety of tasks and ways to complete them. This makes for a thrilling time, especially for Hitman fans.

  1. Smooth Gameplay: The game runs well on mobile devices, letting players act quickly and precisely in the missions.
  2. Intuitive Touch Controls: It’s designed for easy play on touchscreens. Interaction with the game is simple and quick.
  3. Captivating Missions: The missions are true to the original game. Players face exciting, tough tasks that need planning and skill to complete.

While most love the game, some found small problems that affect their play. These include issues with throwing and occasional game errors. However, these issues are not a big problem in the game’s overall enjoyment.

Hitman: Blood Money Mobile is well-received on mobiles for good reason. It brings the Hitman thrill to your phone. Its close match to the original game and fun gameplay make it a top pick for Hitman fans.

User Reviews

Agent47Fan4.5/5The mobile version of Hitman: Blood Money is incredible! It runs smoothly, and the controls are surprisingly intuitive. I’m loving every second of it.
KillSwitch4/5A fantastic adaptation of the classic game. The missions are challenging, and the gameplay is engaging. However, there are some occasional crashes that need to be resolved.
StealthMaster5/5Hitman: Blood Money Mobile is a masterpiece! The attention to detail is impressive, and the ability to take out targets in various creative ways is pure genius. I highly recommend it.

Players are thrilled with Hitman: Blood Money Mobile. They love its fun missions and ways to succeed. The game is a hit for Hitman followers and new players alike.

Developer Support and Updates

Feral Interactive, the team behind Hitman: Blood Money Mobile, keeps making the game better. They listen to players and fix bugs regularly. This improves how the game plays, making it more fun for everyone.

Recent Updates

Feral Interactive has made big changes based on what players said. They fixed crashes and made it easier to hit targets. Now, interacting with objects in the game is smoother too. Many bugs have been squashed.

On Android and iOS, the gameplay is now more solid. Feral Interactive listens to the game’s community. This way, they accurately focus on what updates will make the most difference. It’s all about making your time on Hitman memorable.

“The recent updates have significantly improved the gameplay experience. Crashes have been reduced, and the hitbox detection feels much more accurate. The developers have shown great dedication to making the game the best it can be.” – Avid Hitman fan

Customer Support

Feral Interactive is also on top of supporting its players. If you’re stuck or see a problem, they’re there for you. Their team helps by email and online, offering quick answers and tips.

A great game needs great support. That’s what Feral Interactive thinks. They make sure to help you, whether a big issue or just a question. They want your Hitman journey to be smooth and enjoyable.

Developer Commitment

Feral Interactive truly cares about Hitman: Blood Money Mobile’s future. They love keeping it up to date and fun for everyone. Their aim is a game world that leaves players thrilled.

Developer Support and UpdatesH2: Developer Support and Updates
Regular updates and bug fixesAddress customer-reported crashes
Improve hitbox detectionEnhance object interaction
Fix miscellaneous bugsProvide dedicated customer support
Assist with issues and inquiriesEmail and online forum support

hitman mobile updates

Privacy and Data Collection

Playing Hitman: Blood Money Mobile means understanding its privacy rules and how it collects data. The game improves your experience and analytics by using certain data. Despite this, personal details are kept separate from this data, as assured by the game’s privacy policy.

The game gathers info like user content, identifiers, how you use the game, and any issues you face (diagnostics). This information helps developers better the game. It enhances how the game works, spots bugs, and makes the game more enjoyable for you.

Keep in mind that how private your data is can change with what parts of the game you use and your age. You can find a lot more detail on how data is protected in the privacy policy.

To learn more about how Hitman: Blood Money Mobile handles your privacy and data, read the privacy policy from the developer.

Player Privacy and Data Collection

Family Sharing and User Benefits

Hitman: Blood Money Mobile lets up to six family members play on their devices. It brings families together with its stealth-action fun. This game’s Family Sharing feature makes playing together easy and cost-effective.

Family Sharing means you don’t have to buy a copy for each player. This saves money and lets everyone play as Agent 47. You can carry out exciting missions together whenever you like.

Hitman: Blood Money Mobile gets updated regularly. Players get the best experience with bug fixes and new features. This keeps the game fresh and exciting for everyone.

Thanks to Family Sharing and updates, playing together is fun and engaging. It creates a stronger bond and joy within families.

Benefits of Hitman: Blood Money Mobile Family Sharing:

  • Convenient access for up to six family members
  • No need to purchase individual copies for each family member
  • Shared enjoyment of the thrilling stealth-action gameplay
  • Cost-saving solution for families


Hitman: Blood Money Mobile is here to bring the excitement of the stealth-action game to your phone. It offers great missions, better game features, and controls that you can change. This makes it a fun game for new players and those coming back. If you have an Android or iOS device, you can be the famous Agent 47 on the move.

Feel the thrill of taking on secret missions in Hitman: Blood Money Mobile. You get to upgrade your gear, use your instincts, and find your own style to finish missions. The game is easy to control with a touch screen or a gamepad. This makes it simple to play and enjoy.

Get Hitman: Blood Money Mobile now to dive into the world of Agent 47. Make your way through exciting missions and take out big targets. It’s all about being stealthy and having fun wherever you are. Are you ready for the challenge?


Is Hitman: Blood Money available for mobile devices?

Yes, Hitman: Blood Money is out for mobiles. Now, players can enjoy its stealth-action fun anywhere.

What is the gameplay like in Hitman: Blood Money Mobile?

In Hitman: Blood Money Mobile, players blend in with disguises and use creativity. There are many ways to finish missions. This makes the game fun to play over and over.

What devices are compatible with Hitman: Blood Money Mobile?

Hitman: Blood Money Mobile works on many devices. Android 11 or higher is best for Android. iOS should be 16 or above for Apple devices.

What languages does Hitman: Blood Money Mobile support?

The game supports English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, 日本語, Polski, and Pусский.

Who developed and published Hitman: Blood Money Mobile?

Feral Interactive created and released Hitman: Blood Money Mobile for Android and iOS.

What kinds of reviews has Hitman: Blood Money Mobile received?

Players love Hitman: Blood Money Mobile. They say it’s true to the original game with great touch controls.

How does the developer support Hitman: Blood Money Mobile?

Feral Interactive updates the game and fixes bugs based on player feedback. They actively improve the game.

Does Hitman: Blood Money Mobile collect player data?

The game may collect data to make it better. But, it doesn’t track individual players.

Does Hitman: Blood Money Mobile support Family Sharing?

Yes, up to six family members can share Hitman: Blood Money Mobile. It supports Family Sharing.

Is Hitman: Blood Money Mobile a faithful adaptation of the original game?

Yes, Hitman: Blood Money Mobile faithfully brings its gameplay to mobiles. Both new and old players enjoy it.

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