How to Send a Zelle Gift Card for Any Occasion

Zelle Gift Card

Sending a Zelle gift card lets you celebrate with loved ones easily. You can add a personal message to make it special. The Zelle eCard service lets you send your message without changing the payment.

This way, your gift feels even more heartfelt. Remember, the gift card and eCard last for 14 days if not opened. You can’t send eCards with scheduled payments. The other person must have a Zelle account to get them.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can send a Zelle gift card for any occasion to your loved ones
  • Personalize your Zelle payment with a thoughtful message
  • Separately send an eCard along with your Zelle payment
  • Ensure the recipient enrolls or views the gift card and eCard within 14 days
  • Zelle eCards cannot be sent for scheduled or recurring payments

What is Zelle and How Does It Work?

Zelle lets people easily send money to friends and family. It works with many banks. So, if your bank uses it, you can too.

You can get Zelle online or by downloading the app. After signing up, you connect your bank account. Then, you’re ready to send money fast.

To send money, you just need your friend’s phone number or email. Payments go through quickly. Plus, there are no fees. It’s a cheap way to send money.

Zelle is for sending money to people you know. It’s not for business, international payments, or gift cards. You can’t undo a payment. So, make sure you check all details before you send it.

Early Warning Services, owned by big U.S. banks, owns Zelle. This means it uses top-notch security. It’s safe to use Zelle for money transfers.

Overall, Zelle is a handy, safe way to send money. You can use it online or with the app. Always check the details, and enjoy sending money without any fees.

Using Zelle for Personal Payments

Zelle is perfect for sending money to friends and family. You can split bills, chip in for a present, or pay for a cab without stress. This app makes everything simple.

You send money from your bank to someone else’s bank in minutes with Zelle. No more messing with cash or checks. Just send a Zelle payment and keep having fun with your loved ones.

Yet, only use Zelle for people you trust. Don’t pay folks or companies you don’t know. And remember, Zelle doesn’t work for sending money overseas. For that, you might try Wise.

Secure and Reliable

Zelle keeps your info safe with encryption. They say to turn on security notices and watch your account for funny business. This helps spot any scams fast.

If you think something is fishy, call your bank right away. They’ll help you fix any problems. Sadly, Zelle doesn’t cover you if something goes wrong with an approved payment.

But, paying with Zelle is usually smooth and quick. Money goes right to the other person’s account.

Partnered with Thousands of Banks and Credit Unions

Over 2,000 banks and credit unions work with Zelle. You can use it through your bank’s app without adding more apps or accounts. It’s all right there.

Zelle is all about easy and fast personal payments. Their big network makes paying friends or small businesses a breeze. It’s quick, simple, and secure.

Zelle Limits and Fees

Using Zelle, you need to know about sending limits and potential fees. These limits differ based on your bank or provider. For instance, Chase has varying limits for personal and business accounts. Check with your bank to see the exact limits for your Zelle use.

Zelle itself doesn’t add fees for sending or receiving money. This lets you send money fast and safely, for free. But, your bank might charge additional fees for Zelle use. Check with your bank to learn about any such fees.

BankSending LimitsAdditional Fees
ChasePersonal accounts: $2,000 per day and $16,000 per calendar monthDepends on the account type
Bank of AmericaPersonal accounts: $5,000 per day and $10,000 per 30 daysDepends on the account type
Wells FargoPersonal accounts: $2,500 per day and $4,000 per 30 daysDepends on the account type

Zelle is an easy way to send money to friends and family. To use it best, know the sending limits and fees your bank might have. Being informed helps you use Zelle effectively within your account’s boundaries.

How to Send, Request, and Receive Money via Zelle

Sending and getting money with Zelle is easy. It’s great for splitting bills with friends or getting paid for work. Zelle is a fast and simple option for financial transactions.

Sending Money

You can send money with Zelle through online banking or the Zelle app. First, log in or open the app. Then, put in the recipient’s contact info and how much money. Confirm, and the money is sent right away.

It’s perfect for paying a friend back or sending a gift contribution. Zelle makes these transactions safe and quick.

Requesting Money

Need money someone owes you? Zelle can help with that too. You just need to enter their contact info and how much you need. They get a notice to send the funds. It’s a simple way to request money for shared bills or services.

Receiving Money

Getting money through Zelle is straightforward. If you’re already signed up, the money goes right to your bank. But, if it’s your first time, you’ll need to enroll. This is quick and easy, usually taking only a few minutes.

So, sending money to loved ones or getting paid for work, Zelle is secure and user-friendly.

send money via Zelle

Zelle for Banking and Credit Union Customers

If your bank or credit union uses Zelle, sending money is easy and free. You can do it online or on your phone. Zelle helps you send money to friends or family without a delay.

Zelle is already in your bank app, so no need to add anything. It keeps all your money stuff in one place. This makes paying your friends simple, right from your bank’s app.

Using Zelle, your money gets there fast, usually within minutes. It lets your friends or family have the money quickly. Also, Zelle keeps all your banking stuff safe.

Note, Zelle works from 10 am to 10 pm ET, every day but certain holidays. Yet, many people still use it on holidays. It’s a trusted way to send money any day.

Being a member of a credit union? You can use Zelle too. Look for it in your app. Sending money has never been smoother. Zelle is quick, secure, and saves you money.

Zelle and International Payments

Zelle lets you easily and quickly send money to anyone in the US. You only need their phone number or email. But, you can only use it for sending money inside the US. So, if you need to send money abroad or to a non-US bank, it won’t work.

Thankfully, there are other ways to make international payments. Wise is a good option. With Wise, you can send money to 80+ countries without high fees. Plus, they use the real exchange rate. This makes sending money abroad cheaper and easier.

PayPal is also great for sending money to 130 countries. But, remember, it comes with fees. You might have to pay up to 5% of the money you’re sending. There’s also a currency conversion fee of 3-4%.

WorldRemit is a super fast way to send money. You can use it to send money to 130 countries. Most transfers happen in just minutes. It’s perfect for sending money quickly.

To send money abroad, look into services like Wise, PayPal, or WorldRemit. They give you more options and are often easier to use. This way, you can safely send money wherever it needs to go.

Zelle international payments

Zelle Safety and Buyer Protection

Staying safe with Zelle means knowing about buyer protection. This quick way to send money comes with its own limits and risks. It’s wise to be informed.

Zelle and Unauthorized Transactions

If someone uses your account to send money without permission, it’s seen as fraud. You can likely get your money back by telling your bank right away. They’ll help you fix this issue.

Scams and Payment Authorization

There’s a big difference between unauthorized and scam transactions. Scams happen when you’re tricked into paying for something you never get. Be careful, especially with unknown sellers.

Safety Tip: Zelle suggests using a credit card for purchases from unknown sellers, as credit cards often provide buyer protection.

If you face unauthorized payments, you have rights under the law. This helps ensure you get your money back for fraudulent transactions if you report it quickly.

Zelle and Imposter Scams

If an imposter scam gets you, contact your bank’s customer support for help. It’s key to report the problem fast to get your money back.

Scammers and Fraudulent Activities

Scammers use crises like COVID-19 to try and trick people. Be careful of any payment or info requests you didn’t expect. Always check if a deal is real before paying.

Zelle’s Transaction Process

Zelle sends money to a bank account in minutes. To send money, you just need an email or U.S. mobile number linked to a U.S. bank.

Keep in mind, Zelle doesn’t protect you for authorized payments. Only make transactions with people you know and trust. Unlike with a credit card, there’s no safety net here.

ZelleCredit Card Companies
Protection for Unauthorized PaymentsLegal rights and protections under the Electronic Funds Transfer Act (Reg E)Buyer protections offered by credit card companies
Protection for Authorized PaymentsNo buyer protection or insurance providedBuyer protections offered by credit card companies

Zelle works with Early Warning Services, linking about 2,500 financial points. This wide network ensures safe and quick money transactions.


Zelle is great for sending money to friends and family safely. With 705 million transactions in 2023, it’s very popular for personal uses.

But, it’s key to know Zelle’s limits and risks. It’s super fast but not for sending money abroad or to people you don’t know. Unlike credit cards, it doesn’t offer the same level of protection.

If you plan to send money worldwide or need better security, look at options like Wise. Always watch out for scams on Zelle. Thinking over your transactions and only sending money to people you know cuts the fraud risk.

If something fishy happens, reach out to Zelle at 1-844-428-8542. It’s not easy to get your money back though. Being careful and smart is crucial when using Zelle.


How do I send a Zelle gift card for any occasion?

You can add a note to your Zelle payment for a personal touch. This makes sending a virtual gift quick and safe.

What is Zelle and how does it work?

Zelle makes sending money to loved ones fast and easy. It connects your bank account to quickly send money.

How can I use Zelle for personal payments?

Use Zelle to split costs with friends or family. It makes sharing expenses, like for gifts or taxi rides, easy.

Are there limits and fees for using Zelle?

Yes, Zelle has sending limits and possible fees. These limits are set by your bank. You might also face extra costs from your bank.

How do I send, request, and receive money via Zelle?

To send money, use your bank app or Zelle’s app. Enter the amount and the receiver’s phone number or email. You’ll get a notice for any money sent to you.

Can I use Zelle if I am a banking or credit union customer?

If your bank or credit union uses Zelle, you can use it. This makes paying with Zelle easy without extra apps.

Can I use Zelle for international payments?

Zelle works for people in the US only. You can’t use it to send money outside the country. For that, you might try Wise.

Is Zelle safe and does it offer buyer protection?

Zelle is safe for sending money to people you know. But, there’s no protection for buying goods, so be careful. Think about using a credit card for safer buys.

What is the conclusion about Zelle and Zelle gift cards?

Zelle is great for sending money within the US for any reason. Learn about its limits and safety. But, for international payments or buying things, Wise might be better.

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