How to Watch Thursday Night Football Live Online

thursday night football

Are you ready for some football? Watching Thursday Night Football online is simple now. With many places to stream from, you can follow the game anywhere. If you love NFL games or just want the thrill of game night, don’t worry. We’ll show you how you can catch the action live on Thursdays.

Key Takeaways:

  • 15 Thursday Night Football games can be watched live on Amazon Prime Video with a Prime membership.
  • Almost 7 Sunday games are available on FOX Sports and CBS via paramount+ on Sundays.
  • NFL+ has live local and primetime games, NFL RedZone, and more with different prices.
  • Now, NFL Sunday Ticket can be used on YouTube, YouTube TV, and Everpass for businesses.
  • NFL RedZone shows every touchdown from every game on Sunday afternoons.

Picture watching 15 Thursday Night Football matches on Amazon Prime Video. With a Prime membership, you can watch the games from home. No cable or satellite TV is needed. Just start your 30-day free trial and get more than Thursday Night Football. Enjoy other sports, series, and movies too.

Looking for more NFL games? Try NFL+. It shows live games, NFL RedZone, game replays, and more. Pick from different price options. It fits what you like and want to watch.

Add FOX Sports and CBS to the list. With paramount+, you can stream 6-7 Sunday games. Catch your local FOX game for free with your TV sign-in. Check the schedule to see games in your area.

Don’t miss a game with NFL Sunday Ticket. It’s on YouTube, YouTube TV, and Everpass for businesses. Watch all NFL games not airing in your area. Get all the action on your screen.

For fans crazy about touchdowns, there’s NFL RedZone. It lets you see every touchdown on Sundays. No more channel surfing. Never miss a touchdown again with NFL RedZone.

So, if you love Prime, NFL+, or prefer paramount+ or YouTube, you can watch Thursday Night Football live. Join the fun and don’t miss cheering for your team.

NFL+ Streaming Service

If you love NFL games and want to watch them anywhere, NFL+ is for you. It’s available on the NFL app and This service gives you live local and primetime games, NFL RedZone, NFL Network, replays, and more.

NFL+ has two price options for you to choose from. It’s perfect for anyone, from casual fans to hardcore enthusiasts. So, whether you follow a specific team or all the games, NFL+ has what you need.

Subscribing to NFL+ means you get:

  • Live games locally and in primetime
  • NFL RedZone, full of game highlights and touchdowns
  • Exclusive content from NFL Network, like analysis and interviews
  • Game replays and the chance to catch up
  • On-demand content, including documentaries and classic games

With NFL+, you’re set to watch NFL season moments anywhere. It’s easy to stream games on your favorite device. This includes smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Don’t miss the exciting NFL coverage. NFL+ brings all the action right to you. Sign up now to enjoy the best streaming service with millions of other fans.

Stay tuned for the next section, where we’ll explore how you can watch Sunday daytime games on FOX and CBS with various streaming services.

Sunday Games – Daytime

Feel the live NFL action on Sundays with daytime games. Each week brings around 6-7 games. This gives you many chances to see your favorite teams play.

The best part? You can watch your local FOX game for free. Just sign in with your TV Provider and enjoy the game. No need to pay extra or have different subscriptions.

Make sure to check your local listings before the games. This helps you know which games you can watch. Most games start at 1 PM (ET), but some start later, around 4:05 or 4:25 PM (ET).

Sunday daytime games are a hit for big fans and those who enjoy football. They promise an amazing show with high stakes, exciting plays, and top player skills every NFL Sunday.

NFL Game AvailabilityBroadcasters
Local FOX gamesFOX

Get ready for Sunday games by suiting up and bringing friends and family. Remember to check local listings and log in with your TV Provider to feel the thrill of live football from home.

Stream NFL on CBS with Paramount+

With Paramount+, NFL fans can stream live games from CBS. This includes exciting local matchups. On Sundays, you can watch about 6 to 7 NFL games on CBS. This way, you won’t miss any of the excitement.

Paramount+ lets you watch NFL games on any device. You can enjoy the games at home or while you’re out and about. This makes sure you can stay connected to the NFL action, no matter where you are.

Paramount+ takes your NFL watching to the next level with its high-quality streams and special features. It covers everything from local games to in-depth analysis. With Paramount+, you’re always in the loop.

If you’re passionate about football and want to catch all the live games on CBS, Paramount+ is for you. Sign up to keep up with your favorite teams and players this season!

NFL Games Coverage

Starting from September 10th to January 7th, CBS and Paramount+ have you covered for the NFL season. More than 100 games will be shown during the regular season. This includes thrilling matchups over 18 weeks.

Game DayTeamsTime (Eastern Time)
SundayDallas Cowboys vs. New England Patriots1:00 p.m.
SundayLos Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs4:05 p.m.
SundayNew England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs4:25 p.m.
Monday (Week 16)Las Vegas Raiders vs. Kansas City ChiefsTBD

CBS and Paramount+ offer many thrilling games every week. There are games at different times to keep things exciting. So, you can always find a great game to watch.

Whether your team is the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, or any other, CBS and Paramount+ are your go-to. Support your favorite team and witness the best moments of the NFL season.

NFL Sunday Ticket

Are you a big football fan wanting to watch all the NFL games? NFL Sunday Ticket is perfect for you. Now, it’s easier to get with YouTube and YouTube TV.

Watching at home or in a business? NFL Sunday Ticket has you covered. For home use, YouTube and YouTube TV have what you need. Everpass offers it for businesses.

Don’t miss your favorite out-of-market Sunday games with NFL Sunday Ticket. You can see the excitement and drama from anywhere.

Accessible on Multiple Platforms

Accessing NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube is super easy. A few clicks get you the games on your devices, making watching football fun.

Though it’s a paid service, it’s perfect for real football fans. You get to watch the games live, staying up to date on all the action.

Note that NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube doesn’t cover Thursday night games on Amazon or some games on ESPN Plus or Peacock. Yet, you can see most Sunday games and many postseason games.

Flexible Pricing Options

NFL Sunday Ticket has many pricing options to fit your needs. For YouTube TV subscribers, it’s $349 without the discount. But until September 19th, it’s only $299.

For those not subscribed, it’s $449. But until September 19th, it’s $399. Adding NFL RedZone is extra, at $40.

YouTube also lets you pay monthly for NFL Sunday Ticket. This can make it more affordable. College students get a special deal, paying $109 for Sunday Ticket or $119 for Sunday Ticket with Red Zone.

Although there’s no free trial, NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube offers great value. It’s the best way to enjoy the NFL.

Unlock the Excitement of NFL Sunday Ticket

With NFL Sunday Ticket, you can watch any NFL game live. Doesn’t matter where you are. Enjoy the games at home or in your business. YouTube and YouTube TV make the NFL more thrilling than ever.

Sunday Night Football

Feel the excitement of Sunday Night Football, the NFL’s top primetime show, at home. Watch as the best teams compete in thrilling games all season long.

NBC has been the home of Sunday Night Football for 16 years in a row. You can watch on TV or online, thanks to NBC’s coverage.

If you love streaming, Peacock is perfect for you. Peacock lets you watch live games and offers many movies and Original shows. It really adds to your entertainment choices.

Peacock makes streaming easy with Sunday Night Football and lots more. You can find exciting dramas, funny comedies, and much more. There’s something for everyone on Peacock.

Why Watch Sunday Night Football on Peacock?

Peacock is the only place to stream Sunday Night Football. It has a simple design so you can easily switch between games and screens.

Don’t miss any of the action. Stream Sunday Night Football on Peacock for endless entertainment beyond football.

Detroit Lions12-5
Kansas City Chiefs11-6
Dallas Cowboys12-5
New York Giants6-11
Miami Dolphins11-6
Philadelphia Eagles11-6
San Francisco 49ers12-5
Buffalo Bills11-6

Get Ready for Sunday Night Football!

Get excited for Sunday nights full of unforgettable football. The 2022 NFL schedule has 18 Sunday Night Football games. You won’t want to miss any of them.

If you love football or just looking for fun Sundays, Sunday Night Football on NBC or Peacock is perfect. So, get your snacks, invite friends and family, and support your favorite teams.

Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football is a top event on the NFL’s calendar. It gives fans worldwide a chance to enjoy football on a big stage. This exciting event is a highlight for those who love the game.

ESPN and ESPN Deportes broadcast Monday Night Football. They offer live game coverage. You can watch on various devices, making it easy to keep up wherever you are.

This show gives viewers an in-depth look at the action. You’ll see amazing touchdowns and crucial game moments clearly. It all adds up to an amazing viewing experience.

It’s more than just great NFL plays. The show brings people together. Everyone joins in to cheer, making the game’s energy and excitement something you can feel.

With ESPN, fans get detailed game coverage. They provide expert views and engaging stories. This makes watching even better, from start to finish.

“Monday Night Football is a platform for the greatest football talents to shine, as teams battle it out on the field. It’s a spectacle that unites fans and showcases the passion and skill of the players.” – NFL Analyst

This event started way back on November 23, 2006. Since then, it has been a key part of the NFL season. It’s loved by fans around the world, season after season.

Monday Night Football Schedule

Check out some of the great games we’ve seen on Monday Night Football:

1BUFF Bills (11-6) vs. NYJ Jets (7-10)
2NO Saints (9-8) vs. CAR Panthers (2-15)
CLE Browns (11-6) vs. PIT Steelers (10-7)
3PHI Eagles (11-6) vs. TB Buccaneers (9-8)
LA Rams (10-7) vs. CIN Bengals (9-8)
4SEA Seahawks (9-8) vs. NYG Giants (6-11)
5GB Packers (9-8) vs. LV Raiders (8-9)
6DAL Cowboys (12-5) vs. LAC Chargers (5-12)
7SF 49ers (12-5) vs. MIN Vikings (7-10)
8LV Raiders (8-9) vs. DET Lions (12-5)
9LAC Chargers (5-12) vs. NYJ Jets (7-10)
10DEN Broncos (8-9) vs. BUFF Bills (11-6)
11PHI Eagles (11-6) vs. KC Chiefs (11-6)
12CHI Bears (7-10) vs. MIN Vikings (7-10)
13CIN Bengals (9-8) vs. JAX Jaguars (9-8)
14TEN Titans (6-11) vs. MIA Dolphins (11-6)
GB Packers (9-8) vs. NYG Giants (6-11)
15KC Chiefs (11-6) vs. NE Patriots (4-13)
16BAL Ravens (13-4) vs. SF 49ers (12-5)
17DET Lions (12-5) vs. DAL Cowboys (12-5)

The schedule always brings tough teams together. Each game promises excitement, from strong teams to emerging stars. They all offer fans a fun time.

Keep Monday Night Football in mind. It’s where the game’s spirit shines the brightest. The action and competition are both intense and thrilling. It’s a show people won’t want to miss.

Exclusive NFL Games on ESPN+

ESPN+ is the number one place to be for exclusive NFL games and endless football fun. If you love live action and can’t wait to see your favorite teams, it’s the perfect place. You’ll always be ready for big moments, whether it’s Russell Wilson showing off or Broncos v. Jaguars in London.

This streaming service offers more than just the games. You get access to live matches, original shows, highlights, and more. It’s your key to stay in the NFL loop and never miss a beat.

Subscribing to ESPN+ means you can watch games and shows wherever you are. It works on most devices, like your phone, tablet, or TV. So, you can enjoy the NFL how you like it, when you like it.

Don’t let the best moments of the season slip away. Join ESPN+ and get in on the thrilling games, amazing plays, and tight competition. It’s your chance to dive into the action and enjoy NFL fun all year.

Why Choose ESPN+

  1. Live Games: Watch all your top NFL teams play live. ESPN+ lets you catch every game, so you never miss an important moment.
  2. Originals: Get to know football better with ESPN+’s Originals. These shows offer special views, secrets, and detailed looks at the game.
  3. Highlights: Check out the best plays and moments with ESPN+’s highlights. See the excitement from all the games and top plays each week.
  4. Additional Content: And if that’s not enough, there’s more. ESPN+ has tons of other NFL-themed shows, like documentaries and exclusive interviews, to keep the fun going all season long.

With ESPN+, you’re set for the best of the NFL whenever you want it. Doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore fan, into fantasy football or just love the sport, ESPN+ is your spot for full-on NFL action.

NFL RedZone

Want to keep up with all the action on Sunday afternoons? NFL RedZone has you sorted. With NFL RedZone, you catch every single touchdown from any game. It’s the perfect way to soak in the excitement of NFL Sundays.

Are you a big football fan or just love the top moments? NFL RedZone is ideal. It shows every touchdown live, so you see every thrilling moment of the game.

Enjoy the thrill of every Sunday afternoon touchdown with NFL RedZone. It jumps between games to show the best plays live. This means no more endless searching for the right game.

Picture cheering for your team in the red zone or seeing a surprise team score. NFL RedZone makes these electrifying moments a key part of your game day.

For fantasy football fans or anyone who loves the game’s excitement, NFL RedZone is a must. It crams all Sunday action into one channel, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

So, if you aim to see all the Sunday touchdowns and best moments the NFL offers, sign up for NFL RedZone. It’s a must-have for fans hungry for non-stop action and unforgettable plays.

Key Benefits of NFL RedZone
Access to every touchdown from Sunday afternoon games
Real-time coverage and highlights from all the games
Seamless switching between games for the most exciting moments
Perfect for fantasy football enthusiasts and fans of all teams
An immersive and action-packed viewing experience

FOX Deportes

FOX Deportes is the place where you can watch Thursday Night Football and other NFL games in Spanish. It’s the Spanish home for THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL PRESENTED BY BUD LIGHT PLATINUM. Here, you get the excitement and commentary in Spanish.

With Jorge Pérez Navarro and Rolando Cantú, it’s not just the game you watch. They bring you a full Spanish experience that fans love.

Not just NFL, FOX Deportes covers NCAA football, basketball, NASCAR, soccer, tennis, boxing, and horse racing too. They air shows like Undisputed and THE HERD with COLIN COWHERD. Plus, don’t miss WWE Friday Night SmackDown and NASCAR Race Hub.

The channel also has stars like Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless, and sports legends Rob Gronkowski and Michael Strahan. They share their insights and make the sports even more exciting.

Whether you love NFL or all kinds of sports, FOX Deportes is for you. Enjoy football and other thrilling sports any day, and catch all the action.

NFLeros: Celebrating the Best Moments

What’s more? FOX Deportes offers NFLeros, a show that highlights the best moments weekly. The hosts cover the games, go over the big plays, and talk about the teams and players.

NFLeros is perfect for fans who want to keep up and see the best parts of NFL games. Watch FOX Deportes to be part of NFLeros. You’ll enjoy exclusive football news and interesting talks.

Thursday Night Football in Spanish


Fans of the NFL and Thursday Night Football have many options to watch live games and more. You can stream on platforms like Amazon Prime Video, NFL+, CBS, NBC, or ESPN. FOX Deportes also offers a Spanish broadcast.

Thursday Night Football games average 45.7 points per game. They are exciting and very close, with a margin of victory of just 12.3 points.

It’s perfect for fantasy football lovers, die-hard NFL fans, or anyone who loves sports. Make sure you catch the excitement of Thursday Night Football. Don’t miss out on the action of these prime time games.


How can I watch Thursday Night Football live online?

To watch Thursday Night Football live, use Amazon Prime Video. It’s part of your Prime membership. Start a 30-day trial to get the games and more.

What is NFL+ and what does it offer?

NFL+ is the NFL’s special streaming service. You find it in the NFL app and on It gives you live games, NFL RedZone, replays, on-demand shows, and more.

There are two plans you can choose from, standard NFL+ or the higher NFL+ Premium plan.

How can I watch my local FOX game for free?

To watch your local FOX game for free, use your TV Provider login. Around 6-7 Sunday games are free. But, check your local schedule to see which games you can watch.

Can I stream NFL games aired on CBS?

If you have Paramount+, you can stream CBS’s NFL games. This includes around 6-7 Sunday games. Always check to see what games are available in your area.

How can I access NFL Sunday Ticket?

You can get NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube and YouTube TV at home. Everpass offers it for businesses. This lets you watch all NFL games not available locally.

Where can I watch Sunday Night Football?

Watch Sunday Night Football on NBC or stream it with Peacock. Peacock also has movies and Originals to enjoy.

Where can I watch Monday Night Football?

Live Monday Night Football airs on ESPN and ESPN Deportes. Stream the games on devices with a paid TV subscription.

How can I watch exclusive NFL games on ESPN+?

To see exclusive NFL games, get ESPN+. This includes special games like the Broncos vs. Jaguars in London. ESPN+ offers a lot of NFL content, including live games.

What is NFL RedZone?

NFL RedZone shows every touchdown from every Sunday game. It offers highlights to keep you updated on all the action.

Is there a way to watch Thursday Night Football in Spanish?

Yes, FOX Deportes shows Thursday Night Football and other games in Spanish. They also have a show, NFLeros, that highlights the top game moments each week.

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