Inside Out 2: The Anticipated Sequel to Pixar’s Masterpiece

Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2 is the sequel to Pixar’s hit, Inside Out. Kelsey Mann directed it. It picks up Riley’s story, showing her journey through teenage struggles. Viewers will join a heartwarming adventure inside her mind.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kelsey Mann and Pete Docter grew up in Minnesota, one town over from each other.
  • At least ten versions of Inside Out 2 were created with different emotions and elements linked to Riley’s interests.
  • The first screening of Inside Out 2 had nine new emotions that overwhelmed Joy. These emotions were later reduced for a better story.
  • Inside Out 2 introduces two new characters, Bloofy voiced by Ron Funches and Lance Slashblade voiced by Yong Yea. This expands the plot beyond just emotions.
  • The original movie made an incredible $858 million at the box office.

The movie comes out in 2024, seven years after the first. It delves deep into Riley’s mind and her teen challenges. As she faces these obstacles, the movie shows how her emotions work together. It also introduces new emotions that make her story more complex. With its amazing looks, heartfelt tale, and great cast, Inside Out 2 will surely draw people in.

But, making Inside Out 2 was a challenge. Thirty sound sessions in thirty days were recorded to beat an actors’ strike. The story went through lots of changes too. For example, Procrastination Land was cut because it didn’t fit well in the story.

Rumors also said Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling could leave over money issues. But, this news is not confirmed yet.

Inside Out was loved by both critics and viewers, making over $858 million. Its theme and storytelling touched many hearts. This made the sequel highly awaited.

Returning Characters and New Emotions

In Inside Out 2, the emotions we love are back. Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger return to help Riley. They each have their own way of seeing the world. Together, they guide her through the tough teenage years.

This time they’re not the only ones working in Riley’s head. New feelings like Anxiety, Ennui, Envy, and Embarrassment show up. They join the older emotions. This mix of old and new brings deeper stories about growing up.

You get to see how the old and new emotions work together. Sometimes they agree and other times they don’t. It shows how life’s complexities can be met with teamwork or tension.

The story flows with the help of all these emotions. They show how growing up is a team effort. They are there to help Riley figure things out and find herself.

The amazing voice actors like Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, and Lewis Black are back. They make the characters more real and fun. Maya Hawke also joins as Anxiety, adding a new, real dimension to the story.

New characters like Envy, Ennui, and Embarrassment are in the mix too. Ayo Edebiri, Adèle Exarchopoulos, and Paul Walter Hauser give their voices. This adds more life and depth to the story.

With the new feelings, the movie shows emotions keep changing. They are very important in shaping who we are. Inside Out 2 is all about these changing, important feelings.

Returning EmotionsNew Emotions

The Story and Setting of Inside Out 2

Riley starts a new adventure at a hockey camp in Inside Out 2. She deals with being a teenager, like growing up and changing moods. She’s in a new place, full of fun and challenges.

Just like before, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust are there for Riley. But this time, she meets Anxiety, Envy, Ennui, and Embarrassment. These new emotions add more depth to the story.

The film is set in Riley’s mind. It shows how her emotions work together during her time at the camp. We see her facing new things and dealing with lots of emotions.

This story looks at how Riley’s emotions impact her life. They guide her choices, affect her memories, and help shape who she’s becoming. It’s a deep look at how feelings play a big part in our lives.

Watching Riley at hockey camp, we’ll see lots of different moments. There will be joy, sadness, funny times, and sad times. Inside Out 2 gives us a closer look at being a teen and the rich, inner life of growing up.

Release DateRunning TimeDirector
June 14, 2024100 minutesKelsey Mann

Behind the Scenes at Pixar Animation Studios

Last month, Pixar Animation Studios opened its doors to us. We were there for the first look at Inside Out 2 at a Press Day. This sequel was highly anticipated by us, the fans. Director Kelsey Mann shared with us details of the film’s creation. He explained why it was important to keep Riley’s story going.

We got to see behind the scenes of Pixar’s animation process. We saw everything. From how they polish animatics to scene previews, character sketches, to setting up the virtual cameras. Everything was a part of one big team effort at Pixar.

“At Pixar, we believe in creating an environment that fosters creativity and innovation,” shared Kelsey Mann. “Inside Out 2 allowed us to push the boundaries of animation and storytelling, and it’s been an incredible journey.”

The event was more than just talk. The first 30 minutes of Inside Out 2 were shown to us. We met new emotions, like Anxiety, and caught up with our old favorites. It was a great mix that brought new life and depth to the story.

Maya Hawke brings Anxiety to life with her voice acting. She helps us understand and relate to what Riley is going through, particularly with the challenges she faces during puberty. The story feels more real and topical, especially given the ongoing pandemic.

Everywhere we looked, there was stunning concept art from Inside Out 2. The hard work and passion of the artists were clear in every piece. It was like walking through a gallery of imagination and creativity.

Designing Emotion Characters with Jason Deamer

Jason Deamer, as the Production Designer, talked about creating the emotion characters. He explained the thought process behind giving each emotion a unique look. This visual uniqueness helps tell the story of Riley’s emotions.

Live Editing with Maurissa Horwitz

Lead Editor Maurissa Horwitz showed us the magic of editing live. She demonstrated how editing influences the movie’s emotional impact. It was intriguing to see how the flow of a film is crafted, moment by moment.

We also saw the actors behind the scenes, recording their voices for the characters. It was amazing to see how they bring these characters to life with just their voices.

Director Kelsey Mann shared an interesting fact. At first, nine new emotions were part of the story. But, to keep the story clear and flowing, some emotions had to go. This meant cutting out certain scenes. It was a tough but necessary decision-making process for the team.

They also had a special group, “Riley’s Crew.” It was made up of nine teenagers who regularly reviewed the film. Their feedback helped ensure the film spoke authentically about the teenage experience.

One part of the movie was “Procrastination Land.” As interesting as it was, the team decided to remove this scene. This choice was made to keep the story focused and moving forward.

Inside Out 2 carries a strong message about self-love and acceptance. It explores the ups and downs of growing up, making it a film everyone can relate to. The emotional journey it offers will touch the hearts of audiences of all ages.

Set for June 14, 2024, Inside Out 2’s premiere is eagerly awaited by many. We’re excited to see how Riley’s adventure continues on the big screen.

Interesting Facts About Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2 brings many fun facts and stories from the making. Let’s look at some cool info about this movie everyone is excited to watch:

  1. Pitch Ideas in Minnesota: Kelsey Mann and Pete Docter were both from Minnesota. Their roots added to the film’s heart and soul.
  2. Exploring Unused Emotions: At first, they thought about showing new emotions. But in the end, they chose just a few new ones to add.
  3. Psychology Consultation: The movie team talked with real teenagers and experts to get emotions right. This made the film more real and easy to relate to.
  4. Blind Casting: There was a pay issue with certain actors, so Liza Lapira and Tony Hale jumped in. They did great voicing Disgust and Fear.
  5. Pandemic Production: The movie faced challenges due to COVID-19. Still, the team worked hard to give us this much-awaited sequel.

“We wanted to show the true story of growing up. Talking to real teenagers and experts really helped us make a film that feels real.” – Kelsey Mann, director of Inside Out 2

The insights shared here make Inside Out 2 more special. The quest for real emotions and experiences by the filmmakers has made us eager for this emotional sequel.

Unused Emotions Considered for Inside Out 2

EmbarrassmentShows how we feel when things get awkward, showing our self-conscious side.
EnnuiDepicts deep boredom, capturing what it’s like to feel empty inside, especially in teenage years.
EnvyFocuses on the not-so-good feelings when we compare ourselves to others, seeing what we wish we had.

These almost-included emotions tell us a lot about the effort behind the film. Their thoughtfulness shows how dedicated the team was to understand and represent our feelings.


The Impact and Success of Inside Out

In 2015, Inside Out hit theaters and swept everyone off their feet. Its unique way of exploring emotions through storytelling captured hearts worldwide. This approach not only made it a hit but also won awards.

This movie earned over $800 million worldwide. It became one of Pixar’s top earners ever. People loved the familiar characters and their touching stories, especially families and fans of animation.

Inside Out also won at the Academy Awards for Best Animated Film. This award marked its lasting impact on the film industry. It truly shined as a work of cinematic art.

What made Inside Out stand out was how it dealt with feelings. It showed us a world inside our minds where emotions like joy, sadness, and anger are real characters. This made complex psychological theories accessible to all, showing us the depth of our emotions.

Research shows that knowing our emotions well helps in life and school. Inside Out isn’t just fun; it teaches us about handling feelings. Through Riley’s journey, it shows the importance of emotional awareness.

The film’s success led to the creation of Inside Out 2. This sequel will explore emotions deeper, touching on new ones like Anxiety. It’s set to premiere on June 14, 2024, aiming to move us all over again.

MovieBudgetGlobal Box Office
Inside OutUndisclosed$800 million +
Turning Red$175 million$20 million (estimated)

The Release and Reception of Inside Out 2

The trailer for “Inside Out 2” is out, and fans are thrilled. It shows Riley dealing with issues in her teens, facing new emotions. The original voices like Amy Poehler and Phyllis Smith are back, along with some new talent.

Some voice changes happened due to salary negotiations. A fresh voice, Maya Hawke, adds life to the new character Anxiety. This change offers a different view of the story.

People loved the trailer. They especially liked the new emotions and the growing story. The film’s advanced animation and deep emotions taught many lessons. It’s creating a lot of buzz before the release.

Returning Voice CastNew Voice Cast
Amy PoehlerMaya Hawke
Phyllis SmithAyo Edebiri
Lewis BlackAdèle Exarchopoulos
Tony HalePaul Walter Hauser
Liza Lapira

The Journey of Inside Out 2’s Production

Inside Out 2 is the much-awaited sequel to the heartwarming animation. Journeying through the minds of its characters, it’s directed by Kelsey Mann. It also features a script penned by Meg LeFauve. Their work has spanned several years, weaving together a captivating story for Riley.

Creating this sequel was not without hurdles. The team originally planned to introduce nine new emotions. Yet, to streamline the story, they had to say goodbye to some, like Guilt and Jealousy. This move aimed to make the tale smooth and clear.

Scenes and jokes had to be left on the cutting room floor too. Letting them go wasn’t easy, but it kept the movie’s pace right. The filmmakers focused on the big picture, ensuring the story’s flow stayed strong.

To stay true to the teenage experience, nine real-life teen girls formed “Riley’s Crew.” They reviewed the film’s progress every four months, giving valuable input. Their contribution helped make the story feel more real and relatable to young viewers.

When it debuts, Inside Out 2 will stand as a tribute to hard work and passion. It combines funny moments, touching scenes, and depth. These elements promise to keep fans engaged, honoring the first movie’s legacy.

Release Date: June 14, 2023

Finally, on June 14, 2023, Inside Out 2 will premiere in theaters. After so much wait, fans can now count the days. They’ll soon enjoy a new adventure alongside Riley, filled with emotions and life lessons.

The Legacy of Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2 continues Pixar’s tradition of making meaningful films. It builds on the first movie’s success, released nearly nine years ago. That movie was special for showing human emotions in a new light, especially for kids.

Pixar’s new film explores the world of teenagers. It looks at challenges like finding oneself, friendship, and family. The story is meant to be relatable and make us think, no matter our age.

This sequel fits in with Pixar’s storytelling approach. They often make follow-up movies that dig deeper into characters and their worlds. Think about Toy Story 2 or Incredibles 2. It’s a chance to learn more and feel more with these familiar characters.

Inside Out 2 will also show us more emotions, like Anxiety. This choice reflects the tough but important time teens face as they grow up. Adding new feelings means a richer, more real story.

The cast, featuring Amy Poehler again as Joy, is stellar. Amy’s love for her role shines through, making the movie more genuine. The team of voice actors makes these emotions feel alive, adding depth and heart to the film.

“Inside Out 2 pushes the boundaries of animation and emotions, staying true to Pixar’s mission of delivering generation-defining stories that resonate with viewers.”

The release date, June 14th, 2024, is marked on fans’ calendars. Inside Out 2 will keep Pixar’s legacy going. It’s about emotion, growth, and understanding. This film aims to touch us deeply, just like Pixar’s best works do.

Inside Out 2 Easter Eggs and Fun Facts

Inside Out 2 is packed with Easter eggs and fun facts that make the movie more interesting. Fans of Pixar will love finding these hidden surprises and connections.

Easter Eggs:

In Inside Out 2, keep an eye out for the Pizza Planet truck, found in a memory ball scene. Seeing this is a nod to Pixar’s other films and makes fans happy. [Keyword: Easter eggs]

A cool Easter egg is the number A113, known in Pixar for its cameos. Look for it as a classroom number and on a boxcar in Inside Out 2. Finding it is a fun throwback for those who spot it. [Keyword: Easter eggs]

Look out for Chinese food containers from A Bug’s Life and a Luxo Jr. ball in Inside Out 2. These little touches mirror Pixar’s past work, highlighting their attention to detail. It creates a link within the Pixar universe. [Keyword: Easter eggs]

Keep an eye out for a reference to Vertigo in a movie poster at Dream Productions in Inside Out 2. These references give a nod to famous films, enriching the experience for movie lovers. [Keyword: Easter eggs]

Fun Facts:

Did you know Riley’s hockey rink in Inside Out 2 is linked to the Presidio, where the Disney Museum is? This connection deepens the story’s meaning by tying the film setting to a real place. [Keyword: different versions of the film]

Characters and places from Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., and more show up in Inside Out 2. Their appearances make the Pixar world feel more connected and familiar. [Keyword: different versions of the film]

John Ratzenberger, a frequent voice in Pixar, has a small role in Inside Out 2. His continued part in Pixar films brings a sense of tradition and comfort for fans. [Keyword: Caroll Spinney]

Inside Out 2 nods to other Disney and Pixar classics in various scenes. These hidden references enrich the story, adding a layer of fun for observant viewers. [Keyword: Procrastination Land]

Finding these Easter eggs and fun facts in Inside Out 2 makes watching the film more rewarding. It’s exciting to catch a hidden link or reference, enhancing everyone’s enjoyment and understanding of the movie.


Inside Out 2 is coming, and fans are ready for the next chapter. This sequel explores what it’s like to grow up through Riley’s emotions. It adds new feelings like Anxiety and Envy into the mix.

Kelsey Mann directs this time, making his big movie debut. He makes sure we get a story we won’t forget. The first Inside Out won big awards, so part two has a lot to live up to. But we’re all excited to see where the story goes.

When we visit Riley’s mind again, we’ll see our favorite emotions – Joy, Sadness, and Anger. Fear and Disgust will sound different. There’s a lot of drama in Inside Out 2. Audiences are in for a wild and touching ride. The film hits theaters in summer 2024.

Don’t miss the big day, June 14, 2024, when Inside Out 2 wraps up. Fans will be happy with how the film ends, with Anxiety as the main problem. So, get your calendar out and plan to see Inside Out 2. It’s an adventure worth watching.


What is Inside Out 2?

Inside Out 2 is Pixar’s next hit after the original Inside Out. It shows Riley’s growth, facing the ups and downs of being a teen and the many emotions that come with it.

Who are the returning characters and what are the new emotions in Inside Out 2?

Returning are Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. The sequel introduces Anxiety, Ennui, Envy, and Embarrassment, bringing in fresh emotion angles.

What is the story and setting of Inside Out 2?

It continues with Riley at a hockey camp dealing with bodily changes and new feelings. The story is located in her mind, highlighting how emotions work together during tough times.

What happened during the Press Day at Pixar Animation Studios for Inside Out 2?

The author visited Pixar for a sneak peek. Director Kelsey Mann discussed the film’s journey. The author got to see Pixar’s concept art and the behind-the-scenes efforts.

What are some interesting facts about Inside Out 2?

The director and Pixar’s CEO hail from Minnesota. The sequel’s story had many drafts. It got input from experts and real teens. Production fought against the pandemic’s challenges.

What was the impact and success of the original Inside Out film?

Inside Out was a major hit, making over 0 million. It won an Oscar and touched people deeply. This success set the bar high for the sequel.

When is the release date for Inside Out 2?

June 14 marks the launch of Inside Out 2, nearly nine years since the first film came out.

How was the production of Inside Out 2 impacted by external factors?

Schedules had to be quick due to an actors’ potential strike. COVID-19 also affected making the movie. Nonetheless, the team overcame all this to finish the film.

What is the legacy of Inside Out 2 and its impact on Pixar?

It adds to Pixar’s reputation for making movies that touch our hearts. The film explores deep emotions, aligning with Pixar’s goal of telling unique, lasting stories.

Are there any Easter eggs and fun facts in Inside Out 2?

Yes, the film is packed with nods and surprises. Expect nods like Caroll Spinney’s tribute and new lands. The movie also experimented with different ideas throughout its creation.

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