Kohls Gift Card – The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Kohls Gift Card

A Kohl’s Gift Card is perfect for any event with lots of products and card values to choose from. It fits for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, or to say thank you. A Kohl’s Gift Card brings joy to its receiver for sure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kohl’s Gift Cards offer a wide range of products and denominations to suit any occasion.
  • Choose from different themes, such as Floral Pattern, Love You Mom, Bookworm, and more.
  • Specific themed E-Gift Cards are priced between $5.00 and $300.00.
  • Categories include Birthday, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and more.
  • Kohl’s Gift Cards are versatile and perfect for weddings, baby showers, or tokens of appreciation.

Versatile and Stylish Options

When you buy a Kohls gift card, you get lots of choices and it’s very easy. By clicking a few times, you can buy Kohls gift card online. You will see many different designs and amounts. Kohls offers both digital and physical cards, so you can find what you need.

Buying a Kohls gift card online is a smart move for several reasons. It means you don’t have to go to a store, saving you time. You can pick from a variety of designs online, matching the card to the person you’re giving it to. Plus, you can quickly send the gift card to anyone, which is perfect for surprises or if they live far away.

Watch for Kohls gift card promotions to get even better deals. These deals might cut the price of the card or add more value to it. Catching a promotion lets you save money and gives your friends and family a bigger gift.

Why go through the hassle of waiting in lines or stressing about what to buy when you can get a Kohls gift card online? It’s perfect for every occasion, with lots of choices and great deals. Look at all the Kohls gift cards available now!

Kohl’s Friends and Family savings eventOffers 25% off purchases from December 11-17
Kohl’s CashEarn $10 for every $50 spent on qualifying purchases through December 24
Extended hoursKohl’s stores stay open until midnight on select days in December
Kohl’s RewardsMembers can earn 5% Kohl’s Rewards on every purchase, excluding gift cards
Kohl’s AppManage and redeem gift cards, Kohl’s Cash, and coupons conveniently

Easy Redemption and Balance Check

Redeeming a Kohl’s Gift Card is easy and convenient. You can use it both in-store and online without any hassle.

For in-store shopping, show your Kohl’s Gift Card at checkout. The friendly staff will help you use its value.

Online, it’s just as simple. When checking out at Kohls.com, pick the gift card option. Enter the card details, and the amount will be deducted from your bill.

Your card’s balance stays valid until you spend it all. You can keep an eye on what’s left in different ways.

To check your balance, you have a variety of options:

  1. Ask a Kohl’s Sales Associate: Head to any Kohl’s store and a sales associate will help you check the balance.
  2. Call Customer Service: Kohl’s has a number just for gift card questions. Call and follow the instructions to know your balance.
  3. Check Online: Go to the Kohl’s website, find the gift card balance page, and enter your card’s details to see how much is left.

These methods make keeping track of your Kohl’s Gift Card easy. Whether you’re buying in the store or online, you’ll find using your card is smooth and handy.

Kohls gift card redemption

Perfect for Every Occasion

Kohl’s gift cards are a great pick for any event. They come in various amounts. This makes them perfect for weddings, showers, and saying thanks to teachers or postal workers. They are a sweet and flexible choice.

At holiday time, give a Kohl’s gift card to ease the search for the ideal present. Special deals help you save. Their wide selection means anyone can find something they like.

Gift Card Deals and Discounts

Kohl’s always has great deals on gift cards. Look for sales and bonuses to save money. It makes choosing Kohl’s gift cards a smart move.

People love $5 Kohl’s gift cards for small thank-yous like at Mother’s Day. They’re also great for housewarmings. Kohl’s gift cards fit many moments, from Father’s Day to just because.

Something for Everyone

Kohl’s offers gift cards for every interest. Whether it’s for hobbies or the holiday season, there’s a design for everyone. This shows they’re a top choice for season’s greetings.

Versatile and Practical

Kohl’s gift cards are perfect for many events, from weddings to thank-yous. They cover various themes too. They help when you’re not sure what to get.

Next time, think of a Kohl’s gift card. Discount offers, different choices, and their practical use make them a winner. Spread the joy with a Kohl’s gift card.

Kohl’s Gift Card DealsKohl’s Gift Card DiscountsKohl’s Gift Card Promotions
Up to 40% off activewear for the family$10 & under items availableUp to 40% off dresses for women and juniors
Bras for women priced at $39-$50Shorts for men, women, and juniors from $24.99Tek Gear clothing for the family starts at $11.99
The Big One® bath towel or bed pillow from $4.99Sonoma Goods For Life® anti-gravity chairs 40% offSplash parks 50% off
SEPHORA COLLECTION Clean Eye Masks 50% offClearance items offer savings of up to 70%

Accepted In-Store and Online

Kohls gift cards work in-store and online. This lets you shop how you want. Choose between the physical store or Kohls.com for a great shopping time.

Got a Kohls e-Gift Card? It’s easy to use anywhere. Just like a physical card, you can use it for purchases. Show it on your phone or print it out to start shopping.

Checking your e-Gift Card’s balance is a snap. Call customer service or check online to see your funds. This helps you plan your shopping without any stress.

“I love how I can use my Kohls gift card in-store and online. It gives me the freedom to shop whenever and wherever I want.” – Sarah, Kohls Shopper

How to Use Your Kohls Gift Card In-Store:

Carry your gift card while shopping in-store. Give it to the Kohl’s staff at checkout. They’ll take care of the payment, making your in-store trip easy.

How to Use Your Kohls Gift Card Online:

Shopping online? Using your Kohls gift card is straightforward. Pick your items and head to checkout. Choose “Gift Card” or “Kohl’s Cash” as your payment option. Then, enter your card info to finish your online shopping.

Your Kohls gift card works for all your shopping needs. Buy clothes, home items, or kitchen gadgets. It’s the perfect way to shop for what you love.

Kohls e-Gift Card Balance

“I love that I can use my Kohls e-Gift Card to shop in-store or online. It’s so convenient!” – Amanda, Kohls Enthusiast

No Expiration Date

Kohls gift cards make a great present. They offer flexibility and don’t expire. The recipient can use it whenever they like.

A Kohls gift card is always a good idea. It has no expiration date, so it’s ready to use any time.

Want a timeless gift that’s super easy to use? Think about a Kohls gift card. It’s a sure way to bring joy. And it lets the lucky person pick out their favorite things.

Don’t miss the chance to surprise your loved ones with the gift of choice!

Usable in the United States

Kohls gift cards are good all across the U.S. You can use them in stores or online, wherever you want.

If you buy a gift card from Kohls online, you can choose if it’s physical or e-Gift. The physical one works at Kohl’s stores all over. The e-Gift is for online or in-store buys at Kohls.com.

But, keep in mind, how you can use a Kohls gift card might change outside the U.S. Always check Kohls’ rules for using the card in other countries.

Buying and Using Kohls e-Gift Cards

Shopping with Kohls e-Gift cards is easy. Just buy them online and send to an email. They’re great for quick gifts or when shopping online.

To use an e-Gift card, show the email with the barcode when you’re buying in a store. Or, type in the gift card number when shopping online.

Before you buy something, it’s smart to see how much your e-Gift card has left. Check with Kohl’s customer service or online to know your balance.

Kohls gift cards make shopping fun and easy. Whether for someone special or for yourself, enjoy the deals they offer. Happy shopping!

Easy Gift Sending

Sending a Kohls Gift Card is simple. You can easily send a Kohls gift card online. This makes it both convenient and easy. Whether it’s a last-minute surprise or a special occasion, Kohls makes it easy.

Kohls e-Gift cards give you lots of choices. You can pick the value and design you like. Just add the recipient’s email when you buy it. They’ll get it right away.

Sending a Kohls e-Gift card means it arrives fast. It’s perfect for last-minute or spontaneous gifts. It shows you care in just a few minutes.

Buying a Kohls Gift Card is easy and lets you add a personal touch. You can pick from many designs. Choose something they’ll like, from flowers to birthday balloons or cute dogs.

So, think about a Kohls Gift Card for your next gift. It’s quick, simple, and shows you care.


A Kohl’s Gift Card is a great gift. It is stylish and flexible. You can choose from many designs and amounts.

You can use it in stores or online. Redeeming it is easy. It makes gifting a hassle-free experience.

If you have a Kohl’s Card, there are special perks. You get discounts, Kohl’s Cash, and rewards. These benefits are paperless. They’re saved in your Wallet.

People who spend $600 a year unlock extra perks. This includes free shipping each month. It’s nice for regular Kohl’s shoppers.

The best part? A Kohl’s Gift Card never expires. This gives the recipient freedom. They can use it whenever they want, for any reason.

It’s a great way to not just give a gift but show you care. Style, flexibility, and value come with a Kohl’s Gift Card. So, consider giving one today.


Can I purchase a Kohls gift card online?

Yes, you can buy a Kohls gift card online easily. Choose from many different designs and amounts on the website.

How do I redeem a Kohls gift card?

To use a Kohls gift card, go to a Kohl’s store. Show your card when you buy something. Or, use it online at Kohls.com during checkout.

How can I check the balance on my Kohls gift card?

To know your Kohls gift card balance, ask a Kohl’s Sales Associate. You can also call customer service or check online.

Are there any deals or discounts available for Kohls gift cards?

Yes, watch for special discounts on Kohls gift cards. These can add extra value to your purchase.

Can I use a Kohls gift card both in-store and online?

Yes, Kohls gift cards work in-store and online. Use them at Kohl’s stores or on Kohls.com with the same ease.

What are Kohls e-Gift cards?

Kohls e-Gift cards are digital cards. You can use them for buying stuff at any Kohl’s or online. They are as practical as physical cards.

Do Kohls gift cards have an expiration date?

No, Kohls gift cards do not expire. You can use the money on them until it’s all spent.

Can Kohls gift cards be used outside of the United States?

No, you can only use Kohls gift cards in the U.S. They can’t be used elsewhere.

How do I send a Kohls gift card?

Choose an e-Gift card and set the value and design you like. Enter the recipient’s email address. They’ll get the card right to their email.

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