Marvel Rivals Gameplay – Tips & Strategy Guide

Marvel Rivals gameplay

Welcome to our Marvel Rivals gameplay guide! Here, you’ll find tips and tricks to become a top player. Learn how to rule the arena and hold the title of a Marvel champion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Luna Snow stands out in Marvel Rivals. She’s great at dealing damage and healing quickly.
  • Her main attack does both, letting her heal friends and harm foes at once.
  • Luna Snow has several skills like Share the Stage and Ice Arts, as well as passive abilities including Cryo Heart and Smooth Skate.
  • Her strongest move, Fate of Both Worlds, lets her choose between healing or boosting allies’ damage.
  • With Share the Stage, she can heal one more teammate, even if they’re out of sight, which is a big help.
  • Ice Arts and her passives help Luna Snow in solo fights, giving her a higher chance of winning.
  • Use Absolute Zero to freeze enemies, stopping them from attacking temporarily.
  • Switching Luna Snow’s ultimate between healing and boosting damage can change the tide of battle.

Luna Snow’s Abilities and Tips

Luna Snow shines as a key player in Marvel Rivals. She’s not just about healing. She’s also got moves that hit hard and smart. As a support, she plays a crucial role in battles through her unique set of skills.

Her standout move, Share the Stage, lets her spread healing to distant allies. With this, Luna Snow keeps the team strong from afar. She’s a must-have for any team looking to dominate the battlefield.

She’s not all peace and support, though. Luna Snow can dish out damage with Light & Dark Ice too. This ability lights up enemies and heals allies. It’s a versatile attack that keeps opponents on their toes.

Don’t forget her cool moves like Ice Arts and Absolute Zero. These abilities boost Luna’s normal attacks. They’re handy in one-on-one fights, giving Luna a needed edge.

Using Share the Stage smartly is key when playing Luna Snow. By buffing a tank or a heavy attacker, she makes the team tougher. This can turn the tables in fights.

Her ultimate, Fate of Both Worlds, is a game changer. It switches between boosting damage or healing. Timing this right can swing battles your way.

She also brings control to the fight with Cryo Heart and Icy Disco. These moves freeze enemies, stopping their plans. It’s a great advantage in battles.

In fights, Luna Snow should be mainly in the back, supporting from a distance. But working with heroes like Namor can make her even stronger. Team choices matter.

Overall, Luna Snow stands out in Marvel Rivals with her unique mix of support and attack. Her skills help dominate any battle when used wisely. It’s all about strategy with Luna Snow to win.

Mantis’ Abilities and Tips

Mantis is key in Marvel Rivals, offering healing and utility. She stands out by being able to focus her skills on teammates. This makes her perfect for teams that are constantly on the move. Now, let’s dive into her abilities and how to make the best use of them in battles.


1. Life Energy Blast: With this ability, Mantis can get back a Life Orb after landing a critical hit. It helps keep her strength up in fights. This is vital for using her healing and damage powers continuously.

2. Healing Power: Mantis boosts her friends’ health and attack power by using her orbs. With this, she ensures her team stays in the fight and increases their damage power.

3. Nature’s Favor: Her passive, Nature’s Favor, gives her a speed boost when she’s not hurt. It also does healing over time when she uses Life Orbs. These perks make her agile in battle and allow her to stay in the fight longer while helping her group.

4. Soul Resurgence: Mantis’ best skill, Soul Resurgence, heals her friends over time and makes them faster. It’s a game-changer in fights, helping the team survive and adapt quickly.

Tips for Playing Mantis

“Players are advised to stay in the backline with Mantis and strategically use Life Orbs to support teammates efficiently.”

1. Stay in the backline: For Mantis to be most effective, keep her away from the front lines. This way, she can heal and help safely from a distance.

2. Strategic use of Life Orbs: Be smart with your Life Orbs. Decide who needs them the most and when. Focus on helping teammates who are hard for other characters to reach, like fast attackers or tanks who dive into the enemy lines.

3. Utilize Spore Slumber: Spore Slumber is a great skill for getting out of tough spots. Use it to slow down the closest enemy. It’s perfect for either making a quick escape or messing up the enemy’s plans.

4. Natural Anger for offense: Mantis can use Natural Anger to deal more damage in a fight or when finishing off foes. Her offensive strength is not to be underestimated. Just make sure to also focus on healing your team when needed.

Mantis is a great asset to any team in Marvel Rivals because of her unique healing powers. Always think smart about using her orbs and skills. This will help keep your team alive and empower their attacks in every battle.

Life Energy BlastRegain one Life Orb after a critical hit
Healing PowerHealing and damage boost abilities consume Life Orbs
Nature’s FavorMovement boost when uninjured, Healing Over Time when consuming Life Orbs
Soul ResurgenceUltimate ability providing Healing Over Time and Movement Boost for allies

Luna Snow vs. Mantis – Which Strategist Hero to Choose?

Choosing the best Strategist hero in Marvel Rivals means looking at Luna Snow and Mantis closely. Both of these heroes are popular choices. They offer special skills that can change the game. Let’s break down what Luna Snow and Mantis can do:

Luna Snow’s Strengths

Luna Snow stands out for her big healing and damage powers. She can heal teammates and hurt foes with her main attack. This makes her very useful in different team situations. Her Share the Stage skill lets her heal others from far away or behind obstacles. This boosts the team’s survival. Her crowd control and move skills also show her support ability.

Her Ultimate lets you choose between healing friends or boosting their attack. This flexibility is Luna Snow’s key strength. Plus, she can link healing to teammates. This also helps keep herself alive. She has an ability to freeze enemies too. This stops them from using their own powers.

Mantis’ Strengths

Unlike Luna Snow, Mantis shines at healing and making her friends hit harder. She can target her healing on specific teammates, which works well for mobile teams. Her heal heals both allies and herself, ensuring her team stays in the fight. The damage boost from Allied Inspiration makes her a great ally in offense.

Mantis gets stronger as she takes hits, thanks to her Natural Anger skill. This means she can do a lot in fights. Her Spore Slumber can put enemies to sleep. It helps control the battlefield, setting Mantis’s team up for success.

When deciding between Luna Snow and Mantis, you should think about your team’s needs. Luna Snow boosts aggressive strategies with her great healing. Mantis, on the other hand, supports the team with crucial heals and damage boosts.

Choosing the right Strategist hero depends on your style and team’s needs. Both Luna Snow and Mantis offer unique strengths. These can be the deciding factor in the fight to victory in Marvel Rivals.

Luna SnowMantis
Primary FireHeal allies and damage enemiesCan’t damage enemies
Healing AbilitiesBurst healing, healing at longer rangesSustained healing, allied damage boost
Crowd ControlFreezing enemiesSleeping enemies
Ultimate AbilityChoose between healing or damage boostNo ultimate ability

Mastering the Marvel Rivals Multiplayer Arena

In Marvel Rivals, winning in the multiplayer arena takes teamwork and understanding. Working with our team to use each hero’s strengths is crucial. We should coordinate and use the map’s features to win battles.

Flanking is a smart move. It means attacking the enemy from the side or back. Doing this can surprise them and help our team get rid of them.

Zoning is key too. By controlling parts of the map, we limit the enemy’s space. This makes it easier for us to kill enemies who are alone.

Controlling objectives is a big part of Marvel Rivals. We need to focus on both defeating our enemies and capturing key points. This can change the game in our favor.

Being able to change our plans on the spot is very important. We should look at what’s happening and tweak our strategies. Adapting quickly helps us win against tough opponents.

Remember, talking to our team is crucial. Keeping the chat alive with info about enemy movements and shared plans helps a lot. A team that talks well often wins in Marvel Rivals.

While in the Marvel Rivals arena, always strive to improve. Picking up on these tips and working together can lead us to victory. Good luck out there!

Marvel Rivals Updates and Features

Marvel Rivals keeps getting better with frequent updates. These updates bring new features, heroes, and make the game better for you. Keep current with the newest updates to enjoy the changes, find new content, and game elements.

The game developers work hard to keep Marvel Rivals fun and fresh. They add new Super Heroes and maps in every season. This lets you go on adventures in worlds shaped by Doctor Doom and his future self’s battle.

Marvel Rivals now has destructible worlds based on famous Marvel places. This adds a new layer to the game. Players can use the environment smartly to outplay enemies or come up with new strategies with their friends.

Marvel Rivals welcomes you to their community on Discord, Facebook, and other platforms. Following their updates on social media keeps you informed about what’s new and upcoming in the game. The Marvel Games folks suggest checking their Facebook and Instagram pages too for the latest news.

Enjoy intense 6v6 matches with renowned Marvel figures in Marvel Rivals. Play as heroes including Iron Man and Black Panther. Visit exciting places like Yggsgard and Tokyo 2099. Marvel at Hela’s versatile abilities, such as dagger throws and teleportation.

Marvel Rivals has an impressive lineup of characters. This includes favorites like Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. Team-Up Skills create powerful partnerships, letting players win with strong, combined moves.

NetEase Games is behind Marvel Rivals, making it available on PC. You can play it through Steam and the Epic Games Store. It’s rated IARC 2+, meaning it’s suitable for players of all ages.

Stay tuned for the latest Marvel Rivals updates to elevate your superhero gaming experience!

Marvel Rivals Review – A Thrilling Multiplayer Experience

Love hero shooters and multiplayer games? Then, Marvel Rivals is a must-play. It’s full of action with various heroes and deep strategies. You won’t be able to stop playing for hours.

This game mixes Overwatch and Paladins to make something special. Each hero has their unique skills. It means there’s a character for every type of player.

Want to fight like Thor, help your team like Mantis, or cause trouble like Loki? You choose. There are heroes from the Avengers, Guardians, and X-Men.

The game shines with its 6v6 battles in cool spots. Like in Overwatch, maps are made for smart moves and big fights. Winning means working with your team closely.

Support and strategy are huge in Marvel Rivals. Helping teammates and making smart moves are key. Every hero’s abilities add to the game’s strategy and fun.

The game lets you make your heroes look cool with new outfits. It’s free-to-play, but you can buy looks if you want. However, this doesn’t affect how you play.

Netease Games, the team behind Marvel Rivals, is known for good mobile games. They focus on updates, keeping the game fresh for everyone. Players everywhere love its gameplay and looks.

“Marvel Rivals is a great mix of popular games and new ideas. It’s quick, full of cool heroes, and always offers something new. I love playing it with friends!” – Player

Want a game that’s full of action, but also needs smart decisions? Marvel Rivals is perfect. Join to fight as your favorite hero. It’s an adventure to become a true Marvel hero.

Dynamic and engaging gameplayReliance on microtransactions for revenue
Diverse range of playable heroesPricing and abundance of microtransactions
Strategic depth and team coordinationRequires regular post-launch updates for longevity
Stunning graphics and intuitive controls


Marvel Rivals is an action-packed multiplayer game. It stars iconic Marvel characters in intense 6v6 battles. You get to pick from a cast of 18 heroes and villains.

The game encourages teamwork and strategy. There are special moves when characters unite. Also, the environment can be damaged during battles.

The game’s release date isn’t set, but a closed test is coming in May. It will be free on platforms like Steam and the Epic Games store. This makes it easy for anyone to join in.

Be part of the Marvel Rivals world and lead your favorite heroes to victory. Stay updated for more game features. We’re excited to welcome you to the fight!


What is Marvel Rivals?

Marvel Rivals is a multiplayer game where you need to use strategy to win. Dominate the arena with your game plan.

What are some tips and strategies for Marvel Rivals?

Looking for tips to win at Marvel Rivals? Our strategy guide is here to make you a game champion.

What are Luna Snow’s abilities and tips in Marvel Rivals?

Luna Snow is a top Strategist in the game. She’s great at dealing damage and quickly healing teammates. Her moves are Share the Stage, Ice Arts, and Absolute Zero. You’ll find more tips in our guide on Luna Snow.

What are Mantis’ abilities and tips in Marvel Rivals?

Mantis focuses on helping and healing others. Her skills are Healing Power, Allied Inspiration, Natural Anger, and Spore Slumber. Our guide on Mantis can show you how to work wonders with her.

How do Luna Snow and Mantis compare as Strategist heroes in Marvel Rivals?

Both Luna Snow and Mantis are Strategists but offer different strengths. Luna Snow is unmatched in quick healing and dealing damage. Mantis, on the other hand, is great at keeping your team alive and increasing their damage. Think about your team’s needs and your style to choose the best hero.

How can I master the Marvel Rivals multiplayer arena?

To rule the arena, teamwork and quick adaptation are key. Communicate with your team, flank opponents, and control areas. Fast decisions are crucial. For more tips on multiplayer, check out our advice.

Does Marvel Rivals receive regular updates? Are there any new features?

Marvel Rivals always adds new content and features with its updates. Keep up with the latest to win with the new hero changes and game improvements.

What is the overall review of Marvel Rivals?

Marvel Rivals brings thrilling battles and strategy with its wide hero collection. Players love the game’s look, feel, and gameplay. More details can be found in our review.

How can I join the Marvel Rivals community and become a Marvel champion?

To start your way to victory in Marvel Rivals, join the game community. By downloading the game, you open the door to a world of thrilling battles and strategy.

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