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PUBG MOBILE gameplay

PUBG Mobile is more than just a game. It’s a worldwide hit. Since 2018, it has brought in over $3.5 billion from players. This makes it one of the top-earning games where everyone fights to be the last one standing. In 2021, it earned over $500 million in just 72 days. These numbers show its global appeal and financial success.

India was leading in game installs, but bans may soon change that. Still, PUBG Mobile continues to outshine other games like Garena Free Fire, Knives Out, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Mobile. Its place as the favorite battle royale is secure.

Winning in PUBG Mobile takes more than luck. You need a solid strategy, skill, and some insider tips. We’re here to help. We’ve collected advice from top players and essential game stats. Let’s make you a PUBG Mobile pro.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make quick decisions and efficient looting to gain an advantage on the battleground.
  • Manage your ammunition wisely by picking up all types of ammo early on and reloading regularly.
  • Emphasize teamwork and communication, utilizing voice chat, voice command presets, and in-game markers for successful coordination.
  • Optimize your gameplay experience with the best graphics settings, headphones for sound awareness, and the third-person view for a tactical advantage.
  • Adapt your strategies to the situation and adjust your shooting tactics for accuracy and conservation of ammunition.

Use these tips and tricks to better your PUBG Mobile skills. You’ll have more victories under your belt, aiming to be one of the best in this action-packed game.

Efficient Looting Strategies

In PUBG MOBILE, looting well directly impacts how long you last and how victorious you are. Quick choices and grabbing the best loot first are key. This helps you gear up fast and stand a better chance against your opponents.

At the start of every PUBG MOBILE match, you take a flight over the map. Choosing where to land matters a lot. Pick places with top loot and good gear. They boost your odds of staying alive. Also, landing spots closer to the flight path might mean more players are there at first. This can make your first fights more challenging.

It’s smart to have a backup landing spot ready if your first choice is too crowded. This lets you switch your plan fast and find safety. You’ll still have a chance to grab what you need even if things get rough at your first spot.

As soon as you land, loot gets grabbed quickly. Make sure to find weapons, armor, and healing items first. Things like bandages, first aid kits, and energy drinks are life savers. They help you heal and stand strong during fights.

Keeping your inventory neat is a game changer. Don’t hoard items you don’t need. This will give you space for what really matters. Having just what you need on hand is super important.

Choosing top-notch weapons and armor is a wise move. They up your chances of making it out alive in a fight. But remember, how you fight matters too. Always aim for the best position and move carefully from one safe spot to another.

Making the right call on when to fight and when to hide is crucial. Use the surroundings to your benefit. It’s about being sneaky and smart with where and how you move to stay hidden and safe.

Working with your team and talking well are big pluses in PUBG MOBILE. Using voice chat to coordinate with teammates is better than typing. A strong team means better chances in hard battles and the final rounds.

So, looting smartly and quickly, plus making wise choices, can really help you win in PUBG MOBILE. With good planning and decision-making, you can up your survival and winning game.

Key PointsTips
Landing SpotsPrioritize areas with better loot
Backup PlanHave a second landing spot in mind
Quick Decision-MakingGrab the right loot efficiently
Inventory ManagementDiscard unnecessary items and manage space
Weapon and Armor PriorityPrioritize high-quality gear
Strategic CombatPosition yourself strategically and move effectively
Smart Decision-MakingBattle or evade enemies wisely
Utilize the EnvironmentEnhance your stealth and survival prospects
Team Play and CommunicationCoordinate actions and strategies with voice chat

Ammunition Management

In PUBG Mobile, keeping your ammunition in check matters a lot. Without enough bullets, your powerful weapons are just fancy sticks. To make sure you’re ready for combat, know how to handle your ammo the right way.

Start by searching through crates and buildings. This is the main place to find ammo for different guns. Grab any ammo you see at the beginning of the game. It’s smart to collect extra for later use.

Learning to drop ammo you don’t need is key. Later in the game, you might want to free up room for other stuff. Health items, weapon parts, or explosives? Keep what you need most with you.

Always know how much ammo you have. Running out during a gunfight is a worst-case scenario. Planning and being prepared are your best tricks. Make sure you always carry enough ammo to take down the bad guys.

After beating an opponent, check their loot. You might score more bullets from their stash. This keeps your ammo supply steady for the big fights or against several foes.

Never forget to reload your weapon. Forgetting can cause problems in crucial moments. Reload whenever you get a chance or after a fight. This small step can save your life in PUBG Mobile.

By being smart about your bullets, you set yourself up for success in PUBG Mobile. Pick up ammo wisely, carry what you need, and reload when you should. This way, you’re in a much better position to win.

Team Cooperation and Communications

Team work and talking well are big deals in making PUBG Mobile games awesome. When teams talk through voice chat, they can boost their win rates.

It’s key to share stuff with your friends to make your team strong. In PUBG Mobile, give out what you don’t use. This way, everyone is ready for battles.

Also, point out the good stuff to your friends while looting. It makes sharing stuff easier and stops mix-ups. This way, the team gets what they need without trouble.

Voice chat rocks for talking in PUBG Mobile. Use the game’s voice chat or other apps to keep in touch. This lets you tell your team about enemies, your health, and what’s around.

In tough TDM matches, voice chat helped our team a lot. We could talk quick to plan our moves instantly. This let us change plans fast and work well together.

Good talk and playing as a team are musts in PUBG Mobile TDM. Without them, it’s hard to fight hard rivals. Voice chat helps teams be better and win more.

Reviewing your games and learning from missteps matters. After every game, talk about what went wrong and right. This helps the team get better and stay strong together.

Lastly, having the best guns and gear boosts your team in TDM. Everyone should pick gear that fits them best. With the right gear, you can help win the game.

So, teamwork, talking well, and sharing wisely can make your PUBG Mobile games amazing. They help you win more often and have fun doing it.

Useful Techniques and Strategies

Mastering techniques and strategies in PUBG MOBILE can help you win. Optimizing graphics and using voice commands improve your game. These tips make your gameplay better.

Optimize Your Graphics Settings

Setting your graphics right is key for smooth play and better view. Tweak settings like resolution and frame rate for balance. This not only looks better but helps you react faster in the game.

Use Headphones for an Audio Advantage

Sound is crucial in PUBG MOBILE, highlighting enemy movements and attacks. Headphones pinpoint sound for a tactical edge. You can hear even small sounds, reacting quickly and smartly.

Utilize Voice Command Presets

Voice commands help in team play. Use presets in PUBG MOBILE for fast and easy communication. This way, you can coordinate well and react faster when teamwork is vital.

Take Advantage of the Third-Person View

The third-person view offers a better look around, helping with surprise attacks. It lets you see more and plan better. Using this view, you can outsmart your opponents.

Utilize Pre-Firing and Under-rated Weapons

Try pre-firing to surprise your enemies, especially around corners. It can give you the upper hand in fights. Also, check out weapons like the M416 and UMP; they can be great for you.

Optimize Graphics SettingsAdjust resolution, frame rate, and graphics quality for improved performance and visual clarity.
Use HeadphonesUtilize headphones for enhanced audio cues, allowing you to detect approaching enemies and gunfire.
Utilize Voice Command PresetsCommunicate efficiently with your team using pre-set voice commands, ensuring seamless coordination.
Take Advantage of Third-Person ViewGain a wider perspective of the battlefield to plan your moves strategically and execute successful ambushes.
Utilize Pre-Firing and Under-rated WeaponsUtilize pre-firing techniques and under-rated weapons like the M416 and UMP for an edge in combat scenarios.

Using these strategies can level up your PUBG MOBILE game. Keep practicing, communicate well, and learn from top players. Enjoy the game and may you win often!


By using the advice in this guide, you can get better at PUBG MOBILE. You’ll up your chances of winning. Learn how to loot well, manage ammo, and work with others. Use these tips to be the best on the battlefield.

PUBG MOBILE has drawn in a huge global fan base with its intense play and top-notch graphics. It’s now a top pick for gamers. It has even paved the way for big-time esports events, proving its power in the gaming world.

But remember, playing too much can harm other areas of your life. It can hurt your focus, which affects school or work. Plus, overdoing it can strain your personal relationships. It’s important to not let gaming take over your life.

If you’re playing PUBG MOBILE too much, it’s smart to step back. Delete the game for a break. Spend more time with friends and family who don’t play PUBG. Plus, try new activities. This will help you find a good balance between gaming and the rest of your life.


What are some efficient looting strategies in PUBG MOBILE?

When looting in PUBG Mobile, quick decisions are key. Spend less time picking up items. Keep moving as you grab things. You can drop what you don’t need later in the game.

How should I manage ammunition in PUBG MOBILE?

Pick up all kinds of ammo early on. Drop the ammo you don’t need to make space. Remember to check your ammo count. Keep looting crates from enemies as you go. Always keep your gun ready by reloading it often.

Why is team cooperation and communications important in PUBG MOBILE?

Sharing resources is crucial in PUBG Mobile. Give your teammates items you don’t need. Point out useful items to them. Use voice commands and chatting in the game to talk with your team. Work together. Share what you know about enemies and where to find loot.

What are some useful techniques and strategies to optimize PUBG MOBILE gameplay?

Start by setting your graphics at the best level. Use headphones to catch sounds of enemies and gunshots. Voice command features help for better teamwork. And don’t forget to make the most of third-person view to surprise your foes. Pre-firing and using underdog weapons well can also up your game.

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