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microsoft gift card

A Microsoft Gift Card opens the Microsoft world for you. It brings the latest in apps, games, movies, and shows to Xbox. You can also get many top games and apps on Windows.

It lets you buy Surface, Xbox, and accessories from the Microsoft Store. With this card, your choices are endless.

Use it to shop on Microsoft Store online, Windows, and Xbox after adding it to your account. The card comes as a digital code in an email. You can easily use it at

Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft Gift Card provides access to a wide range of Microsoft products and services.
  • Redeem the gift card to your Microsoft account and use the balance for purchases.
  • Gift card is delivered as a digital code via email.
  • Redeem the gift card effortlessly at
  • Enjoy endless possibilities with a Microsoft Gift Card.

How to Use a Microsoft Gift Card

Using a Microsoft Gift Card is easy and handy. First, log into your Microsoft account at Then enter the 25-character code given. Now, you can use your card’s balance to shop at the Microsoft Store, on Windows, or on Xbox. Check your balance anytime. Please note, the balance you see is in your country’s currency.

Redeeming Your Microsoft Gift Card

Redeem your gift card balance with ease. Just follow these steps to start using your Microsoft Gift Card:

  1. Go to and sign in to your account.
  2. Input the 25-character code.
  3. Then hit the “Next” button to redeem.

After redeeming, your balance will load into your Microsoft account. It’s now ready for you to buy games, apps, movies, and more. You can use it across Microsoft platforms.

Checking Your Gift Card Balance

Staying on top of your balance is smart. It’s easy with Microsoft. Just do this to check your balance:

  1. Go to and sign in.
  2. Your available balance will show up. This tells you how much you can spend.

Do note, the balance shows in your local currency, depending on where you bought the card.

Shop with Convenience and Flexibility

Unlock endless possibilities with your Microsoft Gift Card balance. With your gift card, you can shop on Microsoft Store, Windows, and Xbox. Your balance is perfect for buying games, software, or entertainment. Plus, checking your balance is a breeze anytime, helping you manage your money.

So, make the most of your Microsoft Gift Card. Discover and enjoy the many products and services Microsoft offers. Your card brings the convenience and freedom to pick what you like.

Can You Use a Microsoft Gift Card for All Products?

Want to know if you can buy everything with a Microsoft Gift Card? It opens up lots of things to buy. But not everything is available for purchase with this card.

Want to get cool stuff in games and apps? You can with this card. It lets you buy map packs, new levels, and in-game coins. This makes your gaming time even more fun.

But, some apps need a subscription to use. For these, you’ll still need a credit card. You can’t buy Office 365 with the gift card. But, you can get other software to make Microsoft devices even better.

Want to upgrade your Xbox Live Gold? You can buy it with this gift card. It’s easy online or on your console. Then, you get to enjoy gaming with premium features.

You can also join the Xbox Game Pass with this card. This pass gives you a huge choice of games. Then, you can jump into gaming anytime you want.

“A Microsoft Gift Card can open doors to a plethora of enticing products and services, ranging from in-game goodies to extensive gaming subscriptions. While a few select products may require alternative payment methods, rest assured that the gift card works proficiently for all other compatible items.” – Our Statement

The Microsoft Gift Card is perfect for game lovers and tech fans. It gives lots of options. So, you can get what you need for more gaming fun or better tech.

Compatibility of Microsoft Gift Card with Select Products

Product TypeCompatibility with Microsoft Gift Card
Games and Apps (e.g., map packs, new levels, coins)Compatible
Apps with subscriptionsMay require alternative payment method
Xbox Live Gold subscriptionsCompatible
Xbox Game PassCompatible
Fully installed softwareCompatible
Office 365Not compatible

The table shows the Microsoft Gift Card lets you buy many things. It makes sure you have lots of choices to make your digital life better.

Keep checking out the many products and services you can get with the Microsoft Gift Card. It offers tons of options. Use it to make your time online, on Windows, or Xbox more thrilling.

Where to Buy a Microsoft Gift Card

Need a Microsoft Store gift card? You can easily find them at top retail stores. They offer many kinds of cards. You can use them online, with Windows, and on Xbox. Just make sure your local store has them in stock.

Xbox Gift Card – More Than Just Games

The Xbox Gift Card lets you give the perfect gift for any occasion. It’s not just for games. Recipients can also get a variety of digital content. This makes it great for anyone who loves games or entertainment. It truly fits every taste and preference.

With this card, you can buy the latest Xbox games and more. This includes apps that make gaming better and a big collection of movies and TV shows. The card opens the door to lots of fun.

You can also buy gaming gear or even the newest Xbox with this gift card. It offers an unbeatable gaming experience. Whether it’s top games, indie hits, or cool apps, this card has it all.

“The Xbox Gift Card – unlocking a world of entertainment and discovery.”

You can use this card on the Microsoft Store online, on Windows, and on Xbox. It’s super easy to use. This is great for buying for yourself or for a fun gift. The Xbox Gift Card makes shopping simple and fun.

Xbox Gift Card Highlights

  • Access to the latest Xbox full game downloads
  • Expansive selection of apps
  • A wide range of movies and TV shows
  • Availability for purchase at Microsoft Store online, on Windows, and on Xbox

With lots of digital content to choose from, the Xbox Gift Card is perfect. It’s great for getting into a world of fun and entertainment.

xbox gift card

Digital ContentDescription
Xbox Full Game DownloadsAccess to a vast library of Xbox games, including the latest releases and fan favorites.
AppsEnhance your gaming experience with a variety of apps designed to take your gameplay to the next level.
Movies and TV ShowsEnjoy a wide selection of movies and TV shows, available for streaming or download.
DevicesExplore and purchase gaming accessories, consoles, and other devices to enhance your gaming setup.

Benefits of a Microsoft Gift Card

A Microsoft Gift Card has many good points. Let’s see why it’s top choice for digital fun.

Instant Delivery for Instant Enjoyment

Microsoft Gift Cards are great because they come right away. Once you buy one, the code goes to your email fast. Now, you can jump into Microsoft’s world without waiting.

Diverse Entertainment Options

These cards give you so many things to enjoy. You can get the newest games, popular apps, and devices like the Surface Pro. There are also Xbox Game Pass, hit movies, and shows. With a Microsoft Gift Card, fun is just a click away.

No Fees or Expiration Dates

Microsoft Gift Cards are worry-free. There are no extra costs or sudden deadlines. You pick when to use your card, any time. It’s all about using it as you like.

For gamers, movie fans, and those who love tech, a Microsoft Gift Card is a sweet deal. It brings quick delivery, lots of entertainment choices, and no fees or limits. It’s your ticket to more fun with Microsoft.

Buying a Microsoft Gift Card Online

Buying a Microsoft Gift Card online is easy, quick, and safe. Dundle provides a simple way to purchase. You can buy at any time using our many payment options. Plus, your gift card code arrives in minutes. This means you can enjoy Microsoft products and services right away.

Secure Payment Methods

Security is key at Dundle. We offer over 64 secure payment methods. This ensures your peace of mind when making a purchase. Whether you use credit cards, PayPal, or Bitcoin, we’ve got you covered. Your personal and financial info is safe with us.

Instant Delivery

With Dundle, waiting for a Microsoft Gift Card is a thing of the past. Our instant delivery sends you the gift card code right after buying. It’s all done via email. You can redeem the code and start shopping on Microsoft Store, Windows, and Xbox without delay.

“Buying a Microsoft Gift Card online was so easy with Dundle. The instant delivery of the gift card code allowed me to redeem it immediately and use it for my favorite Xbox games. Highly recommended!” – Emma S.

A Hassle-Free Experience

Our online shop makes buying a Microsoft Gift Card simple. You’ll get your code right away with a few clicks. Our team is always here to help. We aim for a smooth shopping experience for you.

Microsoft Gift Card Online Reviews

ProductNumber of Reviews
Microsoft – Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – 1-Month Membership21
Microsoft – Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – 3-Month Membership43
NBA 2K24: 75000 VC [Digital]19
NBA 2K24: 450000 VC [Digital]18
Microsoft – Xbox $145 Gift Card [Digital]2
Microsoft – $50 Domino’s & Xbox Value Bundle – for only $4534
PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS 2300 G-Coin Digital Token [Digital]12
Microsoft – PC Game Pass – 3-Month Membership105
Halo Infinite – 10,000 Halo Credits + 1,500 Bonus Credits [Digital]28

Dundle’s Microsoft Gift Card service is loved by 14,000 reviewers. It averages 4.9 out of 5 stars. Customers worldwide trust us for a easy purchase experience.

Dundle makes buying Microsoft Gift Cards a breeze. Our site is secure and quick to use. You’ll also get instant delivery. Join happy customers using our service for Microsoft Store, Windows, and Xbox purchases.

Microsoft Gift Card Design Options

At Microsoft, making gifts personal is key. We provide over 10 templates for our gift cards. This lets you pick the perfect design for any event.

Our microsoft gift card design choices go from elegant to fun. Choices include sleek designs, eye-catching patterns, and festive themes. With such a variety, you can surely match the card to the receiver’s style.

It’s simple to make your own gift card. Pick a design you like and add a special message. Or the recipient’s name, if you wish. Then, print the card or send it by email.

Here’s a sneak peek of some microsoft gift card design favorites:

Template 1Template 2Template 3
Template 4Template 5Template 6
microsoft gift card design template 6

Microsoft’s gift card designs help make your gift memorable. They’re great for any special moment. Kickstart your design today and bring joy to those you love.

Microsoft Gift Card FAQ

We’ve gathered some common questions about Microsoft Gift Cards. This info will make your Gift Card experience smoother.

Do Microsoft Gift Cards expire?

Microsoft Gift Cards never expire. Recipients can use them whenever they want, worry-free.

What should I consider when making a purchase with a Microsoft Gift Card?

Make sure the card’s currency matches the recipient’s Microsoft account. This avoids issues when they try to use it.

Are there any limits or restrictions on Microsoft Gift Cards?

Yes, there are some rules. Microsoft accounts have daily and maximum balance limits for safety. Knowing these limits helps you use your card wisely.

How can I check my Microsoft Gift Card balance?

Checking your balance is simple. Log in to your Microsoft account online or check on your Xbox. By keeping an eye on your balance, you can plan your purchases better.

Where can I find further assistance or information?

For more help, visit the official Microsoft support page. It has lots of info on Gift Cards. And, you can always check the Microsoft Gift Card Terms and Conditions for detailed rules.

At Microsoft, we aim to make sure you have a great experience and all the support you need.

Do Microsoft Gift Cards expire?No, Microsoft Gift Cards do not expire.
What should I consider when making a purchase with a Microsoft Gift Card?Ensure the currency of the gift card matches the recipient’s Microsoft account.
Are there any limits or restrictions on Microsoft Gift Cards?Yes, there are daily limits and a maximum balance limit on Microsoft accounts.
How can I check my Microsoft Gift Card balance?View your balance on the web or on your Xbox console under “Payment & Billing”.
Where can I find further assistance or information?Visit the Microsoft support page or refer to the Microsoft Gift Card Terms and Conditions.


The Microsoft Gift Card is a handy choice for all things fun and diverse entertainment. It gives you instant access to tons of games and shows. Plus, you can use it online, on Windows, and on Xbox. This opens up a whole new world for people who love gaming and other cool stuff.

Are you into the latest games, shows, or maybe a new Xbox? The Microsoft Gift Card lets you pick what you want. Best of all, there’s no rush to use it and you don’t need a credit card. It makes getting your entertainment fix easy and quick.

Check out all the ways you can have fun with the Microsoft Gift Card. Dive into your favorite games, shows, and more whenever you want. Don’t wait to make your free time even better. Grab a Microsoft Gift Card today and enjoy limitless entertainment!


How do I use a Microsoft Gift Card?

Log into your Microsoft account at Enter the 25-character code from the card. Your balance is ready to use at the Microsoft Store, on Windows, and on Xbox. You can also check your balance anytime.

Can I use a Microsoft Gift Card for all products?

Most items in games and apps, like map packs and coins, are good to go. But, some things, like subscriptions, need a credit card. You can snag Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass with your gift card. And, while Office 365 is off-limits, you can still get other software. The gift card works the same for many products.

Where can I buy a Microsoft Gift Card?

You can get physical gift cards at top retail stores. They work on the Microsoft Store, on Windows, and on Xbox. Check local stores to make sure they have Microsoft gift cards.

What can I buy with an Xbox Gift Card?

The Xbox Gift Card lets you choose from many entertainment options. You can buy games, movies, apps, and more. Use it online, on Windows, or on Xbox.

What are the benefits of using a Microsoft Gift Card?

Microsoft Gift Cards bring several perks. You get your code right in your inbox, for quick use. They open up lots of entertainment, from games to devices. And, there are no fees or expiry dates, letting you use it whenever.

How can I buy a Microsoft Gift Card online?

Buying one online is fast and safe. Use places like Dundle, which offer 64 secure ways to pay. You’ll get your code by email right away. It’s safe and easy, for a smooth shopping experience.

Are there different design options for Microsoft Gift Cards?

Yes, Microsoft has over 10 designs for their gift cards. Pick one that fits the occasion. It’s easy to make a special gift card for someone, for any event.

Do Microsoft Gift Cards expire?

No, Microsoft Gift Cards last forever. Be sure the card’s currency matches your Microsoft account. There are also limits on daily use and max balance. You can check your balance on the web or on Xbox. For more help, check Microsoft’s support page or their Terms and Conditions.

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