NBA 2K24 Gameplay: Our In-Depth Review & Insights

NBA 2K24 gameplay

NBA 2K24 is the newest game in the NBA 2K series. It grabs the attention of basketball fans with its real-like play and amazing graphics. Yet, it’s faced criticism for not being very new and feeling much like the last year’s game.

One big step up in NBA 2K24 is the ProPLAY feature. It uses real NBA videos to make the players look and move more realistically. This makes playing basketball in the game feel closer to the real thing.

The game is known for using a lot of ‘microtransactions’, especially in the MyTeam mode. New cards are added every year, but getting them can be hard because of paywalls. Lots of fans don’t like how much the game asks them to spend money.

In MyCareer mode, moving forward means needing a lot of virtual currency (VC). Many players say it’s very hard to get VC without using real money. Some players are worried because now there’s a $150 VC purchase option in the game.

Changing MyCareer mode to a free-to-play style has made some fans unhappy. They feel like the game is pushing them to spend more money to advance quickly.

Overall, NBA 2K24 didn’t meet up to fans’ hopes when compared to earlier games. The focus on making players spend money, not adding very new things, and the big need for VC spending have left fans disappointed.

Key Takeaways:

  • NBA 2K24 has faced criticism for lacking innovation and feeling like a copy of the previous year’s game.
  • The ProPLAY feature improves player models and animations by incorporating NBA footage.
  • Microtransactions are prevalent in MyTeam, hindering progress and adding paywalls.
  • MyCareer heavily relies on virtual currency (VC), making it challenging to progress without spending real money.
  • The game has shifted towards a free-to-play system, emphasizing the need to spend money for faster progression.
  • NBA 2K24 is seen as a disappointment compared to previous titles, with a focus on monetization over player enjoyment.

As NBA 2K24 keeps getting better, the game makers need to find a good mix between money-making and making players happy. Listening to what fans say and bringing in new, interesting features will help rebuild the game’s good name. Then it can truly offer a top-notch basketball playing experience.

MyTeam: A Deep Dive into the New Features and Rewards

In NBA 2K24, the MyTeam mode has many new features and rewards. These keep players both engaged and motivated. Now, let’s explore what MyTeam offers for NBA 2K24 gamers.

MyTeam Points (MTP) and Increased Earn Rates

In NBA 2K24, players see a big change with MyTeam Points (MTP). There’s now a doubling of MTP earned for playing games. This lets players make faster progress and adds more fun to the game.

Gem Colors and Seasonal Rewards

Gem colors are used to rank player cards in MyTeam, with Diamond being the top level. Season 1 and 2 rewards go up to the Diamond level. This makes these rewards very desirable as they are also limited.

Enhanced Player Market and Pack Market

The player market is now easier to use, replacing the auction house. It means buying and selling cards is more straightforward. The pack market also got better with improved odds and guaranteed pulls, giving players more value and excitement.

Dynamic Goals and Season Progression

Dynamic goals help players earn extra XP and move ahead in the season. These goals are linked to getting new cards from the Pack Market. This encourages players to try new strategies to get great rewards.

Season 1 offers special rewards. For example, there is a Ruby Giannis Antetokounmpo with a Hall of Fame Limitless Range Badge Card and a Diamond Player Reward Card at Level 40.

Cross-Progression and Limited-Time Events

NBA 2K24 allows cross-progression between modes. Players earn XP in both MyCareer and MyTeam, improving their gaming experience. There are also double XP events, which help players achieve more in less time.

Next-Gen Compatibility and MyTeam Collection

Current Gen console players can move their MyTeam collection to Next Gen consoles like PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S. This means players can continue their MyTeam journey smoothly. They can enjoy the new consoles’ enhanced features too.

NBA 2K24’s MyTeam mode has brought several exciting features and rewards. These include more MTP, gem colors, dynamic goals, and cross-progression. This all makes MyTeam a great place to build your dream team and enjoy NBA 2K24. Start your adventure today and see where it takes you!

Gameplay Analysis: The Double-Edged Sword of Realism

Visual Concepts has nailed the NBA 2K24 gameplay to feel real. You’ll think every move you make is happening on the court. The game looks great, with detailed players that draw you into the game.

However, aiming for realism means the game might feel slow at times. The unskippable parts, designed to mimic a real game on TV, can break the fun. It’s tough to find the right mix of real and fun play.

But, learning how to play NBA 2K24 well is really rewarding. Once you master the controls, you can do some amazing plays that feel natural. The game’s focus on how players move and its fine details add a lot to feeling like you’re really part of it all.

NBA 2K24 is all about making basketball gaming as real as it gets. Even though it can be slow and a bit interrupted, the depth and immersion are strong. It’s a fun game for those who love basketball, offering a unique experience.

MyCareer Mode: A Grand Narrative with Overwhelming Options

In NBA 2K24’s MyCareer mode, we live the life of a rising NBA star. Our journey is pack with dreams of glory and the drive for success. The game paints a big picture, pulling us into a world where each choice affects our basketball story.

Yet, the game’s vast choices and features can be a lot to handle, especially if you’re new. MyCareer is filled with options. From customizing our player to handling endorsements, there’s a lot to do. This can make things a bit messy, taking away from a smoother experience.

Now, NBA 2K24 brings in Key Games. These are big matches that define our path to the top. They make key moments, like important playoffs or matches with rivals, stand out. These games give a clear goal and make the journey more real and thrilling. They up the excitement and push us to do our best.

This addition of Key Games helps balance the game’s complexity. It shifts our focus to what really matters. By playing these Key Games, we can better enjoy the game and achieve our goals.

In the game, we deal with important choices that affect us now and later. NBA 2K22’s MyCareer mode keeps the story flowing without long interruptions. This shows the developers’ aim to keep us engaged and focused on playing.

However, the game does include microtransactions, which can be a worry. Players face a choice: spend a lot of time or real money for in-game currency. This choice can affect how much we enjoy the game. It’s important for the game to make players happy.

Even with a lot of choices and the issue of microtransactions, NBA 2K24’s MyCareer still grabs our attention. It puts us in charge of our own basketball story. It’s like a complex maze, but it gives a satisfying journey for those who explore it well.


The NBA 2K24 game impresses with its advanced tech and memorable achievements. Thanks to the ProPLAY system, key players move just like they do in real life. This gives you a truly authentic experience. You’ll see new moves, from jumpshots to dunks, that make the game more exciting.

The game has also improved in key areas like offense and defense. Shot timing is better, and dunking is smoother. Players now react more realistically. You’ll notice the small details, like players jumping for a rebound based on their actual size.

There are also big changes in game modes. MyTeam’s new salary cap mode keeps things fresh by adjusting player card prices. The player market is now more open, making trades clear and fair. You can level up using the new seasons battle passes, which are shared between MyCAREER and MyTEAM.

However, the game’s deep features might be a bit much. There’s a lot of focus on buying extras, especially in MyTeam and MyCareer mode. Still, NBA 2K24 stands out as a top-notch basketball game. It celebrates the series’ 25 years with an incredible playing experience.


What are the new features and rewards in NBA 2K24’s MyTeam mode?

NBA 2K24’s MyTeam mode now has gem colors and better MTP earn rates. You can trade players in the market. New collections and deals are available, along with an improved pack market. And don’t forget about the seasons and XP. Season 1 includes cool rewards like a LeBron James free agent card.

How would you describe the gameplay in NBA 2K24?

The gameplay in NBA 2K24 looks way better with new graphics and detailed player models. It feels much the same as before but keeps a fun-to-play balance. Sometimes, it might feel a bit slow, but mastering the controls is satisfying.

What can you tell us about NBA 2K24’s MyCareer mode?

In NBA 2K24’s MyCareer, you begin as a promising NBA talent. There’s a deep story and many features. Key Games help you steer your career by focusing on important moments.

Is NBA 2K24 heavily monetized?

Yes, NBA 2K24 uses a lot of microtransactions, especially in MyTeam and MyCareer. You can buy cards in MyTeam, while MyCareer needs VC to advance.

What is your overall assessment of NBA 2K24?

NBA 2K24 brings better visuals and player models, making the game look great. It does have issues like too much focus on buying stuff and game modes that can be hard to handle. Even with its realistic gameplay, it can be slow sometimes.

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