Robin Hood Disney: Explore the Legendary Tale from Disney

Robin Hood Disney

Step into the enchanting world of Robin Hood Disney, by Walt Disney. It was released on November 8, 1973. This classic movie whisks you away into medieval England. You’ll meet Robin Hood, a fox who fights for justice with amazing sword fights and archery.

The movie is 83 minutes long. It wins the hearts of both kids and adults. Robin Hood has a great cast, including icons like Phil Harris and Brian Bedford. Their voices make the characters truly remarkable. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

Key Takeaways:

  • Robin Hood Disney is a timeless animated film set in medieval England.
  • It features an anthropomorphic fox hero and his merry adventures.
  • The film includes thrilling sword fights and impressive archery sequences.
  • Robin Hood Disney has a top cast of voice actors who bring the characters to life.
  • The movie remains a beloved Disney classic, captivating audiences worldwide.

The Plot of Robin Hood Disney

Enter the magical world of Robin Hood Disney. Exciting adventures and honorable missions are waiting. It all happens in the beautiful Sherwood Forest, full of grand trees and secret paths.

Our main character is Robin Hood, a smart and charming fox. He wanders the forest with his buddy, Little John. As outlaws, they cleverly use their bow skills to help the poor by taking from the rich.

But the Sheriff of Nottingham, working for Prince John, aims to stop Robin Hood. Voiced by Phil Harris, the Sheriff is after Robin Hood’s tricks.

Prince John, played skillfully by Peter Ustinov, rules Nottingham greedily. He makes life hard for the people. Robin Hood fights against the prince’s corruption for justice in the land.

In the midst of action, Robin Hood and Maid Marian share a special love. Beautifully voiced by Monica Evans, their bond deepens. But, their love is tested by the conflict with Prince John.

Things climax at an exciting archery contest. Robin Hood, in disguise, competes for a special prize. Tension rises, making this moment a big one in the story.

In its entirety, Robin Hood Disney charms with its thrilling stories and lovable characters. It touches on ideas of fairness, romance, and courage. The tale, paired with beautiful animation and music, offers a timeless adventure for everyone.

Be a part of Robin Hood and his friends in their mission for justice and protection. Their story of bravery and love remains popular and timeless.

The Cast of Robin Hood Disney

The Robin Hood Disney actors are amazing. They use their voices to make the characters come alive. Brian Bedford is Robin Hood’s voice. He leads this great cast. Other stars include Phil Harris, Peter Ustinov, Andy Devine, Terry-Thomas, Monica Evans, Carole Shelley, Pat Buttram, and Roger Miller.

Each actor gives their character special qualities. For example, Brian Bedford shows Robin’s clever and brave side. Phil Harris brings friendship and fun to Little John. Peter Ustinov plays Prince John, who is selfish and mean.

The whole cast creates a wonderful world with their acting. They make the Robin Hood Disney story exciting for everyone.

CharacterVoice Actor
Robin HoodBrian Bedford
Little JohnPhil Harris
Allan-a-DaleRoger Miller
Prince JohnPeter Ustinov
Friar TuckAndy Devine
Sir HissTerry-Thomas
Maid MarianMonica Evans
Lady KluckCarole Shelley
Sheriff of NottinghamPat Buttram

These actors are a big reason why Robin Hood Disney stays popular. Their performances continue to charm viewers.

Production of Robin Hood Disney

Robin Hood Disney is a favorite animated movie made possible by a skilled team. Directed by Wolfgang Reitherman and produced by Walt Disney Productions, the film won hearts. It impressed with its beautiful animation, engaging characters, and a story that drew everyone in.

The story of Robin Hood was penned by Larry Clemmons with Ken Anderson creating the setting. Their work let audiences explore the magical Sherwood Forest. It was a big achievement for Walt Disney Productions, being their first film after Walt Disney’s passing.

The team overcame many obstacles to create Robin Hood Disney, but their hard work and imagination paid off. This effort gave us a movie that still captures attention today.

They had $5 million to turn the medieval England of Robin Hood into a living, breathing place. Here, animals like Robin Hood, a smart red fox, and Maid Marian, a brave red fox, played the lead roles. This made the film stand out with its unique characters.

Main CharactersSpecies
Robin HoodRed fox
Maid MarianRed fox
Little JohnBrown bear
Friar TuckBadger
Prince JohnScrawny lion without a mane
Sir HissSnake
Lady KluckHen
Sheriff of NottinghamWolf

Great voices brought the characters to life. Brian Bedford was Robin Hood, Phil Harris was Little John, and Peter Ustinov played Prince John and King Richard. They were joined by many other talented people like Andy Devine, Terry-Thomas, Monica Evans, Carole Shelley, Pat Buttram, and Roger Miller.

Robin Hood Disney made over $33 million, showing its great success. Its popularity over time is a tribute to the team’s skill and dedication. It remains a beloved part of Disney’s history, touching the hearts of audiences everywhere.

Reception of Robin Hood Disney

Released in 1973, Robin Hood Disney was a success at the box office. It made over $32 million worldwide. Initially, it received mixed reviews. However, it has since become a cherished Disney classic, loved by many over the years.

Views on the film differed between critics and viewers. Some loved its endearing characters and exciting story. They praised how medieval England was shown using animals. But, some felt the animation used was already seen in Disney’s earlier works. They expected something more special.

Though not everyone loved it at first, the film began to win over fans and critics alike. They appreciate its deep emotional and social messages. Scenes showing the suffering of the people under Prince John’s rule were particularly moving. Prince John, voiced by Peter Ustinov, was seen as a highlight, making the film more meaningful.

The movie stands out for its talented voice cast, combining American and British actors. Names like Pat Buttram and Peter Ustinov were in the cast. Their work brought the characters to life. This helped make the film as popular as it remains today.

Budget of Robin Hood DisneyGross revenue generated by Robin Hood DisneyRunning time of Robin Hood DisneyRelease date of Robin Hood Disney
$5 million$32,056,46783 minutesNovember 8, 1973

Robin Hood Disney, with its mixture of American and British charm, has its place as a classic. The film is especially loved by fans, keeping its spirit alive since the 1980s. It is also embraced by the furry community, adding to its unique appeal.

It wasn’t just the story that people loved. The voices behind the characters, like Brian Bedford as Robin Hood, were unforgettable. Monica Evans shined as Maid Marian. Their talents made the film deeply popular.

In the end, Robin Hood Disney stands as a beloved classic, loved for its characters, themes, and deep heart. Despite early mixed reviews, its success and fan base show its true impact. The film continues to win hearts with its timeless charm.

Release Information of Robin Hood Disney

Robin Hood Disney, a well-loved classic, debuted in the U.S. on November 8, 1973. Its story and animation won the world’s heart. Many fell in love with its beautiful animation and gripping tale.

The movie spread across the globe, from the United Kingdom to Japan. People of all ages were captivated by the merry adventures. Everywhere, Robin Hood Disney was adored.

At first, some critics were unsure about it, but audiences pushed it to success. It made over $32 million beyond its $5 million budget. This showed its value within Disney’s rich history of animation.

In time, the movie grew into a cult favorite, known for its lovable characters and engaging story. Even now, Robin Hood Disney is a favorite, showing its lasting charm.

Key Statistics:

IMDb Rating139K user ratingsPopularity204 user reviews81 critic reviewsMetascore

Source: IMDb

Top Cast Members:

  • Brian Bedford
  • Phil Harris
  • Roger Miller
  • Peter Ustinov
  • Terry-Thomas
  • Monica Evans
  • Andy Devine
  • Carole Shelley
  • Pat Buttram
  • George Lindsey
  • Ken Curtis
  • Candy Candido

The movie’s delightful characters were made truly special by these skilled voice actors. They brought the story to life in a magical way.

Soundtrack of Robin Hood Disney

The music in Robin Hood Disney really makes the movie pop. It came out on November 8, 1973, by Walt Disney Records. The songs bring the movie’s fun and joy to life.

This soundtrack covers love, adventure, humor, and action. It really fits the story of Robin Hood. George Bruns mainly created it, with 43 tracks that help tell the movie’s tale.

“Whistle Stop” is a famous tune from this soundtrack. It’s a fun song by Roger Miller that lightens the film’s adventure scenes. “Oo-De-Lally,” also by Roger Miller, shows the fun-loving side of Robin Hood and his group.

Many artists worked on the soundtrack, like George Bruns and Floyd Huddleston. They added their special touch. The songs range from happy and playful to more emotional ones.

Robin Hood Disney Soundtrack

The soundtrack lasts for 50 minutes and 13 seconds. It blends perfectly with the movie’s story. It really enhances the viewing experience.

It has fans from all over the globe, with its songs known in 54 countries. This includes regions in Africa, the Middle East, India; Asia Pacific; Europe; Latin America and the Caribbean; and The United States and Canada.

RegionNumber of Countries or Regions
Africa, Middle East, and India48
Asia Pacific34
Latin America and the Caribbean25
The United States and Canada6

The album is key for 51 people’s collections. Plus, 22 others want it. You can get it in different formats like LP, 45 RPM, and CD. The CD version has 13 tracks on each of its two discs or tapes.

Fans love this music because it’s a classic. It reminds us of the film’s wonder and why we love Robin Hood. The songs are still enjoyed today and keep the legend alive.

Videos of Robin Hood Disney

Step into the magic of Robin Hood Disney with a variety of charming videos, trailers, and clips. These fun videos give you a quick look at the movie’s best scenes and its lively animation.

If you love the movie or are just starting to watch it, these videos are perfect. They let you enjoy the amazing story, cool duels, and the main characters.

Venture into the famous Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood and his friends. Watch as they fight against the bad Prince John and the Sheriff. These videos show why Robin Hood Disney remains a favorite, full of adventure and fun.

See the exciting archery contest and the sweet moments between Robin Hood and Maid Marian. These clips make you feel like part of their joy-filled, risky tales.

Rediscover Robin Hood Disney’s enchantment or introduce it to a brand new crowd. Let everyone enjoy the thrill and magic of this timeless story through these engaging videos.

Step into the enchanting world of Robin Hood Disney through our captivating photo gallery. These images showcase beautiful animation and beloved characters, making it a classic for all time.

Look at the VHS cover from the Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection. It features Robin Hood and captures the film’s magic set in medieval times.

See a thumbnail storyboard by Milt Kahl. It gives a peek into how the concept of Robin Hood was developed.

Watch a cel animation of Robin Hood and Little John. The artwork brings their adventurous spirit to life.

Even with perfect animation, a small error was made. It showed a scene where Robin Hood gets captured, showing the hard work of the artists.

Explore Disney Emoji Blitz with Robin Hood emojis. Characters like Happy and Unhappy are included. They make messaging fun by adding forest spirit.

Play with Robin Hood in Disney games like Disney Universe. Have fun on quests and adventures that interact with his story.

Robin Hood has been at Disney Parks, meeting stars and Pluto. It brings the film’s joy to real life, making memories for all fans.

Collect Robin Hood merchandise like Funko Pop figures and pin dueling sets. These items bring the movie’s magic into your life.

Be mindful with warning screens, reminding you to protect the film. They suggest watching responsibly.

Enjoy ads for Disney classics before the film starts. Titles include Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin and the King of Thieves, sharing nostalgic memories.

Find Robin Hood films in various Disney video collections. These collections gather cherished movies, ensuring the Robin Hood magic stays alive.

See the feature presentations from 1986-1991 and 2001-2007. They introduce you to the timeless stories of Disney.

Enjoy trailers including famous films like Monsters, Inc. and Hercules: Zero to Hero. They show how Disney’s storytelling has evolved.

Admire different logos throughout the film, showing Disney history. Logos include Walt Disney Classics and Disney Blu-ray, each symbolizing Disney’s legacy.

Check out promos like CD-ROM and the Muppet Moment in 1994. They show how Disney’s characters can be adapted and varied.

Explore the DVD menu with features like Sneak Peeks and Song Selection, making the experience interactive.

Get into Robin Hood’s world with the Art Gallery and Merry Games. These features let you experience the film in a deeper way.

Discover Disney’s latest technology with FastPlay and Blu-ray. It combines new tech with the classic charm of Robin Hood Disney.

As you look through the gallery, let the photos take you to Robin Hood’s world. Experience the adventure, friendship, and the fight against evil.


Robin Hood Disney is a timeless animated classic that keeps captivating audiences. It has charming characters, thrilling adventures, and a heartwarming story. This film shows the magic of Disney animation and the appeal of the Robin Hood legend.

Whether you’re watching it again or for the first time, Robin Hood Disney will enchant you. It entertains people of all ages around the world.


What is Robin Hood Disney?

Robin Hood Disney is a 1973 animated film made by Walt Disney Productions. It’s the twenty-first film in the Disney Animated Canon. It’s about Robin Hood, who is a fox, and his fun times in medieval England.

What is the plot of Robin Hood Disney?

Robin Hood Disney is about Robin Hood and Little John. They take from the rich and give to the poor in Nottingham. Despite the Sheriff’s efforts, they live as outlaws in Sherwood Forest.

They target Prince John when they learn of his bad deeds. The story also focuses on Robin Hood’s love for Maid Marian. It ends with an exciting archery contest where Robin Hood tries to win a kiss from Maid Marian.

Who are the cast members of Robin Hood Disney?

The cast includes Brian Bedford as Robin Hood and Phil Harris as Little John. Peter Ustinov voices Prince John, and Andy Devine plays Friar Tuck. Terry-Thomas is Sir Hiss, Monica Evans is Maid Marian, Carole Shelley is Lady Kluck, Pat Buttram plays the Sheriff of Nottingham, and Roger Miller voices Allan-a-Dale.

Who directed Robin Hood Disney?

It was directed by Wolfgang Reitherman.

When was Robin Hood Disney released?

It first came out in the United States on November 8, 1973.

What was the critical reception of Robin Hood Disney?

It got mixed reviews. Some loved the characters and story. Others didn’t like that it reused animation. Despite this, many people still love the movie’s charm.

Where can I find videos of Robin Hood Disney?

On different platforms, you can see videos of Robin Hood Disney. They include trailers and clips, letting you see the film’s best parts and its amazing animation.

Does Robin Hood Disney have a soundtrack?

Yes, Robin Hood Disney has music by George Bruns and songs sung by Roger Miller. The songs and music make the film more fun and tell the story better.

Yes, there’s a gallery of Robin Hood Disney. See photos of the film’s great animation and lovable characters. Fans can enjoy their favorite scenes and the art of Robin Hood Disney.

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