Sam’s Club Gift Card: Buy & Send Online or In-Store

sam's club gift card

Welcome to Sam’s Club! We offer a big variety of gift cards. You can find the perfect gift for someone or treat yourself. Our gift cards are easy to buy, online or in the store, for any occasion.

We know everyone likes different gift cards. That’s why we have both physical and e-gift cards. The physical ones can come to your house. E-gift cards go straight to the email, which is a quick way to spread joy.

When you buy a gift card from Sam’s Club, you might get a deal. We often have special offers. Plus, there are discounts for buying many gift cards at once. We want to give you great value.

Use a Sam’s Club gift card at several places. This includes Sam’s Club, Walmart, or their websites. While you can buy a lot of things with it, you can’t pay for membership fees.

A Sam’s Club gift card is a great choice for birthdays, holidays, or any time. So don’t wait. Start gifting with Sam’s Club now!

Key Takeaways:

  • Sam’s Club offers a wide variety of gift cards, including both physical and e-gift cards.
  • Gift cards can be purchased online or in-store, with deals and discounts often available.
  • Gift cards can be used at Sam’s Club, Walmart stores,, or
  • Gift cards are a versatile and convenient gifting option for any occasion.
  • Gift cards cannot be used to pay membership fees.

How to Purchase a Sam’s Club Gift Card Online

Sam’s Club makes buying gift cards online easy. It’s perfect for yourself or a loved one. Just follow these steps:

  1. First, sign in to your Sam’s Club account.

  2. Look around or use the search bar to find the right gift card.

  3. Pick the type of gift card, how much you want to spend, and how many.

  4. Next, add it to your cart and go to checkout.

You can pay for the gift card with different ways like Sam’s Club Credit or major credit cards. Just choose what’s easiest for you!

“Buying a gift card online from Sam’s Club is quick and hassle-free. With just a few clicks, you can have a gift card ready for any occasion.”

How to Activate a Sam’s Club Gift Card

When you get a Sam’s Club gift card, it’s good to go. It’s activated when you buy it, in the store or online.

If your card isn’t working when you get it, that’s unusual. But we know things happen. Just go back to the store where you bought it. The people there will help make it work.

Bought it online and it’s not live? No big deal. Talk to customer service. They will fix it fast so you can use it. We care that you’re happy and make fixing this a priority.

Remember, other gift cards might work differently. Check the back of the card for the right number to call for help.

We want your shopping to be easy and fun. That’s why we make sure your card is ready from the start. Enjoy the savings and great times at Sam’s Club.

Payment Methods for Online Gift Card Purchases
Sam’s Club Credit
American Express
Debit Card

How to Check the Balance of a Sam’s Club Gift Card

Checking a Sam’s Club gift card balance is simple and fast. It’s good for both shopping and keeping an eye on your funds. There are easy ways to find out your balance.

Checking Gift Card Balance Online

To check your balance online, here’s what you do:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to “Gift cards” under “Checkout preferences”
  3. Put in your card number and the 4-digit PIN on the back
  4. Then just press “Check balance”

Your balance shows up right there on your screen. It’s a quick and easy way to get the info you need. You can do it from home or anywhere.

Also, you can see your balance during checkout. This is great if you’re using the card to pay. It helps you make sure you have enough money on the card.

Alternative Methods

If online isn’t for you, you can always visit a Sam’s Club store. Team members are ready to help. Just take your gift card with you.

For other gift cards, it’s best to call the number on the card. This way, you’ll get the most accurate balance info.

Stay Informed, Shop with Confidence

Checking your gift card balance often is smart. It helps you know how much you have to spend. This makes shopping at Sam’s Club easy and fun.

check gift card balance

Payment MethodsAccepted
Sam’s Club Credit✔️
American Express✔️
Debit Card✔️

Where Can a Sam’s Club Gift Card be Used

Sam’s Club gift cards are super useful. You can use them in stores or online. They are a great way to shop for what you need.

In-Store and Online

At Sam’s Club, you can use your gift card in-store. This means you get a big variety, from groceries to electronics. You also can shop at Walmart with your gift card.

Prefer shopping from home? You’re covered. Use your gift card on or It makes shopping easy and convenient.

Membership Fees

Got a PIN code on your gift card? You can use it to pay membership fees. But, remember, you can’t use gift cards to pay for Sam’s Club memberships directly.

Fuel Stations

When getting gas at Sam’s Club, know this. Barcode-only gift cards won’t work there. Use a card with a magnetic strip for gas. This rule doesn’t apply when buying other items there or at Walmart.


Sam’s Club gift cards work everywhere. Use them in-store, online, and even for membership fees if they have a PIN. Just not for gas with barcode-only cards. Enjoy shopping with your gift card in lots of ways.

Using a Sam’s Club Gift Card for Online Purchases

At Sam’s Club, we know that using gift cards online should be easy and convenient. Whether it’s a gift or you bought it, the process is simple.

First, add the gift card when you check out online. You’ll reach a point to enter your card’s details. This includes the card number and the 4-digit PIN. Scratch the back of the card to find the PIN.

You can use up to four gift cards in one buy. But, remember, you can’t buy another gift card with a gift card.

After adding your gift card’s info, the purchase will deduct from its balance. If it’s not enough to pay for everything, you can use another way to pay, like a credit card.

For several gift cards, just choose how much to use from each one when you pay.

Adding your Sam’s Club gift card is easy and helpful for shopping. Use it at Sam’s Club, Walmart,,, or on the Sam’s Club app with an eGift card.

We accept many ways to pay, making shopping easy with a Sam’s Club gift card. Enjoy shopping and let your gift card help you pay online or in stores.

Accepted Payment Methods for Online Purchases
Sam’s Club Credit
American Express
Debit Card

Refunds for Gift Card Payments

If you used a gift card at Sam’s Club and want to return something, here’s what you need to know. The refund process is a lot like getting cash back. But, there are some important points to remember.

Requesting a refund might take 5-7 days to finish. Our team is always working hard to make this process quick and smooth for you.

For gift card refunds, the money usually goes back to the original card. Yet, in some cases, you might get a new card. It all depends on what happened.

Gift cards are usually not for cash refunds, unless the law says otherwise. So, when you buy things with a gift card, choose wisely. This helps you avoid trouble when you need to return or exchange items.

Sam’s Club is dedicated to top-notch customer service. We want the refund process to be easy for you. Need help with a gift card refund? Our friendly support team is ready and waiting to help you.

gift card refund

Key Points:

  • Refunds for gift card payments may take 5-7 business days to finalize.
  • The refunded amount will be credited back to the original gift card or a new card, depending on the situation.
  • Gift cards are generally not returnable or refundable for cash, except where required by law.

Restrictions on Returning a Gift Card

Returning a gift card has rules you must know. They’re frequently chosen for gifts or self-use. But, understanding their return and refund rules is crucial.

Under the law, gift cards can’t expire for five years after they’re activated. Inactivity fees are usually banned, except after a year without using the card.

Most times, you can’t turn gift cards into cash, unless state laws say you can. Each state decides how much you can get back for a gift card. Know your state’s laws before trying to get cash for a gift card.

When you return something bought with a gift card, you usually get the money back on that card. Or, they might give you a new one. This makes sure you still get the value back.

But, cashing out gift cards may not always be so simple. Third-party cards, like Sam’s Club cards, might have different rules. It’s smart to check by calling the number on the card.

Note: It’s best to wait before cashing third-party gift cards. Some are okay at Sam’s Club.

Knowing these rules helps you in deciding about gift cards. Be informed for a smooth experience.

Sam’s Club Gift of Membership Card

The Sam’s Club Gift of Membership Card is a prepaid card that gives a year of benefits. It lets recipients enjoy exclusive savings and perks only for members.

It’s a great gift for those who enjoy quality shopping at great prices. This gift will make shopping fun all year long.

But how does the Sam’s Club Gift of Membership Card work? Let’s break it down:

1. Redemption: You can redeem the card at any Sam’s Club store. Just show it at the membership desk to start enjoying a year of membership benefits.

2. Online Redemption: Unfortunately, you can’t use this card online or over the phone. It’s only for getting a membership in store.

3. Activation: To start your membership with a card bought online, use the email you got. This email tells how to turn the card into a membership at a Sam’s Club store.

4. Validity: This membership gift doesn’t expire. Recipients can take their time and enjoy a year’s worth of membership benefits.

5. Refunds: You can’t get cash back on this card, unless the law says so. This makes sure the membership is used for its special benefits.

6. Purpose: The card is just for paying for Sam’s Club membership. It can’t be used for buying things in stores or online.

Giving this Gift of Membership is giving the joy of saving and convenience to your loved ones. They can enjoy shopping for all their needs at great prices in one place.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift that keeps on giving, consider the Sam’s Club Gift of Membership Card. Give the gift of savings, variety, and convenience with a prepaid membership to Sam’s Club.

Benefits of a Sam’s Club Gift Card

A Sam’s Club gift card makes shopping easy and saves money. You can use it in the store or online. It’s great for buying what you need or want.

Wide Variety of Products and Services

At Sam’s Club, you can find almost anything with their gift card. They have food, electronics, furniture, and more. It’s perfect for your needs or as a gift for someone special.

Discounts and Promotions

There are often special deals when you use a Sam’s Club gift card. This helps you save even more money. Always look for ways to save with your gift card.

Flexibility and Convenience

A Sam’s Club gift card lets you shop in many places. Use it at Sam’s Club, Walmart, or online. This makes shopping easy with many options to choose from.

No Expiration Date

A Sam’s Club gift card won’t expire for about five years. This gives you lots of time to use it. You won’t have to worry about it expiring too soon.

Easy Balance Checking

It’s simple to check your Sam’s Club gift card’s balance. Do it online at during checkout. This helps you know how much is left on your card.

Multiple Payment Methods

Buying a Sam’s Club gift card online allows for many payment options. You can use credit cards, debit cards, and more. This makes it easy to buy a gift card the way you prefer.

In conclusion, a Sam’s Club gift card is a smart way to shop. It offers savings, a wide variety of products, and lots of convenience. It’s a great gift for yourself or others, making shopping fun and rewarding.

Bulk Gift Card Purchases

At Sam’s Club, buying lots of gift cards is simple. It’s great for big gifts in business or promotions. You can reward your team, say thanks to partners, or advertise with ease.

Sam’s Club lets you pick the kind, how many, and how much for your gift cards. You can choose from many top brands and shops. This lets you make sure your gift is just right. You can pick from dining, fun stuff, style, or cool gadgets. There’s something for everyone.

“At Sam’s Club, getting a bunch of gift cards is easy. You can do it online or in our store. Either way, it’s smooth and we’re here to help.”

Buying gift cards in bulk from Sam’s Club means great deals. You’ll find good prices and special offers. This means you can get more for your budget.

To start, visit us online or go to a Sam’s Club store. Online, pick from lots of options, add them to your cart, and check out. In a store, our team is ready to help you through every step. They’ll help you find exactly what you need.

After buying, your gift cards will arrive in bulk. We make sure they get to you quickly. That way, you can give them out right on time.

Buying in bulk at Sam’s Club saves time and offers great gifts. It’s perfect for staff awards, thanking clients, or to promote your brand. Letting them choose makes everyone happy, and leaves a great impression.

Benefits of Bulk Gift Card Purchases

What’s good about buying lots of gift cards at Sam’s? Here are the top reasons:

  • It’s easy: A smooth process for buying and giving gift cards
  • Lot of choices: Many options to fit different tastes
  • Great deals: Low prices and special offers to stretch your budget
  • Fast delivery: They get to you quickly
  • Personal choice: Recipients can pick what they really like
  • Customized: Make the gift cards perfect for each person

Our bulk gift cards let you give a special gift. Recipients get to choose what they want. It’s good news for everyone.

ConvenienceStreamlined process for purchasing and distributing gift cards
FlexibilityWide range of gift card options to suit different preferences
ValueCompetitive pricing and ongoing discounts
EfficiencyPrompt and efficient delivery options
ChoiceAllow recipients to select the products or services they truly desire
PersonalizationTailor gift cards to cater to individual tastes and preferences

Our bulk gift cards are a great choice. They let people choose what they love. It’s a perfect gift for you and your friends.


At Sam’s Club, choosing a gift card is easy. You can pick between physical or e-gift cards. Our buying process is simple, and we offer many payment choices.

The gift card works at Sam’s Club and Walmart. You can also use it for online shopping at and This means you can shop at many places with just one card.

Sam’s Club gift cards often come with discounts. Watch for special deals like the American Express Offer for You. You might get up to 70% off some items.

Buy a Sam’s Club gift card for yourself or a friend. It makes shopping fun and easy. Look at our gift card selection and start enjoying the perks at Sam’s Club and everywhere else!


Can I purchase a Sam’s Club gift card online?

Yes, you can buy Sam’s Club gift cards online. They have both physical and e-gift cards.

How do I purchase a Sam’s Club gift card online?

To purchase a card online, login to your account. Then, look for cards by searching or browsing. Pick the type, amount, and quantity, add them to your cart. Finally, complete your purchase.

How do I activate a Sam’s Club gift card?

Sam’s Club gift cards are ready to use when you get them. If it’s not working, visit the store or call for help.

How can I check the balance of my Sam’s Club gift card?

To check how much is on your card, log in at Then, go to “Gift cards” under Checkout. Enter your card’s details and click “Check balance.” You can also do this when buying something with the card.

Where can I use a Sam’s Club gift card?

You can use Sam’s Club cards at their stores and Walmart. Also, they work for buying things online at or

Can I use a Sam’s Club gift card for online purchases?

Yes, online purchases can use these gift cards. Just add them at checkout and enter the number and PIN. You can do this for more than one card.

What is the refund process for a purchase made with a gift card?

If you get a refund, it goes back on the gift card. The money might go back on the same card or a new one.

Can I return a gift card for a cash refund?

Usually, you can’t get cash back for a gift card. Laws in each state say if you can or not.

What is the Sam’s Club Gift of Membership Card?

This card is for a full year of Sam’s Club. It works at any Sam’s Club.

What are the benefits of a Sam’s Club gift card?

It lets you shop at Sam’s Club, Walmart, and their websites. Use it for all kinds of items like food, tech, and furniture.

Can I make bulk gift card purchases at Sam’s Club?

Yes, you can buy lots of gift cards at once. This is great for businesses or big events. You can do it online or at a store.

Where can I buy a Sam’s Club gift card?

Get them online or at a Sam’s Club store.

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