Street Fighter 6 Gameplay: Our First Look Revealed

Street Fighter 6 gameplay

Capcom excited fans during PlayStation’s June State of Play with a sneak peek of Street Fighter 6. The video showed favorite characters in action, with new features. It was a mix of stunning visuals, intense fights, and fresh gameplay mechanics. This makes Street Fighter 6 look like a must-play for fans of the series.

This preview brought back well-loved game modes like Arcade and Training. It also includes local and online battles. But, Street Fighter 6 adds three new modes too, promising more fun and excitement for players.

Key Takeaways:

  • Street Fighter 6 features a total of 18 fighters to discover in the World Tour mode, adding depth and variety to the gameplay experience.
  • Unlock the Drive Stall in the Skill Tree to gain the ability to slow down time in World Tour mode, giving you a tactical advantage.
  • Customize your avatar with different fighting styles in the Battle Hub, allowing you to showcase your unique personality and playstyle.
  • Prepare for intense challenges in the newly introduced Extreme Battle mode and test your teamwork in Team Battle.
  • Enjoy online play with friends as Custom Rooms now support up to 16 players simultaneously, providing thrilling multiplayer battles.

Expanded Character Roster and Special Moves

Street Fighter 6 is finally here, bringing a bigger roster and cooler moves. Ed joins the fight on February 27, making him the 21st character. He’s got new moves that really amp up the action.

Ed has some awesome moves like Psycho Flicker and Psycho Cannon. These are more than just cool to look at. They let you play in different ways to beat your enemies. His use of psycho power is truly something to see. It lets him attack in ways that are both powerful and stylish.

With Ed, we also get a new fighting stage called Ruined Lab. It looks amazing, like something out of a story about the end of the world. It makes every battle feel intense and exciting, adding to the overall fun.

Don’t forget Ed’s special super moves. His Level Super Arts, like Psycho Storm, can really change a fight. They’re big, flashy, and a lot of fun to use. Plus, they might just help you win a tough match.

Street Fighter 6 is also making the game better for players. On PC, you can now change how your buttons look. It’s a small change, but it can make a big difference. Plus, the new Extra Lighting feature for Photo Mode lets you take even better pictures in the game.

A.K.I. and Rashid joined the game as DLC just before Ed. They’ve made the game even more interesting. Plus, the fans’ favorite, Akuma, is coming in 2024. It’s something to really look forward to.

Chun-Li and Dee Jay: A Diverse Move Set

In Street Fighter 6, each character has their own set of moves. Chun-Li, for example, has a lot of moves that let her fight in fast and different ways. She’s all about staying quick and flexible in battle.

Dee Jay is another character who fights differently. He’s got a ton of moves to help control battles. With 11 Unique Attacks, he can really keep his opponents guessing. His mix of offensive and defensive moves make him a strategic pick.

Dee Jay’s Super Arts also offer different ways to end a combo. One of his moves, the Lowkey Sunrise Festival, is a fan favorite for its complexity. Skilled players can chain a series of attacks together for a powerful finish.

Dee Jay has some really advanced skills, like Juggling Sway and Juggling Dash. These let him move in special ways during battle. They add an extra layer to his fighting style, making him both challenging and fun to play.

Expanding the Roster: Street Fighter 6 vs. Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 6 starts with 18 fighters, giving players a variety of choices right from the start. This is more than Street Fighter 5 had at the beginning. However, over time, Street Fighter 5 added many more characters through updates.

Street Fighter 6 plans to add four more characters by spring 2024. Each new fighter will bring their own skills to enjoy. This means the game will keep growing, offering more and more to its players.

Ed and Akuma are two of the most-loved characters in Street Fighter 6. Their popularity shows how much players enjoy using them. It’s cool to see which fighters people really connect with.

Street Fighter 6 is all about bringing in new faces, like A.K.I., to keep the game fresh. With exciting new moves and characters from all over the world, the game keeps getting better. It’s a great time to be a Street Fighter fan.

Online Multiplayer Features

Street Fighter 6 keeps its tradition alive with exciting online multiplayer features. Players can challenge opponents worldwide. This creates a thrilling environment for both experienced and new players.

The highlight of Street Fighter 6 is its online matches. You can face off against anyone, anywhere. These intense duels allow you to improve your skills and tactics with each character. You also get to show off your strategies to move up in the competition.

In ranked battles, you prove your mettle against others in a fair setting. You have to win 10 initial matches, each imposing specific rules. This structure ensures everyone gets a chance to shine and progress among the best players.

Moreover, Street Fighter 6 offers the Real-Time Commentary Feature. Top fighting game experts provide live analysis. This helps all players, even spectators, learn new strategies and understand the game better.

The game also includes the Battle Hub for socializing. You can engage in Avatar Battles, chat with friends, and even enjoy music from DJ Stations. This feature aims to build a strong community spirit among players.

With its rich online features, Street Fighter 6 is a playground for thrilling battles and skill showcasing. Conquer the world, rise in the ranks, and make your mark as a legendary Street Fighter. It’s your time to shine.

Arcade Mode Gameplay

Capcom plans to bring back the beloved Arcade Mode in Street Fighter 6. This mode is a favorite among fans. It lets you battle AI opponents in a series of fights.

In the Arcade Mode, you’ll go through different stages. You get to test your skills and strategies against different opponents. It doesn’t matter if you’re new or an old player. Everyone can enjoy the challenge and fun this mode brings.

This time, in Street Fighter 6, you can set how many matches you play in Arcade Mode. You can pick from 5 to 12 stages. This customization makes the game fit your time and preferences better.

Street Fighter 6 also adds level 8 opponents to Arcade Mode. They are tougher than ever before. Be ready to fight hard and show all your Street Fighter skills.

Moreover, Street Fighter 6 offers more than before. There’s an extra mini-game to play. This makes the arcade experience even more fun and diverse.

Arcade Mode in Street Fighter 4 vs Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5’s Arcade Mode stands out for its variety. It offers more challenges and content than Street Fighter 4. This makes it more engaging for players.

Street Fighter GameArcade Mode Features
Street Fighter 4Less gameplay diversity
Street Fighter 5More content and challenges

Arcade Mode is a big deal in Street Fighter 6. Fans asked for it, and Capcom delivered. It’s key for keeping players happy and involved. Not having this mode in Street Fighter 5 cost them a lot of money.

Thanks to Street Fighter 6, players can dive into the game like never before. They can improve their skills, find new strategies, and enjoy the full Street Fighter game experience.

Enhanced Graphics and Visuals

Street Fighter 6 is set to amaze players with its graphics. It uses the latest hardware and Capcom’s RE Engine. This same engine made games like Devil May Cry look stunning. Street Fighter 6 plans to top its own best in graphics.

The game’s art style is smooth and vivid. It makes the world of Street Fighter 6 really eye-catching. Every scene and move are carefully designed for a rich, active experience.

Characters now look and act more real. They show true-to-life feelings and responses. This makes the game feel deeper and more engaging. You can see Ryu’s focus or Chun-Li’s powerful kicks like never before.

Overall, Street Fighter 6 is reaching for an amazing visual impact. It wants to grab attention, both from fans and new players, with its look.

New Gameplay Mechanics – The Drive System

Street Fighter 6 brings in a fresh gameplay mechanic called the Drive System. It amps up both attack and defense for players, making fights more complex and strategic. Now, players have more ways to outsmart their foes.

This system uses a special gauge, the Drive Gauge, which has six bars at the start. It’s key to pulling off big moves and tactics during fights. This can really change the course of battle.

Drive System Moves

In the Drive System, there are special moves with costs from ×1 to ×3 on the Drive Gauge. Each fighter has their own set of moves. This lets players show off their unique styles and find new strategies. These moves can range from heavy strikes to ways to protect.

Drive System MoveDrive Gauge CostDescription
Drive Impact1 barConsumes one bar of the Drive Gauge and can cause a wall splat when performed with an opponent cornered.
Drive ParryVariableRequires the player to hold down medium kick and medium punch, depleting the Drive Gauge until released.
Overdrive Art2 barsAkin to an EX move, demands two bars from the Drive Gauge to enhance special attacks.
Drive Rush1 bar (with a Drive Parry)Enables characters to cancel animations with a forward dash, reducing cost from three bars to one when performed from a Drive Parry.
Drive Reversal2 barsSimilar to Alpha Counters/V-Reversals, costs two Drive Gauge bars and can be activated by pressing forward and R1+R2 while blocking an attack.

These Drive System Moves give players many ways to make their fighting style unique. They can mix and match moves to fit their style and the situation at hand. This encourages players to think strategically and try new things, keeping fights fresh and fun.

The Drive System is just a taste of what’s new in Street Fighter 6. It’s got a lot to offer, from new mechanics to a wide range of characters. With better graphics and effects, Street Fighter 6 looks to be an exciting part of the series.


We got to see the first Street Fighter 6 gameplay. It’s exciting to look at what’s coming in this famous fighting game. The new game will start with 18 fighters, and more will be added later on.

There are different ways to play, so everyone can find what they like. You can choose from the classic, modern, or dynamic control options.

Players will find many game modes to enjoy. Arcade Mode lets you follow each fighter’s story through 5 or 12 stages. The online mode attracts players from all over the world. Many love to compete in global tournaments. Street Fighter 6 got a great score of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The game looks amazing and plays smoothly on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. It also sounds great, making the experience even more fun. New characters and gameplay features bring more fun and challenge.

Street Fighter 6 is coming in 2023. It promises new battles and adventures. Fans are eager to see what’s next in this popular game.


What was revealed in the Street Fighter 6 gameplay footage?

At a PlayStation event in June, Capcom showcased the game. It featured legendary characters, stunning new features, and how the game works.

What modes will be included in Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6 will introduce Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub. It also brings back favorites like Arcade Mode, Training Mode, and lets you play with friends both locally and online.

Which characters are returning in Street Fighter 6?

The trailer highlighted old favorites like Chun-Li and Ryu, plus some new faces. It also teased Secret Arts, which are strong special moves.

What can we expect from the graphics and visual style of Street Fighter 6?

Made with Capcom’s RE Engine, Street Fighter 6 boasts beautiful graphics. It has a unique painting-like style. Animations are smooth, making the characters and their actions look real.

How will the Drive System enhance the gameplay in Street Fighter 6?

The new Drive System adds a special gauge. This gauge allows players to use powerful techniques like Drive Impact and Overdrive Art. It makes both attacking and defending in the game better.

What online multiplayer features will Street Fighter 6 offer?

Street Fighter 6’s online features will include regular matches, ranked battles, and tournaments. There will also be a Real-Time Commentary Feature. This will have commentary by well-known fighting game experts.

Will Arcade Mode be available in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, Street Fighter 6 will have Arcade Mode. It offers a classic single-player challenge. Players will fight a series of AI opponents one after another.

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