Target Gift Card – Buy or Redeem Gift Cards at Target

target gift card

Looking for a great gift? Try a Target GiftCard! It’s perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just to say thank you. With many choices and easy ways to buy and use them, Target GiftCards are a top pick.

Buying a Target GiftCard couldn’t be simpler. You can grab one at the store, on, or elsewhere. At Target stores, you’ll find physical cards from $5 to $500. Online or in apps, pick from values like $10, $20, $25, $50, $75, $100, and $200. You can also set your own value, up to $500.

Ordering online? You can choose different ways to get your card. Emailed eGiftCards arrive in 4 hours, great for quick gifts. Physical cards get sent by mail and will arrive in 7-10 days. And if you love sending texts, Mobile (Text) GiftCards are delivered within 4 hours, ready to surprise any time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Target GiftCards can be purchased in-store, online, or at other retailers
  • Denominations range from $5 to $500 for physical gift cards
  • Online options include preset values and customization
  • eGiftCards are delivered via email within 4 hours
  • Mobile (Text) GiftCards are sent to mobile devices within 4 hours

Where to Buy Target Gift Cards

If you want to get a Target Gift Card, you have lots of places to look. You can buy them online or in Target’s many stores. Either way, shopping at Target is easy.


At the store, just head to the checkout. There, you can choose a physical gift card. These cards range from $5 to $500.

Online and Mobile:

Prefer shopping online or on the Target app? You can get Mobile or eGiftCards. These choices come through text or email. Also, and the app have physical gift cards. They come in set amounts from $10 to $200. But you can also make your own with any value from $5 to $500.

Other Retailers:

You can find Target GiftCards at lots of places besides Target. Places like Kroger, Albertson’s, CVS Pharmacy, and Walgreens have them. They offer a big selection, including open denomination cards from $15 to $500.

How to Buy Physical Target Gift Cards In Store

If you enjoy shopping in stores, getting a physical Target GiftCard is easy. Just do this:

  1. Go to a Target store near you and look for the right gift card.
  2. Pick the value you want, from $5 to $500.
  3. Choose a cool design that matches the event or your style. Target has lots of designs to pick from.
  4. Go to the checkout and grab a physical Target GiftCard.
  5. Pay for it to complete your purchase.

After buying one, keep it for yourself or give it to a loved one. It’s a great way to say thanks or mark a special day.

Don’t forget, physical Target GiftCards come in values from $5 to $500. You can choose just the right amount for any event.

DenominationsPhysical GiftCard Availability
$5 – $500Available in-store

Getting a physical Target GiftCard in a store is fast and fun. It lets you find a truly special gift for those you love. It’s perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a sweet surprise. A Target GiftCard is sure to make anyone happy.

How to Buy Target Gift Cards Online

Buying Target GiftCards online is easy and handy. It’s a great way to surprise someone. Or you might want to treat yourself instead. Here’s a guide to getting Target GiftCards online:

  1. Go to the Target GiftCards page on
  2. Choose the design you like from the options.
  3. Pick how much money you want on the card. You can choose from set amounts or pick any number between $5 to $500.
  4. Decide how you want the card delivered. Target has three ways to get it to you:
Delivery MethodProcessing TimeDelivery Time
Email (Target eGiftCard)Typically within 4 hoursCan be sent immediately by email, or you can pick a date up to three months later
Mail (Physical Target GiftCard)Processed within 4 hoursIt will arrive in 7-10 days, but this might change due to the post office
Mobile (Text message)Typically within 4 hoursCan be sent right away by text, or you can choose a date up to three months later

After you’ve picked the design, amount, and how it will be sent, add it to your cart. Then, go to checkout. Fill in your details, check your order, and pay. You’ll get a message or email confirming your Target GiftCard purchase.

Now you’re all set for online shopping and making someone happy with Target GiftCards. No matter the joy you’re sharing, a Target GiftCard is always a great present.

How to Redeem Target Gift Cards

Got a Target GiftCard? Awesome! It’s easy to use, online or in-store. Here’s what to do:

In-Store Redemption

Shopping physically at Target? Bring your card and pay at the cashier. They’ll scan your card. Then, the card’s value goes towards your items.

Make sure your card has a barcode. Without it, you can’t pay in-store.

Online Redemption

Prefer shopping online? Go to to use your card. In the checkout, find the “Gift Cards” section.

Enter your card’s numbers and click “Apply.” This reduces your total by the card’s amount.

target gift card redemption

“Redeeming a Target GiftCard is quick and easy, whether you choose to shop in-store or online. Just present the physical card to the cashier or enter the card details during online checkout to enjoy the benefits of your Target GiftCard.”

Important Tips and Limitations

Remember these when using your Target GiftCard:

  • You can use up to 10 cards per order online.
  • They’re used first, before any credit cards.
  • Non-promo gift cards saved in your Wallet can’t join with others.
  • Since April 2023, you can’t add money to Target GiftCards.

Questions? Need help? Call Target at 1-800-544-2943.

Now you’re set to use your Target GiftCard. Enjoy shopping at Target!

Check Target Gift Card Balance

Keeping an eye on your Target GiftCard balance is important. It’s key for smooth shopping. Check the balance to see how much you have left. Luckily, it’s simple to check your card’s balance. Here’s how:

1. Visit the Target GiftCard Balance Page

To check, go to the Target GiftCard balance page on Enter your 15-digit card number and the Access Number from the card’s back. Then, click “Next” to see your remaining money. It’s an easy process!

2. Log into Your Target Account

With a Target account, you can check your GiftCard balance. Just log in and choose “Gift Cards”. This lets you see your balance in one place with other account details.

3. Use the Target Mobile App

The Target app is another handy way to check. Download the app and log in. Then, go to the “Gift Cards” section. You’ll find your balance and can track your funds wherever you are.

Checking your Target GiftCard balance is always free. Do it online, with the app, or by phone. Checking before you shop is smart. This way, you’re sure you have enough money.

Knowing your GiftCard balance helps you shop confidently at Target. So check your balance and start squeezing the most out of your Target visits!

Target Gift Card Delivery Options

We offer many ways to get your Target GiftCards to you. We make sure it’s easy and fast for you. Choose email, mail, or mobile delivery, whatever works best for you.

Email Delivery

Need your gift card in a hurry? Use our email delivery. Pick it at checkout, and your Target eGiftCard will arrive in your inbox. It usually takes about 4 hours. You can even set the date for delivery up to three months ahead, perfect for planning ahead for special days.

Mail Delivery

Like having a physical gift card in your hands? Choose our mail delivery. Your Target GiftCard will come right to your door. It usually arrives in 7-10 days. But, keep in mind, there might be postal delays sometimes.

Mobile Delivery

Always moving fast? Try our mobile delivery. Your Target GiftCard will be texted to your smartphone. You’ll get it within about 4 hours. Like emails, you can also schedule the delivery for up to three months in advance.

Choose the way that suits your liking or situation. It’s perfect for quick gifts or lovely surprises. We’ve made sure each method is simple and free of troubles.

No matter how you get your gift card, we’ve got you covered. You can choose from a big variety, both in stores and online. Our physical cards start at $5 and go up to $500. For eGiftCards, the range starts at $10, going up to $500, and you can even pick custom amounts.

Pick the best delivery option for your Target GiftCard today. Spread joy with a present that offers both freedom and ease.

Discounts and Promotions on Target Gift Cards

At Target, we enjoy giving our customers deals on gift cards. You get to save a lot and shop happily with our special offers. We’ll show you all the benefits of our gift cards close up.

Discounted Prices

We know everyone likes saving money. That’s why our Target gift cards are currently 7% off. This discount lets you keep more cash while getting a great gift. Here are some examples of the discounts:

Card ValueDiscounted Price

Buying our discounted gift cards lets you stretch your budget further. You’ll save more at Target.

Target Circle Loyalty Program

Our Target Circle is great for getting more out of your gift cards. With each purchase using your Target Circle, you earn 1% in rewards. These rewards help you save more on your next buys. They work even if you’re using a RedCard.

Price Match Policy

We ensure you always get the best prices with our price match policy. If you find a lower price at some online or local stores, we’ll match it. This keeps you confident that you’re spending wisely.

Other Perks

Target offers more to enhance your shopping. As a Circle member, you get special deals and birthday gifts. It shows we care about those who shop with us regularly.

With Shipt, you can have your purchases delivered the same day. This service costs $99 per year, adding convenience to your life.

Our gift cards are for online use only, making them great for any shopping needs. They are sent by email within a day, making them quick and easy to use.

For good deals on our gift cards, check out CardCookie. You’ll find excellent offers on a variety of gift cards, including ours.

Visit our website and social media to stay updated on our latest deals and contests. We’re always offering more ways to save and win Target GiftCards.

target gift card discount

With our gift card deals and Circle program, Target is more rewarding than ever. Start saving today and enjoy everything Target has for you!

Target Gift Card Giveaways

Target is excited to spread the joy by hosting fun gift card giveaways. We often run these through social media or special events. This is your chance to win free Target GiftCards!

Joining is simple. Watch for updates on our social media or visit our website. You could win a Target GiftCard, allowing you to shop for what you love.

Not into giveaways? There are many other ways to snag free gift cards. For instance, you could:

  1. Gain Swagbucks points for free Target eGiftCards (link).
  2. Earn with Fetch Rewards by scanning your grocery receipts for Target gift cards.
  3. Get free gift cards with Target’s special product deals, like those on diapers.
  4. Sign up to InboxDollars for a $5 bonus and points towards free Target gift cards.
  5. Use Survey Junkie to share opinions and earn $40 a month in free Target cards.
  6. Complete Branded Surveys for more free Target gift cards ($0.50 to $5.00 each).
  7. Do tasks on PrizeRebel for points you can swap for Target gift cards.
  8. Use cash back from Ibotta on groceries to get free Target gift cards.
  9. Enjoy Rakuten for cash back towards Target shopping after shopping at stores.
  10. Join Prime Opinion for Target gift codes or cash rewards from surveys.
  11. Find weekly gift card offers in Target’s ads after buying certain items.
  12. Join Target Circle for cash back and special sales that might include free gift cards.
  13. Exchange old gadgets for Target gift cards in Target’s trade-in program.

With these many chances, you can get lots of Target gift cards. Treat yourself or others with wonderful gifts. Keep an eye out for our giveaways, check out our partners, and enjoy the many ways to get free Target cards. Happy gifting!

Terms and Restrictions for Target Gift Cards

There are several key points about Target GiftCards to remember. These rules help you enjoy using your card more. They make shopping easier and trouble-free.

Intended Use:

Target GiftCards work at Target stores and on You can spend them on clothes, home stuff, electronics, and food.


You can’t use these cards to buy other gift cards. They are just for Target’s own items and services.

Suspicious Activity:

If anyone tells you to pay with GiftCards in a weird way, tell the FTC. Target cares about keeping its customers safe. It wants your shopping with the card to be secure and right.

Remember these tips for using your Target GiftCard. With them in mind, you can get what you want at Target with ease.


Using a Target GiftCard lets you shop easily at Target stores or online on This makes buying or using a gift card simple.

Be careful about physical gift card scams when you buy a Target gift card. Always check the gift card for signs of tampering before you buy it. The safest way to get a gift card is online from well-known sellers.

If you think you’re a scam victim, call the store’s fraud department using the numbers on the back of the card. Target knows about gift card scams. They want to help by having you speak to their guest relations team.

Target offers many gift card choices, like physical and digital cards, for all occasions and tastes. Buying and using your card is easy, either in-store or online. There are no hidden fees, no expiration date, and you can track your balance easily. Target makes sure their gift card holders are stress-free.


Where can I buy Target gift cards?

Target gift cards are sold at any Target store, online at, and some other shops. Places like Kroger, Albertson’s, CVS, and Walgreens have them too. But, not every place may have them.

How do I buy physical Target gift cards in-store?

In store, pick up a physical gift card and choose any amount between to 0. Then, just pay for it like any other item.

How do I buy Target gift cards online?

Go to the Target Gift Cards page on Choose how you want your gift card to look and its value. You can get it through email, regular mail, or on your phone. After choosing, add it to your cart and check out.

How do I redeem Target gift cards?

At a Target store or online at, use it like you would pay with cash. Just show the physical card or type in the code online.

How can I check my Target gift card balance?

To see how much is left on your card, go to the Target website’s gift card balance page. You’ll need to enter the card number and access code.

What are the delivery options for Target gift cards?

You can get gift cards by email, mail, or on your phone. The time it takes to get them changes. For example, email is quick, but regular mail may take a week or more.

Are there any discounts or promotions on Target gift cards?

Sometimes, Target has sales or bonuses on gift cards. This could be a percent off or an extra card with a big enough purchase. To not miss out, keep up with Target’s latest offers.

Does Target have gift card giveaways?

Target does give away gift cards sometimes, through social media or at special events. Watch for chances to get your own.

What are the terms and restrictions for Target gift cards?

Remember, Target gift cards are only for Target stores and They can’t buy other gift cards. Be careful if anyone tells you to use them in a weird way, and tell the FTC.

Can I use a Target gift card to make online purchases?

Yes, you can use a Target gift card at Just enter your gift card details when you check out.

Can I use multiple Target gift cards for a single purchase?

Absolutely, you can combine as many gift cards as needed. Either type in each card’s info online or show them at the store’s register.

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