Tarzan Cartoon: Explore the Thrilling Jungle Adventures

Tarzan cartoon

Welcome to the exciting world of the Tarzan cartoon. It’s an animated series that shows Tarzan’s jungle adventures. These adventures are based on the classic character from “Tarzan of the Apes” by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

You’ll meet Tarzan, the hero of the jungle. He swings on vines, faces dangerous animals, and fights to keep his jungle safe. Whether you know Tarzan well or are just starting, this series will grab your attention.

The Tarzan cartoon first appeared on TV from 1976 to 1978. It has built a big fan base over the years. This is thanks to its thrilling stories, lively animation, and characters you won’t forget.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Tarzan cartoon is an animated series based on the adventures of Tarzan, the jungle hero.
  • It aired from 1976 to 1978 and has an IMDb rating of 7.6/10.
  • With a total of 36 episodes, the series takes us on thrilling jungle adventures.
  • The top-rated seasons spanned over four years, captivating audiences with their gripping storylines.
  • The series offers 19 captivating photos that give a visual glimpse into the vibrant world of Tarzan.

Tarzan Cartoon Episode Guide

The Tarzan cartoon series is full of adventure. It has 18 episodes, with the first airing on September 3, 2001. Viewers follow Tarzan in his wild adventures through the jungle.

Each Tarzan cartoon episode has a special story. They all show how brave and smart Tarzan is. He always fights to keep his home safe from danger. You will see him take on different challenges and enemies.

Some favorite episodes are:

  1. Tarzan and the Race Against Time: It’s the exciting season opener. It introduces us to Tarzan’s thrilling adventures and got an 8.0/10 rating from 68 votes.
  2. Tarzan and the Trading Post: Tarzan finds a trading post in the jungle. It’s full of danger and got a rating of 7.3/10 from 44 viewers.
  3. Tarzan and the Lost Cub: In this episode, Tarzan meets a lost cub. It shows his caring side and got a 7.4/10 rating from 42 individuals.
  4. The Lost City of Opar: Tarzan finds a secret city in the jungle. This episode earned a 6.9/10 rating with 39 votes.
  5. The Fugitives: Tarzan helps save some people. It’s a gripping story and got a 7.1/10 rating from 34 viewers.

Besides the episode guide, the Tarzan cartoon shares more. It shows strong characters, adventures with animals, and themes about nature and cultures. These add to the show’s depth, making it a top choice for adventure and animated story fans.

Complete Tarzan Cartoon Episode Guide

S1.E1Tarzan and the Race Against Time8.0/10
S1.E2Tarzan and the Trading Post7.3/10
S1.E3Tarzan and the Lost Cub7.4/10
S1.E4The Lost City of Opar6.9/10
S1.E5The Fugitives7.1/10
S1.E6Tarzan and the Rogue Elephant6.9/10
S1.E7Tarzan and the Poisoned River: Part 17.2/10
S1.E8Tarzan and the Poisoned River: Part 27.5/10
S1.E9Tarzan and the Enemy Within7.0/10
S1.E10Tarzan and the Fountain7.2/10
S1.E11Tarzan and the Hidden World7.3/10
S1.E12Tarzan and the Rift6.4/10
S1.E13Tarzan and the Giant Beetles6.7/10
S1.E14Tarzan and the Jungle Madness7.2/10
S1.E15Tarzan and the Protege7.2/10
S1.E16Tarzan and the Leopard Men Rebellion7.2/10
S1.E17Tarzan and the Rough Rider7.6/10
S1.E18Tarzan and the Seeds of Destruction6.8/10

Tarzan Cartoon Cast & Crew

The Tarzan cartoon features skilled voice actors and a hardworking crew. The show stars Tony Goldwyn and Minnie Driver. Brian Blessed brings Clayton to life, and Glenn Close voices Kala. With Nigel Hawthorne as Professor Porter and Lance Henriksen as Kerchak, the team gives us a memorable series.

Under Kevin Lima and Chris Buck’s direction, the Tarzan cartoon came alive. Their vision was unique. Writers like Tab Murphy and Bob Tzudiker shaped the stories. These tales reflect Tarzan’s thrilling jungle adventures beautifully.

In the heart of the jungle, our cast of voice actors and crew members collaborated to create a world brimming with excitement, laughter, and heart. Together, we transported audiences to the wild and thrilling universe of Tarzan.

Voice Actors Statistics

Let’s look closer at how the Tarzan characters were brought to life:

Number of Voice ActorsTotal Male Voice ActorsTotal Female Voice ActressesNumber of Uncredited Voice Actors

This breakdown highlights the varied talents in the Tarzan cartoon’s voice cast. Each actor’s dedication made the jungle adventures vibrant and unforgettable.

Top Billed Actors

In the Tarzan cartoon, key roles were embraced by:

  • Brian Blessed as Clayton
  • Glenn Close as Kala
  • Minnie Driver as Jane
  • Tony Goldwyn as Tarzan

Total Number of Characters

There are 48 unique characters in the Tarzan cartoon. Each adds their own twist to the jungle tales. This varied group shows the creators’ rich imagination.

Characters with Major Roles

Eight characters play big parts in the Tarzan cartoon:

  • Tarzan
  • Jane
  • Kala
  • Clayton
  • Professor Porter
  • Kerchak
  • Tantor
  • Terk

Voice Actors with Multiple Roles

Some actors took on various roles. This shows their talent and range in the Tarzan cartoon:

  • Alex D. Linz
  • Bob Bergen
  • Lily Collins
  • Debi Derryberry
  • Brandon Lucas

The team’s creativity and hard work made the Tarzan cartoon a hit. Their teamwork created a beloved series. It still enchants people of all ages today.

Tarzan Cartoon User Reviews

Many users have shared their feedback on the The Legend of Tarzan show. Their reviews have been mostly positive. Out of the 11 reviews we looked at, 8 users liked the show a lot.

The show got high scores like 8/10 and 9/10 in two reviews. People praised its quality and how fun it is to watch. They loved the exciting stories, beautiful animation, and interesting characters in Tarzan’s world.

Some users wished there were more seasons. They were sad the show ended quickly and wanted to see more episodes. One user said, “I wish the show kept going, we wanted more.”

The series stayed true to the original Tarzan stories. It even added new characters from Edgar Rice Burroughs’s books. This made the show feel real and connected with fans of the original stories.

“If you enjoy adventure and the books, you must see this show,” a user advised. They meant the show is great for people who love the original Tarzan stories.

When it came to the animation, opinions varied. Some liked it, saying it was good. But others wanted it to be as good as the first Tarzan movie and were let down.

On average, users rated “The Legend of Tarzan” as a 7 out of 10. This shows most people enjoyed the show. It reinforces how good and fun the Tarzan cartoon really is.

Around, the reviews showed positive points about the Tarzan cartoon. People praised its exciting stories, lovely animation, and how it told the classic character’s adventures well.

IMDb Rating7.6/10
Number of User Reviews11
Number of Critic Reviews8
Total Episodes36
Top-Rated Episodes4 seasons over 4 years
Total Photos19 photos available
Top Cast Members MentionedN/A

Tarzan Cartoon Trivia

Did you know that the Tarzan cartoon isn’t just thrilling? It’s full of neat trivia too. Let’s explore some interesting facts and secrets:

  1. The Tarzan cartoon was shown in “The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour.” This combined three famous heroes for a fun show.
  2. In one episode, Tarzan met Batman from another cartoon. It was a super cool crossover event.
  3. The voice actors for Tarzan also played other roles. This showed their amazing skill at creating different character voices.

These trivia bits share more about the Tarzan cartoon’s making and history. They add to its appeal for fans.

Now, let’s dig into more Tarzan cartoon trivia:

The song “Thrashin’ the Camp” from Tarzan needed cool sound effects. Phil Collins broke things in the studio to match the song’s lively beat.

The Tarzan cartoon is packed with interesting facts. These details enhance the show’s adventure in many ways.

Tarzan Cartoon Trivia

Share these fun facts with your Tarzan-loving friends. You’ll wow them with your series knowledge!

Tarzan Cartoon IMDb Rating

The Tarzan cartoon is loved by many, scoring 7.6 out of 10 on IMDb. This high score shows it’s a top-notch show with a great story. Episodes last 1 hour and 28 minutes, taking viewers on exciting jungle journeys.

The show has a big fan base, with 248K ratings and ranking 1,467 in popularity. It’s also well-received by reviewers. 349 user reviews and 131 critic reviews all praises the series’ quality.

It got an 80 Metascore, making it a hit among viewers. They admire the beautiful animation and the deep characters. The show shines with the voices of Tony Goldwyn, Minnie Driver, and more, making the characters come to life.

If you loved Tarzan, check out movies like “Mulan”, “Hercules”, and “Beauty and the Beast”. They offer similar magical worlds and fun stories. With a high user review rating, Tarzan is a fan favorite.

The Tarzan cartoon is inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs’ famous character. It has 36 thrilling episodes. With a solid 7.6 rating on IMDb and lots of positive reviews, it’s clear this show is beloved worldwide.

IMDb RatingPopularity RankTotal RatingsTotal User ReviewsTotal Critic ReviewsMetascoreRuntime
7.6/101,467248K320131801 hour 28 minutes

Top Cast Members:

  • Robert Ridgely
  • Jack Bannon
  • Erika Scheimer
  • And others

Similar Shows with IMDb Ratings:

  1. The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour (7.3)
  2. Tarzan and Jane (4.9)
  3. Tarzan (4.8)
  4. And more

Tarzan Cartoon Photos

Step into the thrilling world of Tarzan with a fantastic collection of 19 photos. These images highlight the show’s animation, character design, and exciting scenes. They paint a vivid picture of Tarzan’s vibrant and action-filled universe.

Feel the thrill of Tarzan’s wild escapades with these amazing photos. Explore his battles with dangerous jungle creatures and his touching moments with animal pals. These pictures perfectly showcase the series’ spirit.

See Tarzan swing through the trees, showing off his incredible power and speed. You’ll also get to view the stunning jungle settings, featuring dense greenery and unique animals. Plus, marvel at the detailed characters, including Tarzan and his friends.

Whether you’re already a fan or just starting to watch, these photos will grab your attention. They serve as a visual adventure into Tarzan’s world. Let the images spark your creativity and love for the Tarzan series.

Come with us on a visual tour of the Tarzan cartoon. These photos will awaken your spirit of adventure and exploration.

Tarzan Cartoon Similar Shows

If you liked the Tarzan cartoon, you’ll love other shows with similar themes. They have exciting stories, bright animation, and awesome characters. These features will definitely keep you hooked.

The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour

“The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour” mixes jungle and Western adventures. Tarzan, the Lone Ranger, and Zorro take part in quests to defeat bad guys and protect the innocent. Watching them is thrilling.

Tarzan and Jane

Want to see more of the Tarzan world? Then “Tarzan and Jane” is for you. It shows Tarzan and Jane facing jungle challenges, meeting dangerous enemies, and discovering secrets. Their love story shines in a new light.

Tarzan the Fearless

For fans of adventure and excitement, “Tarzan the Fearless” is a great option. Tarzan battles deadly animals, finds hidden treasures, and takes on evil foes. This show captures the true spirit of Tarzan’s adventures.

The Adventures of Batman

If dark superhero stories are your thing, check out “The Adventures of Batman.” It follows Batman as he uses his skills to fight crime in Gotham City. Even though it’s different from Tarzan, it’s equally thrilling and heroic.

Take a dive into these exciting shows for adventures just as thrilling as Tarzan’s. Whether it’s the jungle, epic heroism, or solving mysteries, these series promise hours of fun. They will surely keep you interested throughout.

Tarzan Cartoon Film Adaptation

The Tarzan cartoon led to a hit film in 1999. That movie, “Tarzan,” was made by Walt Disney. It took Tarzan’s adventures to new heights on the big screen.

The film had a great voice cast. Tony Goldwyn voiced Tarzan. Minnie Driver was Jane, and Brian Blessed played Clayton. The movie also starred Glenn Close, Nigel Hawthorne, Lance Henriksen, Wayne Knight, Alex D. Linz, and Rosie O’Donnell.

“Tarzan” made waves at the box office. It earned over $448 million worldwide against a $130 million budget. This made it a top film in 1999. Only “Toy Story 2” did better among animated films that year.

The film’s success was no surprise. It had amazing animation, great voices, and awesome action. Plus, the music was unforgettable. Phil Collins’ song, “You’ll Be in My Heart,” won an Oscar.

After the film’s success, more works followed. One of these was a Broadway show in 2006. It also inspired a TV series called “The Legend of Tarzan” in 2002.

Tarzan has become more than just an animated character. He is a hero loved by many in different forms of entertainment. His story’s timeless charm shows the lasting appeal of the Tarzan legacy.

IMDb RatingUser ReviewsCritic ReviewsMetascoreRuntime
7.3/10349131801 hour 28 minutes

Tarzan Cartoon Legacy

The Tarzan cartoon sparked imaginations, showing us the exciting world of Tarzan. This series had thrilling jungle adventures and lovable characters. It made a big impact on culture and still touches hearts today. Both young and old enjoy its charm.

The Tarzan cartoon inspired many other works. We got a Broadway hit, a popular TV series, and two direct sequels. These new additions kept Tarzan alive in our entertainment. They showed how much people love his stories of the jungle.

Iconic artists like Glen Keane and Michael Show helped bring Tarzan to the screen. Their work made us fall in love with Tarzan’s adventurous spirit. We all enjoyed watching him swing from vines and do brave deeds.

Tarzan’s voice actors, like Tony Goldwyn, gave Tarzan a unique voice. Their work is key in making Tarzan a well-loved character. Their performances made Tarzan someone people feel close to.

Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk was a model for Tarzan’s tree sliding. This unique partnership added realism to Tarzan’s world. It showed us the different skills needed to create a character like Tarzan.

Tarzan is seen as a brave and good hero. People love him for his adventures with Jane and his family. These relationships are what make Tarzan’s stories touching and relatable to many.

The Tarzan cartoon has entertained people for years. His stories are in more than just cartoons. You can find Tarzan in movies, games, and even parks. His popularity shows how much we enjoy his tales.

“The Legend of Tarzan” TV series continues his story, showing more of his world. This series adds to Tarzan’s long-lasting legacy and keeps him in our hearts.

In the end, the Tarzan cartoon left a big mark on culture. Its exciting stories, beautiful animation, and beloved characters stay with us. Tarzan’s world continues to inspire and charm everyone.


The Tarzan cartoon is an exciting series that takes you to Tarzan’s world in the jungle. It has great stories, beautiful animation, and characters you won’t forget. It doesn’t matter if you love the original books or just want to see thrilling jungle stories, Tarzan has it all.

Tarzan shows us what bravery and caring for others means as he protects his home. We see how much he loves the jungle and its creatures. This makes his version a special one that is not like the others.

The show has action, adventure, and touching moments, making it perfect for kids and adults. The team behind the voices and animation put a lot of heart into it. They used new methods to make the jungle look real and stunning.

So, whether you’re starting to love Tarzan or remembering him from your past, let’s enjoy this adventure together. Watch it on Netflix and feel the jungle’s thrill at home. Prepare to glide through trees with Tarzan into a place where dreams can happen.


What is the Tarzan cartoon about?

The Tarzan cartoon is an exciting animated series about Tarzan, the jungle hero. It shows Tarzan helping those in need, fighting against bad stuff, and keeping the peace in his jungle home.

When did the Tarzan cartoon air?

The Tarzan cartoon was on TV from 1976 to 1978.

How many episodes are there in the Tarzan cartoon?

There are 36 episodes in the Tarzan cartoon. They’re spread across 4 seasons.

Who are the voice actors in the Tarzan cartoon?

The show stars great voice actors. For instance, Robert Ridgely plays Tarzan. Jack Bannon is Carna. Erika Scheimer plays another Carna. There are many others too.

Who were the directors and writers of the Tarzan cartoon?

The Tarzan cartoon was led by directors Kevin Lima and Chris Buck. It’s got writing from Tab Murphy, Bob Tzudiker, and Noni White too.

What do viewers say about the Tarzan cartoon?

People love watching the show. They enjoy the jungle adventures of Tarzan.

Does the Tarzan cartoon have any interesting trivia?

Indeed, it’s from “The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour.” It teamed up with Batman in a special. The same voice actors voice other characters in the show too.

What is the IMDb rating of the Tarzan cartoon?

The show has a solid IMDb rating – 7.6/10.

Are there any photos available from the Tarzan cartoon?

Yes, there’s a set of 19 cool photos. They show the characters, how they’re drawn, and exciting moments from the series.

Are there any similar shows to the Tarzan cartoon?

Sure, there are a few like “The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour.” Others are “Tarzan and Jane,” “Tarzan the Fearless,” and “The Adventures of Batman.”

Was there a film adaptation of the Tarzan cartoon?

Yes, the show led to a film. It came out in 1999, called “Tarzan.” Disney made it.

What is the legacy of the Tarzan cartoon?

The cartoon has a big legacy. It inspired a Broadway show, a TV series, and two movies. It’s really popular and important in culture.

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