Taxi Life: Master City Driving Sim Gameplay

taxi life a city driving simulator

Step into the shoes of a virtual taxi driver in Taxi Life. This game is a city driving simulator set in the lively streets of Barcelona. You take on the challenge of urban transport while growing your taxi business.

As you navigate the city, you’ll meet different passengers and deal with the ups and downs of the taxi world. Taxi Life has received mixed reviews, but 63% of recent users and 52% overall liked it. It’s priced at $29.99 on Steam and has extra content available in the Supporter Pack.

Key Takeaways:

  • Transport passengers and grow your own taxi business in the city of Barcelona.
  • Experience the thrill of being a virtual taxi driver with realistic 3D graphics.
  • Customize your vehicles and explore the city in different types of vehicles such as classic taxis and tuk-tuks.
  • Manage your taxi business by hiring employees, making strategic decisions, and upgrading your fleet.
  • Engage in various challenges and missions to test your skills and immerse yourself in the authentic taxi driving experience.

Experience the Realism of City Driving

Taxi Life lets players dive into the excitement and hurdles of driving in a city. You become a taxi driver, steering through Barcelona’s busy streets. You face both the city’s changing weather and its jam-packed rush hours. The game’s detailed, real-size Barcelona gives an authentic feel. Players transport riders over 286 miles of road.

With top-notch graphics, Taxi Life feels real, putting you right in the driver’s seat. It replicates the city’s famous places and exact street plans, making the game more alive. Through the city’s small paths or its big roads, players experience the city’s true vibes, moving people to where they need to go.

Yet, there’s more to Taxi Life than looks. It challenges players to drive well, steering clear of wrong moves. Your aim is to give riders a great and worry-free trip. Your talks and how you meet rider needs shape their happiness, showing how good driving matters. The game praises your talent and polish as a driver.

Taxi Life offers different views to watch the road, from inside the car to the front. The game has unique car controls, adding fun and difficulty to each trip. Getting your car damaged is real in the game, but there are no bad results for mishaps on the road.

If you love changing things up, Taxi Life lets you do it. Although the cars look simple to avoid issues, you can still adjust a lot, like the car’s look, its color, the driver area, the wheels, and more. This means you can make your car stand out and drive how you like.

Game InformationDetails
Rating6 out of 10
PlaytimeApproximately 12 hours in single-player mode
Language OptionsEnglish, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, Arabic, Catalan Spanish, German, French
Available PlatformsXbox One/Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PC

Build Your Transport Empire

In Taxi Life, you control an entire transport empire. You are more than just a car driver; you are a virtual taxi entrepreneur. Your goal is to navigate the lively streets of Barcelona, ferry passengers, and expand your business. By offering great service, gaining positive reviews, and earning big tips, you boost your income, letting you grow your enterprise.

Running a successful transport business poses big challenges. You need to meet customer needs, juggle your resources, and outshine your rivals. To triumph, you must make wise choices and sometimes, take risks.

Growing your taxi empire also includes learning new skills. As you move forward in the game, new abilities become available to you. These could be better traffic navigation or the knack for managing tough customers. Mastering these skills will set you apart in the world of taxi driving.

“Building a successful transport empire requires much more than just driving skills. It’s about managing your resources, making smart decisions, and staying ahead of the competition.”

Besides enhancing your skills, you get to tackle more profitable and challenging fares. These premium passengers will test your talents and take your taxi career to new levels. Success with each fare will bring in more money, inching you closer to empire status.

As you amass wealth, the chance to buy new vehicles for your fleet arises. Each car has unique features, like speed or fuel efficiency. Think carefully because this choice will affect your career success.

Expanding your company goes beyond cars. You can recruit drivers with unique strengths. Choosing employees with excellent customer skills or driving expertise can significantly boost your business. A strong team allows you to serve more passengers and maintain superior service.

Unlockable SkillsImprove your taxi driving abilities by unlocking new skills throughout the game.
Accept Longer FaresTake on more challenging and lucrative journeys to increase your profits.
Buy New CarsExpand your fleet by purchasing new cars with different characteristics.
Hire EmployeesRecruit drivers with specialized skills to enhance your company’s performance.

With every goal you achieve and trip you successfully complete, your transport empire gets stronger. Can you become the top virtual taxi driver in Barcelona?

Continue to the next section with us. You will navigate the streets of Barcelona in this city driving simulator, facing new challenges.

In Taxi Life, you become a driver in busy Barcelona. You must use your driving skills wisely. Pay attention to the road rules and avoid hitting cars or people. Watch out for accidents and road repair sites. Barcelona’s detailed map, with 286 miles of road, offers a realistic city taxi driving adventure.

The game’s developers focused a lot on real-life details. You’ll see dashboard lights that signal problems. Remember to fuel up or charge your car and keep it maintained. These details make you feel like a real taxi driver in a big city.

Barcelona’s streets have their own challenges. Some roads allow fast speeds, while others are narrow and winding. The game’s Mediterranean feel adds to the experience. You must watch out for various traffic violations. These include speeding, driving in the wrong direction, and running red lights. All this adds more fun and difficulty to the game.

There are some areas for the game to improve in, like city details. But overall, it captures the essence of Barcelona. You’ll feel like you’re in the city’s historic areas. Engage with passengers, each ride testing your skills in patience and driving.

For better driving, the game has a GPS system. It helps you find the best routes, allowing you to earn more. Use it wisely to level up your taxi driving game.

The game is not perfect, with some players complaining about small issues. But, when it works well, it’s a calming and fun experience. Enjoy some podcasts as you play. The sounds in the game, like people talking and birds chirping, add to its realism.

Special Missions and Challenges

In Taxi Life: Master City Driving Sim, extra excitement and challenge await. We’ve added special missions to test your taxi-driving skills. These offer both high-speed thrills and precise, disciplined tasks.

Driving as Fast as Possible

Ready to test your speed and precision? Drive as fast as you can in Barcelona without getting fined. With the streets full, you must maneuver wisely. Use shortcuts and smart moves to get there quickly. Can you race against time and give your riders a thrilling adventure?

Avoid Breaking any Traffic Rules

If obeying traffic laws is your style, these missions suit you. It tests your ability to follow every rule, showcasing your mastery. You must respect lights, limits, and pedestrians. Each perfect drive brings you closer to your goal, with no room for error.

Remember, meeting passengers’ needs is key during these challenges. From changing music to opening windows, be ready to act fast. Top service means better tips and reviews. Are your skills sharp enough for this exciting task?

Ready for a real challenge? Prove your taxi skills in Taxi Life: Master City Driving Sim’s special missions!

Customize Your Taxi and Driving Style

In Taxi Life, players get to make their own unique driving adventures. There are many ways to customize your taxi and how you drive it. You might aim for style or power, and the choices are endless.

First, explore the different kinds of vehicles you can use. You can pick from electric cars to petrol cars. Decide if you like the green benefits or the strength of a petrol car.

And that’s not all you’ll choose. You can also change many parts of your taxi. You can pick its size, color, driver’s cab, and wheels. Maybe you want a big taxi or a bright color. It’s your call. This makes your taxi unique in Barcelona.

You can even pick how you’ll drive. There are options for how your gearbox works. This includes automatic, manual, or semi-automatic driving. Choose what fits your style best to drive around Barcelona.

As you play more, you’ll earn money and experience. Use them to make your taxi better. This can mean upgrading your engine, suspension, and more. These upgrades help your taxi drive faster and handle better.

Taxi Life lets you dive into a world where your taxi and driving are all about you. With your favorite taxi and driving style, go out into Barcelona and make a mark. It could be a flashy ride or a family car. Your adventure is waiting, so drive on and enjoy the trip!

System Requirements

Before starting your trip in Taxi Life, check your system. It should meet certain requirements. This guarantees you enjoy a game without lags.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 10
ProcessorIntel Core i5-7600 or AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, 4 GB or AMD Radeon RX 560, 4 GB
Video RAM4 GB
Pixel Shader Version5.0
Vertex Shader Version5.0
Free Disk Space6 GB

Meeting these minimum requirements makes you ready. You can drive around Barcelona’s lively streets smoothly. Everything will look great and work well.

Operating SystemWindows 11
ProcessorIntel Core i7-11700K or AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660S, 6 GB or AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT, 6 GB
Video RAM6144 MB
Pixel Shader Version6.0
Vertex Shader Version6.0
Free Disk Space6 GB

For the best time in Taxi Life, try to meet the recommended setup. It lets you enjoy top-notch graphics and a silky driving experience. This is how to get the most from the virtual world.

System Requirements

Realistic Graphics and Immersive Sound Effects

Taxi Life aims to make your gaming experience real and exciting. This game shines with amazing 3D graphics. The streets of Barcelona are so detailed, making the cityscape stunning. Playing as a taxi driver, you get to explore this lifelike world. High-quality visuals turn your screen into a lively city, pulling you into the action.

The game’s sounds are as real as the sights. You’ll hear traffic, sirens, and the buzz of the city as you drive. This detail makes the game feel authentic. It’s like you’re in a real, busy city, adding to the fun.

Taxi Life is all about putting you in the driver’s seat with its graphics and sounds. Driving through the city or picking up passengers feels as real as it gets. The game’s look and sound work together to completely draw you in.

Join the Community and Stay Updated

Are you ready for the excitement of Taxi Life’s city driving? Join our Discord community to connect with others who love taxi games like you. You’ll get all the latest news and updates first-hand, with access to Q&As with the game’s developers.

Our community is where you can meet others, share your stories, and tips for Taxi Life’s challenges. It’s the best place to talk about your top driving spots or share fun passenger tales. Plus, you can get tips on how to be a better driver.

By joining us, you can share your thoughts to help shape the game’s future. Your suggestions really count. They can make Taxi Life even better, ensuring everyone has a great time driving virtually.

Don’t miss out on the fun, updates, and chance to speak directly with Taxi Life’s creators. Start by joining our Discord community today. It’s where you’ll meet others who also enjoy this game and share your experiences as a virtual taxi driver.

Community BenefitsFeatures
Stay UpdatedReceive the latest game updates, news, and announcements.
Developer Q&AsParticipate in live Q&A sessions with the game developers.
Share ExperiencesConnect with other players, share stories, and exchange driving strategies.
Provide FeedbackHave a direct impact on the game’s development by sharing your ideas and suggestions.
Engage with the CommunityInteract with fellow players, offer advice, and join the discussion on all things Taxi Life.


Taxi Life is a city driving simulator perfect for those who love virtual taxi games. It offers a real feel for city driving. You can customize your vehicles and explore Barcelona as if you’re really there.

In the game, players face exciting challenges like city navigation and completing missions. It’s full of fun and keeps players entertained for hours.

This game has scored 70/100, showing players really like it. You can earn 145 achievements, which feels great. It takes about 40-50 hours to reach level 25, packed with content to keep you captivated.

Though it has some visual issues, Taxi Life’s Barcelona is beautifully detailed. You get to interact with people and AI cars, making the experience more interactive. The game is for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, reaching a broad player base.

Taxi Life brings Barcelona’s open world to life. With its customization and dynamic weather, players get to feel like real taxi drivers in a busy city. It’s your chance to become a taxi driver and explore the streets of Barcelona!


What is Taxi Life?

Taxi Life is a thrilling city driving simulator set in Barcelona. You can challenge yourself with urban transportation tasks.

What type of game is Taxi Life?

It’s a realistic taxi simulator game. You’ll get an authentic driving experience behind the wheel.

Can I build my own transport empire in Taxi Life?

Yes, you can create and expand your transport business. Move passengers to grow your company in Taxi Life.

What is the gameplay like in Taxi Life?

Dive into a detailed city driving world in Barcelona. Obey traffic rules and handle the unexpected, like weather and rush hours.

Are there special missions and challenges in Taxi Life?

Absolutely. There are unique tasks and challenges. For example, speeding without fines or maintaining perfect traffic conduct.

Can I customize my taxi and driving style in Taxi Life?

You’re in charge of how your vehicles look and operate. Choose vehicle models and details. Also, select your preferred gearbox type.

What are the system requirements for Taxi Life?

Your system should run a 64-bit OS like Windows 10 or 11. Ideal specs include an Intel Core i7-11700K CPU or similar, plus 8 GB RAM. For graphics, go for a NVIDIA GTX 760 or AMD RX 560. Staying online and having 6 GB free storage is necessary.

What are the graphics and sound effects like in Taxi Life?

Enjoy vibrant 3D graphics in a Barcelona-like setting. The game’s sound effects greatly supplement the immersive experience.

How can I stay updated on Taxi Life?

Stay connected via Taxi Life’s official Discord. Here you’ll find update news and the chance to chat with developers.

Is Taxi Life a city driving simulator worth playing?

Definitely. Taxi Life combines detailed city driving, deep customization, and a chance to grow a business.

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