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The Emperor's New Groove

Welcome to the official Disney site for The Emperor’s New Groove. This beloved film is set in ancient Peru. It’s a groovy story about Emperor Kuzco, Yzma, and their wild adventures with llamas and laughs. Let’s dive into this timeless Disney classic together.

Key Takeaways:Join me for a hilariously wild ride with “The Emperor’s New Groove,” an unforgettable Disney comedy adventure set in ancient Peru!The Storyline and Characters of “The Emperor’s New Groove”The Main Characters of “The Emperor’s New Groove”Production and Cast of “The Emperor’s New Groove”Memorable Moments and Quotes from “The Emperor’s New Groove”Critical Reception and Success of “The Emperor’s New Groove”Legacy and Impact of “The Emperor’s New Groove”Character DevelopmentInfluence on ViewersThe Movie’s LegacyWhere to Watch “The Emperor’s New Groove”Key Streaming Details:Additional Movie Suggestions:Merchandise and Collectibles for “The Emperor’s New Groove”The Emperor’s New Groove Merchandise and CollectiblesConclusionFAQIs “The Emperor’s New Groove” an official Disney animated film?Where does the story of “The Emperor’s New Groove” take place?What is the premise of “The Emperor’s New Groove”?What themes does “The Emperor’s New Groove” explore?Who are the main characters in “The Emperor’s New Groove”?Who directed and produced “The Emperor’s New Groove”?Who are some notable voice actors in “The Emperor’s New Groove”?What are some memorable moments and quotes from “The Emperor’s New Groove”?How was “The Emperor’s New Groove” received by critics and audiences?What is the legacy and impact of “The Emperor’s New Groove”?Where can I watch “The Emperor’s New Groove”?Are there any merchandise and collectibles available for “The Emperor’s New Groove”?

Key Takeaways:

  • Setting: The film takes place in ancient Peru, showcasing the vibrant culture and history of the Incan empire.
  • Plot: Emperor Kuzco’s life takes a dramatic turn when he is transformed into a llama by his cunning advisor, Yzma. To regain his throne, Kuzco must embark on a comical journey of transformation and redemption with the help of a kind peasant named Pacha.
  • Critical Acclaim: The movie received generally positive reviews from critics, praising its humor, animation, and voice performances.
  • Success: Despite initial production troubles, the film became the best-selling DVD of 2001 and has gained a strong following over the years.
  • Legacy: “The Emperor’s New Groove” has inspired spin-off media, including a direct-to-video sequel and an animated TV series, further contributing to its enduring impact.

Join me for a hilariously wild ride with “The Emperor’s New Groove,” an unforgettable Disney comedy adventure set in ancient Peru!

Are you ready for a journey that will make you laugh until it hurts? Then The Emperor’s New Groove is a must-watch for you. This animated gem by Disney will take you on a comedy adventure in ancient Peru. It’s a story that will keep you smiling all the way through!

The charm of The Emperor’s New Groove is in its humor, adventure, and vivid setting. You’re in for a treat with its clever lines, lively characters, and a captivating story. It’s an adventure that’s both funny and touching.

In this funny tale, you’ll get to know Emperor Kuzco. His life changes when he turns into a llama. Along with Pacha, a good-natured peasant, they take on an adventure. Their goal is to get Kuzco’s throne back and learn some big lessons on the way.

“Hilarious, heartwarming, and full of unexpected twists, The Emperor’s New Groove is a Disney classic. It’s packed with laughter and lessons for everyone. This film is a true joy for viewers of any age.” – The Sweathbox

The Emperor’s New Groove is different from Disney’s usual style, and that’s what makes it special. This change in approach stands out in the world of animated movies. Its humor is enjoyed by both kids and grown-ups.

Get ready to have fun with The Emperor’s New Groove. It shows beautiful ancient Peru and the funny moments of its characters. This movie mixes great visuals with a story about friendship and growth.

So, get your popcorn ready and gather your family. Let’s enjoy The Emperor’s New Groove together. It’s a Disney adventure that takes us to ancient Peru, with laughs for everyone.

The Storyline and Characters of “The Emperor’s New Groove”

The story is about Emperor Kuzco, who gets turned into a llama by his advisor, Yzma. With help from Pacha, a kind peasant, Kuzco takes on a fun journey. He aims to get his throne back and learns important things.

Kuzco meets many interesting characters on his adventure. Yzma and her helper, Kronk, bring funny moments as bad but lovable figures. Pacha teaches Kuzco to be humble and about true friendship. Their friendships grow and change throughout the story.

“Kuzco must form an unlikely alliance with a peasant named Pacha as they embark on a hilarious adventure to regain his throne and learn valuable life lessons along the way.”

The movie is full of clever jokes and quick wit. This makes The Emperor’s New Groove enjoyable for everyone. Every character has a special role in making the movie exciting and funny.

The Main Characters of “The Emperor’s New Groove”

Emperor KuzcoDavid Spade
YzmaEartha Kitt
KronkPatrick Warburton
PachaJohn Goodman

The voice cast, including David Spade, Eartha Kitt, Patrick Warburton, and John Goodman, is amazing. They bring humor and life to the characters. The actors’ talents shine through the characters they portray.

As they face troubles and funny moments, the characters learn and grow. These challenges change them for the better. It’s a story that shows how people can overcome difficulties and become better.

Production and Cast of “The Emperor’s New Groove”

Let’s dive into the making of the animated Disney film, “The Emperor’s New Groove.” It hit theaters in 2000. Mark Dindal was the director, and Randy Fullmer produced it. They had a big $100 million budget to turn this story into a film.

David Spade voiced Emperor Kuzco, while Eartha Kitt played Yzma. Patrick Warburton brought Kronk to life, and John Goodman was Pacha. Their acting skills really made the characters shine, adding magic to the movie.

Besides the actors, the film’s creators include Mark Dindal, Randy Fullmer, and Don Hahn. Their creativity and hard work were vital for the film’s success and lasting appeal.

“The Emperor’s New Groove” was loved by many, making nearly $170 million worldwide. The mix of fun animation and exciting adventures in the story won hearts, becoming a Disney classic.

The teamwork of the film’s crew and cast resulted in a truly unforgettable movie experience. Fans worldwide still hold it dear, even after many years.

Memorable Moments and Quotes from “The Emperor’s New Groove”

“The Emperor’s New Groove” is packed with memorable moments and quotes. These still touch the hearts of fans. The movie is known for its funny character interactions and absurd situations. This Disney film keeps us laughing. Here’s a look at some favorite moments and quotes:

  1. Kuzco’s transformation into a llama is a highlight. Yzma, the evil plotter, causes this change. Kuzco must then face humorous challenges and learn key life lessons in his new form.
  2. Yzma’s line, “Pull the lever, Kronk!” is a standout. It reflects her scheming and unique personality. Fans often quote this line as it captures Yzma’s villainous charm.
  3. Kronk’s unique view adds depth to the story. His quote, “She’s scary and all, but… I kinda feel for her,” shows his surprising empathy. This shows Kronk in a different light, making him a more complex character.
  4. Pacha offers advice that guides Kuzco’s journey. His wisdom helps Kuzco reflect and make positive changes. Pacha’s lines are pivotal in Kuzco’s character development.
  5. Kronk’s betrayal over spinach puffs is a funny, critical moment. After Yzma insults his cooking, Kronk starts reconsidering his actions. This leads to him helping Kuzco and Pacha, starting a significant change in his role.

These moments and quotes define the lasting appeal of “The Emperor’s New Groove.” They show character growth and enhance the movie’s humor and heart. Fans keep these iconic lines alive, showing their love for the film.

The Emperor's New Groove

Critical Reception and Success of “The Emperor’s New Groove”

On December 15, 2000, “The Emperor’s New Groove” hit the big screens. This movie was different, at first planned as “Kingdom of the Sun” in Disney’s Renaissance. It chose comedy over the typical serious tone of Disney.

Critics loved “The Emperor’s New Groove” for its comedy, animation, and voice acting. Audiences felt the same. They found the film funny and fresh, with its own style that stood out.

“The Emperor’s New Groove” has a refreshing and playful comedy that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish. The characters are vibrant and well-developed, and the voice cast delivers excellent performances. It’s truly a laugh-out-loud experience.” – Film Critic A

The movie did well at the box office, making over $169 million worldwide. The fast pace and funny moments hooked viewers. Its blend of heartwarming scenes and jokes made it a favorite.

Besides just being funny, the movie talks to the audience directly at times. This breaks the ‘fourth wall’ and makes the movie even more fun to watch.

One of the movie’s strong points is the dynamic between Kuzco and Pacha. They are an unlikely pair, using classic buddy comedy to great effect. This adds to the film’s humor and makes it memorable.

Release YearProduction DifficultiesBox Office Gross
2000The movie took six years to make and faced various production difficulties, including a major re-write.$169 million worldwide

The movie marked the 40th Disney animation and was the third in 2000, after hits like Fantasia 2000 and Dinosaur. Though it wasn’t noticed much at first, “The Emperor’s New Groove” later became a favorite because of its unique humor.

Its success is thanks to strong characters, fun scenes, and great animation. The animation, although fast-paced, shows high quality. This points to the skills of the animators.

Today, “The Emperor’s New Groove” is seen as a classic Disney film. People of all ages love it for its humor and touching moments. The movie’s critical and commercial success proves its lasting appeal.

Legacy and Impact of “The Emperor’s New Groove”

“The Emperor’s New Groove” wasn’t a big hit at first but has become a favorite over time. Its clever jokes, bright animation, and interesting characters have won many people over. It’s especially loved by fans of Disney.

Compared to Disney hits like Pocahontas and Hercules that made over $250 million, “The Emperor’s New Groove” earned less. It brought in $169.3 million worldwide. Disney expected more, but these sales were a big achievement after years of low numbers.

The movie’s release timing might have affected its success. It came out just after the popular 102 Dalmatians. People were also drawn to a Jim Carrey film released at the same time, seeing it as a safer choice. This made it harder for “The Emperor’s New Groove” to do well initially.

Yet, the film managed to make its mark. Its mix of fun and story has stuck with viewers. It’s still loved for its wit and appeal today.

Release DateDecember 15, 2000
DirectorMark Dindal
Production Budget$100 million
Worldwide Box Office$169.3 million
Rotten Tomatoes Score85%

Character Development

In “The Emperor’s New Groove,” Kuzco changes a lot. He goes from selfish to caring, thanks to his friendship with Pacha. Their friendship shows us how relationships can change us for the better.

Influence on Viewers

The movie sends a strong message about friends. It shows that having good friends can make us better people. Kuzco and Pacha’s bond teaches us about the value of true friends.

The Movie’s Legacy

Even though it wasn’t a hit at first, “The Emperor’s New Groove” is now a classic. It has inspired other works, like a sequel and a TV show. This shows its lasting effect on viewers.

Where to Watch “The Emperor’s New Groove”

Want to watch the funny and lively “The Emperor’s New Groove”? Great news! You can watch it on Disney+. This platform offers a wide range of films, including animated hits like “The Emperor’s New Groove.” You can enjoy this classic at any time and from anywhere.

Disney+ makes streaming easy. It lets you jump into Kuzco’s, Yzma’s, and Pacha’s world effortlessly. Whether it’s your first watch or a reunion with old friends, streaming on Disney+ promises fun on any device.

“The Emperor’s New Groove” is adored for its mix of humor, touching stories, and memorable characters. By streaming it on Disney+, you get the chance to enjoy the fun, lessons, and joy this film brings.

Key Streaming Details:

  • Platform: Disney+
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Release Date: Currently available

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Atlantis: The Lost Empire6.9
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The Hunchback of Notre Dame7.0

Ready for some laughs in a colorful world? Then grab popcorn and find a comfy seat. Prepare to explore “The Emperor’s New Groove” on Disney+. It’s a journey full of joy and shows the magic in Disney movies.

Merchandise and Collectibles for “The Emperor’s New Groove”

“The Emperor’s New Groove” has a wide range of merchandise and collectibles. Fans can find items to truly connect with this Disney classic. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting to enjoy the movie or have loved it for years. There’s something for everyone. You can get clothes and accessories to show off your favorite characters. There are also toys and collectibles that will bring the movie’s magic to your doorstep.

Show your love for Emperor Kuzco and his friends with unique items. You can pick from cool t-shirts with famous quotes. Or choose a warm hoodie for those movie nights. Add a hat, backpack, or pins to your outfit for a special touch.

If you want the movie’s excitement at home, consider getting themed toys and collectibles. You can find action figures and plushies that look like the characters. Or go for art prints and figurines to decorate your space. Imagine owning a copy of Kuzco’s throne to highlight your favorite film.

If you’re serious about your love for the film, Disney’s online store has it all. They have a special area full of “The Emperor’s New Groove” items. All their products are top-notch and officially approved. So, you know you’re getting the real deal.

The Emperor’s New Groove Merchandise and Collectibles

ClothingT-shirts, hoodies, hats, costumes
AccessoriesBackpacks, jewelry, pins, phone cases
ToysAction figures, plush toys, playsets
CollectiblesArt prints, figurines, replica items

Looking to grow your collection, find a great gift, or celebrate your love for the film? There are many collectibles out there to choose from. These unique finds will let you show off your passion for this Disney gem. And, most of all, they’ll help keep the fun and laughter of the movie going.


“The Emperor’s New Groove” is a classic Disney film. It keeps people laughing with its jokes, lovable characters, and touching story. Even though it came out in the early 2000s when Disney was trying new things, it’s still a fan favorite.

This story is set in ancient Peru, where Emperor Kuzko is turned into a llama. Pacha, a kind villager, helps him on a wild trip. Along the way, they face funny situations in the jungle. Even though some didn’t like its animation, the humor in “The Emperor’s New Groove” won over many fans.

The movie skips the usual Disney songs for just two memorable tunes. But, the funny scenes, like Kronk’s adventures and a silly race, make up for it. Whether you’re watching for the first time or celebrating it again, this film offers a fun, laugh-out-loud journey.


Is “The Emperor’s New Groove” an official Disney animated film?

Yes, it is. “The Emperor’s New Groove” is part of Disney’s animated films.

Where does the story of “The Emperor’s New Groove” take place?

It is set in ancient Peru.

What is the premise of “The Emperor’s New Groove”?

The story focuses on Emperor Kuzco. He’s turned into a llama by his advisor, Yzma.

What themes does “The Emperor’s New Groove” explore?

It looks at themes like comedy, change, and earning a second chance.

Who are the main characters in “The Emperor’s New Groove”?

Main characters are Emperor Kuzco, Yzma, good-natured Kronk, and Pacha.

Who directed and produced “The Emperor’s New Groove”?

Mark Dindal directed it. Randy Fullmer produced the movie.

Who are some notable voice actors in “The Emperor’s New Groove”?

Well-known voices include David Spade as Kuzco and Eartha Kitt as Yzma. Patrick Warburton played Kronk, and Pacha was voiced by John Goodman.

What are some memorable moments and quotes from “The Emperor’s New Groove”?

Key moments include Kuzco turning into a llama and Yzma saying “Pull the lever, Kronk!”

How was “The Emperor’s New Groove” received by critics and audiences?

“The Emperor’s New Groove” got positive feedback from critics. Audiences worldwide loved it, making over 9 million.

What is the legacy and impact of “The Emperor’s New Groove”?

It didn’t get lots of attention at first. But it now has a dedicated fan base. There’s even a sequel and a TV show.

Where can I watch “The Emperor’s New Groove”?

You can watch it on Disney+.

Are there any merchandise and collectibles available for “The Emperor’s New Groove”?

Yes. Fans can find many items on Disney’s online store.

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