Ulta Gift Card: Buy Online or In-Store at Ulta Beauty

Ulta Gift Card

Searching for a great beauty gift? The Ulta Gift Card is perfect! It comes from the biggest beauty store in the U.S. They offer items from over 500 big and new beauty brands. You can get makeup, skincare, haircare, or fragrances at Ulta Beauty. There’s something for everyone.

Ulta Gift Cards work online or at any Ulta Beauty store. There are over 25,000 products to pick from. So, whoever gets an Ulta Gift Card can choose exactly what they like.

There’s no need to stress about when the card expires or the cost to send it. Ulta Gift Cards don’t expire. Plus, they can be sent for free. It’s a gift that’s great to receive.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ulta Gift Cards can be used online and in-store at Ulta Beauty.
  • Ulta Beauty offers a wide range of products from over 500 well-established and emerging beauty brands.
  • Ulta Gift Cards have no expiration date and can be shipped for free.

Buying an Ulta Gift Card for an occasion or for yourself? Ulta Beauty is the place. They have salons in all their stores. You can use your card for amazing beauty treatments.

Want to use cryptocurrency to buy an Ulta Gift Card? Bitrefill lets you do that. You can buy with Bitcoin, Lightning, Ethereum, and more. It’s easy, fast, and you don’t need an account.

Looking for more gift card options besides Ulta? Bitrefill has a huge selection. They have cards for The Home Depot, Macy’s, Lowe’s, Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom, and more. You can choose from different amounts and see customer ratings.

With the Ulta Gift Card, you open up a beauty wonderland for someone. They can shop online or in stores. They’re bound to find their favorite beauty items for a luxurious shopping time.

Redeemable Both In-Store and Online

You can use your Ulta Gift Card both in-store and online. This is at any Ulta Beauty in the U.S. So, you can shop from home or at the store for your beauty needs.

To use it in-store, show your card when paying. The cashier will take the card’s value off your bill. Remember, you can use any left-over money next time you shop.

If you shop online, it’s easy too. Just enter the gift card’s number and PIN during checkout. Your purchase price will decrease by the gift card’s value.

Remember, online you can only use one gift card at a time. You can choose to use each card in different orders. Or save them for later buys.

Want to know how much is left on your card? Look at the back for the phone number to call. Or visit Ulta’s website and put in the card details to check.

If you’re a Member, Platinum, or Diamond, your Ulta Gift Card helps you earn more points. Members earn one point per dollar. Platinum and Diamond get more points for greater rewards.

Ready for a beauty spree? Don’t forget your Ulta Gift Card. It works both online and in-store. Have fun shopping for all your favorites!

Options for Physical and eGift Cards

We have many choices for gift cards at Ulta. You can choose a physical one or an eGift card. Each has its own special benefits.

Physical Gift Cards: For those who like something to hold, physical cards are perfect. They are pretty and make gifts feel special. Pick the amount and we’ll send it to their address.


eGift Cards: Need something quick? eGift cards arrive instantly in the recipient’s email. You can make yours special by adding a personal photo or picking from our designs.

Choosing either type lets your loved ones pick their favorite beauty products. We aim to make gifting easy and fun at Ulta.

How to Redeem in-Store and Online

Redeeming your Ulta Gift Card is simple, whether at the store or online. Follow this easy guide to make the most of your gift card.

In-Store Redemption

For in-store redemption, bring your gift card to any Ulta Beauty. Show it at the register when buying something. The amount on the card will be taken off your bill.

Online Redemption

Shopping online? Redeeming your Ulta Gift Card is also easy. Just follow these steps during checkout:

  1. Add what you want to buy in your cart.
  2. Go to checkout.
  3. Enter your card number and PIN in the payment section.
  4. Hit “Apply” to use your gift card.

Remember, you can only use one gift card per online order. Save your other cards for later shopping.

Maximize Savings with Ulta Rewards Program

Use your Ulta Gift Card wisely with the Ulta Rewards Program. Earn points and get special discounts. Combine your card with the program to save more on beauty items.

Ulta Gift Cards make shopping easy, both in stores and online. Dive into the beauty world with your Ulta card today!

Ulta Gift Card Redemption

Terms and Conditions

Using your Ulta Gift Card has key points to remember. They can’t be turned into cash, unless the law says so. Use them to buy things at Ulta Beauty stores.

Ulta Gift Cards have a cool thing about them: they never expire. You can use the card’s left-over money anytime, without fees or worry about it going bad.

If your Ulta Gift Card gets lost, stolen, or messed up, there’s a solution. Just show you bought it, and Ulta Beauty will help you get a new one.

To get started with your Ulta Gift Card, you must activate it first. Activation happens when you buy something with the card. This can be either in-store or online. After activation, you’re set to dive into Ulta Beauty’s offerings.

Use your Ulta Gift Card wisely, keeping in mind a couple of rules. Payment methods must come from the United States, barring New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island. And remember, don’t try to sell your card for profit. It’s against the rules and can lead to Ulta cancelling it without a refund.

Know the rules and enjoy your Ulta Gift Card to the fullest. Discover and embrace a world of beauty at Ulta Beauty. Make your beauty vision a reality with their varied products and services.

Ulta Gift Card Discount and Sale

At Ulta, saving while treating yourself is key. We don’t directly discount our gift cards. Yet, we do have deals and special offers. They make your Ulta Gift Card shopping better.

Ultamate Rewards Program

Join our Ultamate Rewards program for big savings. Earn points to get discounts on what you love. The more you spend, the more you save. You can even reach higher levels with more benefits.

Using an Ulta Gift Card to buy boosts your savings. You get more points and extra discounts. It helps you save money while shopping for beauty items.

Promotions and Special Offers

We always have great deals and special offers. Imagine discounts, freebies, and exclusive deals. They’re available in our stores and online.

Watch out for these offers with your Ulta Gift Card. You can buy top beauty products at great prices. This is how you don’t overspend on your beauty routine.

Bulk Orders and Additional Discounts

Buying many Ulta gift cards can lead to extra savings. For bulk order info, reach out to us at [email protected] Our team will help you with everything you need to know.

Shop the Ultimate Beauty Destination

Ulta Beauty is the top place for beauty in the U.S. We offer a large variety of products. You can find them in our stores or online.

Although direct gift card discounts are rare, we do have other ways to save. Dive into our beauty collection, use our deals, and enjoy shopping at Ulta. It’s a luxury experience within reach.

Ulta Gift Card: A Perfect Beauty Gift

Give the perfect beauty gift with an Ulta Gift Card. It’s great for treating yourself or surprising a loved one. They get to pick from a wide range of makeup, skincare, and more. This lets them try their favorite brands and find new ones.

Conveniently buy Ulta Gift Card online or pick it up at an Ulta Beauty store. With a couple of clicks or a visit to the store, you’re all set. It’s an easy and fast way to give a great gift.

With an Ulta Gift Card, you give the gift of choice. It lets your friends or family enjoy their favorite beauty items or try new ones. It shows you care about what they love and want them to enjoy shopping.

Why Choose an Ulta Gift Card?

An Ulta Gift Card is more than just money. It’s a ticket to a world of beauty and creativity. Here are some reasons it’s a great beauty gift:

  • Wide Range of Products: They can choose from many makeup, skincare, and beauty items. There’s something for everyone, from high-end to more affordable brands.
  • Expert Advice: Ulta Beauty has experts who can recommend the perfect products. They can guide your loved one to what suits them best.
  • Rewards Program: Using an Ulta Gift Card means they also earn points. These points lead to more perks and savings.

Don’t wait for a special occasion to get one. Whether for a birthday, holiday, or just because, buy an Ulta Gift Card online today. Let the beauty lover you know enjoy endless beauty options.

Benefits of an Ulta Gift CardBuying Options
Wide range of beauty productsIn-store or online
Opportunity to explore new brandsConvenient delivery to your doorstep
Expert advice from beauty consultantsEasy and hassle-free shopping

Make someone’s day with an Ulta Gift Card. It’s a great way to honor their unique style and let them choose what they love!

Ulta Gift Card: The Ultimate Beauty Shopping Experience

Ulta Beauty is the top place for anyone who loves beauty. Buy an Ulta Gift Card and discover a world of beauty shopping. You’ll find everything to upgrade your beauty routine.

Ulta Beauty offers products from both high-end and budget-friendly brands. They have makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrances, and more. An Ulta Gift Card lets you try new trends or stick with your favorites.

Beyond products, Ulta offers spa services. You can get a facial, massage, or makeover to feel great. An Ulta Gift Card means creating your own beauty getaway is easy.

An Ulta Gift Card is so flexible. Use it at any Ulta Beauty store in the U.S. or on ULTA.com. This means beauty shopping is always just a card away.

Look out for Ulta Gift Card deals for great savings. They’re perfect for getting beauty products you love or trying something new. Keep up with deals to make the most of your shopping trip.

Our Recommendation

Want to boost your beauty game and discover lots of beauty options? Go for an Ulta Gift Card. It’s great for you or as a gift, letting you enjoy the best beauty shopping.

Ulta Gift Card Sale

Ulta Gift Card BenefitsTerms and Conditions
Access to a wide range of beauty productsReturns must be accompanied by all original components
Redeemable at all Ulta Beauty locations in the United States and on ULTA.comUlta Beauty reserves the right to limit returns for reasons such as excessive returns, reseller activity, or fraud
Luxurious spa services availableItems purchased from other retailers, dealers, or resellers and not directly from Ulta Beauty are not eligible for return, refund, or exchange
Flexibility to shop in-store or onlineSingle-use coupons used on the original purchase cannot be returned
Opportunity to take advantage of Ulta Gift Card sales and special offersGift cards cannot be returned for cash


Ulta Gift Cards make a great pick for beauty fans. They offer a handy and versatile way to give. You can pick between a physical card or an eGift card, and either way, it’s easy to start shopping at Ulta Beauty.

These cards work both in stores and online. This means you can dive into a huge selection of beauty items. They include stuff for your hair, skin, face, and more.

Getting an Ulta Gift Card is perfect for treating yourself or a surprise for someone special. It means an exciting shopping trip in the world of beauty. So, go ahead and activate an Ulta Gift Card for an awesome time at Ulta Beauty!


Can I use an Ulta Gift Card both in-store and online?

Yes, you can use Ulta Gift Cards in all their U.S. stores. This includes their online shop. Use your card to buy beauty products you love.

How do I check the balance of my Ulta Gift Card?

Check the back of your card or go to Ulta’s website. This will help you know how much is left on your card.

Are there different options for Ulta Gift Cards?

Ulta has both physical and eGift cards. Physical cards are great for a traditional gift. E-gifts get there instantly and you can add your own photo.

How can I redeem an Ulta Gift Card in-store?

Just show your Ulta Gift Card when you’re at the store and ready to pay.

How can I redeem an Ulta Gift Card online?

At the online checkout, type in your gift card number and PIN. Remember, you can use only one gift card per order.

Can I combine Ulta’s rewards program with my gift card purchase?

Yes, your Ulta Gift Card and rewards can be used together. This gives you even more savings.

Can I get cash back with my Ulta Gift Card?

You can’t get cash back from Ulta Gift Cards, unless the law says you can. They can be used until you’ve spent the whole balance. They do not expire or have any fees.

How can I activate my Ulta Gift Card?

Use your Ulta Gift Card to buy something. You can do this either in-store or online.

Are there any discounts or sales on Ulta Gift Cards?

Ulta doesn’t have discounts on their gift cards. But watch for sales and special deals on their products and services. These can help you get better deals with your Ulta Gift Card.

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