Unlock Streaming Bliss with Netflix Gift Cards – Perfect Present

netflix gift card

Netflix gift cards make a perfect gift for anyone who loves movies and TV series. They provide quick access to a huge library of content. This allows users to dive right into their favorite movies and shows on the popular streaming platform.

With a Netflix gift card, anyone can enjoy endless entertainment with just a few clicks. It’s a flexible and easy way to let someone you care about choose their own entertainment. Plus, they never expire, offering hours of streaming bliss.

Key Takeaways:

  • Netflix gift cards provide instant access to a vast library of movies and TV shows
  • Recipients can redeem a digital gift card code to enjoy their favorite content
  • Netflix gift cards are a convenient and flexible entertainment gift option
  • They are perfect for movie buffs and series enthusiasts
  • Give the gift of streaming bliss with a Netflix gift card

How to Activate a Netflix Gift Card

Activating a Netflix gift card is quick and easy. It lets you start watching many movies and TV shows. Just follow these steps to use your gift card:

  1. Visit Netflix’s website or open the app.
  2. Sign in or make a new account.
  3. Find “Gift Cards” or “Redeem Gift Card” in the menu.
  4. Enter your gift card’s code.
  5. Click “Redeem” to use your gift card.

After you activate the card, the money goes into your account. Then, you can watch lots of things. You can use the card to pay for your subscription each month.

Remember, you can use Netflix gift cards until they’re empty. Check the balance on the website any time. The site tells you when the balance will be gone because of changing costs.

You can redeem many Netflix gift cards. But, using a lot might only pay for part of the monthly price. If a card is more than the cost, you keep the extra for later.

Netflix gift cards come in different amounts. You can get them for 15 USD to 100 USD. They are a great gift, especially because you can buy them online.

Now you’re ready to enjoy lots of shows and movies. Use your gift card and watch what you love today!

Benefits of Netflix Gift Cards

Netflix gift cards are great for both givers and receivers. They let folks watch movies without using a credit or debit card. This is handy for those without easy access to those payment methods. You can buy these cards online or in stores, which means they are a great choice for many.

Multiple Netflix gift cards can be used together for one membership.

These cards can’t be exchanged for cash, keeping transactions safe.

They never expire, so the money on them is always available.

More than one card can be used on the same Netflix account.

Want to give someone their favorite shows or an easy entertainment gift? Netflix gift cards are perfect for that. They are easy to use and bring many benefits. They make streaming fun for everyone who gets them.

Denominations of Netflix Gift Cards

Denomination (USD)

Netflix gift cards come in different amounts. This lets you choose the perfect gift that fits your budget. You can pick a short or long subscription as a gift.

How to Use a Netflix Gift Card

Using a Netflix gift card is easy and fun. It opens the door to lots of shows and movies. Just do these steps to get started:

  1. First, activate your gift card. Scratch off the back gently to show the code. Be careful not to ruin the code.
  2. Next, redeem your code. Use a web browser or the Netflix app. Log in or make a new account. Find “Redeem,” enter the code, and press “Redeem”.
  3. Now, you’re ready to watch. You can see many movies, shows, and Netflix originals. Pick your favorites or use suggestions to discover new things.
  4. Keep watching till your card’s balance is used up. Add a new card or another payment method then, to stay tuned to Netflix.

With a Netflix gift card, you choose what to watch. You can start a thrilling movie, laugh with a comedy, or follow a great TV show anytime, anywhere.

Note: Remember, once you use a Netflix gift card, you can’t get the money back. Keep the card code safe, just like cash. If the card is lost or stolen, Netflix can’t replace it.

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Netflix Gift Card

Other Gift Card Options for Entertainment

Netflix gift cards are great, but there are more choices out there. You can find streaming gift cards, vouchers for online fun, and digital codes. These give lots of options for shows, movies, and games. Let’s look at some popular picks:

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has many movies, TV shows, and original content to enjoy. A gift card for it lets people pick what they want to watch. These cards come in different amounts, so users can get what they like.


Hulu has a big variety of TV shows, movies, and more. With a Hulu gift card, people can watch their favorite shows on their own time. It’s perfect for staying up-to-date or finding new series.

Steam Wallet

A Steam Wallet card is perfect for those who love gaming. Steam offers many video game choices. Gamers can use the card to buy games or extras for more fun.

PlayStation and Xbox

digital gift card code

For those who love console gaming, PlayStation and Xbox gift cards are great options. They allow for exploring new games, accessories, and content. Gamers can enjoy a wide array of game choices with these cards.


Disney+ lets you enjoy Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars stories all in one place. A Disney+ gift card brings home the magic of these favorite stories for everyone. There’s something for all in the family to watch.

Gift CardPrice Range
Amazon Prime Video$15 – $500
Hulu$25 – $100
Steam Wallet$15 – $100
PlayStation$25 – $100
Xbox$25 – $100
Disney+$25 – $200

Why Choose Shopon Gift Cards

Shopon gift cards are the perfect gift for any occasion. They offer a wide range of products like gaming consoles, tech accessories, e-banking services, and smartphones. This means there’s something for everyone, whether they love games, tech, or easy banking.

Quality and great service are key at Shopon. We want every customer to have a joyous shopping time and find what they want. With online shopping and lots of brands available, Shopon gift cards are becoming a top choice for gifting.

For gamers, we’ve got it all—from new consoles to top-notch accessories for exciting play.

But it’s not just about gaming at Shopon. We also offer e-banking to make finances easier. Our services include virtual debit cards, safe online payments, and digital wallets for your peace of mind.

Smartphones are a big deal, and we get that at Shopon. We offer a big selection to keep you in touch, capture moments, and make life better.

Getting a Shopon gift card means enjoying easy shopping for a variety of cool stuff, with a focus on quality and great service.

Why Choose Shopon Gift Cards:

GamingAccessoriesE-Banking ServicesSmartphones
Caters to casual and hardcore gamersOffers high-performance accessoriesProvides valuable financial solutionsWide range of smartphone options
Enhance gaming experiencesComplement gaming equipmentSecure online transactionsStay connected and capture memories
Explore the latest releasesEnhance gameplayDigital payments and virtual debit cardsChoose the perfect device for your needs

Different Types of Gift Cards Offered by Shopon

We understand everyone has different hobbies. That’s why we have many gift cards at Shopon. Maybe you love gaming, shopping online, or playing virtual games. We’ve got the right gift card for you. Let’s see what we have:

PS Gift Cards

Love PlayStation? We have the perfect PS gift cards for you. They work for PS3 and PS4. You can also get chargers and data cables for your games.

Xbox Gift Cards

Into Xbox? Our Xbox gift cards are what you need. They work with Xbox 360 and Xbox One. You can get digital codes, accessories, and CDs with them.

Amazon Gift Cards

Shop a lot online? Our Amazon gift cards are great. Use them for anything on Amazon. You can pick from e-gift cards, print-at-home, or mailed cards.

Steam Wallet Gift Cards

Love PC games? Our Steam Wallet gift cards are essential. They let you buy any Steam game, no credit card needed.

Razor Gold Gift Cards

For virtual games, try our Razor Gold gift cards. Use them for online games and special features. They come with easy ways to pay and quick downloads.

Our variety of gift cards match every interest. They’re ideal for your hobbies or perfect as a gift. Shopon’s gift cards make every shopping personal.

Shopon Gift CardDescription
PS Gift CardsFor PlayStation enthusiasts, covers versions like PS3 and PS4, accessories available
Xbox Gift CardsCaters to Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions, includes digital codes, accessories, and CDs
Amazon Gift CardsUsable for all Amazon products, available in e-gift card, print at home, and mail card formats
Steam Wallet Gift CardsTargeted towards PC gaming enthusiasts, allows purchasing any game from the Steam store without a debit or credit card
Razor Gold Gift CardsFocuses on online game purchases, including virtual games and premium products, offers easy payment methods and downloads after purchase

How to Activate and Use Shopon Gift Cards

Using a Shopon gift card is easy. Just follow these steps if you have a PS, Xbox, Amazon, Steam, or Razor Gold card:


  1. Check the card for instructions or go to Shopon’s website.
  2. Do what the instructions say to activate your card.
  3. After activation, your card is good to go.


Once your Shopon card is active, start buying items in your favorite category:

PS gift cards: Use it to buy games, accessories, or items for PlayStation.

Xbox gift cards: Pick from many Xbox games, accessories, and more.

Amazon gift cards: Buy anything from Amazon’s huge product selection.

Steam gift cards: Open the door to lots of Steam games and content.

Razor Gold gift cards: Level up your gaming with in-game purchases using this card.

Choose what you want to buy and go to checkout. When paying, select to use your Shopon card. Add the card details, and its value will be taken off your bill.

Now, use your Shopon card to enjoy things you love or try new fun stuff. It’s convenient and fun.


Netflix gift cards and others like them make a great gift. They’re perfect for people who love watching movies and TV shows. Netflix is a top streaming service worldwide. So, a Netflix gift card lets you dive into the best shows. You can choose from a Netflix card, an online streaming voucher, or a digital code for quick access.

Buying Netflix gift cards is simple and doesn’t give any trouble. They stay good forever once you’ve got one. There’s no extra fee when you use them, which makes it easy for both the person giving and getting the gift.

For those looking to sell their Netflix gift cards, Cardtonic is a top pick. They offer the best rates and quick cashouts in Nigeria. Getting started with them only takes about 5 minutes. Plus, they have clear steps and videos to help you sell your card smoothly. With Cardtonic, you know you’re getting the most money and fast payment for your digital gift card.

Using these tricks can help you get the most from your Netflix gift cards. You can save money by using a VPN for more content or by turning off auto-renewal. These tips can improve your watching time and make your gift cards last longer.


How do I activate a Netflix gift card?

Activating a Netflix gift card is easy. Enter the code on the Netflix site or app.

What can I use a Netflix gift card for?

You can use a Netflix gift card to watch many movies and shows on Netflix.

Are Netflix gift cards redeemable for cash?

Netflix gift cards can’t be turned into cash.

Can I use a Netflix gift card without a credit or debit card?

A Netflix gift card lets you watch shows without using a credit or debit card.

Where can I purchase a Netflix gift card?

You can buy Netflix gift cards both online and in stores.

What other gift card options are available for entertainment purposes?

Other options for entertainment gift cards include Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. You can also find online vouchers and digital codes for gifts.

Why choose Shopon gift cards?

Shopon gift cards are great for finding something special. They have many products and great customer service.

What types of gift cards does Shopon offer?

Shopon has many kinds of gift cards. This includes PS, Xbox, Amazon, Steam Wallet, and Razor Gold cards.

How do I activate and use Shopon gift cards?

Activating a Shopon gift card is simple. Just follow the card’s or the Shopon website’s instructions. After activating, you can shop in the card’s category.

Are Netflix gift cards and other entertainment gift cards a convenient present?

Yes, Netflix and other entertainment gift cards are great gifts. They give instant access to a lot of fun, making them handy and versatile gifts.

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