Venmo Gift Card: Buy, Send & Redeem Online Instantly

venmo gift card

Do you want to give a gift that offers choice? Venmo gift cards are a great pick. They are perfect for quick gifts or showing someone you care. Xoxoday Plum lets you do it all online, instantly via email or SMS.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose Venmo gift cards for a flexible and convenient gifting experience.
  • With Xoxoday Plum, you can buy, send, and redeem Venmo gift cards instantly.
  • Venmo gift cards offer a more personal touch compared to sending cash.
  • Amazon and Cash App offer a wider selection of stores for gift cards, but Venmo stands out for its creative and festive card delivery features.
  • Amazon is the only platform that allows scheduling gift card deliveries for a later date.

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Venmo gift cards are great for any celebration. They work well for birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Your loved ones can pick what they want with these cards.

Xoxoday Plum offers many options. You can get cards for fashion, gadgets, or even trips. It’s easy to find a card that fits what your friend likes.

Venmo cards are great because you can use them any time. They’re perfect for big events or simple “thank you” moments. They always make people happy.

Venmo is safe and worldwide. Over 3000 people trust it for secure transactions. You won’t need to worry about your gift’s safety.

With Xoxoday Plum, cards arrive fast. You’ll get them through email or text, not by mail. This makes gifting quick and easy for any event.

Don’t pick a boring gift when you can choose Venmo cards. They offer lots of choices and quick sending. Make any day better with a Venmo card from Xoxoday Plum.

Key FeaturesBenefits
Wide range of categoriesAllows recipients to choose their perfect present
Can be used for various occasionsOffers flexibility and versatility as a gift option
Instant delivery via email or SMSEnsures a timely and convenient gifting experience
Customization options availableAllows for a personalized and thoughtful gift
Trusted by over 3000+ customers worldwideReliable and secure transaction management
Backed by product usage metrics and user surveysEnsures quality and customer satisfaction

Elevate Your Gifting Experience with Venmo Gift Cards

Venmo gift cards change how we show thanks, making it real and personal. They’re great for rewarding workers, keeping customers happy, and building stronger relationships. With Xoxoday Plum, giving thanks becomes special and easy. You can send custom Venmo gift cards quickly for different events, such as webinars, thanking customers, or appreciating your team.

Venmo gift cards make gifting super easy and fitting for lots of situations. You can choose just the right gift for each person’s needs. Maybe you need to thank staff for their effort, encourage feedback from customers, grow loyalty, or celebrate big wins. Venmo gift cards with Xoxoday Plum solve these needs without a fuss.

Feeling safe and sure about money matters is key. That’s why Xoxoday Plum makes sure sending gift cards is both reliable and secure. They boast a 99.84% success rate, assuring your Venmo gift cards get where they should, smooth and trouble-free.

Instant Delivery and Bulk Gifting Options

Gifting shouldn’t take forever. That’s why Xoxoday Plum is all about making things quick. When you buy Venmo gift cards there, they’re sent out right away by email or text. You no longer need to wait, as the happy moment comes just minutes after you order.

For those sending lots of gifts, Xoxoday Plum has easy options for that too. Thank your whole team, keep customers happy, or send out many to mark a special time. Buying and sending Venmo gift cards to lots of people happens smoothly. It’s a simple way to share your joy and thanks without stress.

Xoxoday Plum is big on making gifting smart and backed by evidence. They use user feedback and facts to make gifting just right. So, when using Xoxaday Plum, you’re supported by a system that truly understands good gifting.

Discover a World of Choices with Venmo Gift Cards

Venmo gift cards bring a wide variety of choices. You can select from fashion, lifestyle, food, or electronics. Every choice is perfect for your loved ones. Venmo lets them choose what they really want.

Receiving a Venmo gift card brings joy and excitement. It means they can buy from their favorite brands. Venmo partners with top merchants. This ensures a range of great gifts.

Venmo gift cards offer many options. You can customize them for any occasion. Pick a design the recipient will like. Or, add a message to make it special.

“Venmo gift cards open up a whole new world of possibilities for gift-giving. With the wide selection of categories and customizable options, it’s easy to find the perfect gift for any occasion.”

Are you shopping for a fashionista, tech lover, or foodie? Venmo has something for everyone. It’s perfect for birthdays, holidays, and more.

Choosing a Venmo gift card is thoughtful. It gives freedom to choose. Your loved ones can pick their gifts. This makes their experience great.

Don’t limit to traditional gifts. Use Venmo gift cards to offer more choices. Your gift will be treasured and enjoyed.

Benefits of Venmo Gift CardsVenmoAmazonCash App
Wide selection of categories and choices
Customizable designs and personalization
Partnered with leading merchants
Flexibility to choose from various gift card options
Creative and festive card delivery features
Easy-to-use interface and familiar platform

Choose Venmo for a Delightful Gifting Experience

Venmo offers a wide selection and easy use. It’s great for any occasion. Venmo is the perfect solution for your gifting needs.

Instant Delivery for Last-Minute Gifting

Have you ever needed a gift at the last minute? Venmo gift cards are here to save the day. They’re delivered right away through email or SMS by Xoxoday Plum. This is perfect for getting a gift right when you need it, like for a forgotten birthday or a surprise party. With Venmo gift cards, your special gift gets to the person in just minutes.

Digital gift cards are becoming super popular, making up 40% of all gift card buys, according to a Bank of America and Strawhecker Group survey. Today, being able to send a gift quickly is really important.

Venmo stands out because it’s easy to use and lets you get creative with your gift. You can write a special message and pick from many fun card designs. This makes your gift feel unique and personal.

Plus, Venmo lets you schedule cards to be sent later. It’s great for planning things out or surprising your friends right on time.

Venmo is also flexible with money. You can pick any amount for your gift card. This is great for fitting your budget and what the person you’re gifting might like.

It’s important to check the limits at each store when buying digital gift cards. But with Venmo, you usually have lots of choices. This means you’ll likely find something perfect no matter where you shop.

Convenience and Speed

Xoxoday Plum makes it really easy. You just pick a Venmo gift card, choose how much you want to give, and write a nice note. The receiver will get their gift card and steps to use it. It’s a quick and simple process!

Customer Satisfaction

More than 1.1 million people are happy with their Xoxoday and Venmo gift cards. They have about 5,777 reviews, averaging 4.0. This means they’re great at making customers pleased.

Plus, Xoxoday gets your order ready to go fast. Order before 4 pm EST, and it often ships the next business day. Virtual Visa and Mastercard gift cards are even quicker. You get them by email in just 15 minutes!

A Trusted Name in the Industry

Since 2009, Xoxoday has been a solid pick for gift card options. They focus on giving top-notch service and quality cards. You can trust them for great gift card experiences.

PlatformDelivery TimePersonalization Options
VenmoInstant (via email or SMS)Customizable messages and festive card designs
Cash AppVariesLimited personalization options
AmazonVariesCustomizable messages and scheduled delivery

With Xoxoday Plum and Venmo, giving a thoughtful gift can be quick and easy. For any last-minute needs or just to show you care, Venmo has you covered. Order your Venmo gift card now for a stress-free, perfect present.

Hassle-Free Bulk Gifting with Venmo Gift Cards

Xoxoday Plum makes sending gift cards to many an easy task. Our site allows bulk gifting with Venmo gift cards. Easily buy and send several gifts with a few clicks, saving time.

We help you reward hardworking staff, thank loyal customers, or mark special moments. Sending multiple Venmo gift cards is simple on our platform. It’s faster than doing it one-by-one.

Adding a personal touch is easy with our bulk gifting feature. You can customize each gift. Add names, messages, or even designs to make it special.

Our platform is safe and simple to use. You can keep track of those you’re gifting to. See how your gifts are doing with our reports. Make better choices for your next gifting round.

Venmo gift cards let people choose what they want. It could be something from a favorite store or a meal out. They’ll love picking their own gift.

Don’t get bogged down with single purchases of gift cards. Our bulk gifting service with Venmo makes it easy. Gifting has never been smoother!

Advantages of Hassle-Free Bulk Gifting with Venmo Gift Cards
Efficiently send gift cards to multiple recipients
Customize each gift card with personal messages
Streamlined platform for easy management
Comprehensive reporting and analytics
Recipients have the freedom to choose their preferred gift

For those seeking to make gifting easier and more fun, choose bulk Venmo gift cards. It saves time and spreads happiness. Start sending gifts the easy way with us!

Secure and Scalable Transaction Management

Xoxoday Plum works hard to keep your Venmo gift card transactions secure and scalable. We process your transactions in real-time. We also follow strict rules, care where your data is stored, and have a reliability rate of 99.84%. You can trust us with your transactional needs.

We ensure your transactions are safe. Our platform uses the best practices for confidentiality and integrity. We do things like encrypting data and using secure payment gateways. This keeps your information safe, giving you peace of mind.

We’re also all about growth. Our platform can handle any amount of transactions. This is true whether you’re a small company or a big one. Thanks to our strong setup, you can grow your gift card program without stress.

Over 3000 customers worldwide trust us for handling their transactions safely and efficiently. We’re proud to offer a reliable solution that meets your gifting needs. Plus, we ensure the highest security standards.

With Xoxoday Plum, you know your Venmo gift card transactions are safe and efficient. This gives you peace of mind.

Secure and Scalable Transaction Management

Instant Delivery and Bulk Gifting Options

Xoxoday Plum stands out with its instant delivery service for Venmo gift cards. Whether you need a quick gift or prefer digital delivery, we’ve got your back. Your Venmo gift cards will arrive instantly by email or SMS. This makes gifting easy for you and the recipient.

Plus, we offer bulk gifting options for sending to many people. It’s great for businesses rewarding employees or for personal gifting. Our platform lets you buy and send multiple Venmo gift cards effortlessly.

Instant delivery and bulk gifting options make your gifting experience smooth and quick. Let go of last-minute gift shopping and individual sending. Xoxoday Plum makes gifting a breeze.

Trusted by Businesses Worldwide

Xoxoday Plum is the go-to marketplace for businesses, filled with useful metrics and user insights. We offer thousands of gift cards from top brands in 150 countries. You’ll find the right gift cards here for everyone.

Gift cards can motivate in many ways. They’re great for rewarding health efforts, encouraging survey take-up, or showing thanks. Everyone loves a good gift card.

Using gift cards can improve morale and show appreciation to employees. They’re also great for motivating partner sales teams. This can lead to better relationships and better sales.

Use Xoxoday Plum to make the most of gift cards and rewards. It can help you have better gifting and meet your business goals.

Personalized Messages and Branding Options

Xoxoday Plum thinks a personal touch turns a gift into something special. We have many options to personalize your Venmo gift cards. This way, you can make the gift unique and unforgettable.

Add your heartfelt notes or special messages with our easy feature. You can send a birthday greeting, a big thank you, or a congratulations message. Make it something the person will appreciate.

We offer options to add your company’s logo or branding, too. This is great for businesses looking to keep their gift giving branded and professional.

When you make your Venmo gift card personal, it becomes more than just a card. It’s a meaningful reminder for the recipient.

It shows you care, and it strengthens the bond between you and the person you give it to.

“Personalized messages and branding options allow you to create a unique and memorable gifting experience.”

Want to send a special message or show off your brand? Xoxoday Plum has all you need to customize your Venmo gift cards exactly how you want.

Key FeaturesStatistics
Venmo gift cardsTrusted by over 3000+ customers worldwide
Personalized messagesBacked by product usage metrics and user surveys
Branding optionsVenmo conducted a user survey of 2000 customers
The new card line offers an assortment of Birthday, Congrats, Wedding, Holiday, and Everyday cards for $4.99

Enhancing the Gift-Giving Experience

Personalized messages and branding make Venmo gift cards more than just pretty. They deepen the impact of your gift and create a lasting memory.

By making your messages fit the event and adding a personal touch, you build a stronger connection. It works great for birthdays, milestones, or just to say someone is special.

Branding the card connects it with your company’s message. It reinforces your values, especially in business gift-giving. This is a great way to promote your brand while showing appreciation.

We value the power of making gifts personal and branded at Xoxoday Plum. Our options make your Venmo gift cards a heartfelt and memorable item.

Venmo Gift Cards for Festivals and Occasions

Venmo gift cards are perfect for festivals and special occasions. They offer a convenient and thoughtful way to give gifts. You can choose from many options for the perfect gift. This includes popular stores, favorite restaurants, or fun experiences like going to the movies. Venmo gift cards make gifting easy for any celebration.

With over 70 million users in 2021, Venmo is very popular. Millennials, especially those aged 25 to 34, love using it for gifts. As more people use Venmo, it becomes the top choice for mobile payments and gifting.

Occurrence Rate

“I got $20 on Venmo for my engagement at a bachelorette party. It was a delightful surprise!”

Venmo makes sending money for special moments simple. You can send a gift for a wedding, birthday, or holiday quickly. It lets users make happy times even more special with instant monetary gifts.

Comparative Analysis

Venmo is not just for personal gifts. It’s great for sharing expenses at events like bachelorette parties. People can easily pay their part without dealing with cash. This approach helps everyone focus on having a great time together.


One of Venmo’s best features is splitting expenses for bachelorette parties among friends. With a few taps, people can divide the costs. This saves time and stress, making planning parties easier.

Comparative Performance

“Venmo made our bachelorette party stress-free and fun. Splitting costs and sending gifts was so easy with it.”

Venmo gift cards bring flexibility and convenience to festivals and occasions. They help create great memories whether for a quick gift or sharing party costs. Venmo is a friendly and reliable platform for spreading the joy.

How to Send a Venmo Gift Card

Sending a Venmo gift card is easy and quick. In just a few steps, you can send a special gift to anyone. Here’s what to do:

  1. Open the Venmo app on your phone.
  2. Pick the person you want to send the gift card to.
  3. Choose the gift card amount. Each one has its own range.
  4. Add a personal message for the person. You have up to 280 characters.
  5. Select a brand and design for the gift card. There are 18 brands to pick from, like Amazon and Sephora.
  6. Look over the gift card for any mistakes.
  7. Buy and send the gift card to your friend.

Sending a Venmo gift card lets you share joy for any reason. Just follow these steps, and your great gift is sent!

Where to Buy Venmo Gift Cards

If you want Venmo gift cards, Xoxoday is your go-to. We have many brands available, like Starbucks and Amazon. You can also get Sephora beauty, a meal from DoorDash, items from Target, Chipotle meals, and Uber rides. We cover a lot for you.

Xoxoday Plum has a big variety of Venmo gift cards. You can pick from $5 to $2,000. It’s great for any budget or special occasion. Venmo gift cards make awesome surprises or work gifts.

Not sure what to pick? We have hand-picked the best for you. From to Apple to Walmart, we got your back. These are all well-known and loved brands in the USA.

We at Xoxoday care about making things easy for you. That’s why we let you pay in many ways. You can use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for buying gift cards. This makes shopping simple and more fun.

buy venmo gift card

Buying Venmo gift cards from Xoxoday means fast email delivery. It’s perfect for last-minute or surprise gifts. The gift card will get to its new owner quickly, thanks to us.

Just remember, Venmo gift cards only work in the USA. So, make sure your gift is for someone in the States. It’s the best choice for an American friend or family member.

Excited to find great Venmo gift cards? Come to Xoxoday now and discover your ideal gift. We’re all set to help you make someone’s day.


Venmo gift cards make it easy to give the gift of choice. With Xoxoday Plum, you can buy, send, and use Venmo gift cards online. This makes paying with your phone fast and safe.

They are great for any occasion or to say thank you. Venmo gift cards are easy to use for both you and the person you give it to.

When you give a Venmo gift card, you’re giving freedom. The receiver can use it in many different ways.

They can send money, buy things, get cash, or even buy Bitcoin. All on the Venmo app.

Venmo takes care to keep your info and money safe. They have steps to make sure only you can use your account.

So, don’t wait. Get a Venmo gift card today. It’s a great choice for any celebration or just because.


Can I buy Venmo gift cards online?

Yes, you can. Xoxoday Plum lets you purchase Venmo gift cards on the web.

How can I send a Venmo gift card?

Just use the Venmo app. Follow a few steps, and you can send a Venmo gift card easily.

Can I customize the Venmo gift card with a personalized message?

Yes, you can make it special. Add your own message and style to your Venmo gift cards.

Are Venmo gift cards suitable for any occasion?

Absolutely. They’re a great fit for all kinds of special moments, like birthdays or anniversaries.

How quickly can I deliver a Venmo gift card?

They’re super fast. Venmo gift cards get sent out right away, either by email or SMS.

Can I send multiple Venmo gift cards at once for bulk gifting?

Yes, you can do bulk gifting using Xoxoday Plum. It’s perfect for sending many cards to different folks.

Is the transaction management of Venmo gift cards secure and scalable?

It’s very safe with Xoxoday Plum. They handle Venmo gift card transactions securely and without limits.

Can I personalize Venmo gift cards with my own branding?

Definitely. You can make your Venmo gift card stand out with your own brand touch.

Are there a variety of gift card options to choose from for Venmo?

Yes, there’s much to choose from. Venmo gift cards cover many categories like fashion, food, and electronics.

Where can I buy Venmo gift cards?

Get Venmo gift cards right away from Xoxoday. They’ve got a big collection from top brands.

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