Walgreens Gift Card: Get One Today for Any Occasion

walgreens gift card

At Walgreens, we get that finding a perfect gift is key for every event. That’s why we offer a huge variety of gift cards. They are perfect for surprise gifts, saying thanks, birthday celebrations, or just telling someone you care.

We have gift cards for music, movies, games, big stores, unique shops, food, and places to eat. With all these choices, finding the right card for someone is easy.

What makes our gift cards great is how easy they are to get. You can buy them online or in our stores. This means you can plan ahead or grab one at the last minute.

Are you a business needing to reward employees or thank customers? Our corporate card program can help. It lets you use gift cards to show you value your team or clients in a special way.

You can also reload our gift cards. Pick the amount from $5 up to $500. This means the person can use it more than once, making it even more handy.

We know that gift card laws differ by state. If a Walgreens card is almost out of money, you might be able to get cash back in some places. The rules for this change, so it’s good to know what they are where you live.

  • Walgreens offers a wide range of gift cards for different categories and occasions.
  • Purchase gift cards conveniently online or in-store.
  • Utilize our corporate gift card program for employee rewards or customer incentives.
  • Reload gift cards in flexible amounts from $5 to $500.
  • Check state regulations for cash redemption thresholds on gift cards.

You can buy our gift cards for up to $500 each, with a $750 daily limit. We also have a number just for checking balances. This makes using our cards easy and stress-free.

We never charge extra fees for our gift cards, even if you don’t use them for a while. We want you to feel completely relaxed about buying and using them. Our team is also here to help if you have any questions.

If you end up not using all the money on your card, we’ll show you how to get it back from your state. This way, your money is kept safe until you’re ready to use it.

We have a fair system in case there’s any disagreement about our gift cards. If you’re not happy, we suggest reading our rules and starting a calm talk. We want everyone to find a fair solution.

At Walgreens, we think our gift cards stand for connections and showing love and thanks. So, why not get one today and make any day a special one?

Key Takeaways:

  • Walgreens offers a wide range of gift cards for different categories and occasions.
  • Purchase gift cards conveniently online or in-store.
  • Utilize our corporate gift card program for employee rewards or customer incentives.
  • Reload gift cards in flexible amounts from $5 to $500.
  • Check state regulations for cash redemption thresholds on gift cards.

Top Sellers

At Walgreens, we have many top gift cards for any celebration. Choose from Visa, Steam, Starbucks, and Uber. These gifts are loved for birthdays, holidays, and more.

Want to make someone’s day? You can with our gift cards. Treat them to something special, like a shopping spree. Or, let them enjoy their favorite coffee, or find fun with great entertainment choices.

Shopping is easy. You can buy in-store or on our website. This makes finding the perfect gift simple. Without leaving home, you can order a gift card from us.

Got a Walgreens gift card and wondering about its balance? It’s easy to check. Do it online or call our customer service. This keeps you informed to use your gift wisely.

Our top-selling gift cards bring joy. They’re great for anyone who loves to shop, drink coffee, or have fun. Pick one today and see the happiness it brings.

Gift CardDenominations
Visa$25 – $500
Steam$20 – $100
Uber$10 – $500

Shop by Category

At Walgreens, we offer a wide range of gift card categories to fit your diverse gifting needs. Whether you’re looking for a prepaid card or a gaming, travel, or lifestyle one, we’ve got you covered.

Our food and restaurant gift cards are perfect for foodies and culinary fans. Choose from big-name chains or local spots for a tasty dining experience.

Do you know someone who adores music, movies, or games? Our entertainment gift cards are ideal. They can pick from top music services, movie theaters, or gaming platforms to have fun.

If shopping is their thing, we have department store and specialty retailer gift cards. They cover fashion, beauty, home goods, and electronics for lots of shopping fun.

Buying a Walgreens gift card online is easy and convenient. You can search through our varied categories from home. Don’t forget to look for any discounts or promos to save money.

walgreens gift card online

CategoriesRedeemable at
Food and RestaurantsWalgreens Drugstores, RXpress, Walgreens Pharmacies, Online photo purchases
Music, Movies, and GamingWalgreens Drugstores, RXpress, Walgreens Pharmacies, Online photo purchases
Department StoresWalgreens Drugstores, RXpress, Walgreens Pharmacies, Online photo purchases
Specialty RetailersWalgreens Drugstores, RXpress, Walgreens Pharmacies, Online photo purchases

Shop by Occasion

Finding the perfect gift is easy at Walgreens. We have a wide range of gift cards for specific occasions. This ensures you pick the best gift every time.

Want to say thank you, celebrate a birthday, congratulate someone, or just show you’re thinking of them? Our gift cards fit every occasion.

Need a gift for a party at the last minute? No worries. Walgreens is right around the corner to pick up a gift card on your way.

Choose the perfect gift card at Walgreens, either online or in-store. We have many designs and themes to suit tastes. Whether elegant or fun, these cards will surely make the recipient smile.

Give the Gift of Choice

A Walgreens gift card gives more than a present. It gives the joy of choosing from many amazing things. Our cards work at any Walgreens in the US and even online for photo buys.

Unsure of the perfect gift? Let the recipient pick! Walgreens gift cards cover music, movies, games, and more. They get to choose what they love.

Still unsure? Try our corporate gift card program. It’s great for businesses wanting to reward employees or thank customers. It offers a simple way to get and send out many gift cards. Contact us for more info.

Walgreens gift cards are worry-free. They don’t come with extra fees and never expire. Many states even let you turn them into cash if they have a low balance. We value providing the best for our customers.

For any occasion, a Walgreens gift card is a great choice. It shows you care. Shop now for a gift that will make anyone happy.

Complete the Basket: Everything you need for Gifting

Our store has many gift cards for you to choose from. We also have several gifting accessories. These items will help make your gifts stand out.

Consider our assortment of gift bags. They come in many sizes, colors, and designs. You’ll surely find the perfect bag for your loved ones. These bags are not just pretty; they’re also strong. This ensures your gift will look great when presented.

We also have candies and chocolates to add sweetness to your gift. From gourmet chocolates to classic treats, we have it all. You can pick individual items or choose our gift sets. These sets are packaged attractively, making them a perfect choice.

For a practical gift, check out our money card holders. These are great for keeping gift cards or cash safe. They come in various styles, like wallets or envelopes. They add a personal touch and keep your gift secure.

Finally, don’t forget to activate your gift card from Walgreens. It’s an easy process. Simply follow the instructions that come with your card. You’ll have it ready for gifting in no time. This step ensures your loved ones can enjoy their choice of gift.

Softsoap’s Beauty Bar Gentle Skin Cleanser White4.7 out of 57152
Softsoap Luminous Oils Body Wash Macadamia Oil & Peony4.6 out of 5199
Wahl Clipper Micro Groomsman Lithium 5640 1001N3.9 out of 594
BIODERMA Sensibio Micellar Cleansing Makeup Removing Foaming Gel-Sensitive Skin4.5 out of 566
Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy Skin Protectant, Travel Size4.6 out of 5676

Our goal is to provide a full gifting experience at Walgreens. We have everything, from cards to accessories, to make your gift special. Shop with us and bring joy to your loved ones with the perfect present.

More reasons to love Walgreens

Walgreens is the place to go for all your gift card needs. They have a wide range for any occasion. But that’s not all. There are more benefits to enjoy at Walgreens, making it a top spot for gift card shoppers.

Earn rewards with W

Shopping at Walgreens means you can earn points through the W program. It’s free to join. Points are earned on all purchases, even gift cards. You can then exchange these points for discounts, making shopping even better.

Same-day pickup for convenience

Need a gift card fast? Walgreens has you covered with same-day pickup. Just order your gift card online, then choose this option. Your card will be ready to pick up in-store. It’s a simple and quick way to shop for last-minute gifts.

Consider the myWalgreens™ Mastercard®

The myWalgreens™ Mastercard® can boost your rewards at Walgreens. It provides a 10% reward on certain purchases and 5% on others. You’ll also earn bonuses on health and wellness items elsewhere. Plus, you get a $40 reward when you open an account and make your first purchase within 45 days. It’s a great way to make your gift card shopping more rewarding.

With this card, you’ll get more out of your Walgreens shopping, including when you buy gift cards.

Reload your Walgreens gift card

Did you know you can reload your used Walgreens gift card? This means you can keep using the same card and add more funds anytime. It’s a great way to keep benefiting from your gift card without needing a new one.

“Earn rewards with W, enjoy same-day pickup, consider the myWalgreens™ Mastercard®, and reload your Walgreens gift card for added convenience and flexibility.”

There are lots of reasons to love Walgreens, whether you’re buying a gift card or enjoying their perks. With their many gift card choices, quick pickup, rewards, and the reloading option, they make gifting easy and fun.

walgreens gift card reload

Key BenefitsDetails
Earn rewards with WSign up for the W program and earn points on gift card purchases
Same-day pickupChoose same-day pickup for online gift card orders
myWalgreens™ Mastercard®Consider the myWalgreens™ Mastercard® for additional perks and rewards
Reload your gift cardReload your used Walgreens gift card with more funds

Bulk Purchase Agreement

Want to buy many Walgreens gift cards at once? Our bulk purchase agreement is great for businesses. It lets you buy in big amounts and save money. This is perfect for rewarding your team or encouraging customers.

Our deal is flexible to fit what you need. Buying lots of gift cards for a big event or for regular use, we’re here to help. We’ll make a plan just for you.

Interested in our discount offers? Contact Walgreens to get the lowdown. Our team is ready to help. They’ll tell you all about the special deals we offer.

At Walgreens, we know gifts should be easy and special. Our bulk deal makes buying lots of gift cards simple and cheaper. You can choose from a wide range of amounts, from $5 to $500. Find the right gift card for you.

Making big gift card orders is smart and shows you care. Call us today to see all the perks of our bulk agreement.

Note: The discounts for bulk purchases may vary based on the total order amount. Please refer to the discount calculations below:

Order TotalDiscount
$5 – $9,999.990%
$10,000 – $24,999.993%
$25,000 – $49,999.994%
$50,000 – $99,999.995%
$100,000 – $199,999.996%
$200,000 and above7%

Terms & Conditions

Learning the rules for using Walgreens gift cards is important. This helps make giving or receiving these cards smooth and easy. Here’s what you should know:

Redemption and Usage

Use your Walgreens gift cards at stores in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. You can also spend them online at Walgreens.com. Remember that gift cards can’t mix with some payments and have some use limits.

Lost or Stolen Gift Cards

If your card is lost, stolen, or damaged, Walgreens won’t replace it or give back its value. Always keep your gift card safe, just like cash.

Cash Redemption and Escheat Laws

Walgreens gift cards don’t expire, but unused balances might go to the state by escheat laws. Each state has its own rules.

Prohibited Activities and Liability

You can’t reload or sell gift cards before they’re used. If a card is used wrongly or fraudulently, Walgreens may cancel it without warning. They might also turn down a card for payment if there are problems with how it was bought. Walgreens isn’t responsible for any issues with gift card use or services bought with them.

Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges

Gift cards can’t be refunded or exchanged, except where the law says. Always think about this before you buy one.

Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

If there’s a problem, Walgreens and customers try to solve it through arbitration. Nobody can sue in a class action against Walgreens.

Bulk Purchases and Corporate Agreements

For big orders of gift cards, Walgreens might offer deals. They’ll work with you to find the best choice for your needs.

Previous Agreements and Jurisdiction

Using a gift card means you agree to these rules over any others. Illinois’s courts are where any arguing about these rules will happen. This is part of the deal.

Following these rules will ensure you get the most from your Walgreens gift card.

Corporate Gift Card Sales

At Walgreens, we get how giving rewards to your team and customers is key. We have a special program just for businesses. It makes getting gift cards for everyone easy.

Need lots of gift cards? Our program makes it a snap to get them. You can use them to celebrate your top workers, mark big achievements, or thank loyal customers.

If you pick us, you’ll find an amazing range of gift card designs. You can choose from music, movies, games, to clothes, food, and more. There’s something perfect for each person.

Having us handle your gift card orders means reliable service. We may decide not to accept some orders. Also, big discounts are up to us to decide.

After you order, we swiftly get your gift cards ready. It could be done in just one day. Remember, all sales are final. No refunds on cards.

Our gift cards are good at Walgreens and Duane Reade stores, plus online at Walgreens.com. This gives your recipients lots of places to shop.

If you think there’s any fraud with the cards, let us know right away. We’re serious about card security and we’ll deal with any problems properly.

In our program, you get to use our logos a bit. Just for promoting the cards. It’s a nice way to join our great brand with yours to show thanks.

In case of any legal issues, we follow the laws of Illinois. And any fights about the law go to Illinois courts.

Want to learn more about our program and what’s on offer? Just contact us. We’re ready to help you with rewarding employees and pleasing customers.

Music, Movies and Gaming

Entertainment is key in our lives at Walgreens. We have a huge variety of music, movies, and gaming gift cards. Perfect for treating yourself or finding a gift for a friend who loves music, movies, or games.

Gaming Gift Cards

Got a gaming enthusiast in the family or among friends? We’ve got you covered with popular choices such as GameStop and Xbox Live. They can pick whatever they want to step up their gaming. With these cards, they’re all set for new gaming adventures.

Movie Gift Cards

Our Fandango gift cards are ideal for movie lovers. They can use them to see the latest movies, watch at home, or stream online. It’s a gift that lets them enjoy cinema in their own way.

Music Gift Cards

Music makes the heart sing, so why not a Spotify gift card? It gives access to millions of songs, lets you create your own playlists, and enjoy listening without ads. A perfect way to engage with what you love.

These cards are great for a personal treat or as thoughtful gifts. They are ideal for birthdays, holidays, and special moments. At Walgreens, you’ll find just the right card for any interest.

So, whether it’s games, movies, or music that you or your loved ones love, our gift cards hit the spot. Visit your local Walgreens and get ready for a whole lot of fun!


At Walgreens, we know picking the perfect gift is important. Our gift cards are a great choice. They come in many categories, designs, and amounts. You can easily find the right one.

Shopping online or in our store for gift cards is easy. You can buy, activate, or reload them without hassle. Our website is simple to use. And our staff is ready to help you in our stores.

Choosing a Walgreens gift card means giving the freedom to choose. They can pick from options like Amazon, iTunes, and American Express. There are cards for gamers, music fans, and more. Don’t miss our own gift cards, with amounts from $25 to $100.

Give a Walgreens gift card today and spread happiness. Let your loved ones get what they really want. We offer many choices, easy buying, and great service. We help you give a memorable gift effortlessly.


Can I buy a Walgreens gift card online?

Yes, you can purchase a Walgreens gift card online.

How can I check the balance of my Walgreens gift card?

You can check the balance of your Walgreens gift card online. Or, call a specific number for help.

What categories of gift cards are available at Walgreens?

At Walgreens, you find gift cards for a bunch of categories. This includes prepaid cards, food & beverage, gaming, travel, and lifestyle.

Can I shop for gift cards based on occasions at Walgreens?

Yes, you can find gift cards for many occasions at Walgreens. This includes thank you, birthday, congratulations, and thinking of you.

Can I find gift bags and other gifting accessories at Walgreens?

Yes, at Walgreens you can get gift bags, candy, and money card holders. They help make your gifts extra special.

Are there any additional benefits to shopping at Walgreens?

Yes, join W rewards to earn points on your buys. Plus, enjoy same-day pickup. And you might want to check out the myWalgreens credit card for more perks.

Is there a bulk purchase agreement for Walgreens gift cards?

Yes, you can get a cool deal on a bunch of gift cards. This is great for rewards at work or for customers.

What are the terms and conditions associated with Walgreens gift cards?

Walgreens gift cards work at Walgreens and Duane Reade in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. You can also use them at Walgreens.com. But you can’t mix them with some payment types, and there are other use rules. Be careful not to lose them, as they won’t replace lost or stolen cards. Also, Walgreens doesn’t swap cards from other places for theirs.

Does Walgreens offer a corporate gift card sales program?

Yes, Walgreens helps businesses by offering gift cards for their employees or as customer gifts.

What entertainment gift cards are available at Walgreens?

You can find fun gift cards at Walgreens for places like Fandango, GameStop, and Xbox Live.

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