Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp: Laughter at Summer Camp

Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp

Welcome to our review of Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp! This movie is a funny, animated comedy that takes place at summer camp. It’s perfect for the whole family. You’ll laugh and have a great time with Woody Woodpecker and his friends on their outdoor adventures.

Key Takeaways

  • Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp is a hilarious animated comedy set in a summer camp.
  • The movie features beloved cartoon character Woody Woodpecker, known for his zany and chaotic personality.
  • With a mix of outdoor activities and entertaining moments, the film promises fun for the whole family.
  • The all-star voice cast includes Eric Bauza as Woody Woodpecker, Kevin Michael Richardson as Buzz Buzzard, and Tom Kenny as Wally Walrus/Inspector.
  • Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp combines live-action and animation to bring the beloved cartoon character to life.

The Plot of Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp

In Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp, Woody gets kicked out of the forest for causing too much trouble. To redeem himself, he joins Camp Woo Hoo. But, instead of helping, his wild ways make everything worse.

At camp, he meets Buzz Buzzard, a villain bird with eyes on a treasure. Woody and his friends Face Buzz to save their camp from Buzz’s evil plans.

The story is about finding redemption and learning to work as a team. Woody and his friends unite to face their problems together. They discover that friendship and teamwork can overcome any challenge.

“In Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp, chaos takes center stage, but so does the power of redemption and the strength of teamwork.”

The Chaotic Adventure Unfolds

Woody, his friends, and Buzz Buzzard turn the peaceful camp into a wild battleground. They have crazy canoe races and funny sing-alongs around the campfire. This makes the movie a journey filled with laughs and fun surprises.

Through it all, Woody learns how his actions affect others. With his friends’ help, he learns about being responsible and working together.

If Woody can change his mischief ways, he might save the camp and his own image. Come along and see Woody transform from troublemaker to hero in this hilarious adventure.

Movie DetailsStatistics
Film Release DateApril 12, 2024
Running Time98 minutes
Percentage of Positive Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes17%
Number of Critics’ Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes6
Main Production CompaniesUniversal Animation Studios, Universal 1440 Entertainment
Locations where the Film was ShotMelbourne and across regional areas of Victoria

Characters in Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp

Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp is full of characters that bring laughs and fun. They add excitement to the story.

Woody Woodpecker

Woody is the star with his wild and crazy ways. Eric Bauza brings him to life with fun and energy. His jokes and mischief keep everyone laughing.

Buzz Buzzard

Buzz Buzzard is the troublemaker. Kevin Michael Richardson voices him with cunning and fun. He tries to mess things up for Woody and his pals.

Wally Walrus

Tom Kenny gives a voice to Wally, the strict inspector. He might close the camp, but he’s not all bad. He’s funny and adds to the chaos, becoming a favorite character.


Maggie is Angie’s daughter and Woody’s friend. Her helpful and kind spirit warms the story. She’s key in saving the camp, making her very likeable.


Angie runs the camp and is Maggie’s mom. She’s caring and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Angie adds a touch of order to the camp’s wild ways.

The cast of Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp is vibrant and fun. Each adds their own special jokes and adventures to the mix. They make the movie a joy for all.

The Animation and Voice Cast of Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp

Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp mixes real-life scenes with animation. This blend helps to make the well-loved cartoon character more real. The movie boasts of a great cast that gives life to each character uniquely.

Eric Bauza as Woody Woodpecker

Eric Bauza is the voice behind Woody Woodpecker. His top-notch voice acting brings Woody’s nature and charm to the forefront. Bauza’s performance is truly outstanding.

Kevin Michael Richardson as Buzz Buzzard

Kevin Michael Richardson voices the evil Buzz Buzzard. His powerful voice adds a lot of depth to the bad guy. This makes the story more interesting, especially Woody’s interactions with Buzz.

Tom Kenny as Wally Walrus

Tom Kenny, another top voice actor, voices Wally Walrus. He uses his wide vocal range to make Wally stand out. Kenny’s work adds a lot of fun and personality to the movie.

The team working on this animation put a lot of effort to keep the original charm alive. They manage to mix old humor with new ideas perfectly. Plus, the skilled voice actors and animators make the characters truly come alive. This makes the movie fun for everyone to watch, no matter their age.

Filming Locations and Production Details

  • Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp was mainly filmed in Melbourne and Victoria, Australia.
  • Australia was chosen because of its skilled workers, good filming tax breaks, and safe filming rules.
  • The team got together a global group of experts. This included top cinematographer Ross Emery, who worked on “The Matrix” and “Wolverine”.
  • The movie was made from September to December to capture the fun of summer camp.

filming location

Filming Locations:

Melbourne and Victoria’s scenes were great for the movie. They had everything from green forests to calm lakes. These places made the summer camp in the movie feel real.

Filming in Australia let the team use many different natural spots. This made the adventure look and feel just right.

Production Details:

Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp was made together by Universal Animation Studios and Universal 1440 Entertainment. The sequel announced in 2021 was a hit after the first movie back in 2017.

“We were excited to bring Woody Woodpecker back to the big screen with a new adventure at a summer camp. The beloved character and his slapstick comedy continue to resonate with audiences of all ages,” said the producers.

Stephen Mazur and Cory Edwards wrote the story with a mix of real and animated parts. Eric Bauza, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Tom Kenny’s voices made the characters shine.


After shooting, the movie went to the team for finishing touches. They added special effects, made the sound right, and edited to make the movie fun and cool.

Release and Reception:

Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp showed on Netflix on April 12, 2024. Critics didn’t like it much, but fans loved its funny and crazy story.

The work between Universal Animation Studios and Universal 1440 Entertainment made sure the movie stayed true to Woody. It brought in new stories and laughs from camp.

IMDb RatingUser ReviewsPopularityRuntime
4.6/10208621 hour 40 minutes

Release Date and Reception

Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp was released on April 12, 2024, only on Netflix. Fans finally got to see their favorite bird in a new adventure from home.

But, not everyone loved it. Critics on Rotten Tomatoes gave it a low score of 17%. They said the story was not steady and it lacked that special something.

On IMDb, it got a 4.6 out of 10. This shows viewers couldn’t agree either, as only 20 people left reviews.

Still, fans of Woody might enjoy its wild energy. It has the same funny and crazy Woody Woodpecker they’ve loved for years.

Running TimeDistributionOriginUser ReviewsCritic ReviewsPopularity
98 minutesNetflixFilmed in Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria in 20212016862

The movie lasts for 98 minutes. It’s a fun escape with lots of laughs and adventures. As a Netflix original, it’s available to viewers everywhere.

It was shot in Melbourne and Victoria’s beautiful countryside in 2021. These places provide a great setting for Woody’s funny stories.

Even though critics had mixed feelings, 862 people thought it was worth watching. Plus, with 1 video and over 99 photos, fans have more to enjoy.

Without details on profits or the film’s making, Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp aims to please. Its story and charm hope to win over the audience.

Themes Explored in Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp

In Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp, the story is full of themes. A big one is redemption, where Woody aims to change his troublemaking ways. This journey shows the value of growing as a person and grabbing second chances.

Teamwork is another key theme. Woody learns about the power of working with others at Camp Woo Hoo. The movie highlights what can be done when people join forces. It shows that through unity, challenges can be faced and obstacles overcome.

The theme of coexistence is also explored. The film suggests it’s important for everyone to peacefully live and work together in our diverse world. It teaches us that understanding and respecting each other brings harmony and unity.

Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp intertwines the themes of redemption, teamwork, and coexistence, delivering a heartwarming tale that emphasizes personal growth, the power of unity, and peaceful cohabitation.”

The movie shares important life lessons. It tells us about the value of changing ourselves, working together, and living peacefully with all creatures. These themes encourage us to think about our own actions and relationships with others.

DurationIMDb RatingGenre
1 hour 40 minutes4.6/10 based on 1.7K reviewsAnimation, Adventure, Comedy
User ReviewsCritic ReviewsTop Cast
2016Mary-Louise Parker, Josh Lawson, Chloe De Los Santos
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The Legacy of Woody Woodpecker and Nostalgia for Classic Characters

Woody Woodpecker has been a fan favorite for almost a century. He’s among the oldest and most loved animated characters. With the release of Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp, he continues to win over both old and new fans.

Many of us hold Woody close to our hearts from childhood. His crazy adventures and distinct laugh brought joy. Now, Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp lets us share these memories with the next generation.

“The unexpected return of Woody Woodpecker in this movie is a delightful surprise for fans, evoking a sense of childhood nostalgia.” – Martin Cid Magazine

Despite the ever-changing world of cartoons, Woody remains a timeless favorite. He stands with the greats like Looney Tunes and Mickey Mouse. Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp not only brings him back but reminds us why we loved him.

Release DateGenreActorsVoicesPredecessorThemes
April 12, 2024Live-action/animated hybridChloe De Los Santos, Josh Lawson, Mary-Louise Parker, Esther Son, Evan StanhopeKevin Michael Richardson, Tom Kenny, Eric Bauza2017 film adaptationNostalgia, comedy, redemption, teamwork

Family Entertainment and Outdoor Activities in Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp

Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp is more than a film. It mixes family fun with exciting outdoor activities. The story takes us to a summer camp where Woody and pals have funny adventures. These moments will make everyone laugh and feel happy.

Camp Woo Hoo is where this comedy adventure happens. Both kids and adults can have fun and enjoy classic camp activities. They can race canoes on a clear lake or play capture the flag in the woods. There is always something fun to do at this camp.

This movie’s all about outdoor fun and making friends at camp. It shows how beautiful nature is and the joy of exploring and working together. The story is about facing thrilling challenges with friends.

If you love cheering on Woody, you can watch him in a bike race for £5. Or, join a cool football game if you’re 11 to 17. The film brings bright animations, a great story, and teaches valuable life lessons. It’s full of action and laughter.

ActivityAge GroupCost
Bike Skills Session with Woody5-10 years old£5 per child
Cycling TracksAdults and youthRanges from £4 to £7
Scavenger HuntChildren of all ages£1 per child
Supervised Football Sessions11-17 years oldVaries
Multi-Skills Development in Athletics5-10 years oldVaries
Javelin Fundamentals in Athletics11-16 years oldVaries

The fun continues after a day of playing. Families can relax and have a nice afternoon tea. It’s £15 a person or £20 with Prosecco. This is the perfect time to bond and talk about the day’s adventures.

Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp is packed with fun and a great story. It shows the fun of family time, the wonder of nature, and adventures. This film brings the magic of summer camp into our homes.


Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp brings laughter and the famous character back on screen. It touches on redemption, teamwork, and coexistence. It is great for family entertainment and makes you remember the classics. Even though critics had mixed feelings, fans still love its chaotic and humorous style.

It was released on Netflix on April 13, 2024. The story is about the red-headed, blue-feathered woodpecker going to camp. Woody learns the importance of working together and sharing. The movie shows us what fun summer camp can be like with outdoor activities, humor, and relatable characters.

Watching Woody Woodpecker Gives to Camp can make you think of your childhood memories. It brings old time cartoon characters back to life. This Netflix film makes us remember great shows and movies. Ones like “Ultraman Rising,” “Outrageous Fortune,” and “Zane (IV)” with Billy Zane. It connects us to those old, but gold, days.

So, get ready with some popcorn for an exciting family movie night. Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp is perfect for fun and remembering the good old days. Enjoy this great comedy with your family. It offers a night full of joy and laughter.


What is the plot of Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp?

Woody gets thrown out of the forest for all his chaos. He heads to Camp Woo Hoo to learn about teamwork. At camp, despite his best efforts, things only get crazier. He has to stop Buzz Buzzard from snatching a treasure and save the day.

Who are the main characters in Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp?

The key players are Woody Woodpecker, Buzz Buzzard, Wally Walrus, Maggie, and Angie.

Who are the voice actors in Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp?

Eric Bauza voices Woody. Kevin Michael Richardson brings Buzz Buzzard to life, while Tom Kenny is the voice behind Wally Walrus.

Where was Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp filmed?

The movie was filmed in Melbourne and different parts of Victoria, Australia.

When was Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp released?

It hit the screens on April 12, 2024, only available on Netflix.

What themes are explored in Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp?

The film focuses on themes like making up for mistakes, working together, and how people and animals can live together.

Why is Woody Woodpecker a beloved character?

After 80 years, people still love Woody. His adventures in Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp continue to win over new fans.

Is Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp suitable for family entertainment?

Definitely, the movie is perfect for the whole family. Everyone will find something to love in it.

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