WWE 2K24 Gameplay Review & Insider Tips

WWE 2K24 gameplay

Welcome to our detailed review of WWE 2K24, the newest title in the WWE 2K series. This game focuses on making wrestling more fun with better controls and adds new match types. WWE 2K24 isn’t a total game-changer, but it does make significant improvements.

Gameplay in WWE 2K24 is smoother with more realistic animations. This makes one-on-one and tag matches really immersive. Yet, matches with more than two wrestlers can feel overwhelming because of the chaotic setup.

There are two career modes in WWE 2K24: one for men and one for women. Players can enjoy fun stories with different outcomes. You can decide what happens to your favorite wrestlers.

The Showcase mode highlights 40 years of Wrestlemania. You can play through historical matches with unique goals to complete. This brings together current gameplay with memorable moments in wrestling history.

WWE Universe mode adds a lot to the game, too. You can manage everything in your wrestling world or focus on one superstar. This gives players more ways to experience the game.

Key Takeaways:

  • WWE 2K24 features gameplay tweaks, new match types, and improved controls.
  • The game excels in one-on-one and tag matches, but struggles with multiple combatant match types.
  • There are two career modes available: one for the women’s division and one for the men’s division.
  • The Showcase mode celebrates 40 years of Wrestlemania, allowing players to reenact classic matches.
  • WWE Universe mode offers a significant addition this year, providing both a manage style mode and a single superstar mode.

On the negative side, WWE 2K24 has some major bugs and issues with controllers. The graphics and lip-syncing are not the best. Even with new features, the game doesn’t have a big addition that stands out. Yet, fans of WWE wrestling history might still love this game. For more casual players, it’s a good idea to wait for updates.

Our review of WWE 2K24 is based on playing it on the Xbox Series X. With 2K in charge, WWE gaming feels like it used to with classics like Smackdown Vs Raw. The game introduces new features, including sparring and weapon throwing. Also, classic match types like the Casket and Ambulance matches are back, offering players more variety.

Graphics and Presentation

WWE 2K24 boasts amazing graphics and presentation. Players get a stunning visual experience. The character models look almost real. Their gear and faces are full of details. This makes the game very lifelike. It even has the referees and announcers right, boosting the wrestling vibe.

Yet, some elements could be better. For example, the lip-syncing sometimes misses the mark. And not all character models look like their real counterparts. Take Bayley, for instance. She could use some improvement. But overall, WWE 2K24 does a great job. It feels a lot like watching a real WWE event.

Gameplay Mechanics

In WWE 2K24, the developers made big steps to improve how the game plays. They added the Super Finisher, letting players use super strong moves on their enemies. This makes the matches really exciting.

They also added a new way to fight called the trading blows minigame. This minigame makes the fights more varied and intense. Players will be at the edge of their seat.

WWE 2K24 also offers more weapons to fight with. Now you can use lots of different things, like microphones. This adds a new strategy to the game as players can use these items to win.

They upgraded the AI, too. Managers play a more important role in the game now. They can help or bother you during matches, making things more interesting. But sometimes the AI’s actions can be frustrating for players.

The game’s balance between thinking and quick action is just right. It’s fun for wrestling fans of all levels. The changes they’ve made also make WWE 2K24 easy to start playing but hard to master.

Despite these good points, some of the game’s issues keep popping up. The short time for development might have limited how much they could fix. Still, WWE 2K24 improves a lot on past games in terms of how fun it is to play.

Gameplay MechanicRating
A.I. Standing Strike Reversal Rate40/100
A.I. Standing Grapple Reversal Rate40/100
A.I. Ground Strike Reversal Rate40/100
A.I. Ground Grapple Reversal Rate35/100
A.I. Finisher Reversal Rate35-40/100
A.I. Foreign Object Attack Reversal Rate15-25/100
A.I. Grab Breaker Rate35-40/100
A.I. Combo Breaker Rate35-40/100
A.I. Combo Rate45/100
A.I. Submission Rate45/100
A.I. Dive Rate50/100
A.I. Springboard Rate50/100
A.I. Grapple Rate70/100
A.I. Strike Rate60/100
A.I. Limb Targeting Rate65/100
A.I. Running Attack Rate45/100
A.I. Block Rate35/100
A.I. Dodge Rate35/100
A.I. Trading Blows Rate60/100
Entrance Run-In2/10
Mid-Match Run-In4/10
Post-Match Run-In4/10
Referee Down Time80-100/100
Stamina Cost35/100
Stamina Recovery Rate60/100
Rollout Frequency25/100
Rollout Duration25/100
Stun Gain45/100
Vitality Regen Cooldown45/100
Vitality Regen Rate60/100
Post-Kickout Damage Recovery (Player)65/100
Post-Kickout Damage Recovery (AI)45/100
AI Damage Difficulty Scaling25/100
Drag Escape Difficulty30/100
Carry Escape Difficulty30/100

Game Modes

WWE 2K24 has many game modes for wrestling fans. You can relive awesome Wrestlemania moments, start an exciting career, or create your own group. There’s fun for everyone in WWE 2K24.

Showcase Mode: Relive Wrestling History

The Showcase mode is a top feature in WWE 2K24. It lets you go through 40 years of Wrestlemania’s history. You can play as famous wrestlers and redo their epic fights. This mode mixes the game with real footage, giving a special experience.

Career Modes: Your Road to Stardom

WWE 2K24 also has career modes for male and female wrestlers. Choices you make affect your career’s path and who you become. The game is filled with stories and choices, which makes every journey different. You can be good or bad, and it’s up to you.

WWE Universe: Create Your Wrestling World

In WWE Universe, you control a single wrestler and explore the WWE world. You can make your wrestler’s career interesting with many rivalry options. There’s a range of match types to enjoy and customize your WWE world.

Special Match Types: Unique Gameplay Experiences

WWE 2K24 has many new match types for extra fun. Try out Special Guest Referee matches or Gauntlet matches. You’ll also find new challenges like the Ambulance Match. The game keeps you on your toes with unique adventures.

Game ModeDescription
Showcase ModeRelive 40 years of Wrestlemania with iconic matches and archive footage.
Career ModesEngaging storylines and character development opportunities for male and female wrestlers.
WWE UniverseCreate your own wrestling world with expanded rivalries and match types.
Special Match TypesUnique gameplay experiences with special guest referees and intense gauntlet matches.

WWE 2K24 is packed with many game modes and fun gameplay. It’s perfect for anyone who loves wrestling, whether classic matches or creating their own stories.

Pros and Cons

WWE 2K24 has its pluses and minuses for gamers to think about. Let’s dig in to see what makes this game special:


  • The Showcase mode is the star of WWE 2K24, taking people back to past Wrestlemania moments. It’s perfect for fans and brings in feelings of nostalgia.
  • At release, there are over 200 characters, which makes the roster really big. This means players have plenty of favorites to pick from.
  • New match types like Ambulance and Casket Matches bring something fresh to the game. Other new types include Special Guest Referee matches and Gauntlet Matches.
  • There’s a new mini-game called Trading Blows, making matches even more interesting and active.
  • MyGM mode now has additions like new General Managers and brands. It makes the management side of the game deeper and more real.
  • The Creation Suite is bigger with Create-A-Referee and Create-A-Sign options. Players can really make the game their own with these features.
  • In the WrestleMania Showcase, players can join in on famous moments from the event. It’s a great chance to be part of these iconic times.
  • MyRISE offers themes for both male and female characters, meeting different player preferences.
  • Real WWE stars rock the voice work, adding to the feeling of actually being in the wrestling world.
  • The game looks amazing. The graphics make stars look real and draw players in.
  • Create-a-wrestler is deep, giving players lots of options for customizing their own characters.
  • The gameplay balances well between wrestling moves and those big exciting moments. This makes for a fun game to play.
  • Controlling the game is easy and feels natural. It makes everything from moving to fighting feel good.
  • There’s a lot of customization for characters, from looks to their fighting style and even entrance music.
  • Reviews mention the lack of major glitches, which is great for an uninterrupted gaming session.
  • By and large, WWE 2K24 is seen as a superb wrestling game, satisfying fans with its variety and depth.


  • The game could run a bit slow, affecting how smooth matches feel for players.
  • Not everyone will like the MyFaction mode. It works with cards and can remind some of FIFA’s Ultimate Team.
  • Some folks experienced frustrating AI, bugs, and the occasional crash. This can really affect how much they enjoy playing.
  • The Showcase mode might not meet everyone’s high expectations. It could have done a better job in showing off Wrestlemania’s best moments.
  • While WWE 2K24 does make some changes, it might not seem totally new. Fans were hoping for more standout updates.

Looking at the good and bad, WWE 2K24 is a solid pick for wrestling fans. It offers a fun experience with its variety and engaging gameplay. But, it’s not without its faults, like AI problems. With areas to grow, WWE 2K24 lays down a good base for future games. This might just make players more excited for what’s next in the series.

Future Outlook and Conclusion

Reflecting on WWE 2K24, we see the game is improving. It’s adding new stuff and fix old problems. For example, it added sparring matches, new weapons, and brought back casket and ambulance matches. The game also has special referee matches for the first time in a while. This makes the game more fun and diverse.

The Showcase mode in WWE 2K24 is special. It looks back at 40 years of WrestleMania with iconic matches. Players get to learn about wrestling history. There are also two career modes focusing on male and female wrestlers. This makes the game more interesting for different players.

MyFaction and MyGM modes are back, offering more things to do. They let players collect trading cards and plan shows. The game has a big roster with old favorites and new stars. This makes the game fresh and fun to play.

Visual Concepts keep updating the game with new wrestling talent. This helps the game stay current and interesting. They also include various wrestling styles, which fans appreciate.

But, WWE 2K24 does have some problems. The AI can be annoying, and players want more new modes. Although the game has gotten better, it still faces challenges.

Looking to the future, WWE 2K24 has a lot of potential. It’s getting better with each update. With yearly releases, it’s hard to fix everything at once. The game is aiming to be the best wrestling experience, but there’s more work to do.

Fans are excited for what’s next. They hope the game keeps getting better. The developers are working hard to make the game better for everyone. WWE 2K24 is on the right path, but there’s more it can do. It’s a promising time for the WWE 2K series.


WWE 2K24 makes playing games more fun. It has better animations and controls. Also, there are many different game modes. The Showcase mode lets you dive into WrestleMania’s 40-year history.

The game offers great career modes too. Male wrestlers have the Undisputed mode. Female wrestlers play Unleashed. Both have interesting stories and ways to grow.

Even with some issues, WWE 2K24 is good for true fans. It has a big roster and fun play. But, it might not be ready for casual gamers yet. They might need to wait for updates to fix the game’s problems.

There is hope for WWE 2K24’s future. The makers are working hard to make it better. Each new version of the game is getting better. Even though WWE 2K24 isn’t perfect, it’s heading in the right direction.

As time goes on, we hope the game will get even better. The developers need to keep working. Maybe one day, they will create a perfect wrestling game. For now, WWE 2K24 is a big step forward.


What are the gameplay features in WWE 2K24?

WWE 2K24 has made big improvements in how the game plays. This includes smoother animations and easier controls. There are also new features like the Super Finisher and a game where you trade punches for more exciting matches.

How are the graphics and presentation in WWE 2K24?

The game’s graphics are top-notch. Characters look very much like their real-life versions. Their clothes and styles are detailed too. However, some people find the lip-syncing off and some character models aren’t as good.

What are the game modes in WWE 2K24?

There’s a lot to do in WWE 2K24. You can play in the Showcase mode, which lets you replay 40 years of Wrestlemania. There are career modes for both male and female wrestlers. Plus, the WWE Universe mode is back with more options, like focusing on just one wrestler.

What are the pros and cons of WWE 2K24?

WWE 2K24 has lots of good points. It has smoother wrestling and a big roster. Fans are loving the Showcase mode. Still, there are issues like the AI acting odd, bugs, and sometimes it crashes.

What is the future outlook for WWE 2K24?

The outlook for WWE 2K24 is bright. Developers keep adding good stuff and fixing problems. There’s lots of potential for it to get even better in the future with more updates.

Is WWE 2K24 worth playing?

Yes, WWE 2K24 is fun to play, especially for true fans. If you’re more of a casual player, it might be best to wait for updates to fix the issues. But, with its room to grow, the game is worth a look.

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