How to Get V-Bucks Card for Fortnite: Quick and Easy Guide


Getting a V-Bucks card for Fortnite is quick and easy. If it’s a gift or you bought it, redeeming is simple. Just go to the official Fortnite website and follow a few steps. Then, you can use your V-Bucks for cool stuff in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Daily Quests provide around 100 V-Bucks.
  • Battle Royale players can earn 300 V-Bucks in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 and increase to 1500 V-Bucks by purchasing the Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks.
  • Cosmetics in Fortnite can cost between 200 to 2000 V-Bucks, and seasonal Battle Passes are priced at 950 V-Bucks.
  • Save the World founders earn V-Bucks in addition to X-Ray Tickets, which can be used to buy Loot Llamas.
  • As of May 5, 2024, there are no active V-Bucks codes available for Fortnite.

Quick Steps to Claim Your V-Bucks Card

Got a V-Bucks card? Excited to use it in Fortnite? These simple steps show you how to redeem it. Soon, you’ll be able to get awesome cosmetic upgrades for your game.

  1. Visit the official Fortnite website: Start by going to the official Fortnite site. You need to be there to redeem your V-Bucks card.
  2. Sign in to your Epic Games account: On the site, sign in to your Epic Games account. Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet. Making an account is easy with the steps provided.
  3. Access the V-Bucks Card section: After signing in, look for the V-Bucks Card section. You can find it in your account settings or at the top of the page.
  4. Enter the unique code: Now, find where to put your V-Bucks card code. Be careful and make sure you type the code right. Mistakes can stop the redemption.
  5. Redeem and enjoy: After typing the code, hit the redeem button. Your V-Bucks will be added right away. Now, you can start shopping in the game’s store for cool new items.

By following these steps, you can get your V-Bucks card ready for use. With V-Bucks, you can buy skins, emotes, and much more for your game. Have fun gaming!


Now, let’s see how someone redeems V-Bucks in an example:

V-Bucks Card CodeRedemption StatusV-Bucks Added
B12345CSuccessfully Redeemed1,000 V-Bucks

In this case, the player put in the code “B12345C” right. So, 1,000 V-Bucks got added to their account. They can now enjoy buying new stuff in Fortnite with these V-Bucks.

Win V-Bucks Cards with Playbite

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The Playbite app is perfect for Fortnite fans. It lets you earn V-Bucks without spending money. You just play games and get the rewards you want.

So, where does Playbite get all these prizes? Mainly from ads and in-app purchases. This way, they can keep offering cool rewards to players like you.

Ready to start? Download Playbite and have fun while you score Fortnite cards and V-Bucks. It’s a great way to enjoy games and get rewards.

Playbite App

Playbite Rewards System

Reward LevelPoints Required
Fortnite Gift Card ($10)1000 points
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Fortnite Gift Card ($100)10000 points

Latest Free Fortnite Redeem Codes

Epic Games has brought another batch of free redeem codes for Fortnite. These codes unlock cool stuff like skins and Battle Pass tiers. You can use them on the Fortnite website or in the game’s redemption section.

No V-Bucks codes are active as of May 5, 2024. But, old codes have given away lots of V-Bucks. These are from past special events.

With V-Bucks, Fortnite players can make their characters unique. You can get new skins, pickaxes, emotes, and more. Plus, you can unlock the season’s Battle Pass.

Here are some codes from May 2024 as examples:

  • 69JS-99GS-6344-STT8

By using these codes, you get fun items for free. It makes your Fortnite game more exciting.

As of January 2, 2024, there are no V-Bucks codes. But, Epic Games often gives out new codes. Keep checking for updates.

How to Redeem Fortnite Codes

Redeeming Fortnite codes is easy and fun. You can unlock cool rewards and make your game better. The steps are the same, whether it’s for V-Bucks or new looks. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Visit the Official Fortnite Website

First, go to the official Fortnite site with your browser. Make sure you’re logged into your Epic Games account. This is where you’ll see your rewards.

Step 2: Access the Redemption Page

Find the redemption page on the site. This is where you’ll put in your code and pick your gaming platform.

Step 3: Enter the Code

Now, put in your code from your Fortnite card or email. Be careful to type it right to avoid mistakes.

Step 4: Select Your Platform

Choose the platform you use to play Fortnite. This makes sure you get your rewards in the game.

Step 5: Confirm and Redeem

Click to confirm your code. If it’s good, you’ll get your rewards right away. Then, you can enjoy the extra stuff in the game.

Just remember, you can only use each code once. But, codes from Epic Games or creators might work for many people. So, watch out for those special offers.

Now you know how to use Fortnite codes. You’ll be able to get special items and enjoy more of the game. Start using your codes today. See what awesome rewards you can collect!

How to Get Fortnite Codes for Free

If you want free Fortnite codes, you’re in luck! There are many ways to get these codes without paying. Let’s look at some good ways to find them.

Epic Games’ Official Channels

Start at Epic Games’ official channels to find codes for free. Codes are often shared on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Be sure to follow them and watch for giveaways.

Also, check the Fortnite website for special offers now and then.

Twitch Drops and Streamer Giveaways

Getting free codes through Twitch Drops and streamer giveaways is fun. Many streamers give away codes in their streams. Keep up with popular streams and their social media to hear about these chances.

Watching and joining in on streams could help you get a win!

Promotional Events and Partnerships

Keep an eye out for Fortnite’s brand events. They often lead to the release of unique codes. Be sure to stay updated on Fortnite news. This way, you won’t miss chances to get special items in the game.

Newsletters and Email Subscriptions

Signing up for newsletters and email lists is another way to get yourself some free codes. Developers and creators send out unique codes and offers via email. Always check your email for these hidden gems.

But, remember to be careful. Stick with well-known sources to avoid scams.

With knowledge on how to get free Fortnite codes, start your gaming journey without spending money. Enjoy!

Using Your Earned V-Bucks in Fortnite

V-Bucks in Fortnite let you buy cool stuff and cosmetics. They help make your game fun, whether you play Battle Royale or Save the World. Use your V-Bucks to level up your game.

Battle Royale Cosmetics

In Battle Royale, V-Bucks unlock all kinds of looks. Buy Battle Passes to get new skins, emotes, and more. Show your unique style with special items. Make your character stand out.

Save the World Llamas

Save the World founders can get stuff from Llamas with V-Bucks. Llamas have heroes, defenders, and more. Improve your team and beat challenges in Save the World.

V-Bucks work in both modes, giving you more options. You can improve your Fortnite journey with V-Bucks from any mode.

Use your V-Bucks for better Battle Passes, seasonal items, and more. Make your Fortnite world more exciting. Start using your V-Bucks today!

Battle Royale and Save the World

Beware of Scam “Free V-Bucks” Hacks

Who doesn’t love free V-Bucks? But it’s key to avoid scams. Some claim they can give you V-Bucks for free.

Watch out for:

  1. Phishing Attempts: Scammers may set up sites or groups on social media. They promise free V-Bucks. Then, they ask for your details. This could steal your account.
  2. Malicious Ads: Some sites or ads promise free V-Bucks but have viruses. These can hurt your stuff or steal your info.
  3. Generators and Cheats: Some sites claim to offer free V-Bucks or cheats. But they could get you banned. They’re usually just scams.

Epic Games doesn’t support these fake offers. They warn against visiting such sites or clicking on their links.

To stay safe, follow these tips:

  1. Get your V-Bucks from trusted places like the Fortnite website or known stores.
  2. Never give your info to unknown sites or apps.
  3. Be careful with deals that seem too good. They might not be true.
  4. Keep your antivirus updated and use an ad-blocker to dodge bad ads.

There are real ways to get V-Bucks. Play “Save the World,” join events, or buy them in-game. These are the best and safest options.

Stay alert and use the right channels. This way, you can play Fortnite happily without facing any scams or threats.


Getting a V-Bucks card for Fortnite is neat. It helps make your game more fun. You can buy cool looks and boosts for your game. This guide shows you how to get V-Bucks free and safe.

But watch out for V-Bucks scams. Don’t give out personal info. And don’t click on weird links that promise free V-Bucks. Stick to real ways to get V-Bucks. This will keep your game fun and safe.

Buying or earning V-Bucks lets you do a lot in Fortnite. There are always new cool things to get. Like special Battle Passes or items from famous shows. Use your V-Bucks wisely and enjoy customizing your game.


How do I claim my V-Bucks card for Fortnite?

Visit the official Fortnite website. Sign in to your Epic Games account. Click on the V-Bucks Card section.

Enter the unique code from your card. The V-Bucks will then be added to your account.

Can I win V-Bucks cards with Playbite?

Yes, you can win V-Bucks cards with Playbite. It’s an app for playing casual games. You earn points in these games.

Use these points to enter for a chance to win official Fortnite gift cards, such as V-Bucks.

How do I redeem Fortnite codes?

To redeem codes, visit the Fortnite website or use in-game options. Make sure you’re signed in to the right account. Then, enter the code to get your rewards.

How can I get free Fortnite codes?

To get free codes, keep an eye on Epic Games’ social media and website. They might offer codes and deals there.

Watching Fortnite streams on Twitch can also get you free codes. Sometimes streamers give them away. Checking your emails for newsletters is another way. Epic Games may send exclusive codes that way.

What can I use V-Bucks for in Fortnite?

Earned V-Bucks let you buy in-game items and looks. In Battle Royale, get seasonal Battle Passes. Also, buy outfits, gliders, and pickaxes.

In Save the World, use V-Bucks to purchase Llamas. These give heroes, defenders, survivors, and schematics.

Yes, watch out for scams promising free V-Bucks through hacks or cheats. These sites and groups are often looking to trick you or infect your devices.

Epic Games says to avoid these and only trust their own channels for earning V-Bucks safely.

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