Kratos joins Fortnite Battle Royale as a new playable skin

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Kratos has arrived in Fortnite from PlayStation’s famous God of War series. It’s all thanks to a cool team-up between Epic Games and PlayStation. This mix connects the thrilling universe of Fortnite with Kratos’s mythological realm. Players can now take part in huge battle royales as the powerful God of War.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kratos, from PlayStation’s God of War franchise, is now available as a playable skin in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 51
  • Players have the option to get the Kratos skin individually or as part of the Kratos Bundle, which includes the Oathbreaker Set. This set has the Guardian Shield Glider, Leviathan Axe Pickaxe, and Mimir Back Bling1
  • Players matchmaking on a PlayStation 5 will unlock the Armored Kratos Style bonus skin after purchasing the Kratos Outfit1
  • Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 focuses on elite hunters from different universes joining the Island1
  • Fans outside of PlayStation’s ecosystem had the opportunity to play as Kratos through Fortnite before the release of God of War (2018) on PC2

Kratos’ arrival in Fortnite

Recently, PlayStation’s official Twitter account shared big news. A crossover between Kratos and Fortnite is happening. Fans of both are very excited. They can now play as Kratos in Fortnite. This amazing event combines the worlds of Fortnite and Kratos. Players get to fight as Kratos, the powerful Spartan warrior, in the game. It’s a special moment thanks to Epic Games and Sony.

“The addition of Kratos to Fortnite represents a huge team up. Two big games, Fortnite and God of War, are working together. This shows how popular both games are.” 3

Fortnite Season 5, Chapter 2 and the “Zero Point” theme

The arrival of Kratos in Fortnite brings the start of Season 5, Chapter 2. It’s all about the exciting “Zero Point” theme this time. Players will find themselves crossing over into different universes and realities as they play.

This season, players get to team up with characters they know from other famous stories. For example, Galactus from Marvel Comics joins forces with The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda. This mix of different worlds makes the game even more exciting.

There are some really surprising parts this time. For example, a plate of buttered flapjacks with a cowboy hat may appear. This shows how Fortnite can mix different pop culture elements into its world seamlessly.

Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2 Image

The game world looks totally different with lots of sand. It feels like a post-apocalyptic world or something from Mad Max. Players can explore and battle in this unique setting.

Fortnite also started a bounty system tied to The Mandalorian. You can complete quests to get pieces of his famous Beskar armor. There are even places and items in the game that are all about The Mandalorian.

This season also added a way for players to collect gold bars. You can spend these bars on special weapons, bodyguards, and bounties. It makes playing the game more strategic and fun.

Fornite’s map keeps changing throughout the season. At one point, it even turns into a snowy, holiday wonderland. The developers used this season to try new things, keeping the game fresh for 103 days.4

Players really loved the mix of exploring, fighting, and collaborating with famous characters. This season was a big hit with Fortnite fans and the gaming community.45

Kratos’ appearance and future plans

Kratos in Fortnite looks so real, he’s almost like the Kratos from God of War (2018). He has his signature beard and appears just like you’d expect6. Also, his warpaint and pale skin make him feel real, making fans very happy.

The excitement doesn’t stop in Fortnite though. Kratos is coming back in a new game, still in the Norse world, for PlayStation 5. This new game continues his incredible story, adding more Norse myths and cool battles6. Although this new game doesn’t have a set launch date, the Fortnite and Kratos team-up keeps his fans thrilled, allowing them to play as him and enjoy the God of War world.

How to unlock the Kratos skin

To get the Kratos skin in Fortnite, players have a few ways. One option is buying it from the Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks7. But, for the full Kratos experience, the Kratos Bundle is best. It costs 2,200 V-Bucks and includes the skin and the Oathbreaker Set7.

“The Oathbreaker Set offers players a comprehensive selection of Kratos-themed items. It features the Guardian Shield glider, perfect for making an entrance onto the battlefield, and the Leviathan Axe pickaxe, an essential tool for harvesting resources in style. Additionally, the Mimir Back Bling adds a touch of flair to the Kratos skin, completing the ensemble,” said Fortnite’s lead designer7.

If you have the Kratos skin and play on the PlayStation 5, there’s a special bonus. Win a match with the Kratos skin on to unlock the Armored Kratos style. This makes Kratos look even tougher7.

ItemPrice (V-Bucks)
Kratos skin1,500
Leviathan Axe pickaxe (with Freezing Burst emote)1,000
Guardian Shield glider800
Mimir Back BlingIncluded with Kratos skin
Armored Kratos styleUnlockable by completing a match on PlayStation 5

Players can use these options to make their Fortnite adventures epic with Kratos. The skin, weapons, and accessories bring the Kratos world into the game. Whether bought alone or in the Kratos Bundle, it adds a new level to the game.

So, unlock the Kratos skin and bring the God of War’s power to Fortnite today!

The significance of Kratos’ presence in Fortnite

Adding Kratos to Fortnite means more than a cool team-up. It shows how gaming mixes with pop culture and joins fans from different games. This move excites players of God of War and Fortnite, mixing game worlds. It proves once more how big characters and fan wishes matter in games.

  1. Fortnite began in 2017 and keeps growing with new people, thanks to change and cool combos like LEGO Fortnite8.
  2. In Chapter 5, Season 2, Fortnite adds Zeus and others from Greek myths, with new powers too8.
  3. Soon, Fortnite might bring Norse and Egyptian gods, leading to new play styles and more cool characters8.
  4. With Greek myths now part of Fortnite, it’s been a hit. It could guide future game updates too8.

Nintendo’s stance on collaboration with Fortnite

Fortnite mixes characters from different worlds, but Nintendo has a different view. They wanted Samus Aran from Metroid in Fortnite, but only if she stayed exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. Epic Games didn’t agree. This stopped the deal and any future team-ups between Nintendo and Fortnite.

Nintendo prefers to keep their characters only on their own console. This is different from Sony and Halo, whose characters can be used on any platform. Statistical data confirms no Nintendo characters are in Fortnite for anyone9. Nintendo wants to make sure its hero stays unique to the Switch.

Nintendo always keeps a close watch over their creations. They rarely let their worlds mix with others. But, a special game called Cadence of Hyrule was made for the Switch. This game mixed The Legend of Zelda world with new characters. It showed an exception to Nintendo’s usual rule.

“Nintendo wanted Samus Aran for Fortnite, but only if Switch kept her.”

Both Nintendo and Epic Games like their own ways. Fortnite teams up with many famous characters – Chun-Li, Lara Croft, Eminem, and Billie Eilish. Yet, Nintendo’s special characters still don’t join the fun in Fortnite. This is a big difference.

Knowing Nintendo wanted this special treatment for Samus makes us wonder. Will we see more Nintendo characters in Fortnite someday? For now, it looks like Nintendo’s strong will to protect its characters stops big team-ups in games like Fortnite.

Nintendo’s approach to character crossovers

Nintendo is known for tight control over its famous characters. It generally keeps them separate from other brands to protect their image. The rare times it does mix with other games, it’s a big deal10.

Cadence of Hyrule is a good example of this. It mixed characters from Crypt of the NecroDancer with Zelda heroes. Players loved the mix of music and adventure in this game11.

Nintendo has also kept its characters out of Fortnite. This move reflects its focus on quality and uniqueness. Exclusivity on their platforms keeps their games special for fans11.

Comparison of Character Availability in Fortnite

PlatformCharacter Availability in Fortnite
PlayStationPlayStation-exclusive characters like Kratos can be accessed on any platform
XboxXbox-exclusive characters like Master Chief can be accessed on any platform
NintendoNintendo’s characters remain exclusive to their respective platforms, resulting in their absence from Fortnite

Unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo keeps its characters just for its platforms. This shows they want to give fans something special and unique. It sets them apart in the gaming world11.

In Fortnite, skins can be from certain consoles. But Nintendo’s characters aren’t there. This shows how Nintendo focuses on its own recognizable worlds and characters. It’s part of their strategy for keeping their games and brands strong11.

Nintendo’s strategy fits with its goal to protect and design its games carefully. While you won’t see Mario in Fortnite, you can still enjoy new adventures. These games show off Nintendo’s creative worlds and fun gameplay10.

With games like Cadence of Hyrule, Nintendo keeps fans hooked and happy. Future games can bring even more cool, unexpected mixes. This keeps gaming exciting for fans, making the whole industry more diverse and enjoyable.

Comparison of character availability across different platforms

Character availability in Fortnite varies among the big three console makers. Sony and Microsoft let their characters be played on any platform. This ensures a bigger audience for their iconic game heroes. Nintendo, however, keeps its characters only on its platform. So, you won’t see Nintendo characters in Fortnite.

Fortnite has a great mix of characters from movies, TV shows, and games. This means players can pick from a broad selection of famous characters. It makes the game even more fun and exciting.

“Nintendo is the only one of the big three console makers without any of its characters in Fortnite. This is unlike Sony’s Kratos and Halo’s Master Chief, who joined in late 2020 and are on all platforms,”9 said.

There are many cool crossover skins in Fortnite. You can play as Lara Croft, Master Chief, Kratos, Ryu, and others. These famous faces make the game more interesting for fans of all kinds of stories and games.

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has 87 characters from popular games like Mario and Zelda. It’s a huge collection of beloved characters from many different stories.

“Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has more franchise crossovers than Fortnite. It shows its wide range of gaming icons,”12 stated.

Fortnite has many cool crossover skins. But Nintendo is careful about using its characters in other games. It’s part of how Nintendo keeps its games special.

For Fortnite, Nintendo wanted to bring Samus Aran from Metroid into the game. But it didn’t happen. Nintendo wanted her to be only on the Nintendo Switch in Fortnite. This didn’t work with how Epic Games wanted to add new characters for everyone to enjoy.

“Nintendo is more protective of its characters than PlayStation or Xbox. This limits their use outside of Nintendo’s own games,”9 explained.

It’s not likely that we’ll see Nintendo characters in Fortnite soon. Nintendo and Epic Games each have their reasons. They both want to protect what makes their games special. And they’re both very successful in the gaming world.

The characters you can play in Fortnite show how different Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are. Sony and Microsoft share their game heroes with everyone. But Nintendo likes to keep its special characters just for its own games.

The impact of Kratos in Fortnite and the future of gaming collaborations

Adding Kratos to Fortnite shows how powerful gaming partnerships can be. This team-up of Epic Games and PlayStation has amazed fans. It has brought two popular worlds together and shown what teamwork can do for games.

Since Kratos joined the Fortnite world, fans have been super excited. They can now fight in the game as the famous God of War. This mix of characters from different worlds attracts many kinds of gamers.

Fortnite and Kratos working together open new doors for gaming crossovers. Their success proves that teaming up can make games more fun and profitable. It’s a great way for game makers to reach more fans and gamers to enjoy new content.

Fans want improvements on Fortnite’s train, maybe with a launch pad or a turret13. A Reddit post by Oxik_4 brought up fun ideas to make the train better, like extra tracks and a way to change its route13.

Epic Games’ eagerness to hear from players and upgrade parts of the game is key. They talk to players through surveys to keep making Fortnite better. This effort makes gamers feel they’re part of a big gaming family and help shape the game.

Thanks to hits like Kratos in Fortnite, we might see more cool crossovers. The gaming world is always changing, and teaming up is a great way to keep making epic games. These efforts bring together loved characters and let players explore new adventures.

In summary, Kratos in Fortnite is a big deal for games and teamwork. By joining forces with famous brands, game makers can thrill fans and grow their game’s reach. As gaming keeps getting better, we’re in for more amazing team-ups that break gaming limits.


The Fortnite world got a cool new addition – Kratos from God of War. This mix of two famous games lets players have fun in new ways. Games like Fortnite bringing in well-known characters make fans happy. It also opens doors for more fun collaborations in the future. This helps keep the gaming world fresh and exciting for everyone.14

Kratos being in Fortnite Season 5 got a lot of different reactions. Some were really glad to see him back and thought it’d be good for the game’s money. But a few felt the game didn’t get enough new stuff. Even so, many are eager for a season full of mythology and a Kratos skin. Players have lots of ideas for new myth-based skins. They want more diverse and interesting content from Epic Games.14

The link up of Fortnite and Kratos is about more than just adding a new face. It shows how game crossovers can make both fans and companies happy. Games become more exciting when they mix different worlds. This keeps players interested and looking forward to what’s next. As gaming changes and grows, these new chances for fun come up. They make sure the gaming world stays lively and full of surprises for its fans.14


When was Kratos added to Fortnite?

Kratos became a part of Fortnite not long ago. It was a joint effort between Epic Games and PlayStation.

Can I play as Kratos in Fortnite on any platform?

Absolutely, the Kratos skin is open to all Fortnite players, no matter the platform.

How can I unlock the Kratos skin in Fortnite?

Pick up the Kratos look from the in-game Item Shop. You can either get the skin alone or get the Kratos Bundle for more items.

What cosmetic items are included in the Kratos Bundle?

The Kratos Bundle is a full set. It comes with the Guardian Shield Glider, Leviathan Axe Pickaxe, and Mimir Back Bling.

Is there a special bonus skin for PlayStation 5 players who purchase the Kratos Outfit?

Yes, PlayStation 5 users get the Armored Kratos Style too when they buy the Kratos Outfit.

Will Kratos be available in future seasons of Fortnite?

We’re not sure if Kratos will return for later Fortnite seasons. But, his presence keeps him in players’ minds until the next God of War game.

Why aren’t Nintendo characters available in Fortnite?

Nintendo doesn’t share its characters with other games like Fortnite. They stay unique to Nintendo platforms.

Can I expect collaborations with other gaming franchises in Fortnite?

Indeed, Fortnite is known for its many game crossovers. This success hints at more crossover possibilities in the gaming world.

What is the significance of Kratos’ presence in Fortnite?

Kratos in Fortnite shows how game world crossovers and pop culture can excite the gaming crowd. It highlights the unity of different game stories.

Will there be more gaming collaborations in the future?

Chances are, yes. More game collaborations in the future expand communities and spark interest among gamers.

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