Sniper Elite 5: Experience World War II Sharpshooting

sniper elite 5

Welcome to Sniper Elite 5, where you play as elite sniper Karl Fairburne in World War II France. Get ready for sharpshooting and strategy. You must take out enemies from afar, using your skills to change the war’s course.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sniper Elite 5 lets you experience the excitement of World War II sharpshooting in a historical setting.
  • You will show off your precision and strategy as you eliminate distant enemies.

Released in 2022, Sniper Elite 5 continues the series. It brought big, Hitman-inspired levels into the mix. The game’s main strength is its gameplay and level design, even if the story and acting fall short1.

It includes a variety of multiplayer modes. Plus, there are side missions with lots of enemies. This adds extra fun and challenges to the game1.

Sniper Elite 5 is available on many platforms. It uses photogrammetry for awesome environments. The game lets you use guns and move in cool ways. Also, you can customize your weapons and join matches in Invasion Mode2. This mode lets you be a sniper for the enemy. The game has modes for competing or playing together2.

There are more detailed kill cams to show off your best shots. This game mode highlights the impact of each shot2.

Some players have found bugs and AI issues. But the fun gameplay and strong mechanics make Sniper Elite 5 a great game. Dive into the fun of World War II sharpshooting with Sniper Elite 5!

A Familiar Experience with New Locations

Sniper Elite 5 keeps the fun gameplay fans love. It follows Karl Fairburne on secret sniper missions. Players get better at aiming to hit the mark.

It brings new spots to explore, like the beautiful French countryside. Its fields and villages look stunning. They are perfect for missions.

Players also visit big factories. Here, they move through huge buildings and machines. They need to plan carefully to beat their foes.

There are also massive chateaus. They offer amazing views and good spots for sniping. Each area gives players new ways to play.

Sniper Elite 5 introduces fresh places for players to find their way. These spots immerse players in WWII France. They see the war’s world in great detail.

These new places let players choose how to win. They can sneak in the countryside or fight in factories. The game offers different ways to win.

Sniper Elite 5 mixes the old and the new in a perfect way. It’s fun for fans and folks new to sniping. Everyone can enjoy this sniping adventure.

Sniper Elite 5 mixes the old with the new. It keeps players hooked with the beauty of France and challenging places to snipe.

Overall, Sniper Elite 5 is a great blend of known and fresh. It lets players enjoy sniping while seeing stunning new places.

Release DateMay 26th, 2022 (Source:3)
PlatformsXbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 & 5, Epic, Steam, and Windows Store (Source:3)
Real-life Inspiration for Beaumont-Saint-DenisThe Abbey of the Mont-Saint-Michel (Source:3)

Freedom of Choice in Gameplay

Sniper Elite 5 is known for letting players choose how they tackle missions. You can be stealthy or jump into big gun battles. This lets gamers play the way they like the most.

The game makes you think and plan every move. You can change your gear, find new ways into places, or finish extra tasks. Players can make the game fit their style, adding more control and fun.

Changing strategies in Sniper Elite 5 keeps missions interesting. Having the option to adapt makes the game more enjoyable4.

Customization Options

In Sniper Elite 5, you can make your weapons and gear better. There are hidden workbenches in each level for this. You can adjust your items to how you like to play5.

Besides weapons, you can pick tools and gadgets too. These help you go through levels and beat challenges. You get to play using your favorite methods5.

Sniper Elite 5 is great for players who love sniper games in World War II. You can sneak or go loud, playing your way4.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Sniper Elite 5 cares about making the game open to everyone. It has special options for players with disabilities. This means all players can have fun without problems4.

There are settings for different needs, like help moving or using voice. This shows games can be for everyone. It’s a good start for making games better for all4.

The game also lets you change how it looks and feels. You can do things like turn off camera shake for a smoother game. Players can make it just how they want for the best play4.

Multiplayer Co-op

Sniper Elite 5 is not just about playing alone. You can team up with someone and play together. Doing this adds fun and new ways to do missions5.

There’s more than just playing together. You can do survival or fight each other. This means there’s always something new to try with others5.

With choices in how to play, and options for playing together, Sniper Elite 5 stands out. It’s good whether you’re alone or with friends, bringing excitement and freedom45.

Sniper Elite 5 Statistics

RatingCampaign LengthCo-op Gameplay
PEGI 16+Roughly 20 hoursAvailable throughout

Additional Multiplayer Modes

WorkbenchesInvasion Game ModePhotogrammetry
3 per levelAllows invading other players’ missionsUsed to capture immersive locations

Challenging Stealth Mechanics

In Sniper Elite 5, players dive into intense stealth action. Success hinges on planning and staying unseen. Players can choose not to kill enemies, offering a tough challenge. They must weigh the risks of leaving foes unconscious. This puts a spotlight on strategic thinking6. To master the game, think and act stealthy. Keep bodies hidden and avoid loud actions7.

Sound matters greatly in Sniper Elite 5. Every noise can give away your position. Be mindful of weapon sounds and footsteps, as enemies react to these cues. This elevates the game’s tension, making it thrilling to escape enemies’ notice. Precise moves are crucial here7.

Ambitious Level Design

Sniper Elite 5 has bold level design. It pulls players into vast, captivating worlds. They explore war-torn French coastlines and towns. The detail makes players feel the intensity of World War II.1

The developers created levels with tension and excitement. Players can choose different paths to complete their goals. This encourages strategic thinking. The game’s size and complexity make it fun to play again, finding new ways to win.1

Sniper Elite 5 also has side missions that feel unique. They offer extra challenges. Players can rescue hostages or sneak into enemy bases. These missions are integrated smoothly into the main game, improving the overall experience.1

Furthermore, the game’s locations and details are visually impressive. Every location, from the French countryside to building interiors, is carefully made. This detail shows the developer’s commitment to an immersive game world.1

Sniper Elite 5 Level Design

Sniper Elite 5 Level Design Overview

Statistical DataDescription
Game Release YearSniper Elite 5 was launched in 2022.
Level DesignOffers expansive levels with side missions that can feel like miniature levels themselves.
Replay ValueLevels provide extensive replay value with alternative points of entry, customizable loadouts, and secrets.

An Engaging Single-Player Campaign

In Sniper Elite 5, players enjoy an exciting single-player campaign during World War II. You are Karl Fairburne on a mission to stop a Nazi superweapon. This adventure is a prequel to Sniper Elite V2, connecting the stories closely8. Each level has its unique objectives and is full of challenges for a fun time.

The game’s settings are beautifully detailed, from stunning beaches to quiet villages. Players feel like they’re really in these varied landscapes. The game encourages exploration to find hidden gems and secrets8.

Sniper Elite 5 brings in new ways to move around, like climbing vines and using ziplines. These new skills help players move fast and plan their attacks carefully. This adds a whole new level of fun and strategy8.

In the game, you’ll face a whole range of enemies. This keeps the game interesting and challenging. You must use your mind to beat not only soldiers but also tanks and bikes. The mix of stealth and action makes every win feel earned8.

One cool thing is you don’t always have to use deadly force. You can choose from different ways to make foes give up. This makes the game less about fighting and more about smart tactics. You can stop enemies without hurting them badly8.

And then there’s the Skill Tree. It helps you get better at fighting and hiding. As you play, you’ll unlock more skills. This makes your character stronger and more skilled at what he does8.

Even though the main story is great, there’s also lots of side missions. These add more fun and things to do outside the main plot. The mix of story and extra missions keeps players wanting to explore and play more8.

The Sniper Elite 5 review praises the game for its fun, immersive story and action. It’s a great game for fans and first-time players alike.

Immersive and engaging single-player campaignPlayers can experience a thrilling gameplay journey through World War II, uncovering a secret Nazi superweapon, and putting an end to it
Diverse and visually stunning locationsPlayers can explore breathtaking beaches, majestic mountains, bustling cities, and tranquil villages, enhancing the overall gameplay experience
New traversal optionsPlayers can utilize vine climbing and ziplines for quick and strategic movement across maps, adding excitement and flexibility to gameplay
Varied enemy typesPlayers will encounter grunts, Jäger troops, officers, snipers, tanks, and motorbikes, keeping the gameplay challenging and dynamic
Option to pacify enemiesPlayers can approach missions with a non-lethal approach, utilizing distractions, hand-to-hand combat, and non-lethal weaponry
Updated Skill TreePlayers can unlock and upgrade skills to enhance accuracy, stealth, and combat effectiveness, adding depth to the gameplay
Compelling narrative and side missionsThe linear narrative is complemented by side missions, providing additional challenges and rewards for further exploration

Multiplayer and Co-op Modes

Sniper Elite 5 excels not just in single-player. It also brings fun through multiplayer and co-op modes. These features make the game more engaging and encourage teamwork among friends.

The co-op campaign mode lets two players join forces. They can share bullets and healing support. This fosters teamwork and ensures a deeper, more thrilling gaming experience together (Reference:9).

The Invasion mode stands out by giving players the chance to invade campaigns as Axis snipers. This twist adds a layer of excitement and challenge. It’s all about outwitting your opponent in these sniper duels (Reference:9).

Then there’s the adversarial multiplayer mode for up to 16 players. You can showcase your sniping prowess. Plus, you get to customize how your character looks and their gear (Reference:9).

For those who enjoy working together, the co-op survival mode is perfect. Up to four players fight against waves of tough enemies. It gets harder over time, testing your teamwork and strategy (Reference:9).

All multiplayer games require an internet connection in Sniper Elite 5. This means you can connect with people on different platforms. It includes PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and even the newer Xbox Series X/S. The game supports full crossplay, allowing you to play with anyone online (Reference:9).


Multiplayer ModesDescription
Co-op CampaignTeam up with a partner and play through the story together, with shared resources and the ability to heal each other (Reference:9)
Invasion ModeInvade another player’s campaign as an Axis sniper, adding a thrilling dimension to the gameplay (Reference:9)
Adversarial MultiplayerEngage in competitive 16-player battles, customizing characters and loadouts (Reference:9)
Co-op SurvivalTeam up with up to four players to survive against waves of enemies (Reference:9)

Technical Issues and Lackluster Narrative

Sniper Elite 5 has had some strong points but also technical problems. These issues, like invisible weapons and clipping terrain, hurt the fun and realism of the game10. The developers need to quickly fix these problems.

The game’s AI sometimes acts strangely. Players are not happy with its illogical moves, which mess up their plans and fun10. They expect smarter enemies to make the game exciting.

Sniper Elite 5’s story and characters are not very interesting. They’re just there, not really grabbing players’ attention. The ending has left some feeling unimpressed or disappointed10.

Despite its immersive sniping, Sniper Elite 5 isn’t perfect. It has technical troubles, odd AI, and a dull story. Remember these things when thinking about playing this WWII adventure.

Visuals and Performance

Sniper Elite 5 has stunning scenes. These include villages, beaches, and factory areas. They let players dive into sniping missions in amazing places.11

The game’s look isn’t the most advanced but is still pretty. Its design is nice, making the game more immersive.12

Sniper Elite 5 works well, giving a good gameplay experience. It keeps at 60fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X. This makes sniping feel smooth and quick.11

But, the Xbox Series S doesn’t run it as well. It drops to the 50s in gameplay and 40s in scenes. Yet, the game is still fun to play.11

The use of AA might cause some trouble but also makes the game look better. It fights jagged edges. But, it might make things not 100% clear.11

Xbox Series S users might see more issues. The game might look not as smooth. Knowing this can help enjoy the game more.11

Sniper Elite 5 impresses with its use of photogrammetry. It captures real items like tanks well. This makes the game’s look stand out.11

The light and shadow details in Sniper Elite 5 are top-notch. Sometimes, shadows may look too strong. But, this doesn’t spoil the game’s look.11

Locked 60fps on PS5 and Series X11
Frame-rates on Series S during gameplay: 50s11
Frame-rates on Series S for cinematics and kill cams: 40s11
Post-processed AA resulting in aliased visuals and stability issues11
Coarse edge detail and extra shimmer on Series S11
Utilization of photogrammetry for unique art assets11
Enhanced materials, lighting, and environmental details11
Ambient shadowing and dark outlines in some interior scenes11

Sniper Elite 5 is visually stunning and runs well. Despite some small hitches, its details and gameplay shine. This makes it a good choice for those who love sniper games.


Sniper Elite 5 brings the excitement of a World War II sniping game that hooks players in. Created by Rebellion Developments, it plunges gamers into lifelike 1940s worlds. Here, they face off with foes over sprawling, strategic battlegrounds13. The game boasts detailed shot physics, making every hit a triumph of skill and smarts13.

Its vast levels call for exploring and clever scheming, letting you tag your preys before the attack14. The game’s enemies are sharper than ever, pushing back with clever counter-moves14. To succeed, you’ll need not only perfect aim but a patience that’s hard to outdo14. And, if you like to tweak your gear or hunt for secrets, there are hidden treasures waiting just for you14.

Many reviewers loved Sniper Elite 5 for its action outside sniping, big and interesting maps, and solid growth options. They enjoyed its varied missions and sneaky gameplay the most. The sharp graphics and smooth operation also won points with the crowd15.

In the end, Sniper Elite 5 now stands as a fun and challenging part of the series. Even with a few bumps and a so-so story, its thrill-filled story and modes, plus its tough action, keep gamers coming back. This makes the game a hit for many131415.


What is Sniper Elite 5 about?

Sniper Elite 5 is a game set in World War II. Players become Karl Fairburne, operating in France.

What gameplay features does Sniper Elite 5 offer?

Sniper Elite 5 lets you shoot from afar. It’s all about taking out enemies without being seen. You can sneak around or jump into the action.

It gives you lots of ways to handle missions. You can be quiet or go guns blazing. There’s room to change your gear, find different paths, and do extra goals.

Can I choose different approaches in Sniper Elite 5?

Yes, you have a choice in Sniper Elite 5. You can be silent or loud. The game lets you pick how to play each mission.

There’s also gear changes and special ways to get into places. Plus, optional tasks to mix things up.

Is stealth gameplay important in Sniper Elite 5?

Yes, sneaking is a big deal in Sniper Elite 5. You need to plan and not get caught. There’s even a way to handle situations without killing.

Smart choices, hiding, and being quiet help you finish your job.

What can I expect from the level design in Sniper Elite 5?

The levels in Sniper Elite 5 are big and full of places to see. You’ll find different areas and ways to tackle your tasks.

It makes coming back to play more interesting.

Is there a single-player campaign in Sniper Elite 5?

Yes, the game has a story that you follow as Karl Fairburne. You’ll stop a dangerous Nazi plan. This includes extra missions for a challenge.

What multiplayer modes are available in Sniper Elite 5?

Sniper Elite 5 has modes for solo and team play. You can defend against waves or try to outshoot other players. Co-op is also an option in the campaign.

Are there any technical issues in Sniper Elite 5?

Some players have come across bugs and odd game issues. There might be invisible things or strange actions by the computer characters.

How do the visuals and performance of Sniper Elite 5 compare to other games?

The game has great outdoor scenes but might not look as modern as other shooters. Even so, it plays well without hiccups, making it fun.

Is Sniper Elite 5 worth playing?

Sniper Elite 5 is fun despite some problems. The mix of stealth and action, along with its design, offers lots of fun. It’s a strong choice with its story, multiplayer, and solid combat.

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