AARP and Games: My Guide to Fun & Engagement

aarp and games

Being an AARP member opens up a world of joy. AARP’s variety of games suits all ages. You can enjoy online fun, puzzles, or solitaire, all thanks to AARP.

Looking for online thrills or brain teasers? AARP has what you need. The best part? All AARP members play for free. No need to worry about costs as you explore different virtual worlds.

Love puzzles? AARP has a lot to keep your brain in shape. You can tackle crosswords, Sudoku, or fun jigsaws. This not only entertains but also sharpens your mind.

Solitaire fans, AARP didn’t forget you. They offer various solitaire types for entertainment and brain training. Challenge yourself with games like Klondike or Spider.

Mahjong lovers, AARP has your back too. Dive into exciting tile-matching games. They boost your memory and thinking skills while you enjoy winning.

Want a Spider Solitaire twist? Try AARP’s version with its unique settings. It’s a great way to enjoy and boost your problem-solving.

AARP games promise fun and more. They are a great way to relax and keep your brain sharp. Plus, you can make friends and enjoy friendly competitions.

To enjoy AARP’s full game catalog, just become a member. It’s easy to join online. After that, you can dive into endless fun and development.

AARP membership offers more than just games. Enjoy discounts, travel offers, and much more. It’s a great way to add quality to your life.

Key Takeaways:

  • AARP offers a wide range of games, including online games, puzzles, solitaire, Mahjong, and Spider Solitaire.
  • Playing AARP games provides entertainment, mental stimulation, and opportunities for social engagement.
  • Membership is required to access the full range of AARP games and enjoy various other benefits.
  • Becoming an AARP member is a simple process that can be done online.
  • AARP membership offers discounts, travel deals, access to magazines and resources, and health and wellness benefits.

AARP Games: Online Entertainment for All

AARP has you sorted for online games. Members get to play a variety of games that are fun and keep the mind sharp. You’ll find puzzles, word games, and card games. There’s something for everyone.

AARP offers over 40 exclusive games for members. These games are always fresh and exciting. Plus, there are 4 AARP Rewards Games and 6 Staying Sharp Games to test your brain.

Miss the classic arcade fun? AARP’s Arcade category has 4 blast-from-the-past games. Prefer wordplay? The Word & Trivia category features 6 games to challenge your mind.

AARP is proud of its 8 special games in the AARP Exclusives section. These unique games guarantee a different kind of fun that members love.

Enjoy more with AARP’s entertainment benefits, like 10% off Paramount+. Stream from over 45,000 shows and movies any time.

At the AARP Games Center, there are 122 items to pick from, ensuring there’s always a game for every mood. There’s even a Mobile App Games section with 3 smartphone and tablet-friendly games.

“AARP games provide a fun and engaging way to stay mentally sharp while having a great time. With a wide selection of games and exclusive features for members, AARP has become a go-to destination for online entertainment.” – Darren, AARP Member

Game On: AARP Games Categories

CategoriesNumber of Games
Word & Trivia6
Rewards Games4
Staying Sharp Games6
AARP Exclusives8

No matter what kind of games you like, AARP has one for you. Don’t wait – join AARP today and start playing. There’s a whole world of online games and fun waiting for you as a member.

AARP Puzzle Games: Exercise Your Brain

Ready to give your brain a workout? AARP has a lot of puzzle games just for you. They include crosswords, Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, and brain teasers. These games are fun and good for your brain.

Puzzle games can make you better at remembering things and solving problems. They keep your brain active. Whether you know a lot about puzzles or are just starting, AARP has puzzles for you.

Wide Range of Puzzle Games

AARP has many kinds of puzzles. Some include:

  • Crosswords: Test your knowledge with words in crossword puzzles.
  • Sudoku: Work on your logic and numbers with Sudoku.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles: Have fun making pictures with jigsaw puzzles.
  • Brain Teasers: Challenge your thinking with brain teasers.

Over 40 games at AARP’s site are exclusive. With new features, they’re always fun and fresh.

Benefits of Puzzle Games

Puzzle games do more than entertain. Playing them can:

  • Make you better at thinking and remembering
  • Help you solve problems
  • Improove your focus
  • Calm you down and make you happy
  • Give you a sense of achievement

Looking to exercise your brain or just have fun? AARP’s puzzle section is perfect for both.

Exercise Your Brain and Have Fun with AARP

“Puzzles are great for your brain and fun too. AARP’s puzzle games are interesting and help your mind stay healthy. Give them a try today.” – [Your Name]

Total Number of Puzzle Games40+
AARP Rewards Games Results4
Word & Trivia Games Results6

AARP Solitaire Games: Classic Card Fun

AARP has a lot to offer in the world of solitaire games. They’ve got games for all levels, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a pro. Solitaire is more than just fun; it’s also a great way to keep your brain sharp by making you think ahead.

With AARP’s games, you can play classic solitaire like Klondike or the challenging Spider. And all without needing a real deck of cards. You’ll get drawn into each game, planning your moves to win.

Imagine it: a quiet spot, a warm drink, and your favorite solitaire game on your computer. That’s what AARP brings, a perfect way to relax that also keeps your mind active. You’ll enjoy both the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment from every game you complete.

Benefits of AARP Solitaire Games

AARP’s solitaire games do more than entertain; they’re good for you. They’re perfect for breaks or to relax at the end of the day. Each game challenges your mind, which is great for keeping it in shape.

Playing these games will make you think strategically. To finish, you’ll need to plan the best steps ahead. This helps with problem-solving and keeps your mind sharp.

And remember, you’re in control of how fast or slow you play solitaire with AARP. It’s a game that works for anyone. You can take it easy or race against the clock if that’s more your speed.

Try AARP Solitaire Games Today

Ready to try AARP’s awesome solitaire games? Just join AARP if you’re 50 or older. Becoming a member opens up a world of fun, like lots of games and other stuff.

Signing up is simple and can be done right on the AARP website. Just follow the steps and you’ll soon be enjoying their games, including solitaire.

Get ready for a fun challenge with AARP solitaire games. Enjoy these classics at home and let the fun take over.

StatisticsAARP Solitaire Games
Number of solitaire variationsMultiple
  • Entertainment
  • Mental stimulation
  • Strategic thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Relaxation
Available forAARP members aged 50 and older
Membership benefits
  • Access to a variety of games
  • Discounts
  • Resources

AARP Mahjong: A Tile-Matching Adventure

Step into the engaging world of AARP Mahjong. Every tile brings a new adventure. This game isn’t just fun, it also helps your brain stay sharp.

Mahjong comes from China but is loved all over. By matching tiles, you work on focus, memory, and strategy. Each tile is unique, adding to the challenge and fun.

You can pick from many themes in AARP Mahjong. So, whether you like classic or vibrant designs, there’s something for everyone.

Playing is easy with AARP Mahjong’s simple interface. You can enjoy it on any device, from a computer to a tablet, at home or on the go.

Challenge your mind with AARP Mahjong. Many already have, finding joy in both the game and its brain-boosting effects. Play today and enjoy the perfect mix of fun and skill-building.

Statistical DataResults
Number of items in the Games Center collection122
Number of mobile app games listed3
Maximum items per row in the collection3
Number of rows displayed on the webpage for games4
Number of advertisements displayed in the Games Center0

AARP Mahjong

AARP Spider Solitaire: A Twist on a Classic

Love classic solitaire but want a challenge? AARP’s Spider Solitaire is perfect. It twists the game you know, testing your patience and skills.

Spider Solitaire differs by using more decks and a special pattern. This makes the game harder, needing careful thinking and planning.

Playing Spider Solitaire is great for your mind. It boosts logical thinking, memory, and problem-solving. It’s both fun and good for you.

New or experienced, AARP Spider Solitaire brings a fun new way to play. It’s free for AARP members. Just go to the AARP Games Center to begin.

Benefits of Playing AARP Games

AARP games are not just fun; they offer many other pluses. They get your brain going, help you make friends, and let you grow personally. Let’s dive into why playing these games is so great.

Mental Stimulation

AARP games are great at keeping your mind sharp. With puzzles, cards, and adventures, you can boost your brain power. Your memory, focus, and problem-solving get better with each game.

Social Engagement

Playing AARP games lets you connect with other members. You can share game tips and challenge each other. This turns into good fun and friendship.

AARP Rewards Points

When you play certain AARP games, you earn points. These AARP Rewards points can get you cool stuff. Things like sweepstake entries and gift card discounts are up for grabs.

Member BenefitAARP Games Benefits
AARP RewardsEarn points while playing games in the AARP Rewards category.
Mental StimulationKeep your mind active and sharp through engaging gameplay.
Social EngagementConnect with other AARP members and participate in friendly challenges.

When you play AARP games, you’re in for some fun. Your mind gets a workout, and you meet new friends. No matter if you love puzzles, cards, or adventures, there’s a game just for you. Join AARP today and see how these games can change your life for the better!

AARP Membership: Accessing the Games

Being an AARP member means you get to play a lot of games and have fun. When you join, you get to explore entertainment options that are just for you. I’ll show you how to dive into these cool games and enjoy your AARP membership.

First, sign in to your AARP account at their website. After you’re in, click on “Games”. You’ll see more than 40 games there. There are special games just for members and games that make your brain work hard. It’s made for folks 50 and up who want to have fun.

AARP covers many types of games. You can choose from games that make your mind sharp or games that give you points. You’ll also find old-school arcade games, word games, and quizzes that’ll test what you know.

But AARP offers more than just games. You get special deals on entertainment too, like 10% off on a Paramount+ subscription. Paramount+ has tons of episodes, movies, live sports, news, and shows made just for them. You can enjoy top-quality entertainment thanks to this deal.

Here’s something to remember: This offer includes people joining again, not just first-timers, if they’re AARP members. Your discount saves 10% on each renewal. Be sure to read all about it, especially about ending subscriptions and special terms.

But wait, the Paramount+ deal is only for the U.S. and its territories, not Puerto Rico.

If you enjoy AARP Rewards, here’s more good news. You can get up to 50% extra points when you play some games. Each game has its own point system, and you can play to win once every day. Gather these points for rewards like special deals, free entries, and more. Just make sure you’re all set up with AARP Rewards.

And don’t forget, click ‘Submit Score’ at the end of every game to grab those points. This step is important, so make it a habit.

AARP offers a lot more than entertainment. It’s a whole world of fun, just for people 50 and over, filled with rewards and games. So, consider joining AARP to get all the fun, engagement, and exclusive deals.

Table: AARP Entertainment Offers | Entertainment Offers | Details |
| Paramount+ Plan Discount | A 10% discount is available on any Paramount+ plan for AARP members. Enjoy over 45,000 episodes, movies, sports, news, and originals. |
| AARP Rewards Points Boost for Games | AARP members can earn up to 50% more AARP Rewards points on certain games. |
| Sweepstakes, Discounts & More | Redeem your AARP Rewards points for points-only offers, sweepstakes entries, discounted gift cards, and other exciting rewards. |

These are just some of the many benefits of being an AARP member. From discounts on streaming to extra game points, AARP keeps you entertained while delivering special member perks.

How to Join AARP and Get Started

Joining AARP is quick and easy online. You get lots of perks, like playing AARP games. Here’s how to sign up:

  1. Go to the AARP website.
  2. Click “Join” or “Become a Member.”
  3. Enter your name, address, and birthdate.
  4. Choose your membership and how to pay.
    • For the first year, AARP is $12 with auto-renewal.
    • You get a free second membership for another household.
  5. Decide on a free digital or print AARP The Magazine subscription.
  6. Check your info and pay.
  7. Finish by paying.

Once you’re a member, sign in to get exclusive access. This includes AARP games and more.

AARP games are online, fun, and free. They range from puzzles to mahjong. These games are not only enjoyable but also great for your mind.

Membership BenefitsCost Savings
Access to AARP games and moreSavings on phone services and restaurants
Free second household membershipDiscounts on British Airways and hotels
Free AARP The MagazineAn average of $73 saved
Discounts on groceries, meal delivery, and gifts

AARP Games and More: Additional Member Benefits

Being an AARP member not only lets you play fun games but also gives you more perks. Let’s look at the cool stuff you get with your membership.

Discounts on Paramount+ Plans

Love movies and TV? Get 10% off any Paramount+ plan as an AARP member. You’ll have access to 45,000 shows and movies. This deal is for both new and returning Paramount+ subscribers who are AARP members. Don’t forget: the discount stays each time you renew, unless you cancel.

Restaurant Discounts

Everyone enjoys a tasty meal. AARP knows this and teams up with restaurants to save you money. Their online platform shows you discounts for dining out at three different places. It’s a great way to eat well and save at the same time.

Entertainment Benefits

AARP boosts your fun with all kinds of entertainment benefits. You’ll get discounts on streaming plans and cool deals with AARP partners. This way, you can watch your favorite shows and movies for less.

Other Member Benefits

There’s more to AARP than just entertainment. Gain from travel discounts and access to many magazines. Plus, there are wellness deals to help you stay healthy. AARP works hard to make your life better in many ways.


In conclusion, AARP games are a great way for adults 50 and older to have fun and keep their minds active. They offer a range of games like puzzles and solitaire. These games provide both mental challenges and a chance to relax.

As a member, you get to play over 40 exclusive games. But the benefits don’t stop there. AARP gives discounts on streaming service plans and food deliveries. Plus, you can find great travel deals through the AARP Travel Center Powered by Expedia.

If you love puzzling games, card games like solitaire, or the strategy of Mahjong, there’s something for you at AARP. Their games are easy to use, keep track of your progress, and offer rewards. Joining AARP opens the door to a wide range of enjoyable activities.


What types of games does AARP offer?

AARP has puzzles, solitaire, mahjong, and more. There’s a wide range of games for everyone.

Are the AARP games free to play?

Absolutely, AARP games are free for members to enjoy.

What are the benefits of playing AARP games?

Playing these games is fun and keeps your mind sharp. It’s also a great way to connect with others online.

How can I access the AARP games?

You’ll need to join AARP first. Then you can freely play the games online.

How can I join AARP?

Visit their website and sign up. Follow the simple steps to become a member.

What other benefits does AARP membership offer?

AARP also gives discounts, travel offers, and health resources. There’s a lot more you can enjoy as a member.

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