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Welcome to our guide on the latest for Alan Wake 2 on PC. Developed by Remedy Entertainment, it’s a psychological horror game. It is eagerly awaited by fans and will release in 2021. We’ll cover the exciting updates waiting for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Chapter Select feature was added in January. It allows players to pick any task, which is great for those seeking Trophies or Achievements.
  • Now, players can adjust how intense they want the game’s horror flash to be. They can pick between Low and Normal settings.
  • There have been fixes to make gameplay smoother. This includes issues with collecting clues and solving meta case clues.
  • Updates also include better sound and touch. Haptic feedback for key moments has been refined. There are also new sounds in important places.
  • The game looks better with updates like fixing hidden enemies. The scenery, like wind effects in Coffee World, is also improved.
  • Efforts have been made to make the game run better. This means less stutter and improved camera views for everyone playing.

Alan Wake 2 PC Minimum GPU Requirements Lowered

Alan Wake 2’s upcoming release for PC has some great news. The game’s minimum GPU requirements got a big update in the latest patch ( by Remedy Entertainment. They made changes so the game can now work on more GPUs, especially those without mesh shaders. This means more players can now join in on the excitement.

The previous demands were high, needing GPUs like the GeForce RTX 2060 or Radeon RX 6600. But now, with the latest patch, you can play the game if you have a GeForce GTX 1070, Radeon RX 5600 XT, or a better model. These GPUs, from about 8 years ago, are good enough to run the game at 1080p and 30fps on its lowest settings.

Now, more gamers can enjoy the game thanks to Remedy’s work. People with a GeForce GTX 1070 or Radeon RX 5600 XT can jump into Alan Wake’s world. They don’t need to worry about their system power anymore.

The change in requirements shows how committed Remedy is to welcoming all gamers. By making this big step in lowering the requirements, more people can try this horror action-packed adventure.

But, keep in mind, the game still needs a strong CPU. You’ll need something like an Intel i5-7600K. RAM should be at least 16GB. You’ll also need a Windows 10/11 64-bit system and a good 16GB RAM. The game itself needs 90GB of SSD space to fit.

Players can pick from different graphic settings in Alan Wake 2, from low to ultra, ensuring everyone has a good play experience. Each setting comes with its own FPS and resolution goals. This makes the game look and play great for everyone.

With these updates, Alan Wake 2 becomes more open to all gamers. Remedy’s efforts show their goal of making games for all, letting more players enjoy the horror and story.

Latest Updates and Fixes for Alan Wake 2 on Consoles

We’re excited to share the latest updates for Alan Wake 2 on consoles. The updates, like version 1.000.16 for PlayStation 5 and version for Xbox Series, fix many issues and make the game better. Here’s what’s new:

  1. Fixed the random crashes that were disrupting gameplay on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. This makes the game run smoother for everyone.
  2. Issues with interactable notes and containers are now fixed. This update makes the game world feel more real and interactive.
  3. Keys and weapons that were missing are now added back. This ensures you won’t get stuck while playing and you can enjoy all the game has to offer.

These updates aim to make the game work better and fix big problems people told us about. We’re committed to making your gaming experience top-notch.

Your feedback matters a lot to us. It helps us find and fix issues. We’ll keep working to make Alan Wake 2 everything you expect and more.

Player Feedback

“The latest updates have improved Alan Wake 2 on my PlayStation 5 a lot. Finally, the game’s world feels truly immersive, uninterrupted.” – John

“I’m so happy with the latest fixes on Xbox Series. The game runs smoothly now, and playing is a joy.” – Sarah

Performance Improvements

Aside from the fixes, the team has also made the game perform better in general. Here’s what’s new:

PlayStation 5Fixed any stutter during slow-motion dodges.N/A
Xbox SeriesBetter handling of lights improves performance by 0.3ms in lit areas.0.3ms

Also, lighting got better in some spots. For example, inside Overlap in RE02 The Heart, we saved 1ms – 1.2ms. And near the Valhalla Nursing Home in RE05 Old Gods, we saved 0.3ms – 0.4ms. These changes make the game look and feel smoother.

And the team worked on streaming to cut down on times the game pauses, mostly on Xbox Series. Now, you can play without those interruption.

All these updates aim to give you a better, more stable gaming experience. Dive deep into the mystery of Alan Wake 2 without worries.

Chapter Select and Horror Flash Changes in Alan Wake 2

The January update for Alan Wake 2 brought some cool new features. One big addition is the Chapter Select menu. It lets players go back and replay any mission they’ve unlocked. This is great for those looking to find hidden items or collectibles they missed.

Another cool thing added with the update is the ability to change the horror flash intensity. Players can now pick between Low and Normal settings. This means you can make the game scarier or a little less spooky, depending on what you like. Alan Wake 2 wants you to enjoy the game just the way you want to.

These new features add more gameplay options and make the game more fun to play again. You can go back to missions you loved or try different tactics in tough spots. It adds a lot more to the game’s life.

Gameplay Highlights:

  • Chapter Select: Replay unlocked and completed missions
  • Horror Flash Intensity: Choose between Low and Normal settings

Update HighlightsFeatures
Chapter Select FeatureReplay unlocked and completed missions
Horror Flash Intensity OptionsChoose between Low and Normal settings

New Game Plus and Performance Improvements in Alan Wake 2

In December, gamers got an exciting update on Alan Wake 2. They added a New Game Plus mode everyone was waiting for. This mode lets players keep their unlocked videos, charms, and upgrades for new playthroughs. This means you can start again with more power and style.

The update didn’t stop there. It also made the game run better on all platforms. It fixed things like how the graphics show, how things load, and how much memory the game uses. Now, playing Alan Wake 2 on PS5, Xbox Series, or PC is smoother and cooler.

The game creators really worked hard to make sure the game is top-notch. They made changing graphics settings quicker on PC, added better shadows in the Dark Place, and made the game smarter about what your computer’s processor has to do.

Now, with New Game Plus and game performance upgrades, players can enjoy Alan Wake 2 even more. Whether on a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, or PC, you can expect a great time. Dive into the dark world of Alan Wake 2 with better features and an improved experience.

“The New Game Plus mode adds a whole new layer of depth and replayability to Alan Wake 2. Being able to retain our progress and upgrades from previous playthroughs gives us a sense of accomplishment and allows us to tackle the game’s challenges in new and exciting ways. Combined with the performance improvements, it’s an incredible experience.” – Player testimonial

The December update brought more than the New Game Plus mode to Alan Wake 2. Now, players will also notice the game runs lot smoother on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC. They can bring their customized character into the game too. This means the game looks better, loads faster, and doesn’t use as much memory. Alan Wake 2 aims to make your gaming experience better and more memorable.

Patch Fixes and Visual Enhancements in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 got several patches. They fixed issues and made the game look better. The updates made gameplay smoother and improved visuals.

Fixing Gameplay

The patches tackled gameplay problems. They fixed issues like getting stuck, missing clues, and hard-to-pick items. Now, players can enjoy a less bumpy ride.

UI Enhancements

UI fixes have also rolled out. Now, players can see previews of their settings. This makes playing the game feel more natural and easier.

Audio and Visual Enhancements

Sound got a boost with new effects and fixes. Visuals also got better, with tweaks to combat invisible enemies and improve lighting. The game looks and feels more real now.

Performance Optimizations

Performance hasn’t been left behind. Changes to graphics settings are quicker. Also, better shadows and character movements make the game run smoother.

Latest Patch Details

Patch DateFixes and Enhancements
December 21stFixed issue preventing PC players from launching the game in offline mode
December 19thFixed rarity of missing inventory upgrades and Charms, plus tracking issues in New Game Plus mode
December 11thIntroduced New Game Plus mode and other new features, plus improvements for visuals and audio on PlayStation 5
November 17thFixed issues like movable objects blocking, enemy glitches, disappearing items, and more

The game has gotten much better with these updates. Gameplay is smoother, visuals are nicer, and sounds are more immersive. The team keeps working to offer the best game on various platforms.

Audio and Localization Improvements in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2’s updates are big on bettering gameplay, fixing bugs, and upping the audio and localization quality. The game now offers a more immersive experience and is more fun to play.

Improved Audio Quality

The game’s sounds are now top-notch, thanks to the improved audio. Key events like shooting and reloading have a more realistic feel. This adds to the excitement. Even cassette sounds have been tuned up to make the game more fun to listen to.

Localization Fixes

Various fixes now make the game smoother for players around the world. Subtitles sync with the dialogue better in all languages. This makes the story easier to follow, no matter where you’re from.

Enhanced Localized Audio for Cinematics

There’s also better audio for the game’s movies. This means you’ll feel like you’re part of the story, with sounds that match where you are in the game. It makes the storytelling really come alive.

The team behind Alan Wake 2 is dedicated to making the game’s audio and languages better. They’re even looking to fix issues with the Xbox Series. So, everyone can enjoy the game on any device.

Update VersionPlatformImprovements and Fixes
1.000.008PlayStation 5Fixed audio problems
Improved subtitle timings for all languages
Enhanced localized audio for live-action cinematics
Improved lighting in multiple locations
UI-related fixes and polish
Various gameplay fixes and improvements Series X/SFixed audio problems
Improved subtitle timings for all languages
Enhanced localized audio for live-action cinematics
Improved lighting in multiple locations
UI-related fixes and polish
Various gameplay fixes and improvements
1.0.8PCFixed audio problems
Improved subtitle timings for all languages
Enhanced localized audio for live-action cinematics
Improved lighting in multiple locations
UI-related fixes and polish
Various gameplay fixes and improvements

These changes, along with many others, make Alan Wake 2 a game full of thrills. With better audio and languages, it’s easy to get lost in the game’s world.

Gameplay and Stability Fixes in Alan Wake 2

The latest patches for Alan Wake 2 are all about boosting gameplay mechanics. We’ve worked hard to make the game more stable too. These updates make your gaming time on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC better.

Gameplay Fixes

We fixed several issues that were breaking your engagement with the game. Now, you can dive into the story without interruption. These key changes include:

  • Players can now collect clues without any hassle, enhancing the mystery-solving part of the game.
  • We’ve fine-tuned the crossbow for better shooting experiences. It’s now easier and more fun to take down enemies.
  • Important items won’t be out of reach anymore in different missions. This lets you fully explore and enjoy the game world.

Stability Improvements

Stability is crucial for an enjoyable gaming experience. We’ve put a lot of effort into making the game run smoothly without any hiccups. Our efforts have led to the following important changes:

  • By fixing Lua script errors, we’ve eliminated numerous crashes that were causing trouble.
  • We also tackled audio problems on the Xbox Series platforms to make the game more stable.
  • Many bug fixes were done across all platforms. This includes solving stuttering on PlayStation 5 and threading issues on Xbox Series.

These updates and fixes are designed to give you a more polished and stable gaming experience in Alan Wake 2. We’re always working to make things better, guided by your feedback. Our goal is to meet all your gaming expectations.

Gameplay Fixes

Resolved issues with collecting cluesImproved overall stability
Fixed crossbow mechanicsEnhanced gameplay experience
Addressed inaccessible items in missionsOptimized performance across platforms
Fixed Lua script errorsReduced memory usage by 16 MB
Addressed audio middleware crashesImproved occlusion culling algorithm
Fixed specific issues on different platformsEnhanced shadow and lighting quality

The updates for Alan Wake 2 bring big improvements to the game on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC. Players will now enjoy a better gaming experience. Issues have been fixed, and performance has been improved on all platforms.

Global Fixes

The team worked hard to make the game smoother and more fun to play. They fixed many issues to ensure every player has a good time. These include:

  • Fixing threading issues on Xbox Series to prevent rare crashes
  • Addressing stability issues, including Lua script errors and rare crashes during streaming
  • Fixing localization issues, improving lip syncing during certain cinematics, and adding UI prompts for Case Board items

With these fixes, players will face fewer bugs and enjoy the game more. They help everyone dive deep into the story of Alan Wake 2.

UI Enhancements

Along with fixes, the game’s interface has also had a boost. Several UI improvements make playing easier and more engaging. This includes:

  • Optimizing UI rendering on PlayStation 5 to smooth out performance with many elements on the screen
  • Adding drag and drop support for inventory management, making it easier for players to manage their items
  • Implementing changes in Tutorials, such as adjusting appearance timings and adding timeouts, to improve the learning experience

These UI changes make the game easier to play and understand. They also make Alan Wake 2 look and play better. This way, players can get lost in the amazing world the game offers.

All in all, with the global fixes and UI upgrades, Alan Wake 2 becomes more immersive and enjoyable. It’s a step closer to being the perfect game for everyone on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC.


Alan Wake 2 is coming soon from Remedy Entertainment for PC gamers. It continues the story of the beloved Alan Wake series. It promises an engaging and immersive experience with updates that enhance different game aspects.

Players can expect roughly 17 hours of gameplay in a single-player mode. They will have different difficulty levels to choose from. The game features two realities and environmental puzzles that make the story interesting.

Combat in the game is against shadowy enemies. Players need to aim for the enemies’ weak spots to win. They also have to manage limited ammo and batteries, which makes the game more challenging and exciting.

Alan Wake 2 mixes slow-burn psychological tension, horror action, smart investigations, and music surprises. It’s directed by Sam Lake, who plays with meta-mystery through multiple characters. This keeps the players guessing and involved.

This game has a captivating storyline and improved gameplay that will delight both fans and newcomers. Prepare to enter the dark and mysterious universe of Alan Wake on your PC.


What is Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake 2 is a much-anticipated PC game from Remedy Entertainment. It falls into the genre of psychological horror action-adventure. This game is set for release in 2021.

What are the minimum GPU requirements for Alan Wake 2 on PC?

For PCs, the latest update ( of Alan Wake 2 has good news. It now runs smoothly on GPUs that don’t support mesh shaders. This means its requirements have dropped to a GeForce GTX 1070 or Radeon RX 5600 XT.

What are the latest updates and fixes for Alan Wake 2 on consoles?

The game saw updates (1.000.16 for PlayStation 5, for Xbox Series) to make it better. They fixed crashes and issues with notes and containers. Also, keys and weapons that were missing are now available.

What features were introduced in the January update for Alan Wake 2?

In January, a Chapter Select menu was added by popular request. With this, players can revisit their unlocked missions. Also, a feature to reduce the game’s horror effects was added.

What new features were added in the December update for Alan Wake 2?

The December update added cool new features. Players got access to a New Game Plus mode, a different ending, and a harder Nightmare difficulty. In New Game Plus, you keep your videos, charms, and upgrades.

What improvements were made in the latest patches for Alan Wake 2?

Recent patches made several fixes and visual enhancements. They improved things like inventory upgrades and gameplay. Visually, the game looks better with less specular aliasing and improved lighting. LODs have been fixed for a better view.

Have there been any audio and localization improvements in Alan Wake 2?

Yes, the game’s audio and localization were improved. These fixes included solving lip sync issues and enhancing audio. They also fixed localization issues related to subtitles.

Have there been any gameplay and stability fixes in Alan Wake 2?

Indeed, the game’s gameplay and stability received several fixes. They solved problems with enemies, items, and tutorials. The updates also made the overall game more stable.

What global fixes and UI enhancements have been made in Alan Wake 2?

The game’s updates brought general fixes and UI improvements. These fixed issues with various game elements and movement. The UI now performs better and has improved inventory management.

When will Alan Wake 2 be released?

Alan Wake 2 is expected to launch in 2021. Fans of the series can’t wait to see what Remedy Entertainment does next.

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