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alone in the dark game

Alone in the Dark is a survival horror game developed by Pieces Interactive and published by THQ Nordic. It came out in March 2024 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox X/S. This game is a new take on the original 1992 Alone in the Dark story, bringing it to a modern audience.

Players can pick between Edward Carnby, a private eye, or Emily Hartwood. They head to the eerie Derceto Manor in 1920s Louisiana to find Emily’s uncle. The game is full of supernatural secrets, with amazing performances by David Harbour and Jodie Comer. It goes back to the survival horror basics, much like the first Alone in the Dark did.

Key Takeaways

  • Thrilling supernatural mystery with a 1920s Louisiana setting
  • Choice between playing as private investigator Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood
  • Hollywood-quality performances from David Harbour and Jodie Comer
  • Reviving the survival horror roots that made the original Alone in the Dark a classic
  • Developed by Pieces Interactive and published by THQ Nordic for PC, PS5, and Xbox X/S

The Return of a Survival Horror Classic

Alone in the Dark got a reboot from the 1992 classic. This game led the way for the survival horror genre. The latest version keeps the original’s spooky experience alive. You face creepy challenges again but in a reimagined location – a 1920s psychiatric hospital in Louisiana.

Reimagining the 1992 Original

In this reboot, you dive into a supernatural mystery. You can choose to be Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood, each bringing a unique view and gameplay. The game gives a nod to its history but presents a new, immersive survival horror adventure.

A New Survival Horror Adventure

Fans of alone in the dark reboot are in for a scare. The game mixes real and unreal to create a chilling, uncertain atmosphere. As you explore the Derceto Manor, you’ll uncover its dark past and face its haunting inhabitants.

Gripping Narrative and Hollywood Talent

Alone in the Dark has an exciting story. It mixes the supernatural with a dark supernatural mystery. You’ll dive into a search for Emily Hartwood’s missing uncle. But, things get eerie fast as they find scary hints and meet supernatural beings. Mikael Hedberg, famous for working on horror games like Soma and Amnesia, wrote the story.

Performances by David Harbour and Jodie Comer

The game becomes more like a film with actors David Harbour and Jodie Comer taking the lead. David Harbour is known for his role in Stranger Things. Jodie Comer shines in Killing Eve. Their acting makes the story more real and full of feeling. It helps players get lost in the game’s spooky alone in the dark story.

Exploring the Haunted Derceto Manor

The Derceto Manor is the heart of Alone in the Dark. It’s a big, old former hospital with lots of secrets. In this game, players explore its rooms and corridors. They look for clues and solve puzzles. The manor has a dark past waiting to be discovered.

A Central Hub Packed with Mysteries

Players will find many strange places in the Derceto Manor. There are supernatural locations and dream-like environments. It’s like nothing is real. They’ll discover hidden paths and old labs. Each part of the manor has its own story to tell. These stories are part of the game’s journey.

Venturing Beyond the Estate’s Boundaries

The manor is not the only eerie place. Using a special voodoo talisman, players can go to even stranger places. These dream-like environments link to the supernatural story. They include a huge library and an ancient Egyptian tomb. These places change the game’s mood. They make the world even more mysterious.

Puzzles that Challenge and Intrigue

In Alone in the Dark, puzzle-solving is key. Players need to use their brains to move forward. The game offers many puzzles of different levels. This makes it fun for everyone, from beginners to experts, to enjoy.

Variety in Puzzle Design

There are many kinds of puzzles in Alone in the Dark. Some are pretty to look at, while others are complex and need careful thought. You’ll have to look closely at clues to solve them. This makes the game’s puzzles fit well with the story. They add to the feeling of making discoveries.

Real Thinkers and Old-School Vibes

Alone in the Dark has a special puzzle mode for those who love classic horror games. It makes you really think. You have to use logic and creativity to go forward. These puzzles are like the ones in the first Alone in the Dark. They offer a rewarding challenge to horror game fans.

alone in the dark game Combat and Enemies

Combat in Alone in the Dark is a mix of good and bad. The enemies are tough and relentless. They’re meant to make you feel scared and under pressure during fights. But, the look of these enemies isn’t as fresh or cool as in some other horror games.

Violent and Relentless Monsters

The monsters in Alone in the Dark are known for their aggression. They are designed to mirror the game’s intense survival horror theme. This means players face very strong opponents, making every combat challenge a deep, heart-pounding experience.

Basic but Effective Arsenal

Players get to use a simple but useful set of weapons against these monsters. They can use a pistol, shotgun, and a machine gun, among others. They also have various close combat tools. While fighting with guns can feel hard, having options lets players try different strategies.

But, fighting up close is not as smooth. It often means pushing buttons quickly, not fighting smartly. This makes battling close up less fun, and it can upset people looking for a finely made horror game.

Immersive Atmosphere and Sound Design

Alone in the Dark hooks players with its rich atmosphere and sound. The game’s clever use of dim, eerie lighting and creepy sounds build a scary world. As you venture through Derceto Manor, shadows and creepy noises add to the horror.

Creepy Lighting and Unsettling Ambiance

The game excels at creating a creepy setting. It blends shadows and dim lighting to make each corner eerie. You’ll find yourself in a state of constant unease, thanks to the flickering lights and spooky noises echoing the manor’s halls.

Doom Jazz Soundtrack

The game features a unique “doom jazz” music style. This music fits perfectly with the supernatural story. It deepens the feeling of dread, making the game’s world feel more sinister and real.

The Legacy of Survival Horror Revisited

Alone in the Dark pays tribute to the survival horror genre’s roots. It specifically nods to the original Alone in the Dark trilogy from the 1990s. Players can feel the vibe of those early titles, focusing on exploring, solving puzzles, and facing atmospheric horror.

Paying Tribute to the Original Trilogy

Alone in the Dark isn’t all about breaking new ground in the survival horror genre. Instead, it gives us a delightful, scrappy adventure that respects the series’ foundation. Mixing old-school charm with modern touches, the game brings a unique and genuine feel to the Alone in the Dark style.

A Charming and Scrappy Experience

For fans of the original Alone in the Dark trilogy, this game is a must-play. The developers clearly love the genre, filling this latest game with a survival horror experience that stays true to its origins. Its scrappy aesthetic and traditional horror elements make it a real treat for those who enjoy the genre.

Gameplay Highlights and Drawbacks

Alone in the Dark puts players into a thrilling supernatural mystery. The deep lore pulls them into the dark story. The game offers many in-game documents and monologues that richly set the stage. But, players find the gameplay a bit uneven.

They enjoy the challenging puzzles but complain about the combat mechanics. These mechanics lack balance and feel frustrating. This mix of good and bad points affects the overall gaming experience.

Engaging Story and Lore

The story and world-building are the game’s gems. They keep players glued with supernatural events and an eerie mood. By finding hidden documents, players can learn more about the plot and the manor’s secrets.

Frustrating Combat Mechanics

However, the combat mechanics fall short. The game doesn’t offer many weapons. Fighting up close feels awkward. Even throwing items is problematic. This can make the game less enjoyable for some.

Honoring the Genre’s Roots

Alone in the Dark respects the survival horror genre‘s origins. It mixes real life and make-believe. This blending makes players feel unsettled and unsure, a big part of the survival horror vibe. They often can’t tell what’s real from what’s not.

Blending Reality and Fiction

Its approach towards mystery and possible peril enhances the game’s eerie setting. This idea comes from earlier survival horror games. The developers made sure the game keeps you guessing, deeply immersing you. They made a survival horror adventure where real life’s rules constantly change.

Embracing Uncertainty and Danger

Alone in the Dark mixes real and pretend, creating a sense of uncertainty and danger that’s key to the survival horror genre. Players find themselves in a reality that blurs what’s natural and what’s not. They’re always unsure if what they’re seeing is real. This feeling of uneasiness and the unknown shows how the game stays true to the roots of survival horror.

survival horror genre roots


Alone in the Dark is a survival horror reboot that brings back the feel of the original 1992 game. It’s got an exciting story, an immersive mood, and asks players to solve smart puzzles. But, the fighting part is a letdown because it’s hard and not well-made.

Despite its flaws, fans find Alone in the Dark likable. It respects the older horror game traditions while adding new stuff. For those who love survival horror, it’s a spooky and deep game. It takes players to dark, unknown places, where they feel scared but curious.

In the end, Alone in the Dark leaves us with mixed feelings. Its good and bad points strike a balance, making it an alright addition to the series. The game is still worth playing because it draws you into its world and keeps you there with its vibes.


What is Alone in the Dark?

Alone in the Dark is a horror game by Pieces Interactive. THQ Nordic published it in 2024. It’s available for PC, PS5, and Xbox X/S. This game reboots the 1992 classic, telling the story in a new way for today’s players.

Who are the playable characters in Alone in the Dark?

You can play as Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood. They’re looking into Emily’s uncle’s disappearance at Derceto Manor in 1920s Louisiana.

What is the story and narrative focus of Alone in the Dark?

The game tells a thrilling story with supernatural elements. It’s mixed with a haunting investigation. Mikael Hedberg wrote the tale. He’s also known for other horror games like Soma and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Who are the actors portraying the main characters?

David Harbour acts as Edward Carnby, and Jodie Comer plays Emily Hartwood. They bring authenticity and emotion to the characters. David is famous from Stranger Things. Jodie has wowed viewers on Killing Eve.

What is the central location in Alone in the Dark?

Derceto Manor is the heart of the game. It’s a vast old hospital with a lot of secrets to find. You’ll also go outside its walls, entering dreamy places.

How does the puzzle-solving work in Alone in the Dark?

Puzzles are key in this game. You’ll face visual and clue-based challenges. There’s a special mode for difficult, classic puzzles. It offers a unique survival horror experience.

How does the combat system work in Alone in the Dark?

The combat in this game is a bit rough. Enemies are tough but not very unique. You use guns and melee weapons, but the fights can feel off and hard to control.

How does Alone in the Dark pay tribute to the original series?

This game respects the survival horror’s beginnings. It keeps the old game’s feel with updated exploration and puzzles. It mixes modern features with classic charm.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Alone in the Dark?

Alone in the Dark shines in its story, atmosphere, and puzzles. Combat is a weak point, often frustrating. Yet, it’s still a good horror game for fans of the genre. It keeps you hooked with its mysterious, spooky world.

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