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Being an Amazon Prime member is awesome. One of the best parts is Prime Gaming. Each month, it gives me free PC games and special in-game stuff. This means I get to play cool games without paying extra.

Key TakeawaysWhat is Amazon Prime Gaming?Included with Amazon Prime SubscriptionAccess to Free Games and In-Game ContentTwitch Benefits for Prime MembersExplore the Amazon Prime Gaming Game CatalogMonthly Rotating Game TitlesAcclaimed Titles from Various GenresPrime Gaming Twitch BenefitsFree Monthly Twitch Channel SubscriptionExclusive Emoticons and Chat BadgeExtended Broadcast StorageHow to Claim Prime Gaming GamesLink Your Amazon and Twitch AccountsVisit the Prime Gaming WebsiteDownload and Install the GamesMay 2023 Free Prime Gaming GamesTomb Raider Game of the Year EditionLego Star Wars III: The Clone WarsDark City: International IntrigueEnhance Your Gaming ExperienceAccess to Exclusive In-Game LootParticipate in Prime Gaming TournamentsAmazon Luna Cloud GamingComplimentary Game Access on LunaStream Games on Compatible DevicesStay Updated on Prime Gaming NewsPrime Gaming vs. Other Subscription ServicesValue ComparisonGame Library DiversityTips for Maximizing Prime Gaming BenefitsClaim Games RegularlyEngage with the Prime Gaming CommunityConclusionFAQWhat is Amazon Prime Gaming?What kind of free games does Amazon Prime Gaming offer?What Twitch benefits come with Amazon Prime Gaming?How do I claim the free games and access the Prime Gaming benefits?What free games are available on Amazon Prime Gaming in May 2023?How can I enhance my gaming experience with Amazon Prime Gaming?Does Amazon Prime Gaming include cloud gaming through Amazon Luna?How can I stay informed about the latest Amazon Prime Gaming offerings?How does Amazon Prime Gaming compare to other gaming subscription services?How can I maximize the benefits of Amazon Prime Gaming?

Plus, Prime Gaming hooks me up with Twitch perks. I get a free Twitch subscription, cool emoticons, and more Twitch features. It makes my Amazon Prime membership even better.

Key Takeaways

  • Prime Gaming, included with an Amazon Prime subscription, provides access to free PC games and exclusive in-game content every month.
  • The rotating game selection features a diverse range of critically acclaimed titles across various genres.
  • Prime Gaming also offers Twitch benefits, such as a free monthly Twitch channel subscription and exclusive in-platform features.
  • The Prime Gaming service allows me to build a growing collection of free games that I can enjoy at my convenience.
  • By claiming the free games and engaging with the Prime Gaming community, I can maximize the value of my Amazon Prime membership.

What is Amazon Prime Gaming?

Amazon Prime Gaming comes with your Amazon Prime subscription. It gives Prime members free PC games and special in-game items. This is a big chance for Prime members to play many top games without paying extra.

Included with Amazon Prime Subscription

Getting Prime Gaming is easy with your Amazon Prime membership. Just by being a Prime member, you get access to loads of free games. You’ll always find new games and extra game items to enjoy.

Access to Free Games and In-Game Content

With Prime Gaming, members can pick a new free game every week. They can choose from hits like Assassin’s Creed Origins or Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. They also get in-game extras only they can enjoy.

Twitch Benefits for Prime Members

Prime Gaming also gives special perks for Twitch. These include a free monthly Twitch channel subscription. Members also get cool emoticons and a badge, plus longer Twitch video storage.

Explore the Amazon Prime Gaming Game Catalog

The Amazon Prime Gaming catalog gives Prime members access to free PC games every month. These games include famous AAA titles and beloved indie games. This wide variety means every gamer can find something they love.

Monthly Rotating Game Titles

Every month, new free games are added to the catalog for Prime members. This means there’s always something fresh and exciting to play. By claiming these free games, members can slowly build their own game library.

Acclaimed Titles from Various Genres

The Amazon Prime Gaming catalog has games for all kinds of tastes. You’ll find action shooters, RPGs, adventure games, and even puzzles. These games are loved by many and will keep you entertained for hours.

Prime Gaming Twitch Benefits

Amazon Prime Gaming offers more than free PC games. Members get special Twitch benefits too. These extras aim to give Prime users better experiences on the popular streaming service.

Free Monthly Twitch Channel Subscription

With Amazon Prime Gaming, you can subscribe to a Twitch channel for free each month. This means you can pick a new favorite streamer every month. You’ll get special emotes, badges, and more for that channel.

Exclusive Emoticons and Chat Badge

Prime Gaming members get their own special emoticons and chat badges on Twitch. These unique features let them stand out in Twitch chats. It’s a fun way for Prime users to show they’re part of the Twitch community.

Extended Broadcast Storage

Prime Gaming offers longer storage for Twitch streams. Members can keep their past broadcasts for a while. This is great for looking back on streams and sharing them with friends, making Twitch even more fun.

How to Claim Prime Gaming Games

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can start grabbing free games and in-game content through Prime Gaming. First, make sure your Amazon and Twitch accounts are linked. This connection is key to enjoying these bonuses along with your favorite games.

Start by going to the Prime Gaming website. Log in with your Amazon account. Next, link your Twitch account to Amazon Prime. This step lets you enjoy all the free games, loot, and Twitch benefits.

Visit the Prime Gaming Website

With your accounts joined, head to the Prime Gaming site. There, you’ll find plenty of game choices. Every month, the list changes, so you always have new games to explore.

Download and Install the Games

To get a game, just click “Claim” on the game you want. You might need the Twitch desktop app or Amazon Games app for some. After a quick install, you’re ready to play and enjoy these perks with ease.

Following these steps helps you make the most of Amazon Prime. You’ll collect more and more games and special content. Always check back for new offers to fully enjoy your Amazon Prime subscription.

prime gaming game catalog

May 2023 Free Prime Gaming Games

Amazon Prime members can enjoy a variety of free games this May. You’ll find acclaimed titles and thrilling indie picks. So, there’s something for everyone.

Tomb Raider Game of the Year Edition

Dive into the adventures of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider Game of the Year Edition. This game challenges you to travel through dangerous lands. Solve ancient riddles and survive Lara’s journey.

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

Star Wars fans will love Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. It brings a fun twist to the Star Wars saga. Play through exciting battles and missions with iconic characters.

Dark City: International Intrigue

Dark City: International Intrigue is perfect for fans of hidden-object puzzles. Dive into a mysterious city. Search for clues, solve puzzles, and uncover its secrets.

Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Prime Gaming offers ways to make gaming even better for its members. You get special access to in-game loot, like cool skins and extra items. There’s also Prime Gaming-only tournaments to join in.

Access to Exclusive In-Game Loot

Prime members get exclusive stuff to use in their games. They can get unique character skins, rare weapons, and more. These rewards make playing games even more fun. By getting prime gaming free in-game content, it’s easy to show you’re a Prime member.

Participate in Prime Gaming Tournaments

Prime Gaming also lets members join tournaments and events. These amazon prime gaming tournaments are a great way to show your gaming skills. You can compete, meet other players, and win cool prizes. It’s perfect for anyone who loves esports or just enjoys playing games.

Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming

Amazon Prime Gaming lets members try out Amazon Luna, a cloud gaming service. You can stream cool games to your devices as a Prime subscriber. So, even without fancy gaming gear, you can dive into a lot of games.

Complimentary Game Access on Luna

Being a Prime member means you get to play various games for free. You can enjoy games like Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition and Trackmania Starter Access. Qualities of these games range from good to great.

Stream Games on Compatible Devices

Amazon Luna is super easy to use. Just be a Prime member and have a good internet connection. Then, you can stream games on your devices, from laptops to phones and more.

Amazon Luna is great for anyone who loves games but not the steep prices. It brings lots of fun to Prime members at an affordable cost. Plus, there are many games you can enjoy for free. It’s a must-have for anyone who values variety and quality in gaming.

Stay Updated on Prime Gaming News

To keep up with the newest amzon prime gaming game and amazon prime video game streaming, Prime members should check out the Prime Gaming website. They can also follow Prime Gaming’s social media. This way, they won’t miss the latest free games with amazon prime subscription. Also, they can grab cool prime gaming free in-game content and amazon prime gaming channel offers.

Being part of the Prime Gaming community lets members find out about new free game titles and claim special in-game content. They will also hear about amazon prime gaming tournaments and fun events. Connecting with other gamers through Prime Gaming can bring helpful tips and let members share their joy of playing, making their gaming benefits of amazon prime membership even better.

Prime Gaming vs. Other Subscription Services

Prime Gaming is a standout in the gaming world. It comes free with an Amazon Prime membership. Prime members get free games and exclusive in-game content. This is a big plus over other services that make you pay extra.

Value Comparison

A Twitch subscription is $4.99 each month. This means Prime members save $59.88 yearly with Prime Gaming’s Twitch perks. Prime Gaming also offers free games. For example, a Kombinera game is $14.99 on Steam, but Prime members get it free. Altogether, Prime members can save up to $84.92 a year. This almost covers half the cost of their $139 Prime membership.

Game Library Diversity

Prime Gaming has a wide game selection. It includes the Tomb Raider series and Lego Star Wars. Members get to play various games for free. This allows them to find new favorites they wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

Prime Gaming combines savings, Twitch perks, and a great game library. It’s an excellent deal for Prime members. Anyone from casual players to hardcore fans can enjoy Prime Gaming. It’s a chance to play more without spending extra money.

Tips for Maximizing Prime Gaming Benefits

To make the most of Amazon Prime Gaming, claim free games regularly. Even if you won’t play them right away. This way, you’ll have a big collection of games for later. Also, join discussions or events. This lets you discover new games and meet other Prime members.

Claim Games Regularly

As an Amazon Prime member, you can get free PC games and in-game content. It’s good to claim these games each month, even if you’re too busy to play them. By doing this, you’ll have a big library of games to try whenever you’re ready. This includes indie and popular games, so you won’t miss any hidden gems.

Engage with the Prime Gaming Community

Just claiming games isn’t all. It’s great to connect with the Prime Gaming community. Stay updated with the latest news and exclusive content by following their social media. Join discussions and share your gaming stories. You might find new games or get cool tips from other players. This can really boost your Prime Gaming experience.


Amazon Prime Gaming is awesome for Prime members. It gives you free PC games that change often. You also get special in-game items, as well as Twitch perks. With all these, your gaming gets better. Plus, you find new games to love.

The gaming world will be huge, making over $200 billion in 2023. Prime Gaming stands out worldwide since 2016. It offers free games, special items, and a free Twitch channel each month. Members also get a 20% discount on some games. This makes the deal even sweeter.

Amazon is diving deeper into gaming. They’re planning big games like Blue Protocol and more Tomb Raider. A new Lord of the Rings game is in the works too. Prime Gaming’s future is bright. It could support esports and offer more to its members. Right now, It’s just for Amazon Prime members. But, if you love gaming and already use Amazon, you’ll find it very appealing.


What is Amazon Prime Gaming?

Amazon Prime Gaming is a special perk for Amazon Prime members. It lets them download a selection of PC games for free each month. They also get cool in-game items and Twitch benefits. This includes a free channel subscription every month.

What kind of free games does Amazon Prime Gaming offer?

Each month, Amazon Prime Gaming gives members different PC game titles for free. You’ll find a mix of genres, from well-loved classics to new hits. Members can download and keep these games forever.

What Twitch benefits come with Amazon Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming members enjoy special perks on Twitch too. They get a free Twitch channel subscription each month. Plus, they can use exclusive emoticons and a chat badge. Also, they get extra time to save their past Twitch streams.

How do I claim the free games and access the Prime Gaming benefits?

To start, connect your Amazon and Twitch accounts. Then, head to the Prime Gaming website. There you can pick the free games and other benefits you’d like.

What free games are available on Amazon Prime Gaming in May 2023?

In May 2023, Prime Gaming has some great free games. Members can download Tomb Raider, Lego Star Wars, and Dark City. These are just a few of the games offered that month.

How can I enhance my gaming experience with Amazon Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming makes gaming better in several ways. Members can get special in-game items. They can also join tournaments and possibly win prizes. These features make the gaming experience more exciting.

Does Amazon Prime Gaming include cloud gaming through Amazon Luna?

Yes, Prime Gaming includes Amazon’s cloud gaming, Luna. This lets members play select games without high-end devices. It’s another perk that makes gaming more accessible and fun.

How can I stay informed about the latest Amazon Prime Gaming offerings?

To keep up with Prime Gaming news, visit their website or follow their social media. This way, Prime members can be the first to know about new free games, items, and events. Staying connected ensures they enjoy all the benefits.

How does Amazon Prime Gaming compare to other gaming subscription services?

Among gaming subscriptions, Prime Gaming scores high. It’s part of Amazon Prime, which already offers a lot for its members. With free games, Twitch perks, and Luna access, its value is hard to beat.

How can I maximize the benefits of Amazon Prime Gaming?

For the best use of Prime Gaming, claim your monthly free games regularly. Even if you won’t play them right away, it will grow your gaming library for later. Also, interacting with the Prime Gaming community can add to your fun and help you find new games.

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