Baldur’s Gate 3 Coop: Explore the Realms Together

baldur's gate 3 coop

Ready to start an epic adventure with friends? Baldur’s Gate 3 lets up to five play an immersive RPG. It’s known for its cooperative play where you can explore huge worlds and make unforgettable moments.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has many ways to play together. You can connect online, through LAN if you’re close by, or share a screen at home. This makes it perfect for all kinds of gaming groups.

In the online mode, you can start your own campaign with friends or join an existing one. Everyone gets to make their own character, bringing their unique style to the story. The game waits for everyone to be ready, even if you aren’t a full party of four.

Cooperation is easy in Baldur’s Gate 3’s multiplayer. Players work together seamlessly, sharing items and helping each other out. This makes planning and playing together a breeze.

Combat is exciting in multiplayer, with turns based on initiative. Characters can act together if their turns are close. Teamwork and planning are crucial to win battles together.

While official mod support is lacking, you can use mods in multiplayer if everyone has the same ones. This keeps gameplay smooth. Just be sure to talk with your group and choose mods wisely.

Winning special items and loot means working as a team. In multiplayer, it’s about sharing and fairness, especially with powerful stuff. Make sure everyone benefits and has fun.

Baldur’s Gate 3 gives you a choice on how to play with friends. Whether you’re at home or online, it’s all about joining forces for an awesome adventure. You can pick from existing stories or make your own, keeping every game fresh and exciting.

So, round up your friends and start shaping your adventure today. Dive into Baldur’s Gate 3 for an experience full of possibilities and excitement. An epic RPG awaits you and your friends.

Key Takeaways:

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 offers an immersive cooperative multiplayer experience for up to four friends.
  • Multiplayer can occur in three main formats: online, LAN, and split-screen couch co-op.
  • Online mode allows for public and private games, as well as connections with friends on platforms like Steam.
  • Players can start a campaign with a group or join an existing one, with customization options available.
  • Combat in multiplayer is simultaneous and requires coordination.

Multiplayer Overview

Baldur’s Gate 3 lets you team up with friends for epic adventures. You can play online with friends or locally with someone on the same screen. The game has many ways to enjoy multiplayer, no matter how you like to play.

Let’s look at the multiplayer modes in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Online Multiplayer

Online multiplayer lets you play with friends or meet new people. You can have up to four players in your group. Together, you explore big worlds and fight exciting battles. You can also split up to tackle challenges on your own.

Some moments are kept just for you and your friends, thanks to a private mode. But, you can always turn this feature off if you want to. This way, you get to choose how private your game is.

Local Split-Screen Co-op

If you’d rather play with someone in the same place, Baldur’s Gate 3 has you covered. You and a friend can team up on one screen. It’s a great way to share the game with someone close to you.

When you both are playing, the game can add extra characters to join you. This keeps the game fun, even if you don’t have a full team. Plus, you can play with other online players this way, too.

This co-op mode is best for two players at a time. If you have more people joining, you might want to choose online multiplayer.

Currently, playing together on different devices isn’t an option. But, the game’s creators plan to add this feature soon. This update will let players on various devices team up for adventures.

Next, we’ll talk about how you can start a game with your friends in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Start and Join an Online Game with Friends

Playing Baldur’s Gate 3 online with friends lets you dive into thrilling adventures together. You start by following simple steps. Here’s how to begin:

  1. Launch the game and go to the main menu.
  2. Choose “Multiplayer” from the options.
  3. Pick how you want your game to be seen. You can choose from Public, Friends only, Invitation only, and Closed settings.
  4. To play with friends, you can invite them. Or friends might join your game by entering public lobbies. They can also find your game if you set it to Friends or Invitation only.
  5. After friends join, you can create characters and set up your party. Then you’re ready to start your adventure.

how to start multiplayer game in baldur's gate 3

Starting or joining a game in Baldur’s Gate 3 with friends is easy. It helps you embark on adventures in a fantasy world. Communicate with your friends to enhance your gameplay together.

How to Play Split-Screen Couch Co-Op

Do you want to share the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 with friends or family? The split-screen couch co-op feature helps you play together on one screen. It’s perfect for multiplayer fun.

Step 1: Supported Platforms

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X let you join hands for a game in your living room. Sadly, the Xbox Series S isn’t strong enough for this feature.

Step 2: Controller Connection

Make sure each person has a controller connected. This step ensures everyone can control their own character smoothly.

Step 3: Character Creation or Joining

After connecting controllers, you can create your own character or join as a companion. This freedom lets each player play their own unique part.

Step 4: Share the Same Game Instance

In split-screen mode, both of you play in the same game world. You will go on quests, fight enemies, and make choices that affect your story.

Step 5: Smoother Gameplay

Playing in split-screen can lower the game’s frames to 30 per second. This makes the game run more smoothly. It’s a small trade-off for a better-playing experience for both players.

Split-screen couch co-op isn’t just about playing a game. It’s a fun way to spend time with those close to you. Anyone can enjoy this feature, making it great for both experienced players and beginners.

Multiplayer Features

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the multiplayer mode adds a lot of fun. You can play with friends or join new people. The game lets you work together in exciting ways.

Shared Inventories

Sharing inventories is a key feature. It lets players divide up items they find. This encourages teamwork as players share and swap powerful gear.

Multiplayer Dialogue Options

When it comes to conversations, everyone gets to pitch in. Baldur’s Gate 3 has special dialogue for multiplayer. Each player can help choose what to say. This way, everyone helps shape the game’s story.

Individual Story Events and Decisions

In multiplayer mode, each player can influence the story differently. This happens as you all play together. Your choices could change the game’s direction for your group.

There are many more cool things in Baldur’s Gate 3 multiplayer. You can control different characters and fight in a team. It’s all about working together and having a blast on an epic quest.

Next, we’ll look at multiplayer combat and how important teamwork is for success.

Multiplayer Combat

Combat in Baldur’s Gate 3 multiplayer is thrilling. It uses turn-based mechanics from Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. Players take turns strategically, allowing actions when needed.

Coordination is key in multiplayer combat. With each player managing their characters, talking and planning are vital. This ensures actions don’t overlap and boosts your team’s strategies. Strong communication and teamwork can tip the scales towards victory.

Every choice in combat has a big impact because it’s a team effort. Coming together to talk tactics and make strategic moves can really change the battle’s course. This teamwork is crucial for success.

Multiplayer Mods

Baldur’s Gate 3 is already great for playing with friends. But with mods, you can make it even better. These mods, made by fans, add cool new things to the game. This makes playing together more fun and interesting.

Want to make your game nights more exciting? Add these mods to your game:

  1. 5e Spells Mod: This mod adds more than 80 spells. It makes battles more strategic and exciting with new spell options for your characters.
  2. Party Limit Begone Mod: Don’t like playing with only four characters? This mod lets you have a party of up to 16. Now, you can have even more friends in your game.
  3. WASD Character Movement Mod: Moving your character shouldn’t be hard. This mod lets you use your keyboard to move, making it easier to explore the world.
  4. Fantastical Multiverse Mod: This mod gives you 17 new races to play as. Your group will be more diverse and unique, making teamwork even more fun.
  5. Carry Weight Increased Mod: Juggling items is annoying. This mod lets you carry more, and exploring and collecting loot becomes easier.
  6. Feats Extra Mod: Want more ways to customize your character? This mod adds over 30 new abilities, so you can make your character truly unique.
  7. Tactician Plus Mod: Take control of the game’s challenge. This mod lets you adjust the game to fit your skill level, making it as hard or as easy as you like.
  8. Better Maps Mod: Finding your way is easier with this mod. It improves the map and is great for games with a lot of people. Everyone can stay together and explore without getting lost.

Remember: Game mods are not made by the game’s creator, Larian Studios. You can find mods online, but be careful. Make sure all your friends are using the same mods to avoid problems.

These mods will take your Baldur’s Gate 3 game to the next level. Add more spells, bigger parties, or better controls. These changes will make every game night more fun and memorable.

Loot System in Co-op Multiplayer

In any RPG game, loot is key, and it’s no different in Baldur’s Gate 3’s co-op. Let’s look at how the loot system operates.

In the multiplayer mode, looting is shared among party members. This means when something is found, it’s for everyone. It’s a fair way to get valuable items.

This sharing sometimes means the group must decide together who uses or sells what they find. It’s vital that the team communicates well to handle this.

You can also drop items onto another player’s character portrait to share loot. This way of teamwork is designed to avoid conflicts over “who gets what.”

In Baldur’s Gate 3, loot is not specifically for certain character classes. But, not all items might be right for every character’s setup, so choose carefully.

Friendly fire being on can make loot fights quite funny. Games turn into a mix of joking around and strategizing not to hit your friend by accident.

The game does not offer open lobbies. Instead, it focuses on playing with friends. This makes sharing loot and playing together smoother and more fun.

People also hope the game will add spells or ways that help share gold fairly. This would make working together in the game even better.

In the end, Baldur’s Gate 3 encourages teamwork and wise distribution of loot. A good system is in place to help everyone have a great time playing together.

“The shared loot system in Baldur’s Gate 3’s co-op multiplayer mode adds an extra layer of cooperation and decision-making, reinforcing the teamwork aspect of the game.” – Patrick, avid Baldur’s Gate 3 player


Baldur’s Gate 3 is unlike other co-op RPGs. It offers a dynamic multiplayer adventure. Each player in the party has their own say, which greatly affects the story and game. Unlike many games, here everyone has true freedom to act.

The grove in the game is full of chaos in co-op mode. Players can make things go wild by stealing or even killing characters. This makes the game excitingly unpredictable.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, players face tough choices and moral issues. They must choose between right and wrong in complex situations. Dealing with dangerous beings and considering deep moral issues are key points players will tackle.

This game makes for a unique experience where player characters interact differently. Their various morals lead to different storylines. This adds layers to the game’s experience, making it truly engaging.


What multiplayer modes are available in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 has online modes for both public and private games. It also supports playing over LAN and split-screen co-op.

How do I start and join an online game with friends in Baldur’s Gate 3?

To start a game, choose multiplayer at the main menu. Select your privacy settings. Friends can then join by invite or by finding your public game online.

How do I play split-screen couch co-op in Baldur’s Gate 3?

In split-screen, friends play together on one screen. You’ll each need a controller. Make characters or join as existing followers.

What features are available in multiplayer in Baldur’s Gate 3?

In multiplayer, you can control your own character or even more. Everyone can talk and choose what to say together. Share your items and unite in battles, with the main player leading the story.

How does multiplayer combat work in Baldur’s Gate 3?

During fights, each of your characters moves when it’s their turn. Watch the order carefully to plan the best actions and strategies together.

Are mods supported in multiplayer in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is open to mods from third-party sources. For smooth gameplay, ensure everyone in your group installs the same mods.

How does the loot system work in co-op multiplayer in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The loot rule is that all found treasures are shared by the group. Every player can agree on how to handle items, like keeping, selling, or passing them around.

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