Gameplay: Explore the Ultimate Driving Sim Gameplay is an ultra-realistic driving game. It gives players lots of ways to enjoy the game. A soft-body physics engine makes vehicles act like they do in real life. This is perfect for those who love cars or racing, or just exploring big worlds.

This game has many cool vehicles. There are dozens of refined, customizable options for you to pick from. You can adjust things like how the car drives or how the engine works. This makes car lovers very happy. also offers 12 sprawling open-world environments. You can drive through beautiful countryside or busy cities. This game has something for every driver, whether you enjoy off-roading or going fast on straight roads.

But what really makes special is how it pays attention to detail. The physics in the game are super advanced. They use many computer cores to act out how the cars move and crash realistically. With hundreds of parts in each vehicle, the game feels more real than ever.

Key Takeaways:

  • offers dozens of refined, customizable vehicles for players to experiment with.
  • With 12 sprawling open-world environments, the game provides a diverse terrain experience for players to explore.
  • The game’s soft-body physics engine simulates every component of a vehicle in real time, resulting in true-to-life behavior.
  • features a wide selection of detailed, customizable, and destructible vehicles.
  • The game provides full modding and content creation capabilities, allowing players to create their own maps, vehicles, and gameplay scripts.

Realistic Vehicle Physics and Soft-Body Dynamics

One of the best things about is how it nails realistic vehicle physics and soft-body dynamics. It’s not like other driving simulators out there. This game’s engine really mirrors how real vehicles act.

Each part of a vehicle is handled in real time, which means you’ll get to experience real-life driving. Everything from how the suspension reacts to how vehicles handle is as real as it gets. The game even shows vehicles getting dinged up or destroyed accurately when they crash.

When cars crash, you see their bodies crumple, windows shatter, and parts fly off. This level of detail makes the crashes seem real and impactful. The game’s immersion and realism are at a peak because of this. stands out because it pays so much attention to these realistic elements. This makes driving in the game feel more interactive and fun. You really feel the vehicles’ weight and how they respond, making the game more engaging.

Developing such detailed physics and dynamics was no easy task. The makers needed to find a sweet spot. This sweet spot ensures the game looks great, plays well, and doesn’t demand too much from your computer.

The end result is a game that offers a driving experience incredibly close to real life. From sharp turns to full-on crashes and exploring the world, every detail and reality will captivate players for hours.

Destructible Environments for Endless Exploration

In, you dive into a world full of open-world adventure. You get to explore 12 different terrains with beautiful scenery. These include everything from tropical jungles to bustling city streets and fast highways.

This game is all about realistic and immersive play. You can drive through any condition, from rough off-road paths to crowded city streets. The best part is the world is destructible, so you never know what to expect.

With its physics engine, players can interact with and change the game’s world. This means you can crash through things, topple buildings, and more. It’s about freedom to do what you want.

But it’s not just about driving and crashing. The game also has police chases, stunts, and mini-games. This makes the world even more fun to explore in different ways.

Environment Statistics:

Number of vehicles in BeamNG.drive19 detailed, customizable, and destructible vehicles
Simultaneous vehicles simulated at a smooth framerate4 to 6 cars on a high-end quad-core processor
Number of nodes and beams per vehicleAround 400 nodes and 4000 beams
Terrains available in the game10 terrains for exploration and driving
Types of gameplay being consideredPolice chases, stunt challenges, and other specialized mini-games
Main focus of the game developersRealistic, accurate, destructible, and malleable physics
Use of the physics engineCurrently running on a multicore CPU configuration
Natural disasters in the game worldEarthquakes, meteors, volcano eruptions, and tornadoes
Curators who have reviewed the product28’s destructible worlds and exploration make for a thrilling experience. Whether you love crashes or peaceful drives, this game has something for everyone.

Limitless Vehicle Customization

In, you can truly make your car stand out. Players can change their cars into something personal and unique. This lets everyone design a dream car, whether it’s for speed, off-roading, or cruising in style.

Customize Every Aspect of Your Vehicle

The game lets you change everything on your car, from the wheels to the engine. You can tweak every part for better performance and looks.

Visual Customization

Make your car look truly yours by customizing its appearance. The Garage mode lets you pick different paints, add decals, and even design your own patterns. This is your chance to shine and be unique on the road.

Customization FeaturesDetails
WheelsChoose from a variety of wheel designs and sizes to match your style and improve performance.
SuspensionAdjust the suspension settings to achieve the perfect balance between comfort and handling.
EnginesSelect from different engine types and configurations, from powerful V8s to efficient I6 options.
Body KitsEnhance the visual appeal of your vehicle with various body kit options, including spoilers, side skirts, and more.
Interior CustomizationPersonalize the interior of your vehicle with different seat covers, steering wheels, and more.

Realistic Customization Experience

The game takes customization seriously. You get to interact with every part and fine-tune your car. It feels like you’re really working on a car in the Garage.

Push the Boundaries of Customization

In, you can do more than you think with your car. You can make a small car super fast, a truck into a wild off-roader, or even create something new. The game is full of opportunities to make your car dreams come true.

vehicle customization

Get creative and design your perfect car in Enjoy the excitement of driving a custom car. With every change, you’ll find new ways to make your car the best it can be.

Crash Testing and Spectacular Crashes lets players see amazing crashes in the game. You can watch windows break, hubcaps fly, and headlights come off. In this game, crashing is fun and exciting, not bad. It adds a unique twist to driving games.

This game lets you do crash tests. You can see how cars crush from different forces. You test cars hitting things like poles or jumping big gaps. The game also simulates cars on different planets. As cars go faster, they crash differently. This makes each test unique and cool to watch.

But, making crash tests 100% right is really hard. You need to know a lot about how cars are built to do it right. Even though the crashes look real in, don’t think they’re like real crash tests for cars. They’re just for fun in the game.

The game has tools for making your own crash scenes. You can pick from different cars, set up the scene, and even slow down time. Changing the graphics makes the crashes look even better.

To share crash videos, use recording software like OBS. Editing programs like Vegas Pro make your videos look awesome. This way, you can really show off your best crashes.

Pressing Alt + U hides the game’s menu, giving you a better view. This lets you focus on the crash, seeing every detail. It makes the game even more exciting. Crash Testing Statistics

Pitting Large vs. Small VehiclesSimulated crash tests involve comparing the impact of different forces on large vehicles versus smaller ones.
Impact Force and SpeedEvery time a vehicle’s speed is doubled, the force of impact quadruples, leading to varied outcomes in crash simulations based on speed differences.
Obstacles and Gravity SettingsVehicles are tested against various obstacles like poles, giant potholes, jumps, and canyons. Different gravity settings mimic the crash scenarios on other planets.
Custom Car CreationCreating custom cars in involves a complex workflow documented by developers. However, the process lacks first-party reference models and detailed measurements for accurate crash structure recreation. focuses on realistic and exciting crash tests. The game’s damage and physics are amazing. They make for thrilling and fun crash experiences in the game. But, remember, these are just for fun. They show how good the game really is.

Mod Support and Community Content is supported by a lively community that loves to create mods. Players have the chance to tweak their gaming experience through mods. They can add new rides, landscapes, and even craft detailed stories.

There are currently 25 mods for Although no new mods came out today, the community’s impact on the game is clear. Let’s explore some top mods that have captured players’ hearts:

Mod NameDownloads
Alfa Romeo V6 Busso for Bruckell LeGran1
Dx Reshade BeamNG1
2018 Lamborghini Urus1
Ligier KS50 (Fan-made Automation)0
Mercedes ML632
Toyota Supra A9011

The community also focuses on creating and sharing game-related content. However, there’s been no new media today.

Issues with Nexus Mods have slowed down downloads for 7-9 days now. But, the team is working hard to fix this problem.

Fallout 4 fans, mark your calendars for April 25th. This is when the next-gen update drops, offering better graphics and gameplay. has also updated its profile features. They now include a better “About Me” section and “Direct Messaging.” These changes make user interaction better.

And there’s more good news in gaming. Stardew Valley’s 1.6 update is on its way, packed with new content. It includes two new items for even more creativity in the game.

Multiplayer Racing and Game Modes is not your average driving simulator. It spices up the experience with various game modes. This includes the awesome multiplayer racing feature. It lets players compete in exciting online races against friends or other fans worldwide.

But that’s not all. There are also lots of game modes to choose from. You can dive into campaigns with missions of different difficulties. These offer a variety in gameplay and challenge your driving skills in numerous ways.

There’s more challenge in the time trials too. In these, you speed through tracks to beat records and move up the ranks. It’s a test of how fast and precise you can be.

If you prefer to just explore, the freeroam mode is perfect. It lets you roam around the huge open-world map as you wish. You can cruise on highways or go off-road where you want, when you want. It’s all about creative freedom.

Additionally, there are specific scenarios for players seeking particular challenges. You can hone your driving with difficult tasks or master deliveries. These scenarios offer various missions to keep you entertained.

Every game mode in benefits from its physics engine. It’s known for its use of soft-body physics. This makes vehicle movement and crashes look and feel incredibly real. This technology brings a true-to-life feel to the game. has so much to offer, from epic online races to relaxed exploring. With its detailed physics, the driving simulator world is taken to a whole new level. It truly offers an unparalleled gaming experience.

Game ModesDescription
CampaignsA series of missions with varying complexity and objectives.
Time TrialsChallenges where players race against the clock to set fast lap times.
FreeroamAn open-world mode that allows players to explore and drive at their own pace.
ScenariosDifferent challenges and missions designed to test players’ driving skills.

System Requirements

To play smoothly, you’ll need to check a few things first.

Operating System (OS)

  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 64-bit or later
  • Windows 10 64 Bit


  • AMD FX 6300 3.5Ghz / Intel Core i3-6300 3.8Ghz (minimum)
  • AMD Ryzen 7 1700 3.0Ghz / Intel Core i7-6700 3.4Ghz (or better, recommended)


  • 16 GB RAM (minimum)
  • 32 GB RAM (recommended)


  • Radeon HD 7750 / Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti (minimum)
  • AMD R9 290 / Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 (recommended)


  • Version 11+


  • 45 GB available space (minimum)
  • 50 GB available space (recommended)

If you want the best gameplay, think about these. The best setup is for a 1080p screen. Adding mods may need more space.

Using an SSD hard drive is better. And, for the most fun, a gamepad is a good idea.


After January 1st, 2024, Steam will work only with Windows 10 or newer. Make sure your system fits.

To play, make sure you have an AMD Radeon HD 7750 video card and AMD FX 6300 processor. You also need 16GB RAM and enough space on your hard drive.

Comparison Table

For just starting, you’ll need an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti. Also, an Intel Core i3-6300 and 16GB RAM are a must.

If you want the game to run really well, get an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970. A better Intel Core i7-6700 and 32GB RAM are recommended.

Downloading the game needs 45GB-50GB of space. An SSD will make it faster.

Making the game faster is about adjusting some settings and keeping your system clean. Keep your video card updates ready too. works with Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and newer.

An Overwolf tool can help. It shows your game’s FPS. This can make the game smoother.

Conclusion is a top-notch driving simulator. It features real vehicle physics, soft-body dynamics, and destructible worlds. It also lets you customize your vehicles as much as you want. This makes the game exciting and immersive for anyone who loves driving.

The game shines in how it mimics real-life vehicle movement and destruction. This makes for a truly authentic driving experience. You can tweak your vehicles and try various configurations, making your gameplay unique.

But that’s not all. also has environments that you can destroy. Plus, the game world is massive and free for you to explore. So, if you like challenges or building your own stories, this game is perfect.

Another cool thing is that the game supports mods and has a big community. This means it keeps getting better with time. You can adjust your game settings to get better performance while keeping the game fun.

So, is the best choice for those wanting a realistic and fun driving game. It focuses on details, lets you tinker with your vehicles, and has a huge world to play in. Whether you enjoy racing with others or beating the game alone, this simulator has everything you need.


What makes different from other driving games? shines with its realistic vehicle physics and soft-body dynamics. These features accurately show how vehicles move and crash, unlike other simulators.

Can I explore different environments in

Yes, you can! has 12 open-world environments. You can go from tropical jungles to bustling city streets. And, you can break and destroy things, making the game even more fun.

Can I customize my vehicles in

Yes, you have a lot of options for vehicle customization in You can change everything, from the wheels to the engine. This lets you make your car look and run just how you want.

What is the level of damage realism in has a very realistic damage system. Crashes look real, with windows breaking and hubcaps flying off. You can even test how crashes affect the vehicles.

Can I add mods and enjoy community-created content in

Definitely! supports mods. With a strong community, there are tons of mods to try. These add new cars, terrains, and game challenges, keeping things fresh.

Is multiplayer racing available in

Yes, you can race others in multiplayer mode in It also has different modes, like missions and time trials. This means there’s something for everyone who loves driving games.

What are the system requirements for

To play, make sure your Windows is 64-bit and at least Windows 7. You’ll need a good processor, 16GB of RAM, and a decent graphics card. For the best experience, run it on Windows 10 with more powerful hardware.

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