Best Games of 2024: Our Definitive Ranking and Reviews

best games of 2024

The best games of 2024 introduce groundbreaking titles and advanced gaming. They offer experiences that are a must for all players. From highly expected games to well-known series, these titles show off the newest in gaming tech. This article will give you a top-ranked list and detailed reviews of the leading games of 2024. It includes a variety of genres, appealing to different gamers around.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dragon’s Dogma 2 lets players hire Pawns to join them in battles, talk, and even save lives, making gameplay more interactive.
  • Alan Wake 2 stands out with its memorable musical performances, adding to the game’s charm and fascination.
  • Baldur’s Gate 3 invites players into a vast and rich fantasy world, perfect for fans of D&D.
  • Tekken 8 impresses the PC gaming world with fresh mechanics, stunning visuals, and new characters, making it a standout.
  • Hades is a key game, known for its story and replay value, a top pick for fans of roguelike titles.

Stay with us as we explore the deep and engaging worlds, enthralling stories, and innovative gameplays of the top games of 2024.

PC Gaming: The Ever-Expanding Library

PC gaming offers a huge library of games that keeps growing. With a gaming PC, you can play top games and explore many genres. You can find titles like action-packed shooters, adventure games, or psychological thrillers. There’s something for everyone in the PC gaming world.

The Steam Deck is a new addition to PC gaming. It lets you carry your games everywhere. This handheld device changes how and where you game. Now, you can play PC games on the move or relax at home with it.

PC gaming also means you get to use cool accessories. You can choose from pro gaming mice, keyboards, to VR headsets. These tools make your gaming more fun and help you do better in games. They add a new layer to gaming by improving your skills or giving you a more realistic experience.

Another great thing is how flexible PC gaming is for hardware. You can change and upgrade your gaming setup. This means you can decide if you want to play on the best gear or save money. PC gamers enjoy this freedom to make their gaming experience just right for them.

Because of its games, hardware options, and cool add-ons, PC gaming stays popular. It’s a great choice for all gamers, from newbies to experts alike. With PC gaming, the fun is endless and tailored to everyone’s liking.

PC Gaming Peripherals

Gaming PeripheralDescription
Gaming MouseAn ergonomic mouse with customizable buttons and high DPI for precise aiming and smooth movements.
Gaming KeyboardA mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting and programmable keys for quick and accurate inputs.
Virtual Reality HeadsetAn immersive headset that provides a 360-degree gaming experience with stunning visuals and realistic audio.
High Refresh Rate MonitorA monitor with a high refresh rate (e.g., 144Hz or 240Hz) for smooth and fluid gameplay.
Gaming HeadsetA headset with surround sound capabilities for an immersive audio experience and clear communication with teammates.

“PC gaming offers a vast and ever-expanding library of games, the freedom to customize your gaming experience, and the ability to play on a variety of gaming peripherals.”

Dragon’s Dogma 2: The Arisen’s Quest Continues

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is here, much awaited since the 2012 original. It throws you into a thrilling journey. As the Arisen, you’re a mighty warrior set to kill a fearsome dragon.

The game introduces a Pawn system. You can recruit and tweak your AI friends. This brings a new layer to battle, using your Pawns’ special skills and plans.

Journey across a broad, open world in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You’ll explore lands like the Kingdom of Vermund and Battahl’s Beastren. Here, you’ll fight Ogres, Cyclops, and Griffins in intense battles.

Its design is often compared to Dark Souls, with hidden paths and tricky enemies. You’ll face challenges like Wolves, Goblins, and mythical creatures. This keeps you on your toes and makes every step exciting.

The combat in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is ever-changing. You can pick different friends and roles. Every choice you make shapes your adventure uniquely.

The game’s world keeps evolving, showing real signs of life. This makes you feel like you’re part of a dynamic fantasy world.

Anticipated for its scale and freedom, this RPG releases on March 22. It’s coming to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Get ready for an amazing quest.

The game scored 7/10 in the review, highlighting its great gameplay and world. It brings new classes, like the Mystic Spearhand, adding more play variety.

It presents a seamless world with rare loading screens. This feature makes the game feel more immersive and fluid.

The sound and music are top-notch, thanks to Ryo Yoshi and Satoshi Hori. Their tunes enhance the game’s feel, making your journey more memorable.

Vocations let you pick your playing style, whether as an archer, thief, or mage. It combines previous combat styles with brand new elements. This means both old and new players can enjoy it.

While not the latest in visuals, its gameplay makes up for it. Players find the game engaging and worth playing, forgetting about any visual drawbacks.

The game sold 68k copies in its first weekend. This shows its charm next to other top releases like FF16 Rebirth and Ronin.

The buzz around Dragon’s Dogma 2 is big, affecting Capcom’s stock. Fans are eagerly waiting for this game’s adventure to begin.

Compared to the first game, its loots and challenges are more exciting. They hook players on an adventurous journey with great rewards.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 aims for a unique spot among RPG fans. It’s all about an open world with stories that emerge from your play.

Even though Koei Tecmo is strong, Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma 2 isn’t behind. It captivates with its rich world and fun gameplay.

Monster Hunter Wilds has fans excited, but balanced expectations are important. This will make the game’s enjoyment truly fulfilling.

Ronin and other Japan-inspired games in Dragon’s Dogma 2 bring something new. They take cues from popular series in Japan, pleasing local tastes.

Alan Wake 2: A Terrifying Dive into Survival Horror

Welcome to the scariest place in gaming, Alan Wake 2. This is the sequel to the first game that many awaited. Remedy Entertainment developed it. This survival horror game takes you on a dark adventure.

In this game, you’re not just Alan Wake. You’re also FBI agent Saga Anderson. The dual storyline makes for a gripping experience.

Get ready for deep exploration in the sprawling town of Bright Falls. You’ll solve mysteries in a unique, metafictional way.

The story offers a new mechanic you’ll love, the murder board. It helps you track evidence like a real detective. This adds a level of depth to the gameplay.

Expect intense moments like fast-paced chases and limited resources. Every decision counts as you face your fears.

Dark themes like ritual murders are central to the story. The narrative is full of suspense and mystery.

“Alan Wake 2 skillfully combines compelling storytelling, thrilling gameplay, and chilling atmospheric design to create an unforgettable survival horror experience.”

The game has won high scores and was loved by fans. It was a top contender for Game of the Year,”

With 18 hours of gameplay, this is a must for fans of survival horror and thriller genres. Alan Wake 2 will make you crave more.

Key FeaturesPrice RangePublisherDeveloper
Intense gameplay and gripping storyline$47.99 – $59.99Remedy EntertainmentRemedy Entertainment
Large environments for exploration and clue collection
Metafictional mystery storyline
Murder board mechanic for organizing evidence and deductions
Seamless switch between controlling Saga and Alan
Detailed environments, particularly in Bright Falls
Upgradeable gun skills through finding manuscript fragments
Incorporation of live-action video elements

Baldur’s Gate 3: A Rich Fantasy RPG Experience

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a top-notch RPG game released in 2023 by Larian Studios. It’s set in a fantasy world inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. In this game, every choice you make influences the world’s fate.

I’ve dove into Baldur’s Gate 3 for nearly 100 hours. It’s filled with vast landscapes and thrilling adventures. The experience rivals classic games, making it a top pick in the RPG world today.

Baldur’s Gate 3 values your decisions. Your choices, big or small, really matter. You decide the town’s future and who you ally with, which deeply influence your journey.

This game lets you create and shape your characters extensively. You can choose various races, origins, and customize your abilities. For those who love tailor-made experiences, this is a dream come true.

The combat in Baldur’s Gate 3 is turn-based. Unlike other RPGs, strategy is key. Interacting with the environment to gain an edge adds a whole new layer to battles.

This game’s world is massive, with countless quests and rich stories. The narrative adjusts based on your character’s class and interactions. It means every adventure is truly one of a kind.

Since its launch, Baldur’s Gate 3 has garnered massive love from players. It quickly became a favorite, winning big at the Game Awards 2023 and the Steam Awards 2023.

Matcrackz, a FaZe Clan member, caught the game’s spotlight at the 2023 Game Awards. This event not just boosted his streaming but also drew more attention to Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 beat Bethesda’s Starfield in player engagement shows its huge success. With deep storytelling and narrative influenced by your choices, it offers an adventure that’s both long-lasting and memorable.

The game’s voice acting, including stars like Jason Isaacs, adds to its charm. These talented actors make the game’s characters vivid and memorable.

Release DatesPlatformsAwards
October 2020 (Steam Early Access)PCGame Awards 2023 – Multiple Categories
August 3, 2023PCSteam Awards 2023 – Multiple Categories
September 6, 2023PlayStation 5
December 7, 2023Xbox Series X/S

Baldur’s Gate 3 has made a lasting impact with its narrative and world. It’s praised for its creative approach and player-centered experience. If you seek an unforgettable RPG, this game is essential, especially for Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts.

Tekken 8: The Ultimate Fighting Game Experience

Tekken 8 is finally here, the next game in the popular Tekken series. It’s loved by many for its great fighting experience. Players enjoy its new mechanics, beautiful looks, and wide variety of characters. This game has won over both casual and hardcore fans alike.

The game stands out with its amazing graphics. There are 32 characters, each beautifully crafted. This makes the virtual world feel real and brings unique fighting styles to the game.

Tekken 8 is more than just looks. It features deep, but easy-to-use mechanics. This allows for clever tactics and battling like a pro. You can pull off 11 combos with each character, meaning there’s always something new to learn.

It’s not just old favorites in Tekken 8; there are new faces too. Victor and Reina join the fight, adding fresh moves and styles. They are great for beginners and experienced players. Everyone can find a fighter they like.

For playing alone, Tekken 8 has lots of modes. There’s the story mode, Arcade Quest, and more. The story mode is especially interesting, with a big tale and lots of characters.

Training mode is also a big help. You can practice and learn without pressure. It’s perfect for getting better at the game.

Super Ghost Battle is a fun twist. Here, you fight against your own style. It’s a cool challenge to see how your skills measure up.

Another neat feature is the replay takeover. You can join the replay and control the characters. This is a good way to study your matches and try new strategies.

Tekken 8 is coming with better offline and training modes. It’s designed to help players get really good at the game. However, some people think the customization part of the game could be better. They mention things like slow loading and input delays.

With the release only 45 days away, fans are super excited about Tekken 8. It will be out in 2024, after Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat 1. It promises to be an amazing game for everyone who loves fighting games.

Hades: An Indie Gem with Endless Replay Value

Hades is an indie game that’s made quite a splash. It was made by Supergiant Games. This action-packed roguelite stands out for its unique mechanics and great story.

The game’s action and challenge are hard to beat. You play as Zagreus, Hades’ son, trying to escape the underworld. Along the way, you learn more about his mysterious past.

Hades really stands out with its endless replay value. Levels are different every time. Plus, you have lots of weapons and abilities. This means every game feels new and fun.

Hades indie game

But Hades isn’t just about fun. Its story is also top-notch. You’ll meet gods, fight monsters, and learn ancient myths. Every choice you make matters.

“Hades is a masterclass in storytelling, blending Greek myth with modern techniques. The characters are interesting, and the story is full of emotion.” – GameRadar

The visuals and music are amazing too. The game looks like a painting come to life. And the music makes each fight and moment memorable.

So, it’s no wonder Hades is a fan-favorite. It’s won many awards, including Game of the Year. This shows the hard work of the developers.

The Power of Replay Value

Many games offer endless fun just like Hades. They keep players wanting more with new experiences every time they play.

GameReplay Value
Fallout: New VegasA vibrant modding community that keeps the game fresh for years.
RimWorldThe game’s versatility creates new and exciting stories with each playthrough.
FactorioIts technology allows players to optimize factories endlessly, and you can play with friends.
Stardew ValleyMany have played for over 1,000 hours, proving its replay value.
TerrariaWith worlds that are always new, it’s stayed popular for over 10 years.

Games like these keep us coming back. They let us explore, create, and live in their unique worlds. Whether it’s strategy, farming, or adventure, these games offer hours of fun.

If you want a game that’s fun, has a great story, and never gets old, try Hades. It takes you on a thrilling journey through the underworld. Battle monsters and uncover secrets along the way.

Experience the indie gem that players worldwide are still talking about.

Forza Motorsport: The Ultimate Racing Sim

Forza Motorsport is the king of all racing games. It brings true-to-life graphics, exciting gameplay, and options to tweak cars. This makes it the top choice for any racing game fan. Would you like to learn more about Forza Motorsport?

It’s famous for its true-to-life tracks and cars. Each track, from famous ones to street courses, feels real. And there’s a long list of cars, from new supercars to old favorites, all true to their real looks.

The game isn’t just about looking good and having cool cars. There’s a deep system to make your cars perform the way you like. You can change almost everything about your car. This makes Forza Motorsport a leading simulation game.

Forza Motorsport is loved by both new and serious gamers. It’s easy for all to start playing, but it also challenges the experts. The controls are simple, but the driving is complex. This mix is what makes it so special.

Realism Meets Innovation

It’s not just about looking real; Forza Motorsport also leads in new features. These include real weather and how tires wear. These changes aim to keep the racing world feeling alive and exciting.

Its online mode lets you race others worldwide. This is where you prove your skills. The game’s community is lively, offering fun for anyone who loves to race.

“Forza Motorsport excels in delivering a racing experience that is second to none. From its stunning graphics to its extensive car customization options, the game sets the bar high for the racing genre.” – Gaming Review

Forza Motorsport truly stands out with its stunning look, real tracks, and deep car options. Whether you love fast races or customizing cars, Forza is where you belong. It’s an experience that you’ll want to revisit over and over.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – A Blend of Crime Drama and Surreal Fantasy

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is a turn-based RPG in the famed Yakuza series. It mixes serious crime drama with touches of surreal fantasy. This creates a unique and engaging game experience.

The writer spent sixty hours playing the game. At first, the game’s pace was slow. It took time for the story to really pick up. But this slow start did not take away from the game’s overall enjoyment.

The game is not perfect but could rank among the top ten games. It stands out because of its story and gameplay. It’s a cut above the rest in its genre.

In the Yakuza series, Like a Dragon Gaiden was voted the Game of the Year in 2023. This shows the writer’s deep love for the Yakuza games. It also shows their appreciation for the series’ storytelling and gameplay.

As a Yakuza series fan, the author went back to play older games. They played titles like Yakuza 0, 5, 6, and Ishin in their original language. This helped the author fully enjoy the stories.

Infinite Wealth has a Job system for characters to change roles. Yet, the writer did not find this feature very useful for everyone. They mainly focused on a few characters for most of the game.

The game’s gameplay and story are top-notch. But the Palekana storyline is not as strong as others. This suggests some parts of the story might not be as exciting as the rest.

Sometimes, the Yakuza series struggles to fully develop all NPC characters. But this doesn’t greatly affect the gaming experience.

The Memoirs of a Dragon subplot left a big impact. The interactions between Kiryu and Date were touching. They showed the game’s mix of deep emotion and light-hearted humor.

The game’s ending was somewhat predictable but still good. There was a surprising twist. Kiryu reclaims his name while battling cancer. This twist added a lot to the game’s story.

A moment in the game where Kiryu fights for his life touched the writer deeply. It reminded the writer of a loved one battling illness. This shows the game can create strong emotional connections with players.

Infinite Wealth is considered one of the best in the Yakuza series since Yakuza 0. Its story happens in Hawaii, a new setting for the series. This gives players a fresh, vibrant city to explore.

Game InformationDescription
SettingInfinite Wealth delves into the historical dynamics between the yakuza, the Japanese community, and the Hawaiians/Americans, providing players with a unique cultural backdrop.
Main ThemesThe game explores dark themes such as homelessness, organized crime, and societal issues, offering players a thought-provoking narrative.
CityscapeThe Hawaiian cityscape in Infinite Wealth is larger in scale compared to previous Yakuza games, providing players with a vast and immersive environment to explore.
Side QuestsIn addition to the main narrative, the game offers a wealth of humorous and entertaining side quests, offering players a delightful distraction from the main story.
Enemy EncountersPlayers should be prepared for frequent enemy encounters as they navigate the city, posing a challenge to their progress and adding depth to the gameplay experience.
Stakes and ConsequencesThe game’s narrative is described as having higher stakes and consequences, ensuring a more impactful and immersive experience for players.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth blends crime drama and surreal fantasy in a captivating way. It has a great story, RPG mechanics, and a big world to explore. This game will truly impress its players.


The best games of 2024 offer different experiences for everyone. They include RPGs, action games, and stories you will love. These games are the best because of their new plays, fun stories, and how players feel about them.

43 games were tested and rated by experts in the last year. Our list has many kinds of games, so every gamer will find something they like. You can check out 284 PC games on our lists. Each game type has its own list, and it’s all waiting for you below.

Games can be free or cost up to $69.99. They can be free to play, cost something to download, or be bought in stores. The best games have scores from 3.5 to 5.0 on Metacritic, showing people really enjoyed them.

More and more people are playing games on their phones. The top mobile games in 2024 for Android and iOS are Monopoly Go!, Roblox, and Subway Surfers. These games are also making the most money. Big hits like Genshin Impact, Candy Crush Saga, and Royal Match are leading this trend.


What are the best games of 2024?

2024’s top games include Dragon’s Dogma 2, Alan Wake 2, and more. You’ll also find Baldur’s Gate 3 and Hades on the list.

What makes these games highly anticipated?

They bring new gameplay, great stories, and the latest tech. Plus, they come from popular game series.

Can I play these games on a gaming PC?

Absolutely, these games all run on a powerful gaming PC without any issue.

Are these games suitable for casual and hardcore gamers?

These games fit all types of players, from those who play now and then to the most dedicated. They all offer different levels of challenge.

Do these games offer multiplayer options?

Yes, many of these games let you play with friends online. They have multiplayer features.

Can I customize characters in these games?

You sure can. Several games let you tweak your character to look just how you want.

Are there any open-world games on the list?

Dragon’s Dogma 2 and Baldur’s Gate 3 are open-world games. They have huge areas for you to explore.

Are these games available on consoles?

Most of these games work on consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, too.

Do these games have replay value?

Many games here can be played again and again. They have lots of story paths, endings, or endless content.

Where can I find more information about these games?

Look at the official game websites, gaming news, and online forums. You’ll find lots of details there.

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