Bloons TD 6 – Thrilling Tower Defense Game Mastery

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Bloons TD 6 is a tower defense game created by Ninja Kiwi. It’s all about placing monkey towers carefully. You use them to pop balloons and win each level. The game is full of exciting balloon fights that will put your skills to the test. You can play it on your phone, which makes it easy to have fun anywhere.

In Bloons TD 6, you learn to plan your moves. Pick the best monkey towers and upgrades to beat different balloons. For example, some balloons are hard to see or are really tough. Figuring out where to place towers and when to upgrade them is the secret to success.

The game also has a way to play against others online. This adds a fun and competitive side. You get to show everyone your best strategies and win battles with smart tower placement. It’s a great chance to face off against top players and move up the ranks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bloons TD 6 is a thrilling tower defense game developed by Ninja Kiwi.
  • The game requires strategic tower placement and effective use of tower upgrades to succeed.
  • Players can enjoy multiplayer battles, testing their skills against opponents worldwide.
  • Bloons TD 6 offers an immersive and addictive gaming experience for mobile devices.
  • In-app purchases are available to enhance the gameplay and provide additional advantages.

Getting Started on Bloons TD 6

Starting your Bloons TD 6 journey can seem tough at first. There are many towers, upgrades, maps, and modes. But, we’re here to help. We’ll give you great tips to start strong and win.

The dart monkey is a top choice for those new to the game. It might look simple, but it’s key in strategy. You can update it to handle camo and lead bloons. It makes a perfect first choice for blocking balloons.

Understanding how to make money in the game is important. Try using banana farms or monkey buccaneers to increase your funds. This extra money can help you beat the harder levels.

To win, you need a mix of towers. Different bloons types will challenge you. Use various towers to tackle their special abilities. It will help you find the perfect mix for any battle.

When facing MOABS, certain tower upgrades are very useful. For example, turning your bomb shooters into MOAB maulers is a good strategy. Snipers with the Maim MOAB upgrade are also great for damaging MOABS.

Heroes are essential in Bloons TD 6. Characters like Benjamin and Adora have unique powers. Knowing their skills can help you make smart choices during the game.

Taking time to study each map is crucial. Look for choke points and place your towers wisely. This can give you a big edge in the game.

Certain strategies stand out for their power. For example, the Obyn + ninja + alch combo can do very well until round 50. In the late game, Archmage and Grandmaster Ninja are a powerful duo.

Don’t worry if your map is mostly water. The Sub Commander setup is great. For more advanced players, the Apache Prime + Permaspike pairing is unbeatable.

Finally, for round 100 in CHIMPS or Impopable, use the First Strike Sub. Its strong attack is vital against the BAD.

With these tips, you’re set for success in Bloons TD 6. Build smart, upgrade wisely, and strategize to win. Let’s see those bloons pop!

Strategies for Dealing with MOABS

In Bloons TD 6, you will face MOABS, big bloon-filled structures. To beat them, you need the right towers. Upgrade your towers wisely for the best defense.

The Bomb Shooter is great against MOABS. Upgrade it to 0-3-0 for the MOAB Mauler. This tower hits MOAB bloons hard, which is perfect for beating them.

The Sniper Monkey is also effective. Give it the Maim MOAB skill by choosing the 4-1 path. This makes it strong against MOABS and good at popping blue bloons. Such monkeys are key to your victory.

Choosing the right tower upgrades is vital in later stages of the game. Place towers that can take on MOABS well. Doing this protects your monkey town effectively.

“Unleash the power of the MOAB Mauler and the Maim MOAB ability of the Sniper Monkey to conquer the mighty MOABS.”

  1. Use many MOAB Maulers to deal with MOABS and B.F.Bs.
  2. Prioritize Strongest for Bomb Towers to target dangerous MOABS and B.F.Bs first.
  3. Set all Super Monkeys to first target. This focuses on the outer layer of a blimp, crucial for fast elimination.
  4. Try towers like Freeze Towers, Monkey Beacons, and Glue Gunners. They have special abilities to help defeat MOABS easier.
Super Monkey UpgradeTime to pop 1 M.O.A.B (s)
Super Monkey (0/0)13s
Super Monkey (1/0)13s
Super Monkey (2/0)6s
Super Monkey (3/0)~4s (depends on angle)
Super Monkey (0/3)6s
Super Monkey (0/4)3s
Super Monkey (2/3)3s

Arm yourself with these strategies and tower upgrades. They will help you fight off MOABS in Bloons TD 6. Remember, strong defensive towers are the key to winning against these tough bloon enemies!

Utilizing Hero Monkeys

Hero monkeys are key in Bloons TD 6. There are 14 heroes, each with special skills. You use monkey money to unlock them, which you get by playing the game well.

When you pick a hero, look at what they can do. Benjamin makes more money each round and increases pop earnings. Adora, on the other hand, deals big damage and is great against strong bloon waves.

Other towers and villages can make heroes better. For example, Geraldo gets a helpful item when he levels up that can boost earnings or make bloons slower.

You can only use one hero per game. Choose wisely based on your strategy. Quincy is easy to get, while Admiral Brickell needs water on the map.

Heroes get better as they level up. They unlock new abilities and upgrades. This makes them stronger and more useful in combat.

Even with their strengths, heroes need good management. Knowing each hero’s skills is essential. Whether you like Benjamin’s money-making or Adora’s damage, heroes can change your game.

Mastering the Tracks

In Bloons TD 6, you must master the tracks to win. There are over 50 tracks with unique layouts and challenges. You should study the maps and come up with good tower placement plans.

Some tracks need specific towers to beat the bloon waves. Others work best with towers that can shoot over long distances, like snipers or submarines. Remember to look at how far your towers can attack and pick the right ones for each track.

Placing towers strategically is key. Look for choke points on the map. Then, place your towers in a way that covers the most area. This keeps bloons from getting past your defense.

Some tracks have lots of entrances or twisty paths. You’ll need to adjust your tower placement for these tracks. Try different tower combos to see what works best for fighting off bloons on each track.

Each track has its own set of challenges. By thinking through your tower placements, you can boost your chances of winning. Take your time to figure out the best strategies, and you’ll become a master of Bloons TD 6.

tower placement

Track FeaturesTotal
Total Number of Tracks50+
New Tracks in 3.6 Version Update1
Total Number of Updated Maps100

Experimenting with Tower Upgrades

In games like Bloons TD 6, the right tower upgrades can be a game-changer. Each upgrade brings something new to your defense. They help you handle different bloon types and tough levels. This part looks at why it’s smart to test out different upgrades and how they make a difference.

You’ll face many bloon types in Bloons TD 6, from camo bloons to MOABS. Just using one tower isn’t enough because of this variety. You must mix different types of towers and their upgrades to win.

Take camo bloons, for example. Ninjas and spike factories work well against them when upgraded. Ninjas can target camo bloons, while spike factories can pop them with their spikes. For lead bloons, bomb shooters and alchemists can handle them. They have the right abilities to pop lead bloons.

It’s not just about picking towers and adding upgrades. You also need to understand what each upgrade does. Some upgrades make your tower attack faster or hit harder. Others give your tower special powers. Knowing these details will help you plan your upgrades for the best defense possible.

Strategic Planning and Balance

Think carefully about what bloons each level will send your way. Then, choose your tower upgrades to match. This targeted approach can lead to better success.

It’s also crucial to manage your funds well. Finding the balance between saving and spending on towers is key. Balloon-heavy levels require extra focus on making money to keep up with the waves.

When placing towers, think strategically. Try different combinations to see what works. Experimenting is part of the fun and essential for victory.

Planning and understanding upgrades are essential in Bloons TD 6. Enjoy the challenge and find your winning strategy by playing with different tower upgrades.

Paragon Tower Upgrades Statistics

Total Towers with Paragon Upgrades8
Maximum Active Paragons in Boss Bloon Events4
Paragons in C.H.I.M.P.S Game ModeAvailable
Unlocking Paragon UpgradesAll Tier 5 upgrades, sufficient XP
Merging Towers into ParagonEach Paragon absorbs all towers of their type
Additional Paragon PowerCash injection before building
Base Statistics ImprovementHigher Degree increases pierce, attack speed, damage, and ability cooldowns
Transformation and SacrificeOne Paragon per specific tower type, sacrificing all others on screen
Maximum Paragon of Specific TowerOne
Increased Damage by DegreeHigher degree Paragons deal increased damage

Reading the Map for Success

Mastering Bloons TD 6 involves reading and analyzing each map. It’s crucial to know the layout and challenges of each map. This helps in placing towers effectively to beat tough levels.

Every map in Bloons TD 6 is different and brings its own challenges. Some maps have more than one path. In these cases, players should use towers with wide range, like snipers. By knowing the map well, you can place towers in the best spots.

Placing towers strategically is key to surviving and progressing. The right towers will efficiently pop balloons. You need to choose towers that suit the map’s challenges and upgrades. This way, you can adapt and win against the bloons.

Sometimes, players have to give up some tower positions to place others better. It requires smart thinking. You should pick towers that target certain bloon types or bosses. This makes your game plan stronger.

Table: Map Analysis

MapChallengesRecommended Tower Placement
Monkey MeadowOpen fields with no obstacles.Strategically place towers in the center for maximum coverage.
In The LoopMultiple tracks with intersecting paths.Utilize towers that can cover multiple tracks efficiently.
CrackedLong, winding path with limited space.Choose towers that excel in narrow spaces and utilize their range effectively.
Bloody PuddlesWaterlogged map with limited land area.Focus on water-based towers like submarines and buccaneers.

“Strategic tower placement is key to success in Bloons TD 6. By carefully analyzing each map and considering the challenges it presents, players can position towers strategically for maximum efficiency and success.”

To do well in Bloons TD 6, analyze maps, plan tower positions, and study tracks. Understanding these aspects can greatly improve your game. It lets you make smart choices and increases your chances of winning.

Unlocking Achievements and Medals

In Bloons TD 6, players can earn achievements and medals by meeting set challenges. This brings more fun and satisfaction to the game. Players feel accomplished as they play and complete these goals.

Currently, there are 12 secret achievements in “Bloons TD 6.” Finding and finishing specific tasks unlocks them. They add extra fun for players looking to fully explore the game.

The “Strangely Adorable” achievement came out in Version 14.0 of the game. It tasks players with a special job that fits the game’s quirky style.

Players can also collect medals by beating maps based on certain goals. Success will earn them bronze, silver, or gold borders. This adds an extra layer of challenge to the gameplay.

The “Golden Ticket” achievement, from Version 17.0, is a mark of mastery. It shows a player has mastered a map by earning a gold border.

Unlocking heroes lets players try different strategies. Each hero has unique skills. Choosing the right hero is key to a successful defense.

Bloons TD 6 Achievements and Medals Overview:

Achievement/MedalRelease Version
“Strangely Adorable” AchievementVersion 14.0
“Golden Ticket” AchievementVersion 17.0
“Mo Heroes, Mo Problems” AchievementVersion 20.0
“Stubborn Strategy” AchievementVersion 22.0
“Not Lacking Critical Information” AchievementVersion 29.0

Bloons TD 6 has plenty of achievements and medals to win. Each has its own goals. Knowing what these are helps players make better choices and reach these milestones.

Utilizing In-App Purchases

Bloons TD 6 lets players improve their game with in-app purchases. These buys include boosts that help overcome hard levels. Strategically buying these can make the game more fun and boost success chances.

Boosting Your Start

You can get more starting cash or monkeys with in-app buys. This helps you plan better from the start. With these extras, building a stronger defense early on is easier.

Temporary Advantages with Power-Ups

Power-ups from in-app purchases can be a big help. They offer things like stronger attacks for a short time. Using these at the right moments can beat tough parts of the game.

These are the in-app buy options:

Starting Cash BoostGet more cash to start off your defense stronger.
Monkey BoostExtra monkeys at the start, for better defense early on.
Super Monkey StormCall in a Super Monkey storm to clear the screen of balloons.
Moab MineArm a mine that deals big damage to MOAB-class bloons.

By picking the right times to buy, your game can get a big lift. Even the hardest levels can be more manageable.

For top game play, make sure your Play Store is up to date. Also, keep your device’s date and time right to avoid purchase issues.

Note: Netflix’s version of Bloons TD 6 doesn’t have in-app buys. It still gets updates, but they might come a bit later.

In-app purchases can be great, but you should fix simple problems yourself first. Sometimes, just restarting can fix it.

Pro Tip: If you’re stuck with an in-app issue, talking to the developers can help a lot. They’re there for all sorts of game troubles, and they might give back your money for certain buys.

Multiplayer Battles and Strategy Games

Bloons TD 6 isn’t just about playing solo. It also lets you challenge others in multiplayer battles. Here, you face other skilled players. You need deep strategy to win.

In real-time battles, show your strategy and where you place towers. Instead of playing against the computer, play against real people around the world. See if you can defend against balloons better than anyone else.

Multiplayer battles add a tough challenge and lots of fun. It creates a group of players who love to compete. You can always learn new strategies from others. And you can get better by changing and improving your own plans.

Enter the multiplayer arena to prove you’re the best strategist. Learn to balance defense and offense. Adjust your strategies to beat different opponents. Bloons TD 6’s multiplayer mode makes it a standout game in the tower defense genre.


Mastering Bloons TD 6 means you need to place towers wisely, upgrade them effectively, and study the maps carefully. You must face different bloon types, like MOABS, and use hero monkeys with special skills. The game has many maps and achievements to unlock, encouraging players to try new strategies.

In-app purchases add more fun by providing boosts and power-ups. They help players get through tough levels by offering extra cash or temporary benefits. Multiplayer battles let players compete and show off their strategies.

Bloons TD 6 is packed with exciting balloon battles and countless ways to win. Its gameplay and deep strategy offer endless fun as you polish your tower defense skills. There are modes for everyone, whether you like playing alone or with friends, facing unique challenges, or progressing through Odyssey Mode.

Ready to jump into Bloons TD 6? Start by placing your towers strategically, studying the maps, and using hero monkeys wisely. This way, you can pop the balloons and win the game!


How can I get started on Bloons TD 6?

Begin with dart monkeys. Also, learn how to farm for more cash.

What strategies can I use to deal with MOABS?

To handle MOABS, invest in towers. Bomb shooters and snipers are great choices for this.

How can I effectively utilize hero monkeys?

Know each hero’s strengths and weaknesses. Use their special skills.

Buff them with monkey villages. This makes them even more powerful.

How should I approach tower placement on different tracks?

Study every map. Think about the best way to put towers depending on the track.

How do I deal with different types of bloons?

Use different towers and upgrades. This will help you handle various bloon types easily.

How can I read the map for success?

Look at the map’s layout carefully. Then, place your towers smartly.

Keep an eye on your tower’s range. This is key for them to be most effective.

What are the achievements and medals in Bloons TD 6?

To earn achievements and medals, complete certain goals. Getting all map medals gives you bronze, silver, or golden borders.

How can I utilize in-app purchases?

In-app purchases offer power-ups and boosts. Use them wisely to better your game.

Can I engage in multiplayer battles in Bloons TD 6?

Yes, you can participate in multiplayer battles. This allows fighting against others in real-time.

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