Capcom Ghost Trick: Unveiling Gaming Magic

capcom ghost trick

Capcom Ghost Trick is a game that stands out, loved by many players. Shu Takumi, the mind behind Ace Attorney, created it, adding mystery and magic. In the game, you play as Sissel, waking up as a ghost. You need to save a young woman from a killer. To do this, you can control objects around you to solve puzzles and find out the truth about your own death.

Key Takeaways:

  • Capcom Ghost Trick is a highly acclaimed game, considered one of the best games by players.
  • The game incorporates a unique gameplay mechanic where players can possess different items to manipulate the environment.
  • Ghost Trick features smooth movement animations rendered in 2D sprites created from 3D models.
  • Characters in Ghost Trick move in a cartoony way, enhancing the gameplay experience.
  • The game’s design decisions and narrative constraints make the gameplay oddly believable.

A Comedy Game with Serious Undertones

Capcom Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective mixes humor with deep themes, just like the Ace Attorney series. It starts with a quirky, deadpan style that acknowledges its odd story. Despite that, it pulls you in with a compelling plot and fun gameplay. It treats humor and drama with balance.

Ghosts in the game move with lively, unique animations. These animations are intentionally over-the-top in a cute way. It adds a special charm to the game, making it fun to watch. But beneath the game’s fun style lies a serious narrative. Players must think critically to solve puzzles that affect life and death.

This game is special because it makes you laugh and think at the same time. You might enjoy its quick wit and jokes, but you’ll also be invested in the mysteries it holds. Capcom created an experience where you switch between laughter and suspense effortlessly.

If you want a game that mixes laughs with deep plot, look no further than Capcom Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

GameRelease YearNumber of Stars Rating
Capcom Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective2011★★★★★
Coast Guard the Video Game2015
Sayonara Umihara Kawase2015★★
Death Road to Canada2016★★★
Never Alone2014★★★
Fire Emblem Fates2016★★★

Gameplay Mechanics and Constraints

In Capcom Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, players control the ghost of Sissel. They use the stylus to guide him in the world. Sissel can possess objects and manipulate them. This skill is used to solve puzzles and change the fate of characters.

This game has constraints that make the puzzles challenging. For instance, Sissel can travel only through phone lines with electricity. This adds a spatial challenge for players. Also, some objects are too heavy for Sissel to move. This makes players think in unique ways to solve the game’s puzzles.

Sissel has a special power to rewind time by up to four minutes. This allows players to try different strategies. It prevents them from getting stuck in a bad ending. This time manipulation feature gives players more control and makes the game more interesting.

Capcom Ghost Trick Gameplay

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective has simple but deep gameplay. Once players understand the basics, they can tackle most challenges. This design choice makes the game focus on its intriguing story and puzzles.

Unraveling the Mystery

Ghost Trick is a captivating game that thrusts players into a world shrouded in mystery. Its rich story spans many chapters, each brimming with new surprises and challenges. As the story unfolds, you’ll uncover the truth behind Sissel’s puzzling murder.

Sissel has a unique skill in Ghost Trick. He can possess deceased bodies and turn back time, changing the past. This unique twist makes gameplay exciting. It also provides chances to save lives and solve complex puzzles.

To really take in the game and find its secrets, attention to detail is key. Thinking creatively and planning your moves are very important. This strategy layer enhances the game, rewarding those who analyze well.

Ghost Trick’s challenges range from exploring crime scenes to interacting with diverse characters. The mix of story and puzzles is designed to push your thinking and problem-solving. This creates an experience that stays with you long after the game ends.

This game is a standout for fans of mystery and puzzle games. It challenges you to explore the afterlife’s mysteries and takes you on an unforgettable adventure.

ChaptersOver a dozen
Gameplay MechanicPossess corpses and rewind time
Recommended StrategyPay attention to details, think outside the box, and carefully plan each move
Challenging ElementsAnalyzing crime scenes, solving puzzles, and making informed decisions
ExperienceThrilling and unforgettable


In recent times, Ghost Trick has won over critics and players alike. A staggering 97% of recent user reviews praised it, underlining its wide appeal. With an overall user score of 98%, from thousands of reviews, its excellence is undisputed.

Players especially love the game for its deep storyline and interactive mechanics. This mix of mystery, puzzles, and supernatural themes makes for a truly engaging experience.

Ghost Trick is more than just a game; it’s a gem in the gaming world. Its compelling story and challenging gameplay stands out, drawing players into its unique narrative.

Thorough Design and Attention to Detail

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective shows Capcom’s deep care for design and detail. The game’s world is rich and draws players in through carefully placed objects. This makes the game’s world feel real and true.

The game uses the ghost’s abilities to add challenge. Players must think outside the box to move forward. This can involve changing how things work in fun and surprising ways.

Ghost Trick’s characters move and act in ways that show who they are. The game’s conversations and interactions bring the characters to life. It adds a lot to the fun and excitement of playing.

Capcom also adds portraits and 3D animations in conversations. This makes players feel closer to the characters. It’s another way the game pulls you into its world.

Game LengthCharactersSoundtrackGameplay
Ghost Trick lasts through 18 chapters, giving lots of gameplay.It introduces many characters, making the story richer.The game’s music is outstanding, possibly the best on the DS.Gameplay is puzzle-based, requiring smart use of ghost skills.

Capcom’s Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a key example of their game-making skills. It mixes deep design with memorable characters. The result is a gaming experience that is hard to forget.

A Believable Fantasy

In Capcom Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, you’ll be amazed at what’s possible. The story and the way you play blend perfectly. This makes everything feel real as you join Sissel, a ghost with no memory, on his journey. He can control things with his mind, pulling you into the game’s fantasy world.

The game’s story and small details make you look around and wonder. It makes you think about hidden forces. Everything in Ghost Trick is carefully thought out, making it all seem true.

Ghost Trick mixes humor and suspense well. It knows its plot is wild but treats it seriously. This keeps you on the edge of your seat but also makes you smile.

The way the game’s characters move also seems real. They’re first made in 3D and then turned into 2D images. Their actions are smooth and add a lot to the game’s charm.

Games like Yakuza also love mixing odd events with fun. But Ghost Trick’s special animation style makes it stand out. It’s not like realistic games such as Yakuza and Watchdogs: Legion and that’s what fans love.

Though not a hit in Japan right away, Ghost Trick found fans worldwide when it came out in 2010. Its story, unusual way of playing, and believable world grabbed people’s attention.

Release DatesPlatforms
Japan: June 19, 2010Nintendo DS
Worldwide: January 2011Nintendo DS
Worldwide iOS release: February 2012iOS
Japan Android release: November 2012Android
HD Remaster Release: June 2023Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One
HD Remaster Mobile Release: March 2024Android, iOS

Gamers will find many layers in Ghost Trick’s 18 chapters. You play as Sissel and go back in time to change the past. It’s a unique mix of mystery and saving lives.

Ghost Trick has been praised for its design. The story, gameplay, and animations are top-notch. Capcom has truly outdone themselves with this game.

A Game with a Unique Artistic Style

Capcom’s Ghost Trick stands out with its stunning art style. The game uses 3D models that turn into 2D sprites. This unique process makes the characters move smoothly and with a lot of expression.

The art direction is really cool, making each character stand out. Their movements are funny and over the top. This style is why Ghost Trick is so unique.

Remastered Graphics and Music

The remastered Ghost Trick looks even better now. It has higher resolution graphics for modern devices. Plus, it runs more smoothly than before.

The music in the remastered version is also improved. They’ve added new songs and rearranged many of the old ones. All the changes make the game’s music more atmospheric and enjoyable.

Collection Feature and Ghost Puzzles

The remastered version also has new features. The Collection feature lets players dive into the game’s art and music. It’s a great way to appreciate the game even more.

Ghost Puzzles and new challenges are added as well. These special tasks test your skills. They make playing the game even more fun.

Pre-order Bonuses and Availability

Pre-order fans got special bonuses. This included exclusive in-game items and music. It made the game even better for them.

These bonuses were available until 7/30/2023 for PS4. But, even without them, the game is still a great experience for anyone who plays.

Platform Availability and System Requirements

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is on many platforms. You can play it on Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, and more. This makes it easy for everyone to play.

If you’re playing on PC, you’ll need Windows 10 and more. Check the game’s requirements to make sure it runs well on your computer.

Reception and Recognition

The game has been praised for its amazing characters and art. It’s loved for its smooth animations and captivating music. All these parts make playing the game a great experience.

It has even received nominations from big game reviewers. This shows how much people enjoy Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

Release and Reception

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective came out for the Nintendo DS in different places at various times. Japan saw it first on June 19, 2010, with North America following on January 11, 2011. Then, Europe had its turn on January 14, 2011, just before Australia on January 20, 2011. The game quickly caught the eye of fans of the Ace Attorney series.

Once it hit shelves, Ghost Trick won over critics and players. They praised its fun gameplay, deep story, and lovable characters. Ghost Trick changed how people saw games, thanks to its unique features and storytelling. It became a key game for Capcom.

The game’s success showed Shu Takumi’s skill as a game maker. It proved he could create games that stand out and draw players in.


Capcom Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a gaming masterpiece. It immerses players in a world of humor, mystery, and unique gameplay. Designed by Shu Takumi, this game is a magical experience filled with twists and turns. It stands out as one of Capcom’s best games.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a must-play, especially if you like comedy or immersive stories. It’s available on many platforms like Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, Switch, PS4, Windows, and Xbox One. This lets gamers everywhere enjoy its captivating gameplay and mysteries.

Ghost Trick has a deep, engaging story. It deals with themes like identity, memory, death, and redemption. Its time-manipulating mechanics keep players hooked as they solve puzzles and save lives. With 18 chapters, this game has won many awards for its storyline.

Whether you’re just starting or you already love this game, Ghost Trick is a magical experience. It promises to keep you entertained and captivated. Don’t miss your chance to explore this unique world of ghosts and secrets.


What is Capcom Ghost Trick?

Capcom Ghost Trick is a game by Shu Takumi, known for Ace Attorney. It’s full of mystery and charm.

Who is the protagonist in Ghost Trick?

Sissel is the main character. He wakes up as a ghost and has to save a woman.

What is the gameplay like in Ghost Trick?

Players use items to solve puzzles. This helps them understand Sissel’s story.

How are the characters in Ghost Trick designed?

Characters have smooth animations. They look alive with their cartoony movements.

How does the gameplay in Ghost Trick work?

You control objects to change the story. By doing this, you save lives.

What challenges does Ghost Trick introduce in its gameplay?

You must face some rules. For example, you can’t move big things. This makes puzzles harder.

What can players expect in terms of the game’s narrative?

Players will find lots of mystery and twists. There are many chapters to explore. Each one reveals more about Sissel.

How does the design of Ghost Trick enhance the gameplay experience?

The design is very detailed. It all makes sense in a ghostly way. The characters move beautifully too.

How does Ghost Trick create a believable fantasy world?

It mixes story and gameplay well. This makes the world feel real. You can see the logic in everything.

What is unique about the artistic style of Ghost Trick?

The art mixes 3D and 2D for a special look. The animations are detailed and full of life.

When was Ghost Trick released and how was it received?

It came out in January 2011 for the Nintendo DS. People loved its story and characters.

Is Ghost Trick worth playing?

Yes, it’s a must-play. It offers fun, mystery, and a new way to play. Don’t miss this adventure.

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