Cloud FF7: Unraveling the Iconic RPG Hero’s Saga

cloud ff7

Square Enix revealed some exciting news at the Summer Game Fest. They showed off a new gameplay trailer for the FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH. This is a new chapter in the popular FINAL FANTASY VII remake saga.

They also announced a mobile game called FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS. It’s an RPG game that will explore important parts of the FINAL FANTASY VII story. Yoshinori Kitase, the producer, is thrilled to share this adventure with fans worldwide.

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH is the second part of a trilogy. It follows Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith, and Red XIII as they chase down Sephiroth. This iconic villain is central to the story of FINAL FANTASY VII.

Key Takeaways:

  • FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH is the highly anticipated new story in the FINAL FANTASY VII remake project.
  • FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS is an upcoming mobile game that covers key elements of the FINAL FANTASY VII timeline.
  • Yoshinori Kitase, the producer, expressed excitement about bringing this thrilling tale to players worldwide.
  • FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH continues the journey of iconic characters such as Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith, and Red XIII.
  • Players will embark on a new adventure to pursue Sephiroth, a pivotal character in the Final Fantasy VII universe.

Cloud Strife: The Iconic Protagonist of Final Fantasy VII

Cloud Strife is the lead character of the Final Fantasy VII series. He was once a part of SOLDIER, an elite fighting group. Cloud takes players on an epic journey in the world of Final Fantasy VII.

He starts as a mercenary for Avalanche. This group is fighting the Shinra company. Players get to see Cloud change and grow as he fights to save the planet from his enemy, Sephiroth.

Cloud is 173 cm tall and has amazing fighting skills. He uses a big sword called the Broadsword. With it, he’s really powerful in battles.

Cloud’s story is not just about fighting. He has deep friendships with Tifa and Barret. These bonds make his story more emotional and interesting.

The Design and Evolution of Cloud Strife

Cloud’s look was created by Tetsuya Nomura. Over time, Cloud’s appearance has changed. His look now in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is the most famous, where he carries the huge Buster Sword.

Nomura says Cloud is a bit dorky, which adds humor to the game. This mix of serious and funny parts makes fans really like Cloud.

The Buster Sword shows Cloud’s unbelievable strength. Only SOLDIER members like Cloud can use a sword this big. It shows how strong and determined Cloud is.

Unraveling Cloud’s Backstory and Character Development

The story behind Cloud and his development is really important. The Nibelheim Incident with Zack and Sephiroth changes Cloud’s life. It helps explain who he is and why he fights.

Learning about Cloud’s childhood and feelings towards Tifa makes him more real. His journey is about finding his true self and becoming a hero.

Even when he fails to get into SOLDIER, Cloud keeps trying. His strength and determination help him face tough times.

Captivating Audiences Beyond Gaming

Cloud’s story has reached beyond video games. His look and story are in games like Kingdom Hearts. He’s also in Super Smash Bros. by Nintendo.

People still love Cloud. He has a big fan following and a lot of merchandise. His story marks a turning point in video game history.

Cloud Strife is loved for his look, skills, and story. He stands as a top character in gaming. Fans all over the world remember him.

The Epic Journey of Cloud Strife

Join Cloud Strife on a journey like no other in the world of Final Fantasy VII. It was first released in 1997 for the PlayStation. This game changed the RPG genre with its amazing story and new gameplay.

Players guide Cloud in his mission. He’s a former SOLDIER, fighting against Shinra and Sephiroth. It’s a quest to save the planet.

The game mixes turn-based and real-time fights. This unique system makes every battle exciting. Your choices matter a lot, adding to the thrill.

As the story unfolds, Cloud discovers his past secrets. He makes strong friendships with Aerith, Tifa, and Barret. One of the game’s saddest moments is Aerith’s death.

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH is the awaited sequel to FF VII REMAKE. It promises even more freedom and a gripping story. It’s set to become a favorite among gamers.

Making the game meant crafting an immense world. The goal was to let players feel like they’re exploring a whole planet. There are lots of side quests to keep things interesting.

The game’s Deluxe and Digital Deluxe editions offer exclusive extras. These extras help fans dive deeper into Cloud’s adventure.

Cloud Strife’s story is a shining example of how games can tell great stories. Final Fantasy VII brought together a deep plot, fun gameplay, and memorable moments. This mix made the game iconic and Cloud a beloved character.

Cloud’s Abilities and Gameplay Mechanics

In the game Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife stands out with his unique skills. A former SOLDIER now turned mercenary, he has a vast set of abilities. They make him a strong warrior in the game.

Broadsword Wielding Warrior

Cloud uses broadswords for attacks in close range. He is very skilled with these swords. This skill lets him take out enemies with powerful hits.

Limited Limit Breaks

Cloud has a special move called Limit Break. It becomes available after he’s taken enough damage. His top Limit Break, Omnislash, is a strong and eye-catching attack.

“Witness my true power! Omnislash!”

Operator Mode and Punisher Mode

Cloud can change between Operator and Punisher Modes. In Operator Mode, he is quick and precise. This is great for faster battles. Punisher Mode makes his attacks stronger but he’s slower. Mastering when to use each mode helps in battles.

Limit Breaking Mastery

He starts with two Limit Breaks by default: Cross Slash and Ascension. Cross Slash hits a single target multiple times. Ascension is a series of powerful attacks. As you level up Cloud’s abilities, you unlock more Limit Breaks.

Weapons and Proficiency Bonuses

Cloud can choose from different weapons, each with its own benefits. His weapon choice affects how he plays. Trying out various weapons is key to his success.

Arsenal of Abilities

Besides Limit Breaks, Cloud has many other special moves. Braver and Triple Slash are just a couple. Different abilities help Cloud face different challenges. Players need to use these wisely.

Synergy Skills and Abilities

Cloud can use special Synergy Skills too. These abilities can give him power for fights. They let him deal with many enemy types.

Tactical Advantage with Synergy Abilities

Synergy moves like United Refocus give Cloud a fighting edge. They can up his attack or defense. With the right strategy, Cloud can be unstoppable.

Cloud’s fights rely on being flexible. Knowing when and how to use his skills is important. This ensures he wins against any foe.

The Impact of Final Fantasy VII on Gaming Culture

Released in 1997, Final Fantasy VII is a legendary video game that changed the gaming world. Its story, unique characters, and stunning visuals set new, high standards for RPGs, influencing the gaming industry deeply.

The game sold almost 13 million units worldwide, showing its huge success. It attracted gamers with its engaging story and immersive gameplay.

Final Fantasy VII made players take the role of eco-warriors. This unique approach to storytelling set it apart in the gaming world.

Its ideas about the environment and deep themes sparked real-world discussions. It made players think about their impact on the planet.

Players have debated whether the group Avalanche were heroes or villains. This aspect of the game’s story adds layers to its narrative.

Besides entertaining players, FFVII left a lasting impact. Its story inspired people from all walks of life to strive for their dreams and help others.

The game’s values of protecting the planet and growing personally have influenced many. It has made players reflect on their own lives and the world around them.

Its influence goes beyond the gaming community. In North America, it made $16.5 million in its opening weekend. It also helped PlayStation win over its rivals at the time.

FFVII’s music played a big part in its success. The emotional impact of the sounds and story was profound, touching players deeply.

The excitement for the FFVII Remake and Intergrade shows its continued popularity. Fans look forward to revisiting the adventures of Cloud and friends.

Final Fantasy VII remains an important part of gaming history. It continues to inspire both gamers and game developers, influencing the gaming world.

Exploring Cloud’s Backstory

Cloud Strife comes from a unique background in the Final Fantasy VII series. His story gives him depth and makes him captivating. He wanted to join SOLDIER but failed, becoming a Shinra infantryman instead.

In Shinra, Cloud met Zack Fair, his close friend. Zack introduced Cloud to new ways of seeing the world. This friendship had a major impact on Cloud, pushing him to show his true strength.

In the game, players learn about Cloud’s past and his link to Sephiroth, the main villain. Cloud’s memories reveal a mix of mystery and self-discovery. This makes his character even more compelling.

Cloud’s story shows his amazing strength to face difficulties. It focuses on his will to surpass his past. This journey makes him a true hero in the players’ eyes.

Age14 to 24 (varies in different stages of the storyline)
Height173cm (5’8″)
Ultimate Limit BreakOmnislash
Ultimate WeaponUltima Weapon
Unique AbilitiesOperator Mode/Punisher Mode
Weapon of ChoiceBroadswords
Voice ActorsSteve Burton, Cody Christian, Major Dodson

Cloud’s past is key to understanding his character’s growth in the Final Fantasy VII series. It brings a richness and depth to his hero’s journey. This makes him a hero people can love and relate to.

Highlights of Cloud’s Journey in Final Fantasy VII

Cloud’s adventure in Final Fantasy VII is legendary, packed with memorable events. From the first bombing mission at the Sector 1 Reactor to seeing Tifa again in Nibelheim, the game is a wild ride. It’s full of both excitement and deep moments.

The game keeps a good balance. It mixes fast action scenes with touching talks and deep stories. Everything you do matters and helps the story move forward. It’s an experience where every part feels important.

One key part of Cloud’s story is how he changes. Players watch as he shifts from a loner into a hero with a cause. His friends and the hardships he faces change him. This growth is a big theme in the game.

Cloud’s journey also dives into big ideas like loss and who we are. His struggle against Sephiroth shows the game’s take on dealing with loss. Cloud’s own issues with his past are about facing up to trauma. The story is about fighting your inner struggles and finding yourself.

Cloud stands out a lot. His look, especially his spiky hair and bright blue eyes, is hard to forget. His big sword is also a symbol of his strength.

Cloud fights tough battles, both outside and within himself. He deals with poison, memories, and the dark pull of Jenova. But he keeps pushing on. What drives him is his love for his friends and his deep loyalty.

Cloud’s story shows what a true hero is. It’s about sticking with your friends through tough times and growing from those challenges. Players see the power of friendship in the game. They learn about facing tough times and coming out stronger.

Cloud Strife: A Symbol of Resilience and Heroism

In the world of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife shows us how to be brave and stand strong. He has faced many hard times and personal battles. But, he keeps pushing forward for his mission and his friends. He wants to change a world that’s full of problems like inequality, oppression, and evil companies.

The Final Fantasy VII remake lets players really get to know Cloud. It’s not just about fighting bad guys. The game talks about issues like if a person who was once part of the problem can now fight for change.

Cloud joins a group called Avalanche, who fights for the planet against the big company Shinra. This company is destroying the world while also hurting people. Avalanche fights to protect both the planet and the people. For them, these two fights are connected.

The game teaches us the power of working together. It shows a poor area, the Sector 7 slums, where people need each other to survive. This highlights how important it is to support each other against powerful bad guys.

As Cloud and his friends fight, they learn how strong personal goals and friendships are. For example, Barret fights hard because he wants a better future for his daughter. This keeps him going.

The character Aerith stands out as a strong woman in the game. Her role helps to talk about how women can be powerful and make a difference.

Cloud’s adventure has been loved by fans for years. It shows the impact games can have by telling great stories. Even in a made-up world, Cloud’s story inspires us to face our problems and make things better.

Cloud Strife and Final Fantasy VII have made a big mark on the gaming world. They have shown what true bravery and heroism look like. Cloud’s story is a classic, reminding us never to give up, no matter how tough things seem.

The Cultural Impact of Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife is the star of Final Fantasy VII. He has reached beyond just video games and into popular culture. His looks and personality have made him stand out, loved by gamers and non-gamers everywhere.

Cloud’s impact is felt in many parts of our culture, like movies. In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, a sequel from 2005, his story continued. This proves how much Final Fantasy VII is loved by the gaming world.

His fame led to new games just about him and lots of things to buy. You can get action figures, clothes, and even jewelry featuring Cloud. Clearly, people really like him.

Cloud is also a big deal in cosplay and fan art. Across the globe, fans show off their love by dressing like him at big events. This shows how strong the connection is between fans and the Final Fantasy games.

In today’s culture, Cloud from Final Fantasy VII is a star. You see him everywhere: in movies, on stuff to buy, and in fan creations. He truly represents how big an impact video games have on our entertainment world.

cloud ff7

Key PointsStatistics
Final Fantasy VII’s cultural impactRated as one of the greatest JRPGs ever made
Cloud Strife’s popularityMajority of Final Fantasy fans, particularly in Japan, like Cloud the most (poll)
Merchandise featuring CloudAction figures, clothing, and jewelry inspired by Cloud
Cosplay and fan artCelebration of fandom through creative expressions

Music and Atmosphere in Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is famous for its music and world. Nobuo Uematsu’s soundtrack adds emotion to scenes. It pulls players into the universe.

The game features a mix of music styles. You’ll hear tracks that are haunting and others that are energetic. This mix brings the game to life. The cyberpunk look and detailed locations also help create a unique world.

“The music of Final Fantasy VII is breathtaking. It makes every moment special and lingers in your memory.”

– Gaming Magazine

The soundtrack fits each place and person perfectly. Tracks like “Heart of Anxiety” portray Cloud’s feelings. The world map theme, often seen as Cloud’s theme, shows different sides of his personality.

There’s a question about Cloud’s real theme. Many suggest the overworld theme fights Sephiroth. This music builds tension before a dramatic battle scene. The battle music shows Cloud’s determination to fight.

Final Fantasy VII’s music showcases Nobuo Uematsu’s skill. Tracks like “Turks’ Theme” and “JENOVA” mix different music styles. This variety adds to the game’s depth.

TrackRating (out of 10)
Opening ~ Bombing Mission10
Makou Reactor9
Anxious Heart9
Tifa’s Theme10
Barret’s Themestats not present

The Impact of Music

The music boosts the game and connects with players. “One-Winged Angel” and Aerith’s Theme are especially memorable. They’re keys to the game’s emotion.

The game’s atmosphere and music make a memorable experience. The soundtrack tells a lot about the game’s story. It’s why Final Fantasy VII is a beloved RPG.

Final Thoughts on Cloud FF7’s Journey

We were drawn into Final Fantasy VII Rebirth by its deep story, cool characters, and fun to play mechanics. The journey of Cloud Strife and his friends left a big impression on us, making it an amazing experience.

The final battle with Jenova and Sephiroth in FF7 Rebirth is a huge test of our skills and patience. It’s an hour-long fight that really keeps you on your toes, adding a great final challenge to the game.

But Aerith’s death is what hit us the most. It’s a sad yet important part of the story. Her sacrifice shows how serious their mission is.

Seeing Zack join the fight in FF7 Rebirth brings a new thrill. It lets us play as someone we all care about and see him make a difference.

The Remake ends with a big twist. It shows the game exists in two timelines, which has got us all guessing about what’s next.

There are hints that something like the old game’s Weapons might show up in the future. It adds mystery to the game, keeping us wondering what’s next.

While The Remake changed some things from the original, it didn’t impress everyone. Some fans missed the strong sense of adventure that the old game had.

Cloud’s character was also seen differently in the Remake. He seemed less mysterious and more violent. This contrasted a lot with the original’s more careful approach to his character.

In the original, side quests felt natural and were a great part of the adventure. But in the Remake, they seemed added on and shallow to some players.

Some fans disliked how the Remake changed the story of the old game. They felt it lost the special feeling the original had, making it less beloved.

Thinking back over the game, we find Cloud FF7 a mix of great storytelling and gameplay. Everyone’s looking forward to where the next part will take us, excited about the future of the series.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth culminates in a cliffhanger ending, setting up the third part of the trilogy
The final boss battle of FF7 Rebirth is multi-staged, involving Jenova & Sephiroth
Aerith’s death remains a central event in FF7 Rebirth
FF7 Rebirth takes place in multiple timelines
Final boss fight of FF7 Rebirth can take up to an hour to complete
Zack is playable as a character in the final boss fight of FF7 Rebirth
The ending of FF7 Rebirth reveals that the game operates in two separate timelines
Various cryptic scenes in FF7 Rebirth hint at the appearance of new creatures similar to FF7’s Weapons
In the comparison between the original FF7 and the Remake, the sense of exploration was found to be lacking in the Remake
Cloud’s original character portrayal was pointed out as another significant difference between the two versions, with the Remake displaying a more homicidal and less subtle portrayal of Cloud’s nature
The sidequests in the original FF7 were described as feeling more natural and subtle compared to the Remake where they were perceived as being more forced upon the player
The Remake was criticized for having sidequests that felt simple and lacked depth, contrasting with the original FF7 where sidequests offered a more intricate level of engagement
The analysis highlighted that the Remake’s plot-related retconning undermined the original game’s essence, resulting in the original FF7 being perceived as having a unique soul that was missing in the Remake
The excitement and sense of wonderment experienced from the beginning of the original FF7, specifically mentioned when jumping off the train, were noted as absent in the Remake due to its action-based combat stealing away from that initial thrill


Cloud FF7’s tale in the Final Fantasy VII series shows us how stories in games can move us. Starting as a first-class SOLDIER, he changed into a hero with a heart. His journey to save the planet from threats like Sephiroth shows us his growth. He turns from a proud swordsman into a caring individual, fighting for his friends and the world.

Tetsuya Nomura designed Cloud to be easily recognized by his looks. With his blond hair, bright blue eyes glowing green from mako, and a height of 173cm (5’8″), he stands out. Cloud uses his big swords and powerful moves like Limit Breaks, making the game play exciting.

Cloud has remained a favorite among players for many years. He leaves a strong mark in the world of gaming. In Final Fantasy VII’s world, players find stunning visuals and a moving story. The music, created by Nobuo Uematsu, adds to the experience.

From the Nibelheim Incident to his bond with the famous Buster Sword, key events shape Cloud’s story. Players see his strength and determination as he faces tough times. Overcoming enemies like Jenova and Sephiroth, Cloud shows his true character.


Who is Cloud Strife?

Cloud Strife is the star of the Final Fantasy VII series. He used to be in SOLDIER, an elite team. Now, he’s a mercenary for Avalanche.

What is Cloud’s role in Final Fantasy VII?

In FFVII, Cloud’s mission is to stop Shinra and his enemy Sephiroth. He makes strong friendships and faces tough trials.

What are Cloud’s abilities and gameplay mechanics?

Cloud is famous for his big swords and strong hits. He can use special skills and has powerful weapons. Players can make him stronger by equipping Materia.

Why is Final Fantasy VII considered a classic?

It’s seen as a top game for its great story, characters, and visuals. FFVII set new RPG standards when it launched in 1997.

What is Cloud’s backstory?

Before Avalanche, Cloud aimed to join SOLDIER. His time with Shinra and his bond with Zack shaped his path.

What are some highlights of Cloud’s journey in Final Fantasy VII?

Cloud’s adventures include famous moments like blowing up a reactor. Meeting Tifa again is also very touching. The game mixes action, emotion, and deep themes beautifully.

What does Cloud’s character embody?

Cloud stands for never giving up and being brave. Even when things get really tough, he stays focused. His story and spirit encourage players.

How has Cloud Strife made an impact beyond the gaming world?

His look and story are well-known, even outside games. Cloud shows up in movies, other games, and items for fans. This proves the lasting effect of FFVII and Cloud.

What is the importance of music and atmosphere in Final Fantasy VII?

The music by Nobuo Uematsu adds feelings to every scene. The look of the game and its worlds make players feel part of the story.

What are your final thoughts on Cloud FF7’s journey?

Playing Cloud’s story is unforgettable. The game offers a great plot, characters, and fun gameplay. It truly shines in the FF series.

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