Enjoy AARP Free Games: Fun & Brain-Boosting!

aarp free games

Want a fun way to exercise your brain? AARP’s free online games for seniors are perfect for you. These games are not just entertaining; they also encourage mental activity. Plus, they let you have fun with others. if you like puzzles, trivia, or games that make you think, AARP has just the thing.

If you sign up with AARP, you’ll get to play over 40 exclusive games. These range from classic to modern arcade games. You can also try the Staying Sharp Games to polish your mind. So, you’ll always have a new game to check out.

Key Takeaways:

  • AARP offers a variety of free online games for seniors that are both fun and brain-boosting.
  • Members have access to over 40 exclusive games or games with Members-Only features.
  • From puzzles to trivia and strategy games, there’s something for everyone.
  • Playing free games is a great way to stimulate the mind and engage in social interaction.
  • AARP’s free games cater to different interests and abilities, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

AARP Game Center

Welcome to the AARP Game Center, designed for older adults. Here, you can try out many free online games. They are perfect for those who enjoy puzzles, strategic thinking, or word games. There’s something for every interest.

The AARP Game Center is free to use. We aim to offer fun games that help improve your brain health. With our many games, you can beat your own records and try new favorites. AARP members get some exclusive and special games too.

Look into our Staying Sharp games to work on memory and focus. They make learning fun. You can also play AARP Rewards Games to earn points for cool prizes. It’s a chance to test your skills against other AARP Reward members.

Visit our Arcade section for both classic and new arcade games. Ready for exciting adventures and challenging puzzles? If words and trivia are more your style, our Word & Trivia Games category will challenge your brain.

At AARP, we think gaming should be fun for everyone no matter their age. That’s why we offer our Game Center for free. Join us and enjoy playing from a wide selection of games.

Statistics Related to AARP Game Center
AARP Game Center features game items in rows of 4, with a maximum of 6 items per row.
The loadMore function allows for 6 additional items to be displayed.
The game-related content has a total of 3 results.
AARP Value & Member Benefits section includes 5 items related to entertainment.
The Entertainment offer provides a 10% discount on any Paramount+ plan.
The Restaurants offer provides discounts at local restaurants and national chains.
The offer for Paramount+ mentions over 45,000 episodes and blockbuster movies available for streaming.
AARP Rewards points can be earned by active AARP Rewards participants.
AARP Members can earn up to 50% more AARP Rewards points.
A different amount of points can be earned for each game in the AARP Rewards category.
AARP Rewards points can be earned once a day for each game.
Game scores do not equate to any monetary value.
AARP Rewards points can be redeemed for points-only offers, sweepstakes, discounted gift cards, and more.
To earn AARP Rewards points on games, players must first be registered on aarp.org and activated on AARP Rewards.
Using hint features in games could affect the player’s score.
AARP Reward point daily limits apply to points earned from games.

AARP Exclusives

Being an AARP member gets you over 40 special games that are great for seniors. These games are made just for you, with features you can’t get anywhere else.

Exclusive games come in different types to fit what you like. Whether you’re into brain teasers, want to win rewards, or love classic games, there’s something for you.

As an AARP member, you can also save on great entertainment. This includes a 10% off deal for any plan at Paramount+. So, you can watch your favorite shows and save some money.

AARP really values its members and offers lots of ways to save. They highlight deals like Paramount+ savings, showing they care about your fun and your wallet.

But wait, there’s more. AARP hooks you up with travel discounts, too. You can save up to 10% on hotels via their travel site with your membership. Plus, there are deals on resorts, vacation rentals, and major hotel chains as well.

And AARP is all about keeping your mind sharp. You get fun games and important cognitive tests to help keep your brain in top shape. Not to mention, there are TED videos waiting for you, packed with tips for good brain health.

Don’t forget, AARP Rewards points expire after 12 months if you don’t use them. Make sure you take advantage of your rewards regularly to enjoy all their perks.

Between the cool games, great discounts, and brain-boosting resources, AARP Exclusives offers a lot. Become a member today and get all these amazing benefits.

Staying Sharp Games

AARP is dedicated to brain health and offers the Staying Sharp program. This program has fun games that keep the mind sharp. The games work on memory, focus, and word skills, giving seniors challenges that are both fun and useful.

Staying Sharp Games is rated 1 for its excellent results. It meets the mental sharpness needs of seniors who also want to have fun. They offer a range of games to work out different parts of your mind.

“Memory Mayhem” is a standout game in this collection. It asks players to match images to test their memory and focus. It’s a fun way to train your brain’s memory.

These games can be played on the Staying Sharp app. They support six key areas of brain health. AARP wants to help improve your overall wellbeing with these games. They are part of a full plan for brain fitness.

Games like “Word Whiz” and “Focus Frenzy” offer more than just fun. “Word Whiz” is a word puzzle, and “Focus Frenzy” tests your ability to concentrate. These give seniors many ways to keep their brains active.

The Staying Sharp app makes it easy to play anywhere. You can start on one device and keep going on another. This flexibility is great for those always on the move.

Seniors and authorized users can also earn AARP Rewards points by playing. These points lead to exciting rewards, adding to the fun. It’s a great way to enjoy the games even more.

Staying Sharp Games has won many awards for its quality and innovation. The program is highly regarded in the field. This praise shows its true value in helping seniors stay mentally fit.

AARP has more than just games to offer. They have over 100 TED Talks on brain health and tests to check your memory. They provide a lot of tools for cognitive fitness.

Join AARP to start playing Staying Sharp Games. Dive into these challenges that boost your brain. It’s a fun way to keep your mind active and enjoy yourself.

AARP Rewards Games

Being an AARP member opens up lots of doors. You get special rewards and access to a unique gaming world. AARP’s games section lets you have fun while earning points and unlocking great rewards.

You can choose from over 40 games, each designed with AARP members in mind. Are you into puzzles, strategy, or word games? AARP’s got you covered.

What’s really cool about AARP’s games is that you can win real stuff. Play to earn points for sweepstakes, gift cards, and discounts at your favorite places.

Did you know? AARP members score 50% more points on every game. This means more rewards as you play your favorites.

The deal with Paramount+ is also pretty awesome. As an AARP member, you get 10% off any plan. This includes tons of shows and movies to stream.

Note: The Paramount+ discount stays as long as you keep your AARP membership active. That’s a good deal for shows and movies lovers in the US and its territories.

AARP works with third parties to bring you great benefits. This way, you always get the best deals from trusted sources.

There are nearly 38 million AARP members enjoying these games and rewards. It’s a great way to have fun, win prizes, and stay connected with AARP’s community.

Pro tip: Visit the AARP Rewards Games daily. You can get up to 5,000 points every day. That’s a lot of points for enjoying games and learning about health and saving money.

Key Highlights of AARP Rewards Games
Three out of the six game options available in the AARP Rewards Games section are mobile app games.
AARP members have access to more than 40 exclusive games or games with Members-Only features.
AARP Rewards Games is one of the six categories of games available for AARP members, including AARP Exclusives, Staying Sharp Games, Arcade, Word & Trivia, and Entertainment.
The Entertainment category offers a 10% discount on any Paramount+ plan for AARP members, providing access to over 45,000 episodes and blockbuster movies.
AARP Rewards points earned through gaming can be redeemed for sweepstakes entries, gift cards, local deals, and discounts at various stores and brands.

Arcade Games

Enter a fun world of gaming with AARP’s Arcade, made just for seniors. It lets you have fun and feel competitive. You can pick from classic games or try modern ones, with something for everyone’s taste.

AARP’s Arcade has many types of games, from puzzles to adventures. You can test your skills and reflexes. You’ll enjoy these games and they will keep you interested for hours.

Seniors can play the arcade games at home. Just go to the AARP website and click the Arcade. You can play for a few minutes or longer, whatever you like.

Enjoy the AARP Arcade’s great graphics and gameplay. You can play alone, trying to score high, or challenge friends. It’s a great way to have fun and stay sharp.

  • Puzzle Quest: Embark on an epic journey filled with challenging puzzles and exciting quests. Unleash your strategic thinking and problem-solving skills to overcome obstacles and triumph in this immersive puzzle adventure.
  • Galactic Battleground: Blast off into space and engage in thrilling intergalactic battles. Pilot your spaceship, dodge enemy attacks, and collect power-ups as you navigate through a captivating space environment.
  • Brick Breaker: Relive the nostalgia of classic arcade gaming with this addictive brick-breaking game. Control the paddle and ricochet the ball to break bricks, collect power-ups, and advance through increasingly challenging levels.

Join the fun of AARP’s Arcade games today. It’s perfect for those who like to game, no matter your skill level. Let’s begin the fun in the Arcade together!

Word & Trivia Games

Do you love word challenges and trivia? Explore AARP’s Word & Trivia games. They’re great for seniors who want to exercise their brains. These games test memory, word meanings, and thinking skills in a fun way.

Get over 40 games with AARP membership. Enjoy Word & Trivia games specially designed for seniors. They come in various difficulty levels, so there’s something for everyone.

The AARP Game Center shows 24 games in Word & Trivia categories. It’s easy to search for your favorites. You’ll find six games per row, right at your fingertips.

Love crossword puzzles or trivia? AARP’s games are perfect. They keep your mind sharp and are very entertaining. Spend hours playing and boosting your cognitive skills.

Signing up for AARP means more than just games. You get access to discounts, a second membership for free, and AARP the Magazine. Enjoy member benefits and dive into all the games today!

word games for seniors

Statistics for AARP’s Word & Trivia Games section:
Total Games Available:24
Exclusive Games for AARP Members:40+
AARP Rewards Games:6
Arcade Games:4
Paramount+ Discount for Members:10%
Paramount+ Offer Type:EverGreen
Paramount+ Offer Category:ASI Entertainment
Paramount+ Offer Validity:30-day start control for limited time offers
Paramount+ Discount Availability:US and its territories and possessions (excluding Puerto Rico)

A New Spin on Games

At AARP, we think games are great for everyone, no matter their age. We’ve made a range of senior citizen games that are fun and thoughtful. These online games for seniors bring a fresh look to traditional games, with unique twists and fun challenges.

Our Staying Sharp program is filled with games that keep your mind sharp. Whether you like puzzles, strategy, or word games, you’ll find something you love. These challenges will help you keep your brain in top shape.

One popular game is the AARP Daily Crossword. It gives you a new puzzle every day to solve. If you like puzzles, you can’t miss our AARP Games 10×10. It tests both your spatial awareness and your planning skills.

If you love Mahjongg, try our AARP Mahjongg Candy for a sweet twist. It checks how well you can spot patterns and remember details. For a quick word challenge, play the AARP Mini Crossword. It’s perfect for a short break.

Connecting with people is important. That’s why we have AARP Bridge to play with others around the world. It boosts your communication and problem-solving. Spider Solitaire AARP is great if you enjoy card games. It helps with logical thinking and planning.

We have many word games to sharpen your brain. Outspell AARP tests your word skills against others. Word Wipe AARP is a fast word search game. It helps improve your vocabulary and thinking skills.

AARP Games Highlights

GameSkills Tested
AARP Daily CrosswordWord skills, problem-solving
AARP Games 10×10Spatial awareness, strategic planning
AARP Mahjongg CandyPattern recognition, memory, attention to detail
AARP Mini CrosswordWord challenges
AARP BridgeCommunication, analytical skills
Spider Solitaire AARPLogical thinking, planning, card-playing skills
Outspell AARPWord-building skills, vocabulary, strategic thinking
Word Wipe AARPVocabulary, pattern recognition, concentration skills

Our games offer more than fun; they let you win great prizes too. Enter the AARP Rewards Sweepstakes for a chance to win cool stuff. Also, earn points with our loyalty program, which offers more chances to win and allows daily entries.

We’ve got special sweepstakes, like the NYC Trip, with unforgettable prizes. And we care about your safety too. The AARP Fraud Watch Network helps keep you and your family safe from scams. We’re here for fun, but also to keep you informed and secure.

Come join us at AARP for a gaming experience unlike any other. Our games for seniors are meant to entertain and challenge. Plus, they let you meet others in a fun community. It’s time to uplift your gaming with AARP.

AARP Membership Benefits

Joining AARP means you get lots of special perks and offers. There are almost 38 million members enjoying these benefits. AARP is all about making life better for older people and offering them helpful chances.

AARP Game Center and Exclusive Games

Love online games? Then the AARP Game Center is perfect for you. It has a huge selection, from puzzles to strategy games. You can also find over 40 games that are just for members, making your experience special.

Discounts and Savings

AARP members can save on everyday items, travel, and meals out. Use AARP Rewards to get discounts with brands such as American Airlines and Uber. This way, you get to save while still enjoying your favorite activities.

  • 10% discount on food and nonalcoholic beverages at Carrabba’s Italian Grill for dine-in or curbside carryout orders placed by phone.
  • Up to 10% discount on select hotels including Choice, Wyndham, and Best Western through the AARP Travel Center Powered by Expedia.
  • 10%-25% off resort and vacation rentals at the All Resort Store.
  • 10% off the best available rate at AmericInn® by Wyndham.
  • 5% or more off the best available rate at Best Western®.
  • Bonus loyalty points and upgraded reward tier status at Preferred Hotels & Resorts.

AARP Rewards Program

Joining the AARP Rewards program lets AARP members earn points for different activities. You get 50% more points for each activity, meaning you collect them faster. Every day, you can earn up to 5,000 points, or 7,500 if you’re an AARP member. Use these points for chances to win, gift cards, special local offers, and store discounts.

Remember, your AARP Rewards points expire after 12 months if you don’t use them. So, don’t let your points go to waste.

Being an AARP member connects you with a lively community. It also gives you special rewards, savings, and ways to have fun. Unlock all the benefits AARP offers. It makes life better and more fun for you.


AARP’s free games are great for seniors who want fun and activities that boost their brain. They offer many games, from board games to digital ones, meeting different tastes. AARP ensures everyone finds something they like to play.

AARP games are more than just fun; they help keep your mind sharp. These games improve skills like problem-solving and quick thinking in a fun way. If you love cards, puzzles, or just having fun, AARP has something special for you.

Playing games online is also a way to stay social and connect with others. AARP has daily crossword puzzles and more to help keep your mind active while meeting new friends. Their game collection is always growing, offering new games to play.

Joining AARP means you have access to ten free games and special rewards, like points and badges. AARP’s game website is designed for seniors, keeping in mind the values of the American Association. Enjoy gaming with AARP and make the most of your free time.


What types of games does AARP offer?

AARP has puzzles, trivia, and strategy games for its members. There are many more types to choose from too.

Are the games on AARP free to play?

Absolutely, every game on AARP is free for anyone to enjoy.

Can AARP members access exclusive games?

Sure, AARP members can play over 40 special games. These games have features just for members.

Do the games in the Staying Sharp program help improve cognitive abilities?

Yes, the Staying Sharp program’s games aim to keep your brain in top shape. They challenge your mind.

Can AARP members earn rewards by playing games?

Without a doubt, AARP Rewards lets members get points and other goodies by playing certain games.

What types of games are available in the Arcade section?

Seniors can find both new and classic arcade games in the Arcade section. It’s fun for everyone.

What skills do the Word & Trivia games focus on?

These games help with vocabulary, spelling, memory, critical thinking, and general knowledge.

Do the Staying Sharp games offer a new twist on traditional games?

Yes, the Staying Sharp games take classic games and add a fresh, challenging twist. They offer new experiences.

What are the benefits of AARP membership?

Being a member gives you access to the AARP Game Center and exclusive games. You also get discounts and a magazine subscription.

Are AARP free games a great resource for seniors?

They sure are. AARP free games are wonderful for seniors who want fun and activities that keep the mind sharp.

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