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Ready to have fun and challenge your mind?

AARP offers many online games that you can play for free at home. Do you love puzzles or brain games? AARP has lots to choose from. And guess what? These games are free for AARP members!

We know games can be fun and keep us entertained. That’s why AARP has more than 40 games just for our members. These special games are curated to bring lasting fun and joy.

But that’s not everything. AARP has a Games Center too. You’ll find many games from classic favorites to new ones like Get 10 Ultimate. Plus, we’re always adding new games, so the fun never ends.

Prefer playing games on your mobile device?

AARP’s mobile app has you covered. Play popular games like Sudoku or Yahtzee with Buddies wherever you are. Just pull out your phone or tablet and start playing.

So, being an AARP member means you have access to lots of games and more. You get special deals like a 10% off on any Paramount+ plan. With Paramount+, enjoy over 45,000 shows, movies, sports, news, and originals. It’s a whole world of fun right in your hand!

Key Takeaways:

  • AARP offers over 40 exclusive games or games with Members-Only features for its members to enjoy.
  • Members can access a wide variety of games in the AARP Games Center, including popular classics and new releases.
  • AARP’s mobile app games provide entertainment on the go for members.
  • AARP members receive a 10% discount on any Paramount+ plan, allowing them to stream thousands of episodes, movies, and more.
  • Join AARP today and start enjoying fun and free online games!

AARP Games Center

Welcome to the AARP Games Center. Here, you’ll find a lot of fun games to play online. These games are perfect for when you want to challenge yourself, kick back and relax, or just have a good time.

If you’re an AARP member, you get to play over 40 games that others can’t. These special games are made with our members in mind. They offer a great mix of fun and challenge.

Check out games like 2048, Alu’s Revenge 2, and Get 10 Ultimate. We have everything from puzzles to strategy games. So, there’s always something new to try.

Games Categories

The AARP Games Center has games for every interest. Here’s a preview of what you can find:

  • Stay Sharp Games: Try 6 fun brain games to keep your mind in top shape. These games offer a great mental workout.
  • Rewards Games: Play to earn points that you can swap for discounts and more in 4 exciting games.
  • Arcade: Play 4 classic arcade games, including Bubble Shooter and Mahjongg Dimensions. They’re full of nostalgic fun.
  • Word & Trivia: Boost your word skills and test your smarts in 6 challenging games. It’s a fun way to learn new things.

This is just a taste of the game categories at the AARP Games Center. There’s a lot to explore, so you’re sure to find your favorites.

Convenient Features

The AARP Games Center is designed with handy features to make gaming even better. You can easily see your recently played games and check your progress. Plus, the site is easy to use, making finding and playing new games a breeze.

And, it’s all set up for mobile play. You can game on your phone or tablet anywhere. This means fun is always within reach.

AARP Member Benefits

Being an AARP member comes with some great benefits. For example, you get a 10% discount on Paramount+ plans. With over 45,000 episodes to stream, there’s endless entertainment waiting for you.

So, join AARP today to enjoy these perks and improve your gaming journey.

Maximum items in AARP Games CenterItems per row in Games CenterRows in Games CenterLoad more option in Games CenterNumber of ads in Games Center

AARP Mobile App Games

I’m thrilled to share AARP’s amazing mobile games with you, our members. If you love playing games on your phone or tablet, these mobile apps are perfect for you. I’ll show you some of our well-known games that you can get and play:


Sudoku is a great way to test your brains and logic. The aim is to fill a 9×9 grid with numbers so that each row, column, and 3×3 box has 1 to 9 only. This game has different levels, becoming harder as you go. It offers a good challenge for all players.

Word to Word®

If you love word games, Word to Word® is for you. It challenges you to guess words from mixed-up letters. It’s fun and keeps your brain sharp. There are many levels and words in this enjoyable game.

Yahtzee with Buddies

Yahtzee is perfect for playing with friends. In this dice game, you roll to get specific combinations and score points. It’s a fun and sometimes strategic game. You can play with people you know or meet online.

We just gave you a sneak peek at what’s available for AARP members. Download these games for hours of fun no matter where you are. Remember, as an AARP member, you get 8 games in total!

More great games are coming your way soon. Keep an eye out for new games just for AARP members. Happy gaming!

AARP Members-Only Games

If you’re an AARP member, you get to play special games just for you. These AARP Members-Only Games include puzzles, trivia, and arcade games. There’s something for everyone.

One of these games is 2048, which will sharpen your math and logic skills. There’s also Pong, a classic that adds fun to any day.

There are currently 6 games just for members. These games entertain and challenge your mind.

Let’s focus on Pong. You can try to get the best of 32 results. Aim to beat your top score and become a Pong master.

“AARP’s special games are perfect for fun and relaxation. They offer great variety and help keep your mind sharp. So, why not dive into the AARP Members-Only Games world now?”

– AARP Member

As an AARP member, you also get other cool stuff. Like discounts on Paramount+ and savings at local restaurants. These extras make your membership even better.

Membership BenefitsDescription
AARP Members-Only GamesAccess to over 40 exclusive games with member-only features
Streaming Service Discounts10% off any Paramount+ plan
Savings at Local RestaurantsExclusive coupons for discounts at participating restaurants

As an AARP member, you’re in for a treat. Exclusive games and awesome benefits await you. Join AARP to enjoy these special perks.

AARP Staying Sharp Games

AARP is big on brain health. The Staying Sharp games offer fun activities. These help seniors keep their minds sharp. They focus on tasks to promote brain health and boost skills.

Seniors can play games to help memory, attention, and problem-solving. These activities are fun and interactive. They challenge their brains while they have a good time.

The games include puzzles, memory games, and logic exercises. Each game is made for a good mental workout. Whether you like crosswords, brain teasers, or memory games, there’s something for you.

The games also offer lots of brain health resources. Members get access to articles, tips, and TED videos about the brain. This content offers advice on keeping the brain healthy with age.

There are also cognitive tests for members. There are thirteen tests that check brain skills. These help people see their cognitive level, improve, and track progress.

AARP Rewards points make the games even more fun. Members earn points for playing and completing challenges. They can trade these points for discounts and gifts.

Staying Sharp Game CategoriesBenefits
PuzzlesEnhances problem-solving skills
Memory GamesImproves memory retention and recall
Logic ChallengesEnhances critical thinking and reasoning abilities
CrosswordsExpands vocabulary and language skills
Brain TeasersSharpens cognitive skills through challenging puzzles

The games are for learning about brain health. They are not a medical treatment. Think of them as tools for a healthy brain life.

Ready for a journey to boost your mind? Try the Staying Sharp games. Challenge yourself and discover new skills. Keep your brain sharp with AARP.

AARP Rewards Games

Looking for fun games that also reward you? AARP Rewards Games delivers both! As an AARP member, you can play a huge variety of games. And every game you play earns you points. These points lead to discounts, gift cards, and more. It’s a great way to have fun and get something back.

What makes AARP Rewards Games special is its range. You’ll find over 40 unique games that AARP members get to enjoy. From puzzles to trivia to arcade games, there’s a game for everyone’s liking. What’s more, each game is made with AARP members in mind. This means you’ll have a perfect, personalized experience every time you play.

Here’s sneak peek at the games you can enjoy on Rewards Games:

CategoryNumber of GamesFeatured Games
Staying Sharp GamesMore than 6Trivia Challenge, Memory Master, Word Search Pro
Members-Only Games4Sudoku Plus, Solitaire Kingdom Supreme, Crossword Cove HD
Mobile App Games3Sudoku, Word to Word®, Yahtzee with Buddies

These are just a few of the 122 games waiting for you. There’s always something new in the Games Center to challenge and entertain you. Whether you play on your computer or mobile, AARP has plenty of fun for you.

Earning rewards is a big part of the fun. By playing games, you collect points. These points can get you discounts at restaurants or on a Paramount+ subscription. With a 10% discount, you can enjoy lots of great entertainment, including movies and sports.

So don’t wait any longer. Join AARP Rewards Games today and start playing for rewards!

aarp rewards games

AARP Arcade Games

Want to play classic arcade games again? AARP’s Arcade Games collection is your best bet. It has many popular arcade-style games. AARP offers its members a chance to relive gaming’s good old days. You can choose from strategic challenges to high-speed action, finding a game that fits your style is easy.

Enter the Bubble Shooter universe to check your color-matching abilities. It’s a fun way to pop away your boredom. Or if you like a brain teaser, the Throwback Thursday Crossword will have you playing with words. Mahjongg Dimensions puts a new spin on puzzles with its 3D version.

AARP’s Game Center has 23 games in total, ensuring you never get bored.

Games Overview

Game NameDescription
Bubble ShooterMatch and pop bubbles to clear the board in this addictive game.
Throwback Thursday CrosswordChallenge your word skills with a classic crossword puzzle.
Mahjongg DimensionsExplore a 3D world of tile-matching and strategic thinking.

AARP has a lot more than just these games. It keeps adding new ones so there’s something for everyone. Members can always discover fresh and fun games.

Join AARP now to jump back into arcade gaming. Whether you’re reliving fond memories or seeking new excitement, AARP’s Arcade Games are perfect for you.

AARP Word & Trivia Games

Do you love word games and challenges? AARP offers fun and exciting games to test your skills. You can work on your vocabulary or show off your trivia talents. Let’s check out some of the cool games AARP has for you.

Word to Word®: Expand Your Vocabulary


Word to Word® is a favorite among many. It’s a mobile app game filled with words waiting to be found. With just 1 result length, see how many words you can discover. This game is a great way to test your vocab skills.

Right Again! Trivia: Test Your Knowledge

For trivia fans, Right Again! Trivia is a must-try. It offers questions from different categories like history and pop culture. Test your knowledge and earn points. Play against friends or try to beat your high score!

These games by AARP are perfect for mental exercise. They offer fun challenges for solo players or those who want to compete with friends. Enjoy hours of fun and keep your brain sharp with AARP’s games.

Table: AARP Word & Trivia Games

GameNumber of Games
Word to Word®1
Right Again! TriviaMultiple

Join AARP and Start Playing Today!

AARP has 6 word and trivia games for you to enjoy. These games mix fun with a mental challenge. Are you ready to test your word skills and knowledge? Join AARP today to start playing these awesome games!

Member Benefits: AARP Games

Being an AARP member gets you cool gaming perks. You get to play lots of online games. These include the AARP Games Center’s many games and special ones just for members.

There are over 40 exclusive games at AARP. They range from puzzles to trivia to arcade games. So, everyone can find something they like.

Your AARP membership gets you discounts on fun stuff too. For example, you can get 10% off any Paramount+ plan. Paramount+ is great for watching shows, movies, and more. It has thousands of episodes and films for you.

You get to enjoy this offer with your AARP membership. The discount works for both new and old subscribers. Just make sure your AARP membership is active.

Here’s a list of games exclusive to AARP members:

Exclusive GamesNumber of Games
AARP Rewards Games4
Arcade Games4
Mobile App Games3
Recommended Games3

There are up to 140 items for your gaming and entertainment. The AARP Games Center is easy to use. It’s designed to help you quickly find something fun to play.

Don’t miss out on your AARP benefits. Enjoy lots of games and entertainment. From testing your knowledge to solving puzzles, there’s so much fun waiting for you.

Start your AARP Games journey today. Open the door to endless entertainment.


AARP has a lot of free online games for those over 50. These games are fun and keep you thinking. They offer single player and multiplayer games to fit different tastes.

Playing these games can help improve your brain. They make your memory and problem-solving better. It’s a fun way to keep your mind sharp.

AARP’s games are easy to reach. You only need your device and the internet. They can be a quick break or a long challenge, anytime, anywhere.

Join AARP to enjoy these games and other membership benefits. They’re great for mental and social health, and they’re fun. Start your journey today!


What types of games are available at the AARP Games Center?

The AARP Games Center has many types of games. These include puzzles, brain games, and arcade-style games.

Can I access the games I recently played at the AARP Games Center?

Yes, if you’re a member, you can see the games you’ve played recently.

Are there exclusive games available for AARP members?

AARP members get more than 40 exclusive games. These include games that only members can play.

What are AARP Staying Sharp games?

They’re games to keep your mind active. These games are for seniors and help with thinking skills.

Can I earn rewards while playing games at AARP?

Absolutely, you can earn rewards by playing. This includes getting discounts and gift cards as an AARP member.

What types of games are available in the AARP Arcade Games collection?

The arcade has fun games like Bubble Shooter and Mahjongg. Throwback Thursday Crossword is also a hit.

Do AARP Games include word and trivia games?

Yes, AARP has word and trivia games. These games test and improve your vocabulary and general knowledge.

What are the benefits of being an AARP member when it comes to playing games?

As an AARP member, you can play in the Games Center. You get exclusive games and can earn special rewards.

Are there any member benefits associated with AARP Games?

Definitely. Being a member also gives you entertainment offers. This includes saving on streaming services like Paramount+.

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