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Step into the world of Botany Manor, a first-person puzzle game set in a Victorian-era English home in 1890. You play as the botanist Arabella Greene. Her goal is to finish a research book called “Forgotten Flora” by discovering the best conditions for rare plants. At the same time, she tries to solve the manor’s hidden mysteries.

The game’s manor is full of hints like books and letters. These help me figure out the right sunlight, water, and nutrients for unique, magical plants. While doing this, I learn about Arabella’s life and the struggles she faced as a female scientist in the Victorian age.

Botany Manor is a mix of exploring botanical wonders, solving puzzles, and a deep story. It’s perfect for anyone who loves plants, gardening, and strategy games. This game is all about botany manor game, plant simulation, virtual greenhouse, gardening strategy, horticulture simulation, flower cultivation, botanical management, garden planning, and seed breeding. It offers a fun and meaningful experience for every player.

Key Takeaways

  • Immerse yourself in a Victorian-era botanical adventure as botanist Arabella Greene.
  • Uncover the ideal growing conditions for rare, fantastical plant specimens through puzzle-solving and exploration.
  • Discover the challenges Arabella faced as a woman in the scientific field during the 1890s.
  • Enjoy a captivating blend of botanical simulation, puzzle-solving, and immersive storytelling.
  • Explore a stately manor filled with clues, letters, and Victorian-era contraptions to guide your botanical research.

Welcome to Botany Manor

Step into the mesmerizing world of Botany Manor, a grand English estate from the 1800s. You play as Arabella Greene, a retired botanist. Explore its rooms and gardens to find clues and help the forgotten plants.

Stately 19th Century English Home

Botany Manor is like going back to the Victorian times. It’s a beautiful 19th century English manor house. You’ll love the detailed design and well-kept gardens.

Play as Arabella Greene, Retired Botanist

You are Arabella Greene on a mission to know the manor’s secrets. Use your botanist skills to study clues. These will help find the best spots for rare plants.

Explore House and Gardens

In Botany Manor, you can roam freely around the estate’s rooms and gardens. You’ll see fascinating clues and plants like never before. Your plant knowledge will help you find the perfect spots for the rare flora.

Discover Forgotten Flora

In Botany Manor, the game is all about finding and growing rare plant species. Players explore the manor and its lands, seeking clues. These hints help them figure out how to best grow these forgotten plants. They must choose the right amounts of sunlight, temperature, and nutrients.

Figure Out Ideal Plant Habitats

Players have to research a lot to find the perfect spots for rare plants. This work is key to growing the plants successfully. Each type needs a special kind of home to thrive.

Grow Rare Specimens from Seed

Armed with their habitat research, players try to grow the rare plants from seeds. It’s a test of their skill. They watch the plants closely, adjusting care to keep them healthy.

Uncover Mysterious Qualities

Growing these rare plants reveals their special traits. This discovery makes the game more interesting. It motivates players to keep exploring the manor and its surroundings.

Botany Manor Game Reviews

Botany Manor has been praised by players, with 96% of recent reviews being positive. This shows the game is very liked for its fun gameplay and exploring beautiful gardens. With a “Very Positive” rating overall, 94% of all-time reviews are also positive.

Overwhelmingly Positive Recent Reviews

The game’s appeal has recently peaked, with 96% positive feedback in the past 30 days. Players love the game’s clever challenges, its Victorian-era feel, and how it makes growing plants fun and interactive.

Very Positive Overall Reviews

Besides recent praise, Botany Manor has a strong history of positive player reviews. Across all reviews, 94% are favorable. The game is celebrated for its fun play, beautiful graphics, and an exciting story. It is widely acclaimed by both critics and gamers alike.

Victorian-Era Botanical Puzzles

Botany Manor’s puzzles are from the Victorian era. They invite players to solve clues found in old books, letters, and vintage contraptions. These tools help players learn the best way to grow rare plants they must nurture.

Decipher Clues from Books and Letters

In the manor, there are many hidden clues. They’re in ancient books and notes. To solve the puzzles, players need to carefully read and understand these old texts.

Explore Fascinating Contraptions

Unique gadgets are all over the manor and its lands. They lead to solving the botanical puzzles. You’ll use your skills to figure out how to use these devices for planting rare plants.

The puzzles in the game are perfect for those who love exploring and solving tricky problems.Botany Manor takes players on a thrilling journey mixing history, technology, and nature. It makes for an immersive and enjoyable experience.

Fantastical yet Nature-Inspired Plants

The plants at Botany Manor may look like they’re from a dream. But, they’re really based on natural things. This mix of fantasy and nature makes the game’s plants unique and beautiful. Some plants need special care to grow well. The game pays a lot of attention to every plant’s design and tells you how to take care of them. This makes playing the game deep and fun.

Recent Reviews96% of the 125 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive
All Reviews94% of the 315 user reviews for this game are positive
Very Positive Rating94% of all 315 reviews (All Time)
Overwhelmingly Positive Recent Reviews96% of the 125 reviews are positive

The plants in Botany Manor are truly different and make the game special. You have to be smart and look closely to make them grow. This makes the game challenging and full of secrets to find.

As you solve the game’s puzzling challenges, you feel like you’re in a magical garden. In Botany Manor, the weird and the natural mix in amazing ways. This makes the game a wonderful journey into a world of plants and wonders.

Arabella’s Life and Career

Players will find interesting details about Arabella Greene’s life at Botany Manor. The game highlights her struggles as a female botanist in the Victorian era. It was a tough time for women scientists, but Arabella faced it all.

Challenges as a Woman in Science

Arabella loved botany and worked hard in her field despite challenges. She faced norms and discrimination of her time. But she showed the world her skills and proved herself in the scientific community.

Besides her work, Arabella dealt with tough social rules of the Victorian era. Being a woman botanist meant fighting against biases and expectations. The game reveals Arabella’s clever ways to overcome these challenges. She used her smarts, alliances, and creativity to keep going.

Learning about Arabella’s struggles shows her strength and intelligence. Despite the tough time, she made important contributions to botany.

arabella greene

Relaxing Gameplay Experience

Botany Manor is all about a relaxing and peaceful gameplay experience for everyone. Its serene environment and beautiful setting make players feel calm. They can enjoy exploring and solving puzzles without stress.

The game offers challenging puzzles. But, it keeps the flow smooth and enjoyable. This means players can take their time to discover the manor’s secrets without feeling rushed.

Peaceful Manor Surroundings

At Botany Manor, players find themselves in peaceful surroundings. The place is filled with lush gardens and lovely views from its Victorian-era estate. This setting helps players relax and feel restored.

Immersive Exploration and Puzzle-Solving

Exploring Botany Manor means facing captivating botanical puzzles and immersive tasks. Players will work on finding the perfect place for the fantastical yet nature-inspired plants. This makes the game both relaxing and rewarding.

System Requirements

Botany Manor needs Windows 10 64-bit to run smoothly. To enjoy the game, you’ll need a computer that’s at least as powerful as an Intel Core i5 2500 or an AMD FX 6350. You should have 4GB of RAM, and graphics that are Intel HD Graphics 4600 or better. You also need DirectX 11 and about 5GB of storage space.

Windows 10 64-bit

Botany Manor is designed for the newest 64-bit version of Windows 10. This ensures a stable and reliable environment for players. They can fully explore the game’s incredible plant-filled world.

Minimum Hardware Specs

To run Botany Manor, you’ll need a processor like the Intel Core i5 2500 or an AMD FX 6350. Your computer should also have 4GB of RAM and graphics as good as Intel HD Graphics 4600 or Radeon RX Vega 8. You must also have DirectX 11 and at least 5GB of space on your device.

Critical Acclaim

Botany Manor is making waves in the gaming world. IGN, a top site for reviews, loved the hints and the English vibe, giving it 8/10. Nintendo Life, known for its Nintendo news, said it’s full of fun challenges and praiseworthy puzzles, marking it 9/10.

Eurogamer, a big name in Europe, called it a calming experience and rated it 4/5. These reviews by IGN, Nintendo Life, and Eurogamer have really pushed Botany Manor to the spotlight. They say it’s a game everyone must try, thanks to its great challenges, rich world, and relaxing feel.

Join the Community

Do you enjoy Botany Manor and want to connect with others? The game has an official Discord server for its players. Here, you can talk about the game, share your experiences, and even discuss ideas with the developers directly. This Discord server is a friendly place where players can meet, swap tips, and learn more about the story and plants in the game.

Discord Server for Fans

The Botany Manor Discord server is full of life. It’s where fans of this game unite to share and enjoy everything about it. You can find advice on solving the game’s puzzles, show off your own plant findings, or just chat with others who love Botany Manor. It’s an exciting place to be for all fans.

Engaging Narrative and Worldbuilding

Botany Manor is full of exciting botanical puzzles and exploration. It also tells the story of Arabella Greene. She’s the main character. The game shows her life, struggles as a female scientist in Victorian era, and her mission to finish botanical research. The setting in Victorian England makes the game feel like you’re in the 19th century. It really draws you in with its details.

Uncover Arabella’s Story

In Botany Manor, you learn about Arabella Greene, an old botanist. She aims to complete her book about ‘Forgotten Flora’. As you explore the manor, you find clues and documents. These reveal the tough times Arabella faced as a woman in the scientific field during the Victorian era. But her will to keep going, despite everything, makes the game’s story rich and real.

Immerse in Victorian England

The manor and its grounds in Botany Manor give a peek into the Victorian era. The game pays a lot of attention to the details of 19th century England. It’s like stepping back in time. The manor’s design, furniture, and more are true to the period. This makes the adventure more thrilling and the exploration feel authentic.

Intuitive Gameplay Mechanics

Botany Manor makes its gaming easy and fun for players. It focuses on putting you right in the manor, making you feel part of its research world.

First-Person Perspective

In Botany Manor, you see everything through the eyes of your character. This makes you feel like you’re really there. You can look around the manor and its surroundings as if you’re exploring in real life. This pulls you into the game even more.

Seamless Exploration

Exploring the manor and grounds is smooth and easy. The game makes it simple to go back to places you’ve already visited. You can focus on solving the manor’s mysteries without getting lost or stuck.

These easy-to-use game features make Botany Manor a great gaming experience. It lets you naturally dive into the world of plants and secrets without any hassle.

Beautiful Visuals

Botany Manor stands out because of its amazing visuals. The game mixes fantasy with natural beauty to create stunning plants. This makes players feel like they’re in a dreamy world full of wonder.

Creative Plant Designs

The plant designs in Botany Manor are a paradise for the eyes. Developers have designed many unique and fascinating plants. These plants combine imagination with real-life traits, making the game’s world both beautiful and exciting.

Charming Manor Setting

The game’s manor setting adds to its beauty and character. It features a grand Victorian manor with rooms and gardens. This setting, filled with detail, makes Botany Manor a truly immersive experience for players.

Soothing Soundtrack

Botany Manor offers a soothing soundtrack that fits its calming vibe. This soundtrack creates a peaceful atmosphere. It makes players hone in on solving botanical puzzles and enjoy exploring.

The soothing music softly merges with the game’s look and story. This merges everything into a perfect, seamless experience at Botany Manor.

Soundtrack FeaturesDescription
Instrumental PiecesThe soundtrack includes various instrumental songs. These songs match the ambient music and nature-inspired sounds in the game.
Natural SoundsGame sounds include nature’s rustling leaves, bird chirps, and flowing water. They make the game’s botanical world even more life-like and captivating.
Atmospheric AmbienceThe music and sound design meld to make a calming atmosphere. This supports the game’s peaceful and relaxing mood.

“The soundtrack in Botany Manor is a true delight, seamlessly blending instrumental pieces and natural sounds to create a soothing and immersive audio experience.”

Botany Manor’s soundtrack and audio design are the keys. They pull players into the game’s tranquil, plant-filled world. This lets them get lost in the exploration and puzzles of the game.


Botany Manor is a charming, immersive game that takes you on a botanical adventure. It’s set in the Victorian era and has a captivating story. The puzzles are challenging but rewarding, mixing exploration, gardening, and discovery.

The game is filled with nature-inspired plant designs that are truly fantastical. Everything, from how plants look to gameplay, is well-crafted. This makes Botany Manor a game you don’t want to miss if you like peaceful, yet engaging, simulations.

Playing the game, I noticed the incredible attention to detail. Balloon Studios really made a game that feels like stepping into a beautiful garden. It’s a blend of fascinating puzzles and a story where you find rare plants and face historic social issues.

Overall, I highly recommend Botany Manor to everyone. If you like exploring, solving puzzles, and a good story, this game is for you. The beauty in the visuals and the sound design enrich your play. It’s a memorable journey for those who love botany or just want to relax in a game set in the past.


What is Botany Manor?

Botany Manor is a first-person puzzle game set in a Victorian English manor in 1890. You play as botanist Arabella Greene. She’s trying to finish her book, ‘Forgotten Flora’. In the game, players explore the manor and learn how to grow rare plants from seeds.

What is the central gameplay loop in Botany Manor?

In Botany Manor, players focus on finding and growing rare plant specimens. To do this, they need to explore the manor and its surroundings. Here, they gather clues on the best conditions for these plants.

What have critics said about Botany Manor?

Players love Botany Manor, as shown by its high ratings. In the last month, 96% of 125 reviews were positive. It earns a “Very Positive” overall from 315 reviews. Critics especially like its puzzles, the Victorian atmosphere, and the plant-growing experience.

How do the puzzles in Botany Manor work?

The game’s puzzles reflect the Victorian times. Players must solve clues found in old books, letters, and mysterious tools. This information helps them grow the rare plants successfully.

What is the story and setting of Botany Manor?

The game is set in a grand 19th century English manor. You become Arabella Greene, a former botanist. Players uncover plant-growing secrets as they explore the manor’s rooms and gardens.

They also learn about Arabella’s past and her Victorian botanical adventures.

What are the system requirements for Botany Manor?

To play Botany Manor, you need a Windows 10 64-bit system. Your computer should have at least an Intel Core i5 2500 or AMD FX 6350 CPU, 4GB RAM, and Intel HD Graphics 4600 or Radeon RX Vega 8. Also, you’ll need DirectX 11 and 5GB of space.

How can I connect with the Botany Manor community?

To join the Botany Manor community, visit their official Discord server. There, you can talk about the game, share stories, and interact with developers. It’s a great place to find friends, exchange gameplay tips, and explore more of the game’s world and story.

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