Explore Dark Osaka as the Demon Hunter Shin.

blade chimera game

This 2D action game focuses on Shin, a Demon Hunter searching for his past. As you play, Shin uncovers memories about himself and his missing wife. You guide him through a desolate dystopian cyberpunk world of Osaka. Shin uses his sword, which is also a demon called Lux, to explore. The more he remembers, the more Lux changes and makes Shin stronger.

The game is set in a near future full of monsters and ghouls. They make life hard for humans, starting a Demon War.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the dark Osaka as the Demon Hunter Shin
  • Wield the powerful Lumina sword and transform the demon Lux
  • Recollect lost memories and skills to gain access to new areas
  • Battle against warped monsters and ghouls in the Demon War
  • Unleash your inner demon hunter and uncover the truth

Unleash Your Inner Demon Hunter

Get ready to unleash your inner demon hunter with Shin. He’s a warrior set on discovering his past. In this 2D action game, you plunge into a desolate, cyberpunk world. You arm yourself with the Lumina sword, guided by a demon named Lux.

Step into the Shoes of Shin

You play as Shin, a skilled Demon Hunter. He’s on a path to remember his past and find his wife. As you find new skills, Lux changes, helping you explore Osaka further.

Wield the Powerful Lumina Sword

Lumina sword, Lux, is always by your side. This mystical weapon changes with new skills you learn. It lets you reach new places in the eerie cyberpunk world. Master the Lumina sword to be the top demon hunter in Osaka.

The Haunting Blade Chimera Game

The Blade Chimera game is a dark action-RPG. It’s set in the haunted streets of Osaka. You play as Demon Hunter Shin. Using your blade, you’ll slay mythical beasts.

You get to change the past, creating new platforms. This helps you shield yourself from dangers. As you explore, you’ll face a desolate world.

A Dark Action-RPG Set in Osaka

The game shows off stunning pixel art by Team Ladybug. It brings Osaka’s cyberpunk setting to life beautifully but harshly. You’ll love the desolate yet captivating atmosphere.

Venture through the streets battling against mythical creatures. They’ve taken over the city. Enjoy the unique and eerie adventure.

Slay Mythical Beasts as Shin

Take up the role of Demon Hunter Shin. Wield your blade with precision to defeat mythical beasts. Discover the past’s secrets and protect yourself from hidden dangers.

Explore this dark, compelling world as you work to uncover its mysteries.

Immerse Yourself in a Dystopian Cyberpunk World

Enter the thrilling world of Blade Chimera where reality and fantasy merge. This 2D game is heavy on exploring, setting you off in a cyberpunk Osaka. You follow Demon Hunter Shin as he tries to save a world falling apart.

Gorgeously Animated Pixel Art

Blade Chimera wows with its pixel art by Studio Ladybug. Each frame is detailed, showing off the beauty and grit of cyberpunk. You’ll be amazed by the neon-lit streets and the worn-out buildings, all brought to life.

A Desolate World Awaits Exploration

In Osaka, as Demon Hunter Shin, you’ll plunge into a desolate world to find secrets. The game is all about exploring – finding hidden paths and facing new dangers. Your goal is to solve the mysteries of this cyberpunk realm.

Regain Your Lost Memories

You play as Shin, a Demon Hunter who has lost his memories. To regain your lost memories, you must find out what happened to your wife. You’ll also rediscover the skills and talents that once made you powerful.

With every skill you remember, your sword changes form. It becomes the powerful Lux demon, giving you more strength. This lets you explore new parts of the futuristic, yet bleak, world.

Uncover the Truth About Your Missing Wife

The mysterious vanishing of your wife is a key part of your story. As you search for answers, you’ll learn how her disappearance links to the city’s troubles. This uncovers the dark secrets of Osaka.

Recollect Forgotten Skills and Abilities

Rediscovering your lost abilities is crucial in your quest. With each skill you remember, your sword Lux evolves. This boosts your fighting skills and helps you reach new places. It lets you delve deeper into the mysterious world.

The Demon War and the Missa Association

In the near future, the world is invaded by monsters. These monsters are called demons. Humans have been forced to fight them. This fight has gone on for 30 long and hard years.

The people who survived have come together. They joined the Missa Association, a group that fights the demons. The Association was started by a leader who knows how to fight these monsters.

The Demon War has left many people looking for help. The Missa Association is where they find it. It’s led by someone who promises to beat the demons. They offer hope to everyone in these dark times.

In the game, you play as Shin, a Demon Hunter. Your job is to find out what the Demon War is really about. Use Shin’s Lumina sword and special skills to take on the monsters. Explore the city of Osaka and find the secrets behind the demon attack.

Lux: The Brilliantly Beautiful Demon

Shin wanders through Osaka’s spooky streets and meets Lux, a brilliantly beautiful demon. Lux looks so interesting that Shin feels like he knows her already. Eager to understand this connection, Shin takes Lux under his wing. He does this even though it goes against what the Missa Association says.

A Sensation of Deja Vu

When Shin sees Lux, he feels sensation of deja vu. It’s like he’s met Lux before. This strange feeling makes Shin want to be friends with Lux. As Shin explores his past, he thinks Lux might help solve the mysteries of Osaka.

The Past Begins to Unfold

Shin and Lux set out to discover what made Osaka so desolate. They travel through a futuristic, gritty world. Little by little, the past slowly begins to unfold. They learn about a forgotten past and secrets that might explain everything. Shin is ready to face any danger to find the truth.

lux the brilliantly beautiful demon

A Unique Skill Tree System

Blade Chimera has a unique skill tree system. Each time you find a lost skill, your sword transforms. It becomes the Lumina demon Lux, changing based on Shin’s new abilities. As Lux changes, Shin becomes stronger, and new places in the cyberpunk world of Osaka open up.

Lux Changes Form with Each New Skill

Every new skill found makes Lux change form. The sword changes to match Shin’s growing strength. This unique setup makes Shin more powerful. It also opens new areas for exploring Blade Chimera’s dark world.

Gain Access to New Areas of the World

By finding lost skills, Shin gains access to new parts of Osaka. Lux shifts form, letting you into new places you couldn’t reach before. This lets you find hidden paths, overcome tough spots, and uncover secrets in Blade Chimera.

Diverse Arsenal of Weapons

Shin doesn’t rely just on the Lumina sword. He also carries swift daggers for up-close fights and long-range guns for distance. Fighting mythical creatures and demons in Osaka’s world means finding what weapon fits best with your style.

Swift Daggers for Close Combat

Shin’s swift daggers are perfect for close-quarters combat. They let you move quickly, striking your enemies with unmatched speed. These daggers are great for the narrow spaces in Osaka, helping you maneuver easily.

Long-Range Guns for Ranged Attacks

For precise and far targets, Shin has long-range guns. These guns allow you to take out enemies at a distance. That way, you can deal with stronger foes before they get too close. They’re a key part of being ready for any challenge in Blade Chimera’s world.

System Requirements

To play the amazing Blade Chimera game, your computer needs to fit the system requirements:

Operating SystemWindows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
ProcessorIntel Core2 Duo or higher
Memory2 GB RAM
GraphicsOpen GL compliant video card
Storage50 MB available space

Note: Starting January 1st, 2024, the Steam Client will only support Windows 10 and later versions.

Developed by Team Ladybug

Blade Chimera comes from the highly praised Team Ladybug. They’re famous for their beautifully animated pixel art. Their commitment to making visually breathtaking games has made them stand out. They create games that are not just pretty but also pull you in deep.

Critically Acclaimed Pixel Art

The pixel art in Blade Chimera is top-notch, showing off the studio’s skills. It brings Osaka’s dark, occult cyberpunk world vividly to life. Fans love how detailed everything is and how well the visuals match the story and the parts you play in the game.

Published by Active Gaming Media Inc.

Active Gaming Media Inc. publishes Blade Chimera. They are known for picking and bringing out interesting and fun games. The tag team of Team Ladybug and Active Gaming Media Inc. aims to give players an experience they won’t forget. It will plunge gamers deep into the game’s dystopian cyberpunk realm.


Blade Chimera is a thrilling 2D action game. It puts you in the shoes of the Demon Hunter, Shin. You set off in the cyberpunk world of Osaka to fight mythical beasts. Along the way, you discover the mystery behind your vanished wife. You also remember lost skills as you wield the impressive Lumina sword.

It’s known for its detailed pixel art and vast weapon options. The game’s unique skill tree system makes your adventure personal. Dive into the world of Blade Chimera. Experience Dark Osaka through the eyes of the Demon Hunter Shin.

Get ready for some stunning visuals. The intense combat and deep story will keep you hooked. Explore the secrets of Blade Chimera. Journey through Dark Osaka with the daring Demon Hunter Shin.


What is Blade Chimera?

Blade Chimera is a 2D action-adventure game where you control Shin, a Demon Hunter with lost memories. He seeks to remember his past and find his missing wife. Along the way, he uses the Lumina sword, a weapon of great power formed from a demon named Lux.

What is the setting of Blade Chimera?

The game takes place in a near-future world where demons threaten human existence. This leads to a fierce Demon War. The adventure is set in a dark, cyberpunk Osaka. Here, Shin uncovers the truth behind the monsters.

How does Shin’s Lumina sword, Lux, work?

Every time Shin rediscovers a lost skill, the Lumina sword transforms. This is thanks to Lux, the demon sword’s spirit, adjusting to Shin’s abilities. This makes Shin more powerful and opens up new paths in his quest.

What type of gameplay can players expect in Blade Chimera?

Expect a mix of action and RPG elements in Blade Chimera. Players can use the Lumina sword to battle beasts and explore Osaka’s cyberpunk world. The game includes a skill tree and a variety of weaponry, like daggers and guns.

What is the visual style of Blade Chimera?

Created by Team Ladybug, Blade Chimera uses beautiful pixel art. This design style vividly depicts the dystopian Osaka. The game’s visuals capture the city’s harsh, yet stunning, essence.

What are the system requirements to run Blade Chimera?

To play Blade Chimera, your system should have Windows 2000 or later, and an Intel Core2 Duo processor. You’ll also need 2 GB RAM, a compatible video card, and 50 MB storage space. Remember, from January 1st, 2024, the Steam Client will require Windows 10 or newer.

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