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AARP is not only about saving money. It’s also about having fun and keeping your mind sharp. Being a member means you can enjoy over 40 games that are both entertaining and challenging. Whether you’re into puzzles, cards, or other brain teasers, there’s something for you on AARP Games.

AARP knows that keeping your brain active is important. That’s why they’ve picked a wide variety of games just for you. It’s a chance to enjoy, learn, and have a great time, all in one place.

Now, let’s look at some amazing games from AARP that I love. Mahjong Remix, Mini Crossword, Klondike Solitaire, and more are waiting for you. These games test your skills in a fun and engaging way.

Cultural Clues Word Search is one unique word game by Sisters From AARP. It’s all about Black movie stars, beauty queens, Greek organizations, amazing foods, and more. You can have fun, learn, and challenge yourself at the same time.

If you like classics, AARP has you covered with games like Backgammon and Bridge. These games are exclusive for members. It’s like taking a trip down memory lane while making new friends.

And guess what? AARP now has classic Atari games too, like Pong and Asteroids. They take you back to the ’80s, a great history lesson in gaming. You get to experience the fun of those iconic games all over again.

Among them, Centipede is very special. It’s from 1980 and was a hit with female players. Dona Bailey, the only female game designer at Atari then, made it. She helped change how we see the gaming world today.

For those who love gaming on their phones, AARP Games is perfect. Their app has popular games like Word to Word®, offering lots of fun. It’s great for keeping busy anytime, anywhere.

Being an AARP member also brings you cool discounts. You can get 10% off any Paramount+ plan, among other deals. It’s a great way to enjoy more while saving money.

If you like free games, check out aarp.org. They have a bunch of games ready to play. It’s a good option for anyone looking for free entertainment.

Key Takeaways:

  • With AARP Games, members can access over 40 exclusive games for entertainment and mental stimulation.
  • Games like Mahjong Remix, Mini Crossword, Klondike Solitaire, Scramble Words, Block Champ, and Cultural Clues Word Search offer engaging gameplay.
  • Cultural Clues Word Search, developed by Sisters From AARP, caters to those with interests in Black movie stars, beauty queens, Greek-letter organizations, traditional foods, and gospel singers.
  • AARP offers classic games like Backgammon and Bridge exclusively for registered members, expanding the gaming options available.
  • Classic Atari games, including Pong, Breakout, Asteroids, Centipede, and Missile Command, provide a dose of ’80s nostalgia.

AARP Exclusives

As an AARP member, you get to play exclusive games. These games offer entertainment and mental challenges. You’ll find puzzles, brain teasers, and strategy games.

There are over 40 unique games to choose from. AARP has classic favorites and new titles. This variety ensures there’s always something fun for you.

Playing these games doesn’t just offer fun. It keeps your mind sharp, too. Studies show that games improve brain health and mental alertness.

Just log in to your AARP account to play these games. Visit the AARP Games section to start enjoying them.

Number of Games listed on AARP Exclusives pageNumber of Items per Row on AARP Exclusives website for gamesNumber of Rows for Games displayedMaximum Number of Items displayed on AARP Exclusives page

There are plenty of games for everyone’s taste. Become an AARP member to dive into this world of entertainment.

As an AARP member, you get more than games. You can also enjoy special savings. For instance, save 10% on Paramount+ and watch shows, movies, and more.

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Staying Sharp Games

Want to keep your brain sharp? The Staying Sharp Games collection is just what you need. It focuses on memory, problem-solving, and recognizing patterns, all to keep your mind alert.

Tirteen cognitive tests are ready for you. They help you check and boost your memory and attention skills through fun games. It’s an enjoyable way to keep your brain nimble.

Love puzzles? Enjoy brain teasers or spotting patterns? You’ll find something in the Staying Sharp Games. Each game offers a rewarding and mind-stretching challenge.

By playing these games regularly, your mind stays at its best. There’s something for everyone, whether you have minutes or want to play for hours. It fits any schedule and liking.

Don’t miss out on the chance to improve your brain skills while having fun. Discover the Staying Sharp Games collection. Start challenging your brain today!


“I love the Staying Sharp Games! They provide a great way to exercise my brain while having fun. I’ve noticed improvements in my memory and problem-solving skills since I started playing regularly.” – Jane S.

Benefits of Staying Sharp Games

  • Improve memory and attention skills
  • Enhance problem-solving abilities
  • Sharpen pattern recognition skills
  • Engage in fun and interactive gameplay
  • Maintain mental agility

AARP Rewards Games

Ready to up your game fun? AARP Rewards Games are here for members to enjoy. They offer not just fun but the chance to win rewards too as you play.

AARP members get to enjoy over 40 special games. Whether you like puzzles, strategy, or word games, there’s something for you. These games make sure you’re always having a good time.

Playing these games lets you collect points. These points can turn into discounts, gift cards, or other neat prizes. It allows you to win in both the game and in real life.

The AARP Rewards Games section features four special games. These games offer unique rewards, making your game time extra exciting.

So why not join today? Dive into the fun and challenge yourself to win great rewards. It doesn’t matter if you play a little or a lot. There’s a game ready and waiting for you.

Key Features of AARP Rewards Games:

  • Access to over 40 exclusive games or games with Members-Only features
  • Earn points while playing and redeem them for valuable rewards
  • AARP Rewards Games section has a results length of 4

Arcade Games

Experience the fun of Arcade games at AARP Games. As a member, you get to enjoy a mix of casual and classic games. They spark memories and bring tons of fun.

This collection has games for all types, whether you love strategy or card games. I’ll show you some exciting features and top picks for AARP members.

AARP Games Center – Arcade Category

At the AARP Games Center, the Arcade section is full of fun games. You’ll find old favorites and new hits to enjoy. Plus, you can challenge others to top your scores with over 122 games to choose from.

Exclusive Membership Games

AARP members get special access to select Arcade games. Titles like “2048,” “Get 10 Ultimate,” “Pong,” and more are just for members. This means a unique gaming experience for you.

And don’t miss “Yahtzee with Buddies.” It’s a special game available only to members. Compete with friends or aim for high scores in this well-loved dice game.

Statistical Insight

Here’s a quick look at the Arcade section:

CategoryTotal GamesAvailable for Members Only

We show up to 4 rows with 6 items each, making it easy to find games. The section is designed for fun browsing. Great visuals and gameplay await you.

Test your gaming skills at AARP Arcade. Explore classic and new games. Get ready for an amazing gaming time.

Word & Trivia Games

Are you looking for fun and challenging word games and quizzes? AARP Games has a great selection. You’ll find word puzzles, trivia quizzes, and more to enjoy for hours.

Like word searches, crosswords, or trivia? AARP Games has everything you need to keep busy. You’ll polish your word skills and critical thinking with these games. Plus, you can learn new things with trivia questions on many topics.

One special game is Solitaire, a classic card game. Try to win by ordering the cards from high to low.

Mahjong is also a hit. It tests your ability to match tiles and clear the board. There are many levels and layouts so the fun never ends.

“Word games and trivia quizzes are not only entertaining but also beneficial for mental stimulation. They help improve vocabulary, problem-solving skills, and general knowledge.” – AARP Games

Explore the Word & Trivia Games Table

Game NameCategoryNumber of Games Available
Word SearchPuzzle3
Trivia QuizTrivia2

With 6 games in the Word & Trivia category, there’s lots of fun. Whether it’s Solitaire, Mahjong, or word puzzles and trivia, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t miss your chance to have fun and think. Go to AARP Games for the best in Word & Trivia Games.

Tower of London

Discover the Tower of London in a special game for AARP members. It boosts your thinking skills and keeps you entertained. Try to solve puzzles by matching patterns in as few moves as possible, testing how well you think.

A Historic Fortress

The Tower of London is a 1,000-year-old fortress, not just any game. It’s by the River Thames, with uses like a royal home, a jail, a zoo, and a place to visit. Because of its long history, almost 3 million visitors come here each year.

Guardians of Fate

“If the ravens leave the tower, its White Tower will crumble, and the Kingdom of England will fall.”

A story says King Charles II made a law that six ravens must stay at the Tower. These birds, like Jubilee and Harris, are very important to the Tower. The Yeoman Warders, including a man named Michael “Barney” Chandler, take care of them. They make sure the ravens stay, keeping the Tower and England safe, as the legend goes.

A Fascinating Connection

“The ravens are as intelligent as a 7-year-old child and possess individual personalities.”

Michael Chandler, an ex-soldier, has a strong bond with the Tower’s ravens. He talks about how smart and special each raven is. He feeds them well to keep them healthy and to protect the Tower’s history.

Play the Tower of London game and learn about this fortress’s interesting past. It’s a fun way to challenge your mind while finding out more about one of England’s most famous spots.

Mem Machines

Mem Machines is an exciting game for AARP members. It challenges you to remember things. This makes it a fun way to boost your memory skills.

In this game, you need to match different machines you see. As you play more, it gets harder. This keeps your brain sharp.

Playing Mem Machines regularly can help in many ways. It boosts your memory and makes daily tasks easier. It’s also good for keeping your mind active as you get older.

AARP offers many fun and helpful games like Mem Machines. So, whether you want to train your brain or have some fun, AARP Games is perfect for you.

aarp brain games

Game Statistics:

Total Number of Games ListedAARP Rewards GamesArcade SectionWord & Trivia Category

Shopping List

Get ready for a fun challenge in the game Shopping List. Players must remember items on a list and find their matching images. It’s a great way to work on your memory while enjoying yourself.

Playing Shopping List on AARP Games Center is a great brain exercise. It helps you improve memory and focus. This game is perfect for anyone wanting to keep their mind sharp.

How to Play

Shopping List is easy to learn. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. You’ll see a list of items first.
  2. Your job is to remember these items.
  3. The list will disappear, and you’ll view a set of images.
  4. Match each image with the correct item on the list.
  5. Try to remember the items for a better score.
  6. The game gets harder as you play more rounds.

Shopping List is both fun and good for memory. It’s for everyone, young or old, who enjoys a challenge. You can play alone or compete with friends or family. Either way, you’ll have a blast.

Why Choose Shopping List on AARP Games Center?

AARP Games Center has many games for its members. There are over 40 exclusive games to choose from. As a member, you get to try out a variety of games.

Shopping List is great, but AARP Games Center has much more. Explore games that keep your brain sharp in areas like Word & Trivia. It’s a great place for fun and learning.

Playing brain games boosts your cognitive health. It’s good for your mind and mood. So, join the AARP Games Center today and enjoy challenging your brain.

Challenge your memory and attention to detail with the exciting game, Shopping List, available on AARP Games Center. Test your cognitive abilities, have fun, and improve your mental sharpness all at once. Join AARP and start playing today!

Staying Sharp Pattern Match™ and Double Up™

Want to get better at remembering and recognizing patterns? Try Staying Sharp Pattern Match™ and Double Up™. They make improving your brain skills fun. You’ll spend hours challenging yourself and having a great time.

Staying Sharp Pattern Match™ shows you kaleidoscope layers to match. Match quickly to win. The patterns get harder as you go, testing how well you can remember details. It’s a great way to work on your memory.

In Double Up™, you match related images in a hurry. You must find and match pairs fast. The game moves quickly, testing your pattern skills under pressure.

Features of Staying Sharp Pattern Match™:

  • Improves memory and pattern recognition abilities
  • Engaging gameplay with kaleidoscope patterns
  • Multiple levels of increasing difficulty
  • Quick and intuitive gameplay
  • Fun and interactive challenges

Features of Double Up™:

  • Enhances pattern recognition and visual memory
  • Race against the clock to match related images
  • Challenging levels that test your cognitive abilities
  • Addictive gameplay that keeps you engaged
  • A fun way to exercise your brain

Staying Sharp Pattern Match™ and Double Up™ are just the start at AARP Games. They help improve memory and problem-solving. AARP Games offers something for everyone’s cognitive health.

Don’t wait, start playing Staying Sharp Pattern Match™ and Double Up™ now. It’s a great way to challenge your brain.

Staying Sharp Pattern Match™
  • Improves memory and pattern recognition abilities
  • Engaging gameplay with kaleidoscope patterns
  • Multiple levels of increasing difficulty
  • Quick and intuitive gameplay
  • Fun and interactive challenges
Double Up™
  • Enhances pattern recognition and visual memory
  • Race against the clock to match related images
  • Challenging levels that test your cognitive abilities
  • Addictive gameplay that keeps you engaged
  • A fun way to exercise your brain

Swap Puzzles and Sequence Squares

Looking for great puzzle games? AARP offers Swap Puzzles and Sequence Squares. These games are both fun and tough for puzzle fans. Let’s look closer at what makes them special.

Swap PuzzlesIn Swap Puzzles, players switch and match pieces to complete pictures. It’s a race to beat the clock. This game sharpens your eyes and puzzle-solving skills.
Sequence SquaresSequence Squares focuses on numbers and patterns. Players tap numbers in order, testing their sequence recognition. It’s a fun way to boost your brainpower and focus. Can you finish the sequence fast?

Choose between visual puzzles or number games with Swap Puzzles and Sequence Squares. They promise a challenge and heaps of fun. Improve your thinking and puzzle skills with these captivating games.

Give your brain a workout with these puzzle games

Need a mental workout? Swap Puzzles and Sequence Squares are perfect. They keep your mind active, improving your cognitive skills. These games are super fun and full of tough puzzles. So, why not try Swap Puzzles and Sequence Squares on AARP Games today? Dive into the fun of puzzle solving!


AARP Games offer a wide range of fun and challenging activities. With more than 40 games like brain teasers, puzzles, and trivia, everyone can find something to enjoy. Whether you want to exercise your mind or just have a good time, the AARP Game Center is the place for you.

Members can choose from many types of games to suit their interests. AARP Rewards Games let you earn points and get cool prizes. The Staying Sharp Games are great for improving how you think. This means lots of fun and lots of mental exercise for everyone.

There are 122 games to play and even three mobile app games. So, AARP members have plenty of options to challenge themselves and have a blast. And, they get a 10% discount on any Paramount+ plan. This means they can enjoy more than 45,000 episodes and movies for less.

Don’t pass up the chance for great gaming with AARP. Start exploring the AARP Game Center now. You’ll find lots of enjoyment, things to stimulate your brain, and a whole bunch of fun waiting for you.


What kind of games does AARP offer?

AARP offers many games like puzzles, mahjong, and solitaire. There’s something for everyone.

How many exclusive games are available for AARP members?

Over 40 exclusive games are available to AARP members. These include special features for members only.

What are Staying Sharp Games?

Staying Sharp Games help boost your brain. They focus on memory, thinking, and recognizing patterns.

What are AARP Rewards Games?

These games let AARP members earn points for rewards. It’s a fun way to benefit from your membership.

What kind of games can I find in the Arcade section?

AARP’s Arcade has fun and classic games for you to play. You can enjoy card and strategy games there.

What can I expect from Word & Trivia Games?

This section has lots of word games, puzzles, and quizzes. They’ll test your brain and help you learn new things.

What is Tower of London?

This is a special game for AARP members. It helps improve how you solve problems. You try to match patterns in the fewest moves.

How does Mem Machines improve cognitive abilities?

Mem Machines tests your memory. It’s fun and helps you remember better. It improves your brain’s abilities.

What is the objective of Shopping List?

Shopping List is about memory and detail. You match items to images as you go through your shopping list.

How do Staying Sharp Pattern Match™ and Double Up™ games work?

In Pattern Match™, quickly match layers in kaleidoscopes. In Double Up™, match related images against time.

What can I expect from Swap Puzzles and Sequence Squares?

Swap Puzzles has you make a full picture from mixed up pieces. Sequence Squares is about touching numbers in order.

What can I find in the AARP Games center?

The AARP Games center has a lot to keep you entertained and sharp. You’ll find exclusive games and fun brain teasers there.

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